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Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2006 9:18 AM PT
To: Andre Eggelletion -
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Subject: Fwd: RE: Rothschild-THE DIAMOND INVENTION


You have no more than 24 hours possibly less than an hour when I will begin exposing your hypocrisy to the entire world.

In addition to Mr. Devin Standard, the executor of my estate, there is blind copied a representative sampling of the world's literate population.

BTW Mr. Standard's father, Kenneth Standard Esq. is the former President of the New York State Bar Association.


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From: GG -
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 1:41 PM
To: Andre Eggelletion


As you know I have already followed up with you.

Your convoluted response is in fact quite similar to others which  although expected is rather disheartening given how it does not take anyone with more than 100 IQ points of intelligence to work out in a flash the implications of this very fascinating book.

Bottom line, every moment that people such as yourself allow to go by thinking that you can duck how in fact while you mouth many of the right words you are benefiting more than most from THE DIAMOND INVENTION strengthens the case I am making about the “system” [sic] rot, your slow response much like the deafening silences talking volumes.


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From: Andre Eggelletion -

Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 22:49:59 -0500


Thank you for your kinds words. I'll look into the book.



From: GG -
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 8:46 AM PT


Mr. Eggelletion,

Your website talks to you being "one of this nation's most intelligent, dynamic, and knowledgeable media personalities in all areas of our capital and financial markets" and while you may think you can use the excuse that you are very busy with your "interviews on radio and TV across the nation" I happen to know versus believe that if in fact you are as "on top your game" as you protest you would surround yourself like I do with the very best of the best who would have little difficulty picking up on the essence of what I wrote you back on March 7th and not only would you have replied by now but would be "frothing at the bit" to know more from someone who guarantees you that he can explain in simple English why the very fascinating book THE DIAMOND INVENTION is not YET the “talk of the town” despite its blockbuster author quite the “celebrity” amongst those on the “left” as in Hollywood as those on the “right” as in Wall Street Journal.


Be advised that while I consider my time no less important you consider yours I, like you, am constantly evaluating my “opportunity costs” knowing a thing or two about “leveraging” both my very good name that comes from a lifetime of making “good” versus “bad” decisions at nothing short of Light-G-D-speed essential in the “work out-restructuring” business.


The “cost of the next best alternative” is for me to IGNORE you “al-to-get-her” [sic] while letting you squirm not knowing from one minute to the next whether the person seated next to you keeping their big mouth shut is a little more than a “potted plant.”


Suffice to say at this time that I am in fact one of the preeminent "work out" specialists still walking the planet and although when you inevitably hear my name it is more likely than not it is one that doesn’t ring a bell but what you will come away