From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 1:46 PM
To: Valerie Coster – operator and former owner of Ccrest Bed & Breakfast Café, Minehead, Somerset, England
Cc: rest;; Alyce Lomax -
Motley Fool;; Jim Frace Oprah; United States Justice Department;;; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters
Subject: RE: Seacrest…INDEPENDENT THINKERS…---…


Hello to you.


We are fine with everything you say.


BTW I had last told Webbers 285 net of their commissions, and I would assume, based on how well aware they are of how everything is important to me when empowering the next generation of independent thinkeRs to never lose their curiosity by simply remaining on top of everything, i.e. not putting up ever with hot air, and therefore not to bother me with something less, if anything Webbers should come in with more just to make sure I don’t change my mind given how extraordinary a lifestyle one could have living next door to one most amazingly located harbor front café capable of producing excellent returns so long as one knows how to run a café-internet-strip-tease business and of course attending one of our Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops would be helpful which if you were to arrange could have me over there in a flash accompanied of course by one of a kind no-nonsense wife who you can bet your bottom dollar will not be wearing diamonds but very possible a button that when pressed causes all the computers in a 20,000 kilometer radius to connect instantly to THE DIAMOND INVENTION, to mention little of gold last trading at $539.70 yet to reflect as Blue Nile’s share price drops another 2% the impact of MDG’s,


No intelligent woman would dirty their hands by investing in diamonds and the emotional aspect of this trade is wearing thin. Your youth will reflect on it badly.


I just have a little feeling that Webbers are using you to get to me since I made my terms very clear to them in that 119 word communiqué?


Lots of Love,




Ps – You may not have yet received this heavily broadcasted email sent out yesterday to Sarah Cooke a business-economics student at San Diego State University which based on the responses I have already received from all over the world spells out rather clearly, while still having folks do some of the figuring out for themselves, why it is that those who are getting more than their fair share of the graft, having benefited so extraordinarily from the “rule of law” that has bankers-insurance-real estate-stock brokers now forced to play by the rules keeping those having stolen the pound seats able to borrow against the assets of the peoples of the world to acquire increasingly less as the land which is finite diminishes at an exponential rate, now fear the most for the fact that the masses who haven’t got close to their share of the graft wont be so foolish as they have in the past to resort to violence that would have them pitted against each in other, wars simply designed to cull the ever curious poor masses with time on their hands, all credit, in my humble but seasoned opinion, to one man, George W. Bush and his stellar administration who while not perfect, certainly VP Cheney may have trouble finding another hunting partner, are responsible for maintaining the extraordinary world wide peace.


Everything is “relatively speaking” but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why mindful people like Tefo Mohapi don’t want to be associated with anyone who thinks it a “good thing” for the precipitous collapse of the United States which would come about if the US were to relax for just a day the “war on terror” which would obliterate right now, this instant the entire world now in “real time” as the past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, focusing on the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel whose only remaining option play is to immerse the entire world in war when in the next instant no one will have the time as they fight their neighbor for scraps to contemplate the truth about how all the carefully orchestrated chaos comes about which is what I am now explaining in simple English in “real time”.


The instant Marie returns from her art class with Sebastian Capella, just a few minutes from now, my one week sabbatical will begin, devoted almost entirely to this word document Ms. Annie “And write shorter sentences” George is so very patiently waiting for before in the next instant giving the “green light” to the printers to go ahead and produce the DAAC Treason Complaint book against the United States Congress et al for having failed miserably not only in protecting the wealth of all the hard working peoples of the world but in hooking rich elitists on big government entitlements-handouts they have left such “unskilled” human beings “empty handed” with only the skill to intimidate the rest of us to mention little of Windy Winn leaving an envelope at the front door to our RENTED cliff house in Del Mar containing a hard copy of this last email he sent me with the following hand written on the front of the envelope:


G. Gevisser & Family


It is worth noting that while most if not all those able to logically thought process would consider such verbiage nothing short of threatening to my family one must also be smart enough to recognize that such desperation when coupled with why he would think just one more email from me in reply to his trash would be sufficient reason for the authorities to lock me up and then in the instant empower inmates throughout the world guilty of far less offenses than the overwhelming majority of people on any of my 3 lists, is reason to rejoice since it highlights the purpose people like failed journalist-politician WW serve for the ruling elite as he is allowed to only be extraordinarily superficial when addressing the ills of the world which are embraced by newspapers such as the Del Mar Times seeking to suggest to their readership that there is “balanced reporting” bearing in mind that the DMT is principally focused on serving its advertisers who are real estate agents whose entire business model is about promoting real estate inflationary bidding wars such a phrase taking on significant “added meaning” following my recent missives.


Fortunately, it is just a matter of moments in the history of time as time begins to stand still, before the entire “free world” begins to pay their respects to our godly inspired and very smart President who more so than any one else, other than of course G-D is responsible for the EXTRAORDINARY level of peace that again is the death nail of elitists who depend on wars that have the world’s poor fighting amongst themselves for scraps to offset the chaos elitists and their poor stooges without a pot to pee in alone are responsible for creating as they go about painstakingly and methodically exploiting the goodness of religion, a poor read of economics and corrupt politicians.


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From: Valerie Coster []
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 7:28 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Seacrest


Hi Gary,

Know you're really busy so will try keep this brief.

I'm in surrey but in touch with webbers, going down to check on crest next week, from my last conversation with them seems like there is one buyer who has or wil offer 285 & another who is thinkingv what to do, sorry if ive got this wrong? Webbers did ask if i would be able to vacate within a month which would be no problem just a case of clearing everything that wouldnt be wanted, although cafe stuff would stay most purchasers like an empty house so the beds etc would need to go, I am presuming that you would be happy with this? Seems like its the right time of year for it, they want to get in to get ready to open for the season i guess, I think as well that if it doesnt sell now people will wait till next year this time again because of the seasonal thing. I can stay on if thats the case but then I think you'll end up with more outlay again on repairs etc so if it goes think its for the best really. Any chance you'll be over at all?

Let me know when you can you're thoughts on this but i do realize your really busy with more important stuff.

As I said in the beginning its what i think is happening & I may be wrong!

Wishing you well as always

love Valerie