From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, January 9, 2006 10:33 PM PT
Cc: rest; Tefo; Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation;; United States Justice Department; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State; FBI;; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Roger W. Robinson; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Ed Bertolas; Guy Friedman;; Larry Winokur - Baker Winokur Ryder; Oprah
Subject: high...---...GOLD 25 YEAR HIGH ....SIMPLY MAKE A CALL TO THE DAAC...


I am now back at our rock home deep in the Cleveland Forest having just returned after taking both dogs on the most terrific long walk, starting while the sun was setting and returning aided by an almost full moon, not having to bother much with turning on the flashlight, the temperature absolutely perfect, the slight breeze keeping all 3 of us cool and at the same time on our toes as you would know most cats such as bobcats and mountain lions tend to rely on smell rather than sight.


BTW, this boyfriend of Marie’s 16 year old daughter apparently saw a mountain lion just a couple weeks ago when visiting with me but no one thinking it important enough to tell me until last evening when Marie mentioned en passant after she and her girlfriend Anne Merritt who may decide to run for Governor of California were well on to their second bottle of terrific champagne, the rationale was that if they were to have told me I would just have done nothing about it while worrying them all to death.


Such personal information to people like beer-pocket elitist Winndy Winn who rely on the mundane but vitally important distractions to get them through the day while putting on the best face possible when conversing with others, the “small talk” all around the world increasingly less




Haven’t you noticed given how busy I am keeping you?


Winndy Winn probably thinking it is now time to give up on trying to set up Marie who he thought when accosting her recently with the pretext” [sic] of asking her to get me of all people to stop emailing him when he has nothing better to with his time than read my emails and then respond not just with his own childish meanderings but to forward me the most vile words about our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush written by WW’s puppeteers, such behavior par for the course for any elitist no matter where they sit in the food chain as they all see their entire world coming to an end.


Not so incredible to think that WW would “sumhow” [sic] forget the knuckleball Marie delivered to him back on June 10th of last year that had everything to do with the everyday buying and selling of United States Treasury Bills which in turn has everything to do with how our elected and non-elected government officials keep track of the all important Money Supply numbers which I agree is extraordinarily boring when say compared to discussing sex, remembering, however, how increasingly elitists especially those with money are now afraid to talk about art, the last remaining subject other than the increasing primary concern of everyone?


How long, do u think, it will be before the MASSes “get wind” of my having already “check mated” the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel and with such a move exposing all the bs beginning with the educational system to mention little of how I will be picking up on this subject in my continuing Next Symposium with Adam Tucker, my one American programmer.


From the beginning we tell our kids just like our parents told us and just like their parents told them that IT IS important to “follow the rules, obey the laws” given how hard we have all fought for the “rule of law” but now the masses are beginning to find out what us “educated” all know about who actually makes the rules to mention little of Arnold crashing his motorcycle today and while going on and on about this driver of the vehicle, “Dis voman looks me straight in de eyes and still she crashed into me” [sic] not for a moment thinking of coming clean announcing in the next breath that he does not have a motorcycle license despite riding a motorcycle before deciding to get his kicks spanking women on the bum?


Even the media who have been chatting about this all day have conspicuously missed the main point, not the fact that Arnold managing the 6th largest economy in the world considers himself above the law but the fact that he may have in fact failed the rather easy test




Worse yet, thinking that he could easily buy himself out of a lawsuit, that the cost of waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles simply makes no sense given his income earning ability which may soon skyrocket.


Arnold, while really nothing more than a clown and really no different to any of us should be demanding a whole lot more per day than the most he ever earned in a year when once a “headliner” in Hollywood given how extraordinarily entertaining he has become in such a short time in public office, helping distract everyone when there is nothing else other than the DAAC to talk about?


G-D forbid anyone suggest that one of the things he may pick up were he to do the test and pass is how to be a safe motorcycle rider?


Now you may ask why take on Arnold but in the next breath you recall he is married to Maria Shriver.


