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What makes you think I would be interested in "raising cash" without you being ever so precise to define the word "cash" bearing in mind the two words, "DIAMOND CURRENCY" that puts to an uprupt end all the trash-talking including the great website names you came up with that don’t, however, touch sides with the 100 or so we currently have under construction from the "bottom up" such as

Why not, without risking anything, most of all your healthy mind-healthy body leading to a great sex life, FIND THE TIME to "sell sponsorship" on my websites with payment preferably in gold bullion to each and everyone on the planet including the NSC [National Security Council] who, I think you would agree, anxiously await my follow up communiqué to our great President George W. Bush,,, gold moving up some $88 since I left for China on June 16th and began tipping folks in China using gold shot/grain.

May I further strongly suggest that you accomplish such an honorable pursuit by taking the time out from attending just one of your superstar kids' many extracurricular activities and focus on how extraordinarily easy I have made it for you to leverage all that I am doing in "real time" without having to bother talking about how many hits a minute just one of my websites, is getting, the vast majority possibly from your kids and their friends to mention little of the awesome productivity of the so very cool and in shape Chinese people, happy, happy, happy despite far less time on their hands than most of us lazy bones grumbling fatsos in the west hooked on big government entitlement programs that our over-the-top crooked politicians fail miserably to address along with what exactly is the U.S. waiting for before deciding to "bite the bullet" and devalue SIGNIFICANTLY our so extraordinarily fictitious U.S. DeBeers-Dollars currency.

I must tell you how so very happy I was to not only be back in humid free Del Mar, California but to finally see American ingenuity at work along Interstate Freeway 8 near San Diego State University where they have these most terrific creepers of various shapes and colors growing up the concrete which I think you would agree the Chinese, so brilliant at creeping into lines, would do well to embrace without worrying about some U.S. patent and trademark attorney "crying foul" while failing miserably to explain what exactly prevents the United States Justice Department tasked with executing our sacrosanct Anti-Trust/Anti-Monopolies laws from even mentioning the word DEBEERS other than the fact that the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel have corrupted the governments of the west including our Japanese stooge governments SIGNIFICANTLY MORE SO than the Chinese Government plowing full steam ahead in strengthening their AT/AM laws, matters that should have your father, the immediate past president of the New York State Bar Association wasting no more time in walking in to the office of his pal, Eliot Spitzer Esq., Attorney General of New York State and for the two of them to kibbitz for no more than a minute before picking up the phone to the Attorney General of the United States and the rest I will leave to your imagination while realizing that I wasn’t exactly a "potted plant" on this one-of-a-kind 24 day trip to the most powerful country in the history of mankind.

And of course we missed great American Italian and Greek food, not to forget, however, how the Opium Wars of the mid 19th Century have now turned into the "Cola Wars".

Bear in mind that Coca Cola and Pepsi along with insurance giants such as AIG and ING unlikely to have it all going "their way" as they have in other parts of the world increasingly, however, so less terrified of our military mite for reasons that should be so transparent, certainly once understanding the unbelievable superinfrastructure now spread throughout China that NOW, not tomorrow makes SIGNIFICANT parts of the U.S. look like the 3rd world that we are even before the much needed SIGNIFICANT DEVALUATION of the totally worthless United States anything but Almighty Dollar.

And to think that it wasn’t that long ago when most people even outside of the U.S. considered the U.S. Dollar as "good as gold".

You remember of course even though you may have only been around as a fly on the wall that the Chinese invented both paper money and gunpowder and have weaned themselves rather quickly as well as extraordinarily well off their-our "emperors without clothes".

Not to ever forget the irrefutable "smoking gun proof" I have provided to all those on my one of a kind email list that remains a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate and crooked population of the DAAC, the price fixers of price fixers, being in "command and control" of Lords-Lloyds of London that sets the price of each and every single insurance product sold by the likes of criminal enterprises such as AIG and ING.

How is your dad doing these days?

