From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 2:16 PM PT
To: Tefo
Cc: rest; United States Justice Department;; FBI;; Roger W. Robinson;; SupremeInternetCourt@yahoogroups;; Dr. Fred Foldvary; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Professor Joe Grundfest - Sanford University - former Chairman of the SEC; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.
Subject: …ate... tonsils...---...FINGERPRINTS...ROADMAP...FLESH...BONES...GIVE ME A BREAK!...---...




As expected those who don’t know me all that well but are familiar with my “work product” zeroed in following my previous 24 paragraph “…ate…Tonsils…” heavily broadcasted communiqué seeking my insight and analysis of “current events” that would allow them both to preserve their wealth and possibly make more of a “relative fortune” than the rest of their “common man.”


Those, however, who know me or think they “knew” me very well could care less about everything else I had to say after I wrote the following:


If there is nothing else that they get out of this rather lengthy missive is that I have had the “goods” on this special interest of special interests groups “running things into the groundwell before my Royal Mater and I negotiated my “entrance” on to 47th Street in New York City…


Although we all know “Only liars need good memories” which of course only means they “need” good memories, a “far cry” from having good memories which evaporate into “thin air” the instant one starts lying, I wasn’t simply taught from a very young age like every kid to “always tell the truth, follow the rules, obey the law, the Magna Carter blah blah” I was also made aware most probably sooner than most kids that neither of my parents were G-D.


Quite frankly I have never figured out whether it was an “Act of G-d” or just “circumstances” forget for the moment that there is no such thing as a “coincidence” that for every action-reaction-overreaction there is an equal and opposite action-reaction-overreaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost, what goes around comes around with a vengeance, i.e. design everywhere, BUT I knew for a fact that when my mother had her genuine leopard skin pouch stolen and then forgot that she had left her handbag back in December 1967 at a hair salon in Zurich, Switzerland just hours before this photo was taken of me looking out of a train heading out of Zurich train station destination Kitzbuhel, Austria, this was no “Act of Man”.


Despite being very athletic, possibly an even a better golfer than my father who was always well above average in everything he did, my RM would always make a point of saying that she was never able to “sweat” and the truth is despite the very fast pace that she would walk whether it was along the street, although we were mostly chauffeur driven, or visiting museums and art galleries I never once recall her coming even close to sweating but on this day I saw for the very first time my “omnipotent” mother simply showing her age.


At 38 years of age Zena Gevisser had, however, both her youthful good looks and again as my dad would say, “a very good figure” but moreover, these distracting visuals camouflaged a most brilliant mind no different to that of my over the top gorgeous  wife, Marie Dion Gevisser both women at one point getting along just great, ZG giving, however, MDG the most important piece of information that changed MDG’s life all for the better who most who know her so sexy moves coupled with a most wicked sense of humor also agree with me, that this very “cool” mother of “tTOo” [sic] kids looks younger than women more than half her age, certainly when in the nude, doesn’t photograph all that well.


ZG and MDG share so much “in common” it continues to boggle the mind, even their style of “transferring” information rarely if ever telling anyone what to do but in providing such extraordinary logical though processing they end up not wanting to waste any time given the time it takes for the overwhelming majority of people to “register” the suggestion, they end up doing it themselves which of course creates a whole new set of problems they have to deal with including the inability to “clone” themselves as well as the rather excellent point made by those they were trying to empower,


If you keep doing what you suggest I do then how will I ever grow up knowing what to do versus taking the easy way out and being like the rest of the spoiled educated brats believing ‘the world owes us a living’?


ZG was, however, back in late 1967 very much in the prime of her life but in her mind she might as well have been dead if in fact she was beginning to “lose her mind” to mention little of less than a year away from being called in by Aristotle Onassis to provide “protection” for the “Kennedy clap” carrying Jackie O during the heavily publicized nuptials back on October 20, 1968 on the Greek island of Skorpios less than a handful of month’s before RM’s other famous client, Robert F. Kennedy and arch enemy of Onassis, was murdered by a drug-crazed Palestinian, all Sirham’s expenses including psychiatrist visits in Los Angeles handsomely paid for by Onassis and Co. who started and ended his shipping career transporting drugs primarily into the United States.


