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Beginning yesterday at 10:44 PM PST and ending a minute later I received 117 emails identical to this one from Chris Little, KFI’s News Director.


As I mentioned when we spoke earlier I could forward them all to you but then it might look to your servers that I am spamming KFI owned by Clear Channel Communications and the last thing I would want is for the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission to go deafeningly silent on me.


There is “sum” [sic] concern with my decision to broadcast this email which Black South African Tefo Mohapi had requested I do not publish, I might have already “upset the balance of things”.


You would know if you learned your history well like Tefo that the words spoken by another South African, “I say let those mother f*kcers fall flat on their faces and emails like these should be forwarded far and wide so that people are informed of what's happening. And this has just made me think of ways I an get my cash out of the states the little that it may be. Sure they know this and the USA being the USA will not allow it to happen. A super power falling apart as a result of its arrogance and greed” [sic] spell “DOOM” in the “wrong hands”.


The last time we had a world superpower collapsing which resulted in the Middle Ages is fortunately very different than if the United States were to become not overnight but in the very next instant which for all I know could have already happened, a 3rd world country which would mean only “good news” for not only the hard working masses outside of the beneficiaries of 1944 Bretton Woods Conference but those hard working illegal as well as legal citizens accustomed to being paid less than a fair wage.


First though, it is important to have an understanding of economics followed by an understanding of economic history that begins and ends with the financing of wars which as you would know is when “money”,  just ONE MEANS OF EXCHANGE, becomes no object”.


What that precisely means is that the business of war while this instant and forever taking on new meaning to the entire literate world, has to “played” according to the very old and established means of “exchanging goods and services” commonly referred to as “bartering” and there has never been any “means of exchange” quite like unlimited supplies of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency used both to fashion weapons of war as well as collateral to then purchase all the remaining weapons of war that provide the most excellent return on investment bearing in mind that when you don’t have any cost of sales to speak of your Internal Rate of Return is infinite.


This now brings us first to why it was that just prior to immigrating to the United States back on March 17th 1978 I had my tutorial classes at the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa pretty full while priding myself in talking big mouth students like Trevor Goldberg to drop out and make better use of their time given how I provided all the KIL necessary to compete in the “real world” but not to think themselves so smart that they wouldn’t end up “al-to-get-her” [sic] on their asses like those who would eventually graduate feeling the world owed them a living.


Second, to the modern era of financing wars that began immediately following the all important Anglo-Boer-Farmer War of 1899-1902 when a young man, Ernest Oppenheimer who was just a clerk working for a European diamond trading group, arrived in South Africa.


While the British won this rather barbaric war that had the Afrikaner Boers placed in Concentration Camps as the British with their bigger guns laid waste to the farmlands of South Africa, the Boers fighting the most incredible guerilla war sent shockwaves to the smart money living out of harm’s way most importantly the media barons Hearst and Pulitzer based in the United States who understood that it was just a question of time before more poorly equipped but agile not exactly peasants would learn the lessons of the Anglo-Boer War and in the end deprive these elitists of their fictitious over the top lifestyles.


There are no history books I am aware of that talk to the fact that World War I which began some 12 years following the defeat of the South African Farmers, for the first time had precision engineered motorized vehicles like tanks bogged down in the wetlands of Europe without either side culling the world’s poor tired of working for peanuts while monkeys on Wall Street wearing monkey suits lived like Kings, doing much to employ the lessons learned from the Boers who were it not for their land being repeatedly laid to waste and their wives and children placed in CCs they along with their black slaves would have been victorious and we would have had that much quicker begun as we are right this instant talking about stuff like climbing all over ourselves to be wage slaves.


Would you please do me the favor as well as the listeners of KFI-AM 640 "More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio" [sic] and back up THE DIAMOND INVENTION on to your computer systems in a way that would allow us to place it up on the Internet in the event “they” decide to shut it down.


Also could you have your computer graphics department come up with a graphic that would look good on a button that gets pinned to a garment such as this 41 dots t-shirt that shows the ugliest of diamonds with the words underneath, “THE DIAMOND INVENTION” and immediately forward it on to Ms. Annie George who is currently tasked with producing the DAAC Treason Complaint book against the United States Congress et al, the DAAC screen play as well as my forthcoming book Manager Minute One which is all about empowering the kids to parent the parents such as Chris Little who need the most help.


Bear in mind you should find a way to let Mr. Little know without bruising more of his increasingly deflated out of control ego that by me now communicating with you I have not only taken the wind out of his sail but in broadcasting this to my email list which represents an increasingly statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population I am making him that much more of wage slave laborer finding it increasingly difficult to compete in the “real world” where Knowledge-Information-Light is now traveling at Light-G-D-Speed, the past and the future increasingly coming “to-get-her” [sic] in the present as I make sense of how little progress mankind has made in the area of being kind to one another given how the DAAC the masters of combining religion, politics and economics in to the most brilliant marketing, “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend” has us mostly focused on our greed which isn’t close to being as bad as those who make it their business-personal to advantage of a good thing like religion.


You know of course besides for the fact that without the church there would be no poor and without the poor there would be no church, the problems of the world have never had anything to do with race, color, sex or religion simply poor parental teaching and greedy people wanting to make sure the masses don’t get the necessary KIL that will have them figure out how easy it is for there to be peace and justice in an instant so long as they get the KIL prior to being co-opted-corrupted by the systemic rot which simply requires each of us to give thought to the will I suggested for my rather in touch and very cool wife that her X-husband back on October 24th 2002 thought would do him the world of good by including it as an exhibit that had Judge Hendrix inevitably guillotining him and his Money Talks lawyer-liar to mention little time and again of how Money Talks attempted outside the courtroom to convince my rather well put “to-get-her” [sic] wife that this incredible photo of a very beautiful woman with the most exquisite well proportioned body was “sumhow” [sic] pornographic and of course it doesn’t take much imagination what very sick mind-s were lurking in the background.


Looking forward most of all to hearing from those who will appreciate you sharing this important final beep before I unleash the 100




So words to give peace a better chance.


Good day,


Gary S. Gevisser

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