< From: Gary Gevisser

From: Gary Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 3:29 PM
To: Neil Gould
Cc: rest; devinstandard@yahoo.com; hilton01@usa.net


My very dear and clearly not all that naive and, relatively speaking, non-competitive friend not to mention former neighbor from Glenwood, Durban, Natal, South Africa to mention little of both our immediate families at one time living in Durban North not all that far from the Durban North Lazarus clan, very possibly given their so vocal support of the South African Nationalist Nazi Party under the "command and control" of the DAAC [DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel] that ruled South Africa for some 40 years beginning in 1948 the same year the State of Israel was founded, the least hipocritical of every Jewish as well as Gentile person on the planet inlcuding our over-the-top American educated Jewish Orthodox rabbi, Professor Abner Weiss;


Important as I spread the extraordinarily positive news of the Chinese becoming increasingly Jewish and the "independant" [sic] thinking Jewish people becoming increasingly Chinese both groups increasingly well informed of all the western's world's "rule of law" that is moments in the history of time from tripping up "big time", the western world's so many lawyer-liars, that I not fail to acknowledge your failure to confirm your VERY RECENT "read" of Edward Jay Epstein's over-the-top fascinating INTERNET ONLY book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION that were it not for G-D refusing to have you "shut the f*ck up" [sic] might have you thinking but for a moment given how increasingly familiar you are with how I go about doing "due diligence", ever so forthright in "showing my cards" that allows me without my audience uttering a single word to read their so ever telling "body language" that you might have got away with your mostly bs "mea culpa" which is not to suggest that you should feel anywhere near as guilty as say Derrick Beare or worse yet his uncle, Jonathan "Trouble Bubble" Beare while still very possibly the "cash richest" increasingly coming to terms that all his charity work talks mostly to his stupidity the result of leading such a sinful life.


Moreover, I must take the liberty while acknowledging your very kind and so very truthful words about my extraordinary brilliant and over-the-top gorgious and sexy wife who makes top international models half her age even those in great shape extraordinarily "selfconcious" [sic], being my "backbone" of NOW, THIS INSTANT welcoming Sol "Asshole-Gambling Czar" Kersner's nephew, Hilton Wolman "on bored" [sic] to mention little of MDG just now returning from Trader Joe's, a very good deal healthfood chain, dressed in the most revealing AND over-the-top sexy outfit showing off her incredible figure, just earlier showing her your previous hilarious emails containing the attachments "Confusing Nudity" and "The difference between Paris, New York and Joburg", now telling me after I read back the first part of this paragraph,


"Stop with all the flowery stuff, it sounds so stupid and makes you look anything 'butt' [sic] credible, AND dont say I said anything!"


What else other than money has Hilton "I love everyone and everyone loves me" Wolman's wife Melanie putting up with this imbecile telling the world on his gay recruiting website that she remains so intimate with him despite his "love" for "boning young boys up the backside" to mention in passing what uncle Sol, my Royal Mater's one "great friend" thinks of all this so sick exposure bearing in mind what say Melanie had in their children so caught up in Hilton's stink to mention little of the considerable time I spent back in 1980 when the "tTOo" [sic] of them were on honeymoon staying at the President Hotel in Seapoint Capetown, South Africa, a stone's throw away from my one-of-a-kind bachelor pad at Blue Waters which my RM now has the audacity to tell strangers I "gifted" to her, possibly in exchange for her sharing with me the relatively speaking, extraordinary large sums of monies that Abe Dubin, another of her "great friends" stole via the standard practice of "over and under invoicing" that "audirtors" [sic] all over the world turn a blind eye to, from the shareholders, employees of SACI as well as each and every hard working citizen of South Africa while Abe was Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of South African Clothing Industries [SACI] a South African public corporation started by Abe and my step-father Alan Zulman known as Mr. South African Clothing.


It is time my dear friend that you first "revist" [sic] the last heavily broadcasted and REad communiqu I sent out just hours before departing on our eye-opening 24 day visit of mostly the mainland of China that I know versus believe you CHOOSE to "denegrate" [sic] for the following simple reason:


It currently suits your agenda.


Now, may I suggest you catch up with the more recent communiqus that I began sending out yesterday morning in Hong Kong when Marie Dion Gevisser gave me the "green light" following how well I had stuck to my word throughout this amazing trip of not getting on to the Internet in return of course for being as she puts it her, "sex object".


Next, not for a moment allow to get out of your thoughts why IT IS that you know little if anything about 5 Star American General Stilwell who upon seeing "our man" in China, Chiang Kai-shek for the crook that he was, this great U.S. general got relegated in to "oblivion", as well as its impact on the western world's so extraordinary "poor schooling" - so very obvious what happens to our "genius" when we allow corrupt parents, teachers, clerics and professors to interfere with our rather precise "sequencing".