I am currently working on a series of questions to be included in the interrogatories we will be asking her prior to her deposition covering the subject of what she knew and when did know that her Kennedy family were on the payroll of the DAAC, focusing to a large degree on Senator Ted Kennedy’s explanations of how he felt being forced to eat crow when attending the funeral of Charles Engelhard at St. Mary’s Church in Morris Town, New Jersey back in March 1971.


BTW you may not know that one of Arnold’s first mentors was Reg Parks, a former Mr. Universe who was a good friend of my Royal Maters, RM and Reg both growing up in Leeds, England, both of them eventually immigrating to South Africa.


Doubtful, the more I think about it that WW will ever recover from this knuckleball I sent him last evening via his one puppeteer Nitza Lite, at least not in this “go around”, possibly once showing G-D his contribution to humanity when working several “beats” as an ostrich providing lean as well as tender meat, not all that difficult to work out when observing his rather slow pace while walking his out of control dog in front of our RENTED Cliff House in Del Mar, California.


So u think the word skunk is a derivative of knuckleball?


While you await my word document there is nothing to stop you from editing it in the meantime.


Have Denise FedEx the check to 101 11th Street, Del Mar, CA 92014 - telephone number 1-858-SEL-NEXT. Have her note in RED BOLD letters on the OUTSIDE not inside the package, “DOES NOT CONTAIN A PARCEL BOMB


What is Denise up to as well each member of the Annie George-team?


Let me have Che’s email. I assume your relationship with him is still very good.


I also assume you are now operating on Hong Kong time while at the same time realizing that while I have you “tied up” it is highly unlikely you are going to get any work out of Baker Winokur Ryder.


With that said, send me back at your leisure your first round edits of the DAAC book while finishing up on the movie script and if you are done with your third assignment, Manager Minute One just take the liberty of emailing especially the move script to both Larry Winokur as well as Guy Friedman who is probably now back in the Bahamas happy as a lark earning $50 an hour sitting under a palm tree.


The instant the Israelis announce the death of Sharon with Benjamin Netanyahu becoming the next prime minister of Timbuktu for all I care and the leadership of Iran is not bought off sufficiently with gold, their currency of preference, a joint task force of Israeli and Allied commandos forces if they don’t move swiftly taking “command and control” of not just Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities but the entire country, then former Israeli Special Forces trained personnel like Guy are going to have to ask for a SIGNIFICANT hourly wage increase to offset their SIGNIFICANTLY weakened paycheck although the easiest alternative assuming every country including Israel is bluffing about their nuclear capabilities, that weapons of mass destruction are simply a figment of all our wild imaginations is for the new chairman of the Federal Reserve to do what the prior Chairman of Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan did for “donkey years”, simply make a call to the DAAC to step up their investments in United States Treasury Bills using their exclusive, unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency.


You will recall I happen to have SIGNIFICANT expertise in such matters although you are only aware of my rather high-level dealings with Steinhardt Partners, Michael Steinhardt so happy as a lark to pay a $20 million fine while Solomon Brothers forked over $200 million to the United States Treasury back in the early 1990s when you also recall there was this guy Bill Clinton, Commander In Chief of the all United States Armed Forces occupying the White House at the time.


Such pitiful “change” while just a wee bit embarrassing to the likes of Steinhardt and Warren BO Buffett who was in “command and control” of Solomon Brothers who along with Michael Steinhardt did a rather good job of “fixing” the Treasury Bill auctions when viewed through the eyes of the DAAC such buffoon acts by these big time Wall Street crooks, trust me, had Harry Oppenheimer, the co-inventor-conspirator of the Diamond Invention, already in his 80s, simply opening up a South African beer like Lion Lager, rejoicing ever so modestly as Michael Steinhardt and Co. celebrated when writing their $220 million checks with the best of champagne.


BTW Michael’s son-in-law David Berman has yet to call me despite my responding twice to his two emails back on the morning of May 18 of last year, the second one,gary where can i call you??” and the first just 3 minutes earlier, David not giving me enough time to respond to his, “garyu call me - how did this email land up on the web? google me u will see?


The more I think about it and of course only if you have the time let me know how I should go about introducing myself to Tefo’s “interesting read” buddies?


