From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 10:25 AM PT
To: Paul Van Eeden: Email -
Cc: rest; Bill Handle;;; Ron Bellows Senior - AIG; FBI


Mr. Van Eeden,


It seems, at least to me, based on your January 20th article, Valuing an Exploration Company that is published on the website, that you and I are "world's apart" on one simple but very important point.


But it really doesn’t matter whether you are right that even if the masses in places like Peru, China, South Africa, Nevada, under Mr. Jeffrey Malatskey's house on the cliffs of Dover, Sidney, Australia and the such wherever even just token amounts of gold are currently being mined were to be told the truth they wouldn’t know what to do even if they are already fully "hooked into" any one of my 100 websites in various stages of "contruction" [sic] from the "bottom up" because you would argue, correctly, in my humble but seasoned opinion, that there is a distinct "possiblity" [sic] at this moment in time 10:01 AM Pacific Standard Time that they would be swayed by folks like Google who have billions of dollars more than me to play with and while screwing their stakeholders convincing enough of the increasingly educated masses that it is more likely an idiot like you will be right versus someone such as myself that has not only a pretty decent mind but a track record that would knock not only your socks off but each and every member of the board of Google, hence the increasing deafening silences.


You would also know that even though I was the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Insurance Marketing Services Inc. between August 1984 and August 1989 I never read a single one of our publications despite our totally dominant position in the insurance marketing-publishing industry, the largest and most successful "independant" [sic] insurance agents mostly using our newsletters to mitigate their Errors and Omissions [E & O] exposures to insureds who would have no excuse for failing to take out the recommended insurance coverages were a loss to occur that ends up putting them in the "poor house".


Furthermore, you should have by now made it your business to know that the reason for my "laxadaisical" [sic] "attitute" [sic] had everything to do with how well, despite just 27 years of age, I knew not only how to manage the best and brightest by getting rid of the "freeloading politicians" but how to bring out the best in the best and brightest by once getting rid of the slugs to make it my business to get the hell out of the way, only poorly conditioned "nimcompoops" [sic] wanting to be told what to do and how to do it.


You would also surely by now given how I am quite certain your liability insurance carrier's risk management specialist in an attempt to help mitigate your exposure to future SIGNIFICANT jury awards for providing the investing public amongst a number of "poor services" nothing less than a false sense of security, be at a minimum opening up your webbrowser each and every day to my website scrolling down first to before then going on to the first "less said the better" and reading backwards to the beginning of time each and every one of my broadcasted missives.


Furthermore, you would know even if only a particle of a neuron firing in the space between your ears that it is not so much what you say but what one fails to say that ends up tripping up most of those who in allowing their formal education to interfere with their learning inevitably end up feeling compelled to build into their "cost of sales" the "cost of getting caught".


Bottom line, where in all your risk assessments do you make mention of the "inherant" [sic] risks associated with the masses who slave away both digging precious metals out of the ground as well as those above ground seeing their lifesavings "dissapearing" [sic] in to thin air as governments around the world produce at pretty much the same pace fictitious currency as the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel have been doing for some 100 years with their unlimited supplies of untraceable, lightweight and never once inventoried diamond currency, deciding quite rightly that the exploration-mining rights acquired by such corrupt mining companies were entered into with illegitimate tyrant governments?


Such facts of life I am explaining in "real time" in rather simple English which if say you had as your risk management specialist someone such as Mr. Ron Bellows Senior, a senior risk "managment" [sic] specialist of AIG, advising you and if he were to be "intellectually honest" as he has mostly been over the past 9 odd years ever since he was commanded by his prior boss Mr. Bill Frye, head of Mergers and Acquisitions of AIG to come "kick the tires" of the medical device company where I was the Chief Executive Officer following a rather brief but very meaningful conversation I had with both Maurice Hank Greenberg, CEO and chairman of the board of AIG as well as Thomas Tizzio, President of AIG, you would by this time have collapsed into a heap of tears knowing there was a distinct possiblity that all your insurance coverages would have been revoked possibly by the time you have finished what else I have to say.


You are either incompetent or culpable, take your pick!


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


Ps - The decision today by Morgan Stanley to even mention the four lettered word "GOLD", forget these morons talking of gold's price reaching by year end $600 a troy ounce when at the last trade of $557.60 it is "lights out" not just for Morgan Stanley but each and every investment banking house on the planet, IS EXTRAORDINARILY telling of their nervousness.


Moreover, you must remember just 2 things at this time: First, folks like the Federal Reserve are pumping increasingly worthless currency in to the stock market, real estate market and insurance industry BUT given the "rules" instituted by those at the top of the pyramid such a trickle down cannot be expected to reach the overwhelming masses at the bottom of the pyramid by the time such important Knowledge-Information-Light is traveling at Light-G-D-Speed and second, remember the "stampede", i.e. "flight to gold bullion" not shares in mining companies, by western women feeling so "used and abused" having bought in "hook, line and sinker" to "A Diamond is Forever-A Girl's Best Friend" has yet to even begin registering. 


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