Now give thought to your anything but "nerves of steel" Russian partner with a rather powerful swimmer's body and no doubt a "steel trap mind" that was right up to the moment he had me "downloading" how little he knows about how the real world works including how the very best of Israel's best of the best Commanding Officers of the very best of Israel's most elite and secretive Special Forces commandos units such as Flotilla 13 have been watching ever so closely people such as himself very possibly beginning in earnest when I visited Israel very shortly after I returned in the spring of 1989 from my very first trip to the mainland of China just weeks before the "west's" masterminding of the Tianamen Square massacre mostly geared toward "embarrasing" [sic] George W. Bush's father, the newly elected President of the United States who had previously been both Director of the CIA and a former U.S. Ambassador to China.


And of course you are not the only Jewish person in the world who knows to ask Israeli custom's officials when entering Israel not to stamp your passport, that it starts to get a little suspicious when forgetful and asking for a replacement passport for the one you tossed into the ocean along with the fake diamonds you might be carrying just to serve as one of a myriad of distractions were you to get searched.


Worth repeating again, that while I have never been a member of any official or unofficial military organization or a member of any intelligence service including the Mossad despite my rather good "credentials" including dwarf-like arms and chicken-legs that were quite visible long before I shook the hand of David Ben Gurion, Israel's most brilliant first prime minister on November 1st 1972, some 13 months to the day before his death, for the one and only time, some 57 odd days following the start of the murdering of 11 Israeli athletes by well DeBeers-Dollars financed PLO terrorists at the MUNIch Olympics, my "advice" has been actively sought from the smartest of the smart "money managers" in the world including those both understanding and providing the financing for Israel's over-the-top "hit squads" not all that "well" represented in Steven SPIelberg's movie MUNIch, a not exactly fictional account of such an important event for a number of us understanding perfectly well WHY IT IS that Israel began losing its "First Strike Capability" the instant this most democratic country the world has ever known decided that instead of "knocking off" each and every member of the United States Congress who it KNEW versus BELEIVED to be on the payroll of the DAAC, to "find an accomadation" with the DAAC by allowing crooked Jewish people from anywhere in the world a "safe haven" in Israel under the bs "law of return".


Again, given what I "know" versus "believe" what is currently taking place at the "center" of our "money universe" commonly referred to as the "capital and financial markets" may I STRONGLY SUGGEST you share this communiqu with your Russian partner Alex, no doubt increasingly "feeling under the wether" [sic] to the point of being so "animated" as I turned my video camera on him following my filming your hilarious "shot across the bow" to those Durban Jewish South Africans who thought they could get away in a "last ditched" attempt, using you to "shoot their poison tipped arrows".


And of course I didnt need you to tell me that Alex had called you later at midnight to tell you how "nervous" he was about surely more than his personal finances since I knew that he wasnt quite certain that you had failed to witness his rather poor "body language" following my decision to take him and whoever else was listening in on one most extraordinary Educational Light Journey.


My good friend, you should give thought to wasting no time in sharing with me and my other more trusted friends whatever other "goods" you have on Mr. Liviev's co-conspirators as well as "downloading" more about Alex who first arrived in the U.S. without a "pot to pee in" before residing the past 18 years in Hong Kong, having this past Sunday repeatedly shown his "true colors" by repeating time and again the importance of money in order to be in "command and control", not to forget there is not a single member of the United States Congress, the United States Justice Department, the FBI, CIA, Mossad, Hamas, Osama Ben Laden and the such who needed to read THE DIAMOND INVENTION in order to know the total "farce of money".


Such brothers as well as sisters of mine, many of whom are G-d fearing Christians have done a whole lot more than risk their own lives and limbs for quite some time, nothing quite like seeing the penises and nipples of buddies lost in "double crossings" in manila envelopes shipped via regular mail, all in an effort to do nothing more than prop up the worthless DeBeers-U.S. Dollars.


The fraud of frauds beginning in earnest with the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 some 2 years following the end of China's dynasties and the beginning of the west's "rise to riches" all on the backs of what our western leadership who collectively had invaded China in 1900 thought was an opium addicted society who would never get around to questioning the rather "unfair trading practice" of stealing China's tea in "exhange" [sic] for hooking the so non-aggressive and hard working Chinese on such a "non-prescription" drug, let alone within a 100 years be in a position with support from the likes of me, my wife MDG and Devin Standard, the executor of both our estates to DICTATE to the so heavily corrupt western world what exactly is meant by "free and open markets" beginning with the Anti-Monopolies/Anti Trust laws, the most important laws on the books of each and every "legal jurisdiction" in the world that the Chinese government to their credit ARE THE ONLY country on the planet SO VERY EAGER to not only embrace but to strengthen.