I am thinking that to get the “low down” on me they should first email all the people on all 3 of my lists, the “sh*t”, the “deafeningly silent” and “greedy”, all 3 needing to be updated before emailing Ed Bartolas who may in fact be on all of them, followed by contacting my one private banker Girlie, followed by Fred DeLuca of Subway, followed by Diana Henriques of the New York Times, followed by Newell, followed by that guy with the Italian name who headed up Citigroup’s Insurance Services division who made fun of this long black leather coat I once wore into his offices in New York, you probably recall me calling you from my hotel room immediately after I had spoken with this group of very young Chinese kids at Beijing Hotel overlooking Tiananmen Square which is where the photo in the previous hyperlink was taken, just weeks before the Tiananmen Square massacre, and finally I see no reason why each of these 30 odd black South Africans who I understand are all under age 33 should not follow up with you and then for you to share with them, again as part of their “due diligence”, the entire email list of both and remembering to blind copy me on everything?


It possibly all of them have spent Christmas-New Year holiday preparing to overthrow the current illegitimate ANC Government of South Africa, of course peacefully, being ever so weary of NOT being the first to file any lawsuits but the instant anyone, and it could be just one of their prostitutes not happy with the tip hits them with a complaint that they consider frivolous, to then to kick back, not overreact or even react at least not until they have got a terrific nights sleep, gotten in their exercise of at least 3 hours a day and of course that includes no less than 8 hours of sex 24/7 and it almost goes without saying eating regular healthy meals, sticking to one portion with just a bite of dessert and then to spend at least a week thinking of who other than Mark Gevisser, David Gevisser, Thabo Mbeki, and the such they will end up deposing in their countersuit-s and of course they should not forget these 10 questions I have already prepared when sending out interrogatories to Senator Ted Kennedy and the such?


Bear in mind Tefo isn’t vouching for any of them and therefore each and every one of them could very possibly be another educated punk no different to the likes of King Golden Jr. Esq. and “our man Roger”, just a whole lot more intelligent.


What do u think?


I am not in the least bit tired, so just fire away!


[Word count 2220]


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Wow! I await your Word document, before I begin the DAAC you

reference down below.... the photo of all of us in Samos was a fun

time...the first year of the house being ready...


Che no longer lives in Barcelona...and en-linea as you once knew it

doesn't exist...I am not sure where Che is right Venezuela I

believe... I happen to have this email address left over from the old

days. You are the only one to write me here, which is plenty, considering

the number of emails you send!  I wish you would spend as much time on the

Word document!!!


I can get you to the Hearst traveler's check if you want (before I visit

LA, if I do, in March). I can authorize permission for Denise to get it

and fed ex it to you. If you want it, send me your address (not P.O. Box

for fed ex) and phone number to put on the form. If you want to wait, that

is fine. Let me know.


I am tired...have to take a break...





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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 2:45 PM PT
Cc: rest; Tefo; United States Justice Department; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State; FBI;; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Roger W. Robinson; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters


Wow – I don’t think I have ever heard you use the “F…” word?


I know I have yet to do what you asked but bear with me as I am dealing with the "real world" which is changing quicker than you and I can send emails back and forth, me trying to impress upon you that it is not only the masses but elitists who just can’t get enough of me “chewing up people with your words” and you doing the most terrific job of proving me “write” [sic].


BTW it seems that not every one of us “educated” knows that not only does “sic” mean “cool” to the next generation but such use of the Latin adverb, “So” is “proper” English when denoting “sum” [sic] sort of spelling




grammatical error in the “expression in quotes” to mention little of my repeated reference to my 3rd world crappy University of Natal, Durban, South Africa education really pissing off the highly educated elitists around the world who know perfectly well that despite learning next to nothing at this not exactly “crappy” University, not even close, such pitiful “humility” on my part has kept enough of them believing that I would end up doing “irreparable harm” to my “credibility” not with them but the black massES in South Africa who knowing that the University of Natal, at least during the time I attended university ranked up there with the best in the world particularly the business-accounting faculty where they were ignorant enough to hire me as a tutor, obviously not aware since I knew to keep my big mouth shut that well before I finished high school that neither the University of Natal, nor Oxford, nor Cambridge, nor Harvard, nor Yale, nor MIT, nor Stanford, nor Cornell,,, at one point I could in fact name at least the top 25 universities in the world but forgetting most of them, again well before I finished high school, once I found out that not a single one of them DARED to teach the true money laundering business of the DAAC who have made certain for a century now how best to go about buying off academia, the new corrupt church.


