10 draft questions for Senator Ted Kennedy




In June 1966 following a crowd pleasing speech at the University of Cape Town, South Africa your brother Robert F. Kennedy’s advance team contacted my mother, Zena Gevisser for her to come up with a list of people RFK, the Attorney General of the United States tasked with upholding our sacrosanct Anti-Trust laws should NOT meet with when visiting with us in Durban, South Africa, the city I grew up in until immigrating to the United States one week shy of my 21st birthday, March 24th 1978.


Question 1


When you attended the funeral of Charles Engelhard in March 1971 “sum” [sic] 7 odd years earlier accompanied by former President Lyndon Johnson and former Vice President Humphrey, within weeks of this cartoon appearing in the Durban Daily News depicting my mother’s half-brother a city councilmember orchestrating our local symphony, did you notice whether Harry Oppenheimer and/




my uncle David Gevisser, the executor of Charles Engelhard’s worldwide estate was present?


Question 2


Did you ever join your elder brother John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie O  when they visited Camp Chaleur when guests of Charles Englehard, president of Englehard Minerals and Chemicals Co. of Newark, New Jersey?


Question 3


Why do you think Charles Engelhard considered by those of us in the know at the time of his premature death at age 54 the richest man in the world, his control of the world’s platinum supply yet to fully appreciate given platinum’s significant importance in catalytic converters that became mandatory soon after his death on all motor vehicles sold in the U.S, did NOT organize for his partner HO, co-inventor-conspirator of The Diamond Invention [see Edward Jay Epstein’s Chapter 18 of the DI, The American Conspiracy only available on The Internet] to meet with President-elect JFK at Camp Chaleur as opposed to the public setting of the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, the heart of the world’s wholesale diamond market under the “command and control” of my DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC] family, CC the future Commander in Chief of all the United States Armed Forces would know, while more secure physically would not allow, however, members of the United States Justice Department bought and paid for by the DAAC to confirm such an important meeting simply orchestrated to not only remind both your brothers and father who they worked for but to prepare each of them for their “marching orders”, agree?


Question 4


While Charles Engelhard the “bag man” who got a little “carried away with himself” publicizing how he smuggled gold out of South Africa in the form of statutes to be later melted down in to gold bullion was the mastermind of this extraordinary meeting that I first became aware of in the late 1960s who do you think the DAAC trusted more than Maurice Templeton to actually execute all the logistics, MT later going on to do the most terrific job of ensuring that Jackie O continued to keep her big mouth shut while sharing her Kennedy clap, increasing what was essentially a nothing estate left to the former First Lady of the United States by JFK and Aristotle Onassis, my extraordinary Royal Mater’s most intellectually honest drug running client into a relatively significant estate?


Question 5


Do you think Peter Evans the author of NEMESIS that details the sexual misconduct of a number of people including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was remiss recently in not following up with me “altho-ugh” [sic] by now he could have made contact with my RM in England, direct dialing from the USA 011-44-19-84-6-24-0-88 as well as her very good friend, my father’s first cousin David Gevisser who had you met him back in March 1971 at St. Mary’s church where Charles Engelhard most reading The DI would assume was buried if not alongside HO who would live another 29 odd years at least according Jewish custom, may not have bragged about the $6 million “advance” he received at the time for taking over this one of a not so kind mafia of mafia business given how DG has this most incredible stutter?


Question 6


Would you be pleading the 5th




Simply agreeing with my wife that, “It becomes easy to forget the truth the more you lie” should you be asked the following question”


Do you agree that the main business of the DAAC migrated from money laundering into sizable investments in both private as well as public corporations, the DAAC “real-ly” [sic] having this penchant for “hidden assets” located in the ground once belonging to all the peoples not just those who could command so easily corrupted-distracted by the opposite sex puppets such as JFK with their big guns, this migration beginning in 1933 when your father was appointed the first chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission by a sickly Democratic President beginning to realize that for his New Deal to have any chance of holding off the increasing idle masses buying into Madison Avenue’s “A diamond is forever-a girl’s best friend” Franklin D. Roosevelt would have to go along with his advisors telling him to begin taking the United States off the gold standard by making it illegal for United States citizens which would include Charles Englehard an extraordinarily large financial contributor to the Democratic Party to “hoard” gold allowing diamonds unlimited in supply and under the exclusive “command and control” of the DAAC to become untraceable currency?”


Question 7


Would you agree with Charles Van Duran author of A History of Knowledge that the major totalitarian regimes of our time who,have engaged their people in massive construction projects, partly for the glory of the regime, partly so that no one should suffer – or enjoy – the restlessness of the unemployed?


 Question 8


Would also agree with Mr. Duran that, “Every tyrant in history has attempted to insulate his people from all kinds of knowledge except the most practical; a knowledgeable populace will always seek both freedom and justice, precisely those things tyrants do not wish to give them”?


Question 9


Would you assist me in finding an attorney perhaps even my uncle and Charles Engelhard’s lawyer-liars who I once met with on Bush Street, San Francisco soon after arriving in this country on St. Patrick’s Day 1978 just before joining Codiam Inc., my DAAC family’s diamond wholesaling operation on 47th Street who would welcome the “prediscovery” I have already developed in filing an epic class action lawsuit against the DAAC, the mafia of mafia family whose business practices for “sum” [sic] good reason have yet to be taught at any university contained in this so stellar list which does not include the 3rd world crappy University of Natal, Durban, South Africa which I attended earning the distinguished title as “failed university tutor” never even making it to lecturer status, it very possible my take on telling first year students the truth about the “real world” not going down all that well with faculty members anywhere?


Question 10


Would you agree that academia is the new corrupt church?