BTW those very "lean and mean" and ever so well educated and so very Dale Carnegie trained, "How to win friends and influence people" Chinese earn on average in a year what our just turned 17 year old Danielle spent on an American university writing course this summer, bearing in mind there wasn’t a single Chinese person Marie Dion Gevisser and I met who needed to be reminded WHY someone such as American 5 Star General Stilwell is a Chinese National Hero, afforded the most awesomely inspiring museum on possibly the most expensive piece of property in all of ChongQing, the one time capital of China that today houses the largest city population of some 32 million, such a man who embodies the essence of the American Fighting Spirit is nothing short of TOTALLY UNKNOWN to Americans of all generations following World War II to mention little of such an extraordinary "black mark" while it should take your breath away is SO EXTRAORDINARILY INVIGORATING to the Chinese who have unquestioningly won World War III without so much as "firing a shot".

Let me know if I need to spell out more clearly our "Product Offering", aimed initially at each and every one of us 300 odd million North Americans, the vast majority within moments in the history of time from being written in to oblivion by the ever so non-aggressive, hard working, no nonsense Chinese who while ever so polite unless of course when waiting in line behind dawdling fatso Occidentals ARE VERY MUCH AWARE of not only our over-the-top poor Bell Shaped curve educational system that has mediocrity written all over it with the "most average" rising to the top but MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, have ALREADY taken the so very exciting steps to begin servicing their own so EXTRAORDINARILY FERTILE market, some 5 times the size of the United States to mention little of the Chinese youth not quite requiring the "pumping up" so very much a factor in the western university recruitment process, to mention in passing the so visible rounded shoulders and deafening silence of a Professor of Economics from my University of Natal, South Africa who I met on the 5 Star going on minus 1 star 4 night and 4 days boat cruise down the Yangtze River following my asking him at our first and last dinner together to submit to me for "review" his first year syllabus which he argued would prove to me that the "DeBeers Cartel is a good thing".

You may recall that my Royal Mater's South African financial engineer of financial engineers advisor, Gerald Hackner whose eldest son Sam is head of private banking for Investec based out of Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England where Derrick Beare continues to "hang his hat", made the following point repeatedly when I was still in high school in an effort to get me to keep my big mouth shut and breeze through university without worrying about donning the military fatigues of the DAAC's South African Apartheid Government:

"Don't be so incredibly dumb as to even bother asking your Professors of Economics why they avoid mentioning the words, "DIAMOND CURRENCY", the 2 most important words of the past century ever since the 8 western nations invaded China in 1900 during the middle of the Anglo-Boer-Farmer War of 1899-1902.

Professors of Economics are best at pinpointing graphically, using the latest computer animation software along with powerpoint displays where they went wrong in life that had them dependant on either the state or the welfare of individuals who benefited the most from state terror..

And if need be, these freeloaders, incapable of holding down a real paying job be so unfortunate to come across a smartass like my youngest son, Mark Oscar Hackner, undoubtedly ‘aided and abetted’ by his good friend and next door neighbor, Gary Steven Gevisser, would be left with little choice but to call on the best English literature graduates from both American Ivy League Universities as well as those 'reading' at Oxford and Cambridge University in England, Great Britain to provide the garbage verbiage that only serves to fool idiots stupid enough to attend university in the first place, apart from of course avoiding serving in the armed forces of any DAAC sponsored government who would know better than to bring to the attention of the 'brainne dead' [sic] masses the truth about DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s DeBeers Diamond Currency, unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried, one day becoming better known as DeBeers-U.S. Dollars" [sic].

My repetitiveness should only give you pause to do no more than take a very deep breath as I begin to make increasing "light" of the deafening silence of those who DARE to fuck with me, my wife and our very trusted friends.

It should be quite obvious that I am not trying to convince anyone but the so very few of us in the beltwaves of the United States of America left with a morsel of intelligence, necessary in understanding that the warning signs of the collapse of the "American Way of Life" couldn’t be any clearer.

Take care,


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