But of course I agree with you on your point that the only way besides for staying alive and at the same time beating Marie to die the richest person in the grave is to stick it to those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork, using not only the highest levels of intellectual thought processing but the evidence of malfeasance at each and every level of the DAAC pyramid, constantly taking those who make it their business-personal to usurp their limited authority on one educational light journey after the next, never not for a moment losing sight either of our “creativity” which “draws” us to the “light”, G-D who art in heaven,




The real, “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world of money grabbing sons-of-bitches like Ronald O. Perelman of Revlon Corporation who just cannot help themselves from repeatedly clicking on to my hyperlinks, not only doing the most terrific job of adding to the value of my intellectual property while increasingly certain that “on average” each individual-group on my email list forwards each one of my heavily broadcasted missives such as this to 10 other individuals-groups.


I think I just saw you smiling from ear to ear?


Don’t you just love that photo in the previous hyperlink of your whole family standing on the deck of your amazing home on the green Greek island of Samos with the exception of your father who took the photo, not to forget left of left wing King Golden Jr. Esq. in the back standing over on the left to mention little again and again how he and his bosom right of right wing buddy Roger W. Robinson made a point of coming to Los Angeles about a decade ago to “warn” you that I was a “troublemaker”?


Not to forget as you complete by the end of the day today your 3 assignments, 1) The DAAC book, 2) The movie script for the DAAC movie and 3) my forthcoming book Manager Minute One that a decade earlier I was intimately familiar with RWR having “the ear” of President Ronald W. Reagan when “our man Roger”, in addition to bearing the same initials as President RWR and born on the exact same day, February 6th, some 40 years apart, was a very senior member of the National Security Council during Reagan’s all important first term in office when instead of escalating the loss of our manufacturing base “big time” we could have destroyed in possibly less than a minute, without firing a single bullet, the Soviet Evil Empire simply by shutting down the DAAC on 47th Street in New York City and thus eliminating the Soviet’s access to foreign-hard-diamond-currency and therefore SIGNIFICANTLY reducing the their capabilities of conducting an “Arms Race” but as we are pointing out in the DAAC Treason Complaint against the United States Congress, Roger W. Robinson et al such a move would have interfered greatly with the money laundering business of the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, the terrorist of terrorist financing organization the world has ever known.


Things begin to add up even more once drawing the connecting dots that start with George W. Bush’s father being “alienated” at the White House despite this former United States President’s rather stellar prior government service including Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Ambassador to the United Nations, and most of all Chief of the U. S. Liaison Office in the People's Republic of China AND END with RWR despite trashing our great President, the son of President George H. W. Bush, in a 60 Minutes segment back on January 25th 2004, was as of December 31st 2005, Vice Chairman of the rather important U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission reappointed by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on May 7, 2003, for a three-year term expiring December 31, 2005 and prior to that “our man Roger” served as the Commission Chairman from October 2002 through July 2004.


Let me know at what point I should stop repeating repeatedly that I am the DAAC’s best possible “insurance policy” while insisting on their, “unconditional total surrender”.


The price of gold continues to move up at a blistering pace and the fact that you, me, your 3 brothers, father and every one else on this planet not exclusively invested in gold and great art is not YET if not jumping out their skin then surely giving serious thought to jump out of the windows of a sufficiently high enough building where when falling the air would be sucked out before feeling the impact of the concrete below, MAY IN FACT have everything to do with my "style of writing", period, to mention little of me now this instant revealing WHY IT IS that the United States Congress and the Federal Reserve along with their corrupted counterparts throughout the world KNOW of a NO MORE “reliable” organization that can serve as a “Lender of last resort” in order to “balance their books” every hour on the hour, 24/7.


