From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, January 2, 2006 3:20 PM PT
To: Girlie
Subject: I am not the only one waiting to see how you did with the flowchart I drew for you!




The clock just struck 3:03 PM Pacific Standard Time here at our rock home deep in the Cleveland National Forest, it raining “cats and dogs” and even though the temperature outside registers on our inside thermometer 28 degrees Fahrenheit it has not yet started to snow, but as I now turn my head to the left, typing away at a blinding pace not looking at the screen, facing the front versus the back as I have mostly been doing throughout the day mesmerized by the falling rain pouring off the roof of this most open-glass setting while sitting in shorts and a t-shirt warmed by a blazing fireplace having nurtured the fire for going on 24 hours, the red hot coals creating so many extraordinary life forms, you can only just possibly begin to imagine given my rather poor literary skills, I see flakes of snow hitting the front windshield of my wife’s Datsun, pathfinder but quickly turning to water, my dial up Internet connection constantly disconnecting letting me know, it seems, to pay attention to the dogs in particular Pypeetoe who is sitting on the sofa bed cushioned by several blankets and shawls that have the smell of my wife who I know he misses as much as me, now he thinks I am getting too mushy and turns his head away looking out at this most extraordinary landscape.


What a time to be alive, to be in touch with the world but yet so far removed?


This hyperlink takes you to 3 photos of a “chalk board” displaying the international holdings of the Krok Twins Pharmaceuticals family from South Africa whose claim to fame in the United States was their Epilady USA Inc. empire that Merrill Lynch valued at just shy of half a billion dollars some 18 months after the first shipment of Epilady womens shavers arrived in the United States.


Bear in mind now as you think more about those panhandlers combining with both local, national and international prostitutes a handful of things.


First, those photos were taken in late 1989 a few months after I left IMS in August 1989, beginning  negotiations into a non-compete with Insurance Marketing Services Inc. of Santa Monica, California, the day it ended, I believe it was January 1993, I became a consultant to Glenn Shapiro who was at the time President of the Bureau of Business Practices, a division of Prentice Hall owned by the publishing giant Simon & Schuster.


Second, the photo at the very bottom of this “shy” hyperlink shows me wearing a large hat much like what you would see worn by Black Hatters, but with a little “edge”, in places like Amsterdam, Holland where in fact that photo was taken a day or so after Solly Krok, the flamboyant patriarch of the Krok family joined me after I had been asked, not all that politely by the General Manager of Philips B.V. headquartered in Eindhoven, Holland a couple of hours from Amsterdam to leave his offices after I presented him and this multinational conglomerates top engineers with irrefutable “smoking gun proof” that they had committed criminal fraud against the Krok family, aspects of you can reach in this hyperlink and the such.


Third, Epilady USA Inc. manufactured nothing, simply warehoused finished product and distributed using slick marketing this torture device to remove hair around the anus only for those who simply failed to follow the clearly worded but perhaps not bold enough safety warnings.


Not to forget the Epilady was engineered and produced on a kibbutz-farm in the upper Galilee in northern Israel, Kibbutz Hagoshrim just a brisk walk to the Jordanian, Syrian and Lebanon border which all come “to-get-her” [sic] at Mt. Hebron and unlike RBS who the likes of Hank Greenberg of AIG send out to “kick the tires”, the State of Israel are a little smarter and whole lot more discreet never even bothering to send out Mossad agents to burn down the manufacturing plants of competitors since competitors looking to “cut corners” using all sorts of legal instruments such as Dutch Sandwiches and banks of lawyers-liars to tie up both honest as well as dishonest competitors, all getting the same treatment, morality left to the pondering of elitists such as Mr. JRK sitting around a table with the likes of Dr. Paul “Bozo the clown” Tierstein “bullsh*tting” [sic], you would agree a whole lot less these days, got a most “brilliant” picture that Israel had learned a thing or “tTOo” [sic] about the failure of the elitists ruling the world during the rise of Nazi Germany to take out a stooge like Hitler by simply getting no more than a unit made up of 6 highly skilled commandos like my good friend Guy Friedman, a “former” member of Flotilla 13, the most elite of Israel’s Special Forces who back in the early 1980s were probably more advanced in their “communication interceptions” than the current “National Security Counsel” [sic], 3 commandos always visible and 3 watching their backs to inform Hitler and his Brown Shirts that there was no need to spill their blood and for him to get smart and simply take a daily stipend and in the process give up the DAAC.


And course you would know despite still a newly wed not yet bored enough with your sex life to want kids and be so extraordinarily selfish and contribute to the overpopulation problem that is at the heart of the business model of elitists who need both slave laborers as well as philosophers like Aristotle, Plato and Tolstoy to make out that there is “open debate”, that this invention came by way of body builders using steel coils to expand their penises, no strike that, rather their chests while also saving monies removing inevitably once devoid of proper role models all their hair including the hair around their anus as well all in-growing hairs that instead of protruding out of the nose go in search of daylight and I assume every so often find a comfort zone in the deep vacuum of space between the ears?