I have talked repeatedly in very recent times of my extraordinarily tight lipped and so sought after mother unloading the “crown jewels” in “double quick time” during this crisis of not knowing where she might have left her handbag unattended while at the same time having to remember what information contained in the handbag correlated with what she had written into the lining of her leopard skin pouch that served as far better protection than a diplomatic pouch as my “wonder woman” mother was provided all the “professional courtesies” when traveling through custom check points on her customary “globe trotting”, quick to teach me the ways of the world with expressions like, “There are horses for courses” while empowering me with revolutionary thinking coming from the likes of Voltaire,


I may not agree with a word you say but I will fight to the death your right to say it.


And the most important piece of information that ties in with the words, “well before” was of her very good friend, my uncle David Gevisser’s very close connection to the American Charles Engelhard which now has you finding those diamond shaped configurations on your flowchart that asks the following 3 questions,


1) Who else besides for Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, former Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and Democratic Vice President Humphrey were drawn to the funeral of CE after this “open supporter of the South African Apartheid regime, also a large contributor to the Democratic Party and a good friend of former presidents Kennedy and Johnson succumbed to being poisoned to death back in March 1971[1]?


2) What else besides for how much they would continue to be paid to keep their big mouths shut was discussed as they all huddled together at St. Mary’s Church in Morris Town, New Jersey having to suffer through the same sort of extraordinary “cruel and unusual” punishment Harry Oppenheimer, the remaining co-head of the DAAC forced them to endure, no different to what President-elect John F. Kennedy endured when forced by HO, CE’s Anglo mafia partner, to eat the most incredibly foul tasting crow at the Carlyle Hotel located on the upper east end of Manhattan just a couple of minutes flying time “as the crow flies” from the DAAC’s principal wholesale diamond-money laundering operations located on 47th Street?


3) When will it dawn on the ruling elite that time has now run out for poor excuses, now having in “real time” as the past and future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, to face up to the truth being too disrupting for them too busy keeping track of all their lies from day one?


To repeat while the so out of shape battle to even yawn just 4 paragraphs of the Teaser to the Treason Complaint soon to be delivered to each member of the United States Congress bearing in mind that I am “burning through” rather rapidly $1 bills paying folks of all ages the equivalent of $240 an hour to read this one of a kind Prologue almost identical to the DRAFT RECITAL to the TREASON COMPLAINT that for all I know could already be bound in a book form ready to be drop shipped not just to the Capital Building in Washington DC but every State Capital throughout the world not to forget Ms. Francis of the Del Mar Hills Elementary School getting her stash of DAAC books with the subtitle, “Black Hands CANNOT Lay White Eggs”:


Such “brilliant” monies, one means of exchange, continue to be used religiously in buying off each and every government and church on the planet.


The DAAC’s foothold becoming stronger as they infiltrate the lower echelons of the system, affecting each of us through the laws and even the educational system corrupting our children by failing to teach them the truth, limiting their power by limiting their knowledge.


Increasing difficult to maintain the status quo of the rich trickling down the cost of staying rich onto the poor as the power of the Internet bypasses the blocks, the wretched Acts of Man, and facilitates the flow of information.


Knowing the facts that the DAAC are a monopoly, in flagrant violation of our sacrosanct Anti-Trust laws do you feel warm fuzzy thoughts about this mafia of mafia that Hollywood promotes and your government doesn’t want to expose?


Again, there are a number of surprises in this heavily broadcasted communiqué even for those who thought they knew me very well including each and every member of my rather tight-knit immediate family now rather eager, although it is not exactly “out of the blue”, to know everything about the “deal” my RM and I had with my uncle David Gevisser who I never once recall meeting in all the 21 odd years I grew up in South Africa but who was given by my RM a simple ultimatum,My way or the highway” and to see to it that DG’s close relations running Codiam Inc. headquartered on 47th Street hire me for a non-existent job.


Bear in mind both principals of this significant fronting organization for DAAC understood while reluctant to bring in anyone whose hands weren’t like theirs already very “blackened” that they had better treat me like “gold” as my uncle David while probably not spelling everything out very clearly, partially because he has the legitimate excuse of a horrific stutter but when “aided and abetted” by my ever literate mother who could run circles around the smartest lawyers in the world who were her clients, choose from a handful of “choice words” my RM and I discussed at length[2] around the time the photo in the previous hyperlink was taken of the two of us in Chicago in front of my second hand Fiat Sports, and when equipped with a teleprompter spit out something along the following lines:


Both you Stephen Cohen and Leon Lipworth get along just mighty fine because I have seen to it that you never have to worry about a thing when you visit the DAAC’s Central Selling Organization located in the heart of London, England to pick up your parcels of uncut diamonds that you know you have no choice but to accept given how if you were to refuse just once the “mix” of rough diamonds your “sight holding” privileges could be withheld permanently, BUT I cannot count on being around forever in the same way I cannot count on the two of you always having the “warm and fuzzies” for one another, we all being so Jewish know the story so well of Cain and Abel AND besides for that bullsh*t I happen to have a “debt of gratitude” to pay to my other side of family who held the “controlling block” of shares in The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies which is where I was working when CE came visiting always accompanied by his abundant supply of Coca Cola and don’t fricken dare ask how I invested the bulk of the $6 million advance in platinum which I got in early 1971 for agreeing to be executor of CE’s worldwide estate, agreed to of course by CE’s murderer HO.