Again, you should revisit the extraordinarily long "dialogue" between Alex and myself including how well I "deflected" his "pointed questions" about the "smoke and mirrors" game played by the United States Justice Department in going after Microsoft, such corrupt officials NOW, THIS INSTANT, knowing no different to Alex that there is NO ESCAPING a number of important and very PUBLIC FACTS beginning with the extraordinary "arragance" [sic] of DeBeers to now have a SIGNIFICANT RETAIL presence on U.S. soil; second, my intimate knowledge of the DAAC's so very carefully thought through plans going back to the late 1970s and early 80s when I was hired to "take over" from my uncle David Gevisser, the "American" head of the DAAC; third, my "tracking" of Roger W. Robinson a senior member of the National Security Council beginning around the time he acted "treasonously" when failing to spell out to President Ronald W. Reagan, RWR's "direct report", how extraordinarily easy it would have been for the U.S. Government to pick up the phone to "our man Roger's" mentor, David Rockefeller, chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank to then with all members of NSC listening in, to call up Steven Cohen of Codiam, my former "direct report" and for David Rockefeller to inform Mr. Cohen about his knowledge of Edward Jay Epstein's forthcoming and most fascinating INTERNET ONLY book that "makes plain" the "nonsense games" played by the DAAC, the terrorist of terrorist financing organizations the world has ever known, responsible for the greatest enslavement, torture and mass murder of all time that continues to this day.


Such a one-sided phone conversation lasting in my humble and seasoned opinion, no more than 3 minutes while allowing for SIGNiFICANT pregnant pauses,,, that would have also allowed for Mr. Rockefeller to inform Mr. Cohen that there was nothing short of a "loaded gun" pointed at his head and for Mr. Cohen to know that he would be given no more than 5 minutes to call up both David Gevisser and Harry Oppenheimer the "Anglo" head of the DAAC to let them know the "game was up" and in order to avoid a "bloody revolution" the DAAC would have to agree to my terms of total and unconditional surrender or face "superior and overwhelming forces",,, resulting even in the event that DG and HO agreed to "fall on to the sword" with an immediate FBI raid on Codiam's headquarters where they would have found few if any diamonds but SIGNIFICANT sums of "counterfeit" United States Dollars.


There remain enough people on this planet who have at least heard of the phrase, "Beware of the Yellow Peril" even if they dont understand such utter "nonesence" [sic], a by product of the Bretton Woods "Conferance" [sic] of July 1944 where there was a need after corrupting the leadership of the 3rd world both with "fictitous" [sic] DeBeers-U.S. Dollars and a guarantee that the U.S. "miltary" [sic] and its allies would intervene to protect such despots should their masses "prove unruly", to begin "indocrinating" [sic] the next generation of westerners on playing the "blame game" by "labeling" the Chinese, most populace nation on the planet and least easily distracted peoples, as the "evil incarnate".


Again, it is not only Alex who must surely now reveal exactly how he made his millions given how so very little he, along with all the other FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES I have been exposing in "real time", bring to the "bargaining table" other than "intimidation" that has those very trusted friends of mine watching events "unfold" closer than ever before, increasingly smiling from "ear to ear".


I am currently using Marie's laptop computer that is not connected to my desktop that for all I know could be under a "cloud of dust" over at our stone cabin the result of me not taking the necessary precautions to have it covered adequately before work began on sanding the maple wood floors.


Bottom line, you are, at a minimum, in one extraordinary state of denial and were you living anywhere else in the world other than in Hong Kong where unlike any other place on the planet "money is religion" you would very possibly not only get away with your utter nonsense that of course contains many so extraordinarily revealing truths all geared toward distracting but you would most likely get your own TV and radio show much like my Royal Mater who I dont believe you ever got the pleasure of doing more than possibly shaking her hand much like your one and only meeting with Mr. Laviev despite your dad and Zena Rosland Gevisser Zulman being "great friends" both coming to South Africa following the end of the continuation of World War I from Leeds, England.


In many ways you are so very similar to my eldest brother Neil Graham Gevisser it is simply uncanny, both of you so very worldly and extraordinarily funny but what you have most in common is a very poor read of "economic history" no different to most born smart but who allowed your formal education to interfere with your learning.





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From: Neil Gould
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 12:19 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser


Hi Gary

Good to see you and your very sexy wife here in Hong Kong. I was wondering what it is that you have to be able to pull such a lekker bokkie. Not only lekker but obviously artistic and one who has more influence over you than Lithium.