Only total idiots in addition to the DAAC who have zero “costs of goods” when producing their own exclusive unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency would still be purchasing our United States Treasury Bills that support a totally fictitious United States dollar that in turn provides the overwhelming majority of us grabbing more than our fare share of the graft.


Along the bs of “Preservation of LONG life and limb” for the rich expert at trickling down the costs of getting richer on to the poor VERSUS “Prevention” we have electronic signs on our incredible Interstate freeways that remind us of bs “SLOW DOWN – SAVE LIVES”.


I am not the first but I may very well be the last to point out how science has been so extraordinarily abused by elitists who never figured that the day would arrive when highly educated people coming from the ranks of the rich cannot find jobs to support NOT their over the top lifestyles but increasing numbers of educated unemployed raised PROPERLY amongst the rich simply trying to get by, not abusing the system, NOW today in “real time” finding themselves not simply out of work but so extraordinarily depressed, while at the same time invigorated reading missives such as this, coming increasingly to terms with the indifference of those abusing the system still “living the good life”.


Increasingly difficult for “each man to be an island unto himself” as we all as a result of unbridled, so extraordinarily selfish human population explosion coupled with out of control real estate development have run out of space, time, motion and space all coming “to-get-her” [sic] as the past and the future all come together in the present, the Digital Age, a G-D-send.


Simply impossible for any of us to think we can get away with why IT IS that we choose to “milk the system”.


NOW this INSTANT having to come to terms with the “educated” made up of the “rich” as well as incredibly hard working poor such as Tefo who not only feel empowered but KNOW versus BELIEVE a new world order is in the making.


Please give a little thought to what I have written above and then click on this hyperlink that takes you to what Tefo sent me after reading the Prologue, Introduction and the main body of the White Paper, the Intro and the White Paper “sumwhat” [sic] updated.


I would bet my bottom dollar that you, no different to any of us “educated” having benefited by the abuse of science, the result of the most insidious relationship between elitists, their stooge politicians, the corrupt church and the new corrupt church, will having read what I have stated above have a very different opinion to what you had if first reading what Tefo had to say which, in my humble but seasoned opinion, would have been,


When the DAAC and their educated stooges made up of those who have KNOWINGLY, DISPASSIONATELY and EXTRAORDINARILY SELFISHLY stolen the lifeblood out of the MASSes who they need to support their Laissez-faire lifestyles read what Tefo says, realizing that he is the most educated of the 3rd world masses and he sees futility, we the elitists should continue in our rejoicing ad-infinitum.


In the meantime I will take your edits and filter them into what I already begun broadcasting, bearing in mind the following:


First, I am broadcasting all this in "real time".


Two, the "action-reaction-overreaction" of a statistically valid sampling of the world's literate population allows me to maintain "stability" in an ever rapidly changing universe, going from "big to small" as well as "back and forth" between the "real world" and the "metaphysical world" throwing in every so often stuff like the point of me winning the race to "die the richest person ever in the grave" and distractions of a similar nature, ensuring that no one gains "competitive advantage".


Three, there is constant balance in the universe best expressed in E=mc², which is not only the most “balanced equation” known to man, mathematics the most precise of all languages but “To see mE” in “reverse” spelling EVERYTHING including about the workings of the cosmos that includes Creativity-Designer-Evolved-Evolution-MassES-Light and back and forth, again and again, what goes around comes around but with a vengeance, the ants amongst us so evolved human beings surely winning the race for survival of the fittest as their ancestors transitioned so easily and quickly into the “race for survival of the richest.


Four, nothing quite as “revealing” to me as the reaction of a "good number" of people reading about my dog, Pypeetoe, "all feet, no teeth to his bark and afraid of the dark", while standing in the freezing cold pitch black dark, directing me to be content as a "potted plant" as he stood deadly still other than flapping his ears back and forth listening for any sign of Maggie his "protector" while as the same time I made “small mention” of Pypeetoe managing to "smell" a mountain lion that he may have once seen in temperature controlled, hermetically sealed, possibly bullet proof glass enclosure, the mountain lion mounted in the lobby of the offices of the Cleveland National forest rangers, possibly as long ago as when John Maynard Keynes hoodwinked the masses of world at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 by simply acting as the "conduit" in buying off our tyrants in the 3rd world who while relatively poorer than our so bought and paid for tyrants in the United States Congress just love the “shiny stuff” even if they don’t quite have the same number of lanes on their interstates.


