From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Friday, February 10, 2006 11:00 AM PT
To: John Pollard -
Cc: rest; Alyce Lomax - Motley Fool;; United States Justice Department; FBI; Michele Malkin;; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa;;;; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; Laurie Black - Strategic Partners with Southwest Strategies, Steve Alexander Group; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Roger W. Robinson; Roger Hedgecock
Subject: RE: The Great Curry taste-off is postponed indefinitely...BEEP 3 OF THE TEST OF THE EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM...---...SECRET SERVICE...---...


How would you suggest I entice Pretty Face to fly in and at the same time stop by the folks at Englehard Minerals and Chemicals out of Newark, NJ and ask why they think increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein, the blockbuster author of THE DIAMOND INVENTION, made such a big deal of pointing out in the all important Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY that Charles Engelhard, the American SIGNIFICANT funder of the United States Democratic Communist Party ANDopen supporter” of the South African Apartheid regime, shipped gold illegally out of South Africa in the form of gold statues not to his operation in Newark but to Hong Kong without me having either Cliff “IDB” Benn overnight DP in a diplomatic pouch which you know could be the size of a supertanker




Simply beating Pretty Face over the head with all the other SIGNIFICANT gaps and distractions of EJE’s THE DIAMOND INVENTION that are within moments of biting all those who usurp their limited authority on their asses big time?


BTW do think it important in my EBS to Ms. Cooke, her mates as well as professors at SDSU that I point out the similarities between Austrian Hitler and Dutchman Hendrik Verwoed, the so-called architect of Apartheid in which case my test of the Emergency Broadcast System will be more than 100 words? 


More importantly since there is going to be now two additional servings of my beef and chicken curry which by the way has the highest quality ingredients I could purchase at Daniel’s Market in Alpine, choice ribeye steak and kosher chicken from Trader Joes, do you think if I used this communiqué as a flyer when going to the SDSU library, hopefully around lunchtime, it might reach Ms. Cooke’s economics professor who might well enjoy this terrific meal?


On the other hand should I just stick with Marie’s update to the INFORMERS WANTED ad which a consensus of my statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population suggests strongly these 28 choice words serve as the most brilliant antidote to the DAAC’s,A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”?


To repeat my one of a kind smile, 1/32nd Huron Indian, 31/32nd French Canadian wife’s words that are that much more powerful given the fact they come out of the most beautiful mouth of one off the charts brilliant woman: 


No intelligent woman would dirty their hands by investing in diamonds and the emotional aspect of this trade is wearing thin. Your youth will reflect on it badly.


Lastly, given your psychic capabilities can you help fine tune the substance of the EBS that once absorbed in to the psyche of no more than each and every one of those colorful South Africans participating in the “interesting read” conference will, in my humble but seasoned opinion, shake the entire world to its core, it taking more than an iron stomach for anyone with the slightest conscience to ignore the evil of the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944?


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From: John K. Pollard Jr.
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2006 9:33 AM
To: gary s gevisser
Subject: The Great Curry taste-off is postponed indefinitely


I will not be wending my way through the fog to east county even if Pretty Face Malkin flies in from New Jersey.


Thanks anyway.


John K. Pollard Jr.