Your summing up of China and general topics were uncannily accurate, correct and with foresight. However I was not able to animate a certain point to you when you were here in HK about  Chinese pragmatism.

Putting aside the fact that the USD or Gold will either swap around, collapse, deflate in steps or whatever, there is a certain pragmatic behavior out here that makes the Chinese, "Chinese". It is also the reason that they will continue to win the Economic war.


Every Chinese Mainland partner that I ever had was "crooked". Every single Mainland lawyer I had was "crooked".However it is like saying when you go into the sea (China) you are in the sharks (Chinese) territory and if they bite you  then it is not their fault because you are in their territory and the fact that they bit you was only them tasting you , nothing serious , as you lay bleeding on the ocean floor. You look up and a Chinese fishing vessel then hauls the sharks out of the waters, cut their fins off and sling them back in, much to the delight of the family of the bleeding swimmer


The point is we do simply not understand sharks, their behavior and what the hell they are thinking. This gives the sharks stealth, time, ability to attack and survive as long as the dinosaurs. If man knew the behavior of sharks, there would be no bites, nor any sharks surviving in the sea. There is money in them sharkfins. Currency.


Soooo, in China (the sea), if you are non Chinese, you are putting your feet into Chinese territory. The minute you step in and "listen "see" "evaluate" - you are looking at a projected image of what they want you to see. The Chinese (Sharks) will tell you what you want to hear. They cleverly answer using the words of your questions, without you really learning anything other than what you brought with you. If they can see what it is that you want or have interest in, they will download to you in that very vein. Once you have invested or parted with valuable Lithium( Bi polar), Gold or US$ it is game over. they win, you lose.  The property you wanted to buy becomes yours to live in, but theirs to chuck you out anytime for any reason. the papers will have all sorts of clauses wither in the document or not in it and will be open to  a court case. You will not win because the courts are in my experience "corrupt". You will then be hooked on the opium (lawyers bills ) forever, firmly addicted and regretting ever having to have believed in them or trusted them or  for giving up your comfortable homeland. they will not want GOLD, they will want US$. Some they will convert to Yuan and the rest they will Bank in Hong Kong. Once you are in the shit in China, I (the fishing boat) will come to your waters, lift you out the sea, stop the bleeding, and resort to your worst dream, in that I will have to engage the sharks and cut off their fins and get your money back, because I know how to, I know how it works and I know why the USA is very weary of these guys and they should be, just as these guys are weary of the USA. You have to side with the devil you know.


In summing up, as individual people, I love the Chinese to the end of the world. They are pure crooks and unspoiled. I managed to once get under the skin of the  Chinese whom I totally distrust and think highly of and he told me these points:

a) When in China do not trust me or anyone when it comes to money. Do not trust me. I have my point of view.

b) You must live in your factory. Never leave and sleep upstairs and then you will get half crooked.

c) Keep your head down from authorities or they will extort money from you.

d) Always say you believe in G-d

e) If you see someone killed or see anything that is upsetting, forget it, do not interfere nor ask the police later what happened. Forget it.

f) Always buy on credit and never pay. They will take you to court. When they get judgment, there are 2 laws in China. CHINA LAW and CHINA POLICY. LAW says bankrupt the factory and take the goods to auction, but POLICY protects workers and the factory can operate immune from  any interference till the factory stands still and has no money to trade. China Law is a farce. You must look at China policy when entering China, because that is the tactic that will bite you. You can hide behind it in the same way the Chinese negotiators hide behind it when dealing with the West.

f) Finally I was told that if the fish pond is too clean (as you are trying to do), nothing will survive, fish, germs, bacteria- good and bad, all will die. IF the Fishpond is very dirty, then nothing will survive, no sunlight etc. But if the fish pond is half clean and half dirty or a quarter dirty, life shoots heavenward to the delight of all the peoples of China. IF you try to clean the pond, someone will put a starving crocodile in it and it will take you down.


I hope that my advice here will assist you and others when thinking about buying into this magical place. It takes men of steel to come out here and if the steel is not hard enough, its no good. It is a great place and is the future ......for some.


My feeling is that short of the Messiah, (he will arrive on a donkey because there will be no oil), it is live and let people live, and I must say that after the Messiah has spent 1 week in china, he will arrive back in Hong Kong, where I shall give him your Lithium tablets, to bring him out of the depression. He will get back into his Zero Point energy Saucer - make 2 trips around the planet at 150 feet ALTITUDE with a banner at the back saying" NASA LIED- THERE ARE BEINGS ON THE OTHER PLANETS AND THEY MADE YOU ALL IN THEIR IMAGE - NOT IN G-DS. THE EXPERIMENT FAILED

Best Regards