Five, the price of gold, the best gauge of loss of trust in the world’s elected and non elected government officials continues to rise DESPITE the Herculean efforts of the DAAC still in command and control of the world’s monetary system aided abetted by Madison Avenue, Hollywood, the United States Congress and NOT everyone else.


Six, while the share price of diamond internet public corporation Blue NILE seems to have taken a “turn for the worse” we have YET to see the impact on the price of gold balanced out the collapse of western currencies as I go about relying on the selfishness of elitists to begin offloading their diamonds at the only places set up by the DAAC to give the so easily distracted anything close to a “fair price”.


Seven, while I have yet to receive confirmation from Ed Bartolas that he visited with my one private banker Girlie to get a first hand view of the flowchart I recently drew for her that would allow her husband and her to “save face”, venture forth down to the street to the 2 wholesale-retail diamond-money laundering operations of the DAAC just 30 meters apart, there is nothing to stop you from using your imagination to draw up your own flowchart and share it QUICKLY with everyone on your email list and why not everyone connected to which includes everyone who visits who if I recall correctly got some 77 million hits on the last World Cup soccer final?


Eight, please give me the telephone number of the President and chairman of the board of I think you would agree that it is time our mutual friend Che Che Vidal and I had a conversation and perhaps, assuming he is in Barcelona, Spain, I might very well catch a red eye tonight, stopping off first in New York City, dropping by the offices of Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General of New York State?


Time for a late delicious lunch here at our RENTED cliff, our JoNathan just coming home from school, telling his mother, “there is a Spanish word for ‘it’, I just haven’t learnt it yet!”






[Word count 2525]


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Subject: RE: (sin asunto)


Gary, you can send whatever you want to people who write via email. But

for a book, if you are serious, you have to stay on point, cut the fat,

and stick to the DAAC sham and the people behind it... so when you are

ready to do that, open Word and start writing (cutting and pasting

RELEVANT info you have already written), with no links to other pages. If

you feel it necessary to give a background to why you have "insight",

then write up a brief background about your family, your uncle David's

involvement with DeBeers, Mark's writing about Mandela and ignoring

something as critical as DAAC and its corruption (because of his family's

involvement), etc. Then move onto the problem,  the "treason" (from the

beginning to Greenspan to Kennedy, etc.) and what the masses can do about

it...  Otherwise, it isn't a book... it's you chewing up people with your

words. You may certainly be right (write!) about everything you are

saying, but it detracts from what you are trying to convey. People will

just concentrate on the mean things you are saying about others and say I

am not reading this... And Ed, and ebay and so on are irrelevant to DAAC!

Write about the self interests behind the people of DAAC! Use your

brilliant mind to make your points, not to bash those who write you. Who

cares about Larry W. or David Letterman sparring with Riley, or the

people from ebay not having time to answer your questions... People will

care about what you have to say if it IMPACTS THEM! And the DAAC story is

a story to be told... but you have to tell it in a focused way. I am not

going to spend my time editing your emails to people who write you

telling you to fuck off... it's a waste of time!


So get to work on that Word document.... and write shorter sentences...




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Subject: RE: (sin asunto)


You are doing the most brilliant job, keep hammering away at me. Don’t let up until you convince me or I convince you otherwise.


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Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 11:48 AM
Subject: Re: (sin asunto)


I just think it's off point, Gary... too many references to people who

are not important in the scheme of things, i what you're writing about.

I am trying to keep you on DAAC....



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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 11:39 AM


Quickly as I try to meet a deadline – why did you say the following:



With respect to this below:

I DARE anyone on this planet including my pal Larry Winokur of Baker Winokur Ryder, let alone the dumbest of them all David Letterman followed by his sparring pal Bill O’Reilly to point a finger at a single murderous and cowardly bastard who sets off roadside bombs to murder and maim our beyond a question of a doubt “best and brightest” service people who are not only the very young.