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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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Subject: RE: ...AIRFORCE ONE...Seacrest Minehead


How in the world can you be persuaded not to go ahead with your offer by what it is that I have to say or have not say, other than the fact that it is quite obvious you intended to use the phone conversation to get me to agree to a lower selling price?


Isn't it funny how you feel the need to bring out your misery, your plight in to us lowering the price?


Moreover, the asking price was 285K and we were willing to entertain your offer of 275 so long as you didn’t intend to nickel and dime us to death.


In other words what difference should it make in your decision to purchase the property how much profit I might be making when you have no clue whatsoever about my "opportunity cost" OTHER THAN you thinking yourselves so smart as to think you could get away with your bs.


Moreover, what if I were to have lost money on the transaction would you have not only been willing to make good on your offer but console us by throwing in some gold?


With that said, I will be posting our "back and forth" up on the internet starting out on my one website www.SupremeInternetCourt.com and feel free at any time to contribute more toward increasing the sic circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day.


Furthermore, following your husband's diatribe you somehow found its within yourself to raise your offer from 245 to 275 and then again asked for my phone number in order I surmised to complete the transaction which I promptly provided as soon as I returned to the States from one terrific trip to China.


BTW feel free to provide me with the details of this very possibly well run united States corporation who saw fit to have your husband go out and get a real job where he would do better than compete with a machine that possibly doesn’t play the victim role as well.


Don’t you think it is funny what comes into business transactions?


Maybe I have things to do with the monies that in my opinion are better in serving the overall good than what you can do in overcoming your generalized poor view of Americans bearing in mind that if we had invested the same amount in 2002 in gold look at what we could be making and then again we could have invested in the stock market and lost all our money, would you have felt sorry for us then?


Grow up and maybe take the 275 which you led us to believe you have in cash and invest it in gold and maybe you will not only come out ahead but overcome your fear of failure.


Good day.


Ps – You caught me in the most terrific mood following an awesome run along the cliffs of Del Mar with Pypeetoe, my Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound that ended with the most refreshing swim amongst the surfers surfing rather well formed waves right in front of our RENTed cliff house on 11th Street in heavily corrupt Del Mar, California to mention little of one of the most inspiring and rather long lunches of my life where my gorgeous and over-the-top brilliant, sexy wife and I had the pleasure of the company of her soon-to-be 14 year old son JoNathan, Sebastian Capella and Ray Ann Marks, both Sebastian and Ray Ann no doubt giving serious thought to us chartering a jet to China assuming Marie Dion Gevisser doesn’t simply go out and buy her own Lear Jet with of course solid gold fittings, and to help finance the cost of leasing Air Force One sell tickets to Sebastian’s art students who would appreciate not only my thoughtfulness of them paying according to their means but my graciousness as they come on board to be handed a signed copy of my forthcoming book dealing with the insidious business of “money creation”, such a best seller containing the subtitle, “A message for the President”.


Let me know if you have any difficulty clicking on to the hyperlink above the “sage”.


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From: lisawhiston@tiscali.co.uk
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 3:21 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: Seacrest Minehead


Dear Gary

You are correct in saying that the asking price for Seacrest is exorbitant

, when you consider that when the property last sold it went for the sum

of £ 177,000  in May 2002, I am persuming this is when you purchase the property!

£ 100,000 in 4 years what a nice little earner for you. As you clearly don't

need the money and my family and I do for our liveihood and home I have decided

to  keep my money and withdraw my offer.

 I have also attached my initial response to your first email which my husband

persuaded me not to send as he really wanted to make a go at buying seacrest.



It is extraordinarily selfish in your race for ?survival of the riches? to

describe your ?uniquely isolated property in minehead.? As such, it is neither

isolated as it is very much part of a town, nor unique as it is one half

of a semi detached property. The forest you mentioned is in fact a hill and

 even though it is officially the property of Somerset council it?s maintenance

and up keep is kept in check by the neighbours who has lived in the property

for over 70 years moving in as a small boy with his family living growing

up working and eventually retiring back to the house of his childhood a house

that quite rightly he looks after and keeps maintained, not for some cooperate

western materialistic reason of accumulating wealth and riches but as his



Home being exactly what I would like for my family. A home that is affair

price and not some over inflated price based on what?


You say that mankind has become so selfish in its race for survival of the

riches that sensitivity has been lost. This is absolutely true in your case

rather than accept a genuine offer to purchase a house that you have acquired

in your trinket collection of world goods be it a Chinese artefact or a house

in England you don?t seem to realise that your greed has in fact made you

to lose sight of what this house was built for, to house honest working people

as a home not a commodity.


A home that could provide a income to a family who have been forced  out

of their home by a huge cooperate American company turning what was a small

family run business into  a cloned version of all the other hard faced western

institution which

would rather use computers and machines to operate in their business then


My  husband has now become redundant because this uncaring American corporation

has replaced him with a machine, and  all we want to do is survive house

and feed our children but again American supremacy has it?s say. ?Well done?!


I find it patronising that you feel it appropriate to preach your views on

the world to me and assume they are apposing to yours.


The only deception that is going on is your own internal one where by you

think you have all the answers based on your own life experiences this does

not necessarily fit into others reality. From a privileged back ground looking

at the world in a some what removed from reality state one can get consumed

by self importance and a feeling of superiority, often indulging in poetic

ramblings which only hide the fact the  only real substance to ones opinions

are less them ground breaking and nothing remotely original.





Lisa Whiston



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From: Gary S. Gevisser  

Sent: Saturday, July 15, 2006 3:26 PM

To: 'lisawhiston@tiscali.co.uk'

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Subject: RE: Seacrest Minehead


Dear Lisa,


To most people such a sum of money is exorbitant, more so to people who can afford it who would not feel good about themselves no matter how great the deal unless they did some bargaining.


Let me be very clear on this point.


I could have placed the sales price at 100 trillion pounds, received a whole lot of publicity for all my other ventures all geared toward "saving the world" and have been willing to negotiate the selling price down to zero.


With all that said we will consider a serious offer of 275.


You may call me at our cliff house in Del Mar, California 1-858-481-1750 anytime our time after 10 AM and preferably before this coming Wednesday.


All the best,





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From: lisawhiston@tiscali.co.uk

Sent: Saturday, July 15, 2006 12:58 AM

To: gsg@sellnext.com

Subject: Seacrest Minehead


Dear Gary


I would like to make an offer to purchase Seacrest Minehead, Somerset

offer £ 275,000 cash

I would like to talk to you about this offer please may I have your  telephone


Best Regards



Lisa Whiston