You would know that while my uncle Israel Issy Gevisser’s 2 sons, Bernard “Bernie” Gevisser and Julius “Loo” Gevisser are both very non-confrontational which you would also know if reading Bernie’s youngest son’s “hieroglyphics”, is no excuse for bad judgment, Bernie is married to the South African household name Zena Ash Gevisser who makes no bones about the fact that while she had the “cash she was counting for her retirement on the incredible assets of MG that besides for its very good name which she had pummeled in to her children’s heads is all that they would inherit, owned rather incredible properties all paid for in cash over a period of some 60 years and which were never revalued on the books of this public corporation that for “sum” [sic] reason both the “audirtors” [sic] as well as the lawyer-liars reporting to the Board of Directors of this very well known public corporation failed to execute for “good reason” their “fiduciary responsibilities” when this awesome international trading conglomerate involved in pretty much every business “under the sun” that attracted not just CE, the mineral richest human being the world has ever known but each and every “mover and shaker” around the not exactly “shtel” of Durban, South Africa at the time MG was sold for a “song and a dance” to an “out of towner” who just happened to have the same pitiful business degree as Gary S. Gevisser, A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There, who whether you like it or not will be taking over from me as the American head of the DAAC.


Now of course others who don’t know me all that well but well aware of my rather extraordinary track record in picking both the most extraordinarywinners” as well as “losers” well ahead of time and right now I am only talking about investments apart from the mistake of investing emotionally in poorly conditioned human beings, choosing instead super dogs like our Chocolate Labrador Maggie and Pypeetoe the Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound, would prefer I just focus on nothing other than telling them exactly what to do this very instant with their increasingly worthless cash and diamond currencies while they go beating around the bush simply saying stuff like,


Gary, I appreciate that your quest to save the world ordinarily avoids plebian matters, but our involvement with blah blah follows your “fingerprints” on this company. Your help is needed on a strategic and investigative basis. My preferences is that your analytical abilities combine with your normal persistence because this is a slow-developing case that is now “under the radar screen” and therefore, a potentially, attractive piece of inventory.


Specifically, I enclose a copy of the amended complaint which represents the state of our factual knowledge regarding blah blah at this moment. I also enclose Judge blah blah’s order granting defendants’ motion to dismiss with leave to amend. The Court’s order is very important as a roadmap of what our second amended complaint must plead to survive Defendant’s next motion to dismiss. I believe it reflects the belief of Judge Blah Blah that a stock doesn’t drop like Blah Blah [see chart] without some chicanery, but he needs a few facts put in the complaint. Other business items relating to Blah Blah are also enclosed for your review and to assist the analysis of anything that strikes you as suspicious. It entails information I usually look to in developing a picture of events.


The amended complaint needs some “flesh” to what is otherwise conclusory “bones.” We need to find somebody (i.e. a former employee or representative) or something (internal documents) that will provide details of what the movement from “turnkey” to “SDK” meant to Blah Blah at the time and what aspect of its business model was thereby rendered obsolete. How did management know these facts and what reports did they routinely receive? How did Blah Blah know (or should have known) that the impact of accounting standard SAB101 would be greater than disclosed? What was the real story regarding the Company’s change to “block licenses” and what does it imply that it should have disclosed?  Can’t we identify a customer or two that paid “a third of its contract up front” but the contract proved unprofitable or have a “former” identify specific contract underbid to access the prepayment formula – that would be lights out?


We simply need facts, particulars or instances that are strong circumstantial evidence of Defendant’s misconduct. Inconsistent contemporaneous information Blah Blah had is great evidence.


You can contact anybody provided they are not current employees. You can entice any contact with the prospect of being paid as a consultant. You can recommend any measure to me you think productive.


Please review the enclosed materials and let me know what you feel comfortable undertaking.