You now understanding better why as men get older they develop quicker than women hairs growing out of their ears?


Surely you have congregated with intelligent women such as my wife Marie Dion Gevisser and our very good friend Laura and listened to exactly why they find us men so extraordinarily stupid?


Forth, given my unique and universal “risk assessment” skills it was “inevitable” that Solly Krok would have me transition very quickly from evaluating his and his identical twin brothers rather large international holdings to becoming Chief Operating Officer of Epilady USA Inc. for the singular purpose of bringing about a RIF [Reduction In Force] where employers tend to rely on Employee Liability insurance policies to “mitigate” their exposure to firing “phatsos” [sic] and the such while couching their lack of being intellectually honest as a RIF.


You better understanding not only why we should be careful not to paint with a broad brush but why not all us men are like the “average” just like not all intelligent women are like the “average” women who are no different to the “average” men?


Fifth, while you should be today intimately familiar with my stellar track record in identifying well ahead of time the very best of the best investments one could have made in public corporations you may not, given how you still may feel the other things you have to do like put on makeup and endure the pain of 6 inch stiletto heals all of course in this “dog eat dog aspartame” [sic] world still taking priority over reading each and every one of my emails going back to this broadcasted email of December 1st 2000, be all that aware of how often I have walked away from opportunities to make a great deal more than half a billion dollars when it would have simply meant turning a blind eye to the smallest of evils?


A rather good example of this took place in the fall of 1997 around 6 months after famous Federal Court Judge, Jack B. Weinstein, in reversing a landmark multi-million dollar repetitive stress injury award cited me for having the courage to come forward and provide evidence of criminal wrongdoing by plaintiff attorneys and their clients to mention little of both Maurice Hank Greenberg then Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of AIG as well as AIG’s President, Thomas Tizzio rather enthusiastic to get their “arms around” Sunmed’s technology although Bill Frye, the head of AIG’s Mergers and Acquisitions division was by far the most excited, perhaps even more than Bill’s top dog Ron Bellows Senior, probably because RBS was “tTOo” [sic] preoccupied with finding a woman interested in “mechanical sex”, RBS dispatched within a month of me speaking with Hank and Tizzio, such a rather brief phone conversation taking place on or around December 10th 1996 within hours of the announcement of this very SIGNIFICANT jury award that had plaintiff attorneys all around the world chomping at the bit so eager to ride the coattails of this extraordinary payday.


All that I required to give the “green light” to very sophisticated financial engineers like Newell Starks and his partner Dennis Stanfill, a former CEO and Chairman of the Board of MGM both of whom were intimately familiar with my stellar “work product”, both gentlemen willing to go and raise “mezzanine financing” for Sunmed without me, who was CEO of Sunmed, paying them a penny in advance, not even reimbursing them for their out of pocket expenses, given again what they “knew” versus “believed” to be a “sure bet”, was for the founder of Sunmed, Ms. MaryRose Cusimano to simply acknowledge to me that she had overstated the sales of Sunmed during one quarter by considerably less than $10,000 and in turn for such acknowledgement of what was a totally immaterial sum of money plus the fact that she could have easily justified her inappropriate and very stupid action given how a minority shareholder in her company and his consultants were attempting to bankrupt Sunmed and then take full control, I would have been able in a matter of days, possibly hours, to liquidate just half my interest to a private banker like Derrick Beare who had provided Sunmed with a “bridge loan” and in the process adding a cool quarter of a billion dollars in cash to my rather impressive balance sheet bearing in mind that Ms. Cusimano who is not a medical doctor had shortly after hiring me as a consultant signed over to me half her two-thirds interest in Sunmed, the one third owned by Fred Deluca, founder of Subway, to mention little of Fred’s 1997 salary of sum $100 million not even the tip of the iceberg in terms of how extraordinarily wealthy Fred and his partners have been by finding “diamonds in the rough” such as Sunmed, just one of many great companies never being allowed to see “the light of day”, and for blockbuster authors-journalists like Diana Henriques who was also commended by Judge Jack B. Weinstein, her deafening silence when coupled with her own chronic carpal tunnel syndrome, speaks volumes not just to my credibility but why you would be so dumb as to let a moment pass you by without at least letting your bosses know that they might also be well served to consider seriously selling all their diamonds before gold next begins to trade on the Hong Kong market.


Sixth, once the first copy of my DAAC book comes off the printing press, the chances, assuming I am alive and well, of me being able to give you and the board of your bank the time of day will likely be “slim and none” even now given the feedback I am getting from all over the world, bearing in mind I only choose to “display” the smallest fraction imaginable of my unlimited in supply “informers” who are not in the least bit surprised by a lad from Somerset such as Mr. Brown just coming across my name on the Internet very recently inquiring about one of my least valuable pieces of art, now informing me,


“The more I read into your life story the more intrigued and interested I become...Tell me about the "clean water" project.” 


Time to put on my rain gear and enjoy along with the dogs one most awesome display of mother G-D-Na-ture.




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