Let me just very briefly comment on the price of gold off some $14 from its earlier 24 hour high of just shy of $570 a troy ounce and the share price of Blue Nile, an Internet fronting organization for the DAAC now down approximately 10% since Ron Bellows Senior, a senior risk management specialist at AIG on November 18th of last year seemed to gloat over Yahoo’s decision to ban my postings simply calling for “full disclosure” by the management of this public corporation’s “supply chain” of diamonds.


BTW, although it may not be fair to say that both our dogs have saved the lives of me and my wife Marie who is working on producing an oil painting depicting the “food chain” in a rather unusual way, it is true beyond a shadow of a doubt that certainly in the case of Pypeetoe he has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in both airline and train tickets as well as when alerting me just moments before I would have most certainly had “tTOo” [sic] rather horrific automobile accidents, one just days before I was to leave with him on my first trip to Machu Picchu, Peru in February 2002 when driving a fair sized rental truck trying to find my way to Jon Jon Parks’[3] gym in west Los Angeles to invite Jon Jon[4] to join me on an all expense paid trip, I hit an overhead pedestrian cement walkway and while causing some $10,000 in damage to both the truck and the pedestrian walkway which I hit when doing under 5 miles an hour when you consider I was traveling between 20 and 25 miles an hour just two seconds before Pypeetoe leaped from the passenger seat without any warning into my lap causing me instinctively to slam on the brakes that had both our heads smashing up against the windshield just fractions of a second apart, you don’t need much of an imagination to know how much damage would have been done were my “God” [sic] to be lacking “sensitivity” and had say a pedestrian been walking along the overhead walkway being shrapnelled to death by fragments of our brains followed by two almost perfect sets of teeth.


And it would be wrong for me not to mention that you read all the footnotes to help distract from the all important matters of what I chose to do when I knew “4 certain” [sic] about the real money laundering business of the DAAC when almost immediately upon arriving in New York back in 1980 having left Chicago in quite a hurry leaving behind most of my personal belongings with my good friend Sidney Abelski Esq. who to this day, some 26 years later has still not fully recovered from the shock he received when I told him that I was leaving the very next day, never once having even mentioned the name DeBeers, I began to almost instantly get as “sick as dog”, wasting no time, however, in drawing the correlation, given the work I had previously been doing in Chicago keeping track of the commodity trades of one of the largest if not the largest commodity traders in the world, between the rapid rise in the price of gold when industrial demand is not what it is today, not even close, AND it’s extraordinarily rapid decent coming on the tails of the DAAC being quite certain President Carter would not be reelected and NO BANKER especially David Rockefeller with his protégé, “our man Roger” just waiting “in the wings” to “breath life” into President Reagan’s ears whispering “sweat nothings”, all such stooges wanting to live to a ripe old age would DARE even dream of “pulling the trigger” and “blow up” the deal between the USSR and the DAAC, to mention little of the significant difference in today’s rise in the price of gold given the SIGNIFICANT greater knowledge available to the “common man” versus the lack of public knowledge some 26 years ago of how little trust one should have had even back then in our over the top fictitious currencies, such Knowledge-Light-Information fully available, however, under the United States’ Freedom of Information Act, putting aside the fact that Carter’s Justice Department was most surely while debriefing “our man Roger” were also concurrently “briefing” President Carter as well as key members of the United States Congress all of whom were acting in concert “aided and abetted” by the media, mainstream and otherwise bought and paid for, telling the citizens of the United States as well as the rest of the so-called “Free World” of their concern about Soviet-USSR “expansionism”.


Give me a break!


To be continued…


[Word count 3630]

[1] Not that long after a couple more photographs of me were taken, both this photo and this photo at the Central Hotel, Arosa, Switzerland on New Years Eve 1970-1971 when once again I was close by the side of my RM.

[2] Notice the smile on my RM’s face as she looks at the length of my hair to mention little of RM always getting very upset when I would cut my hair, and of course we laughed a lot about the fact that when I moved to New York very shortly after this photo was taken that I would fit in rather well with the Black Hatters on 47th Street just so long as I didn’t to shave my hair like I had just come out of a Nazi concentration camp or decide to cut off my long nose to spite my ugly face!

[3] I had just recently purchased Pypeetoe from his very concerned breeder who put me through the most grueling due diligence. 

[4] Jon Jon Parks is the son of Reg Parks, a former Mr. Universe and mentor of Maria Shriver-Kennedy’s husband, Reg one of my RM’s oldest friends, both of them growing up together in Leeds, England.

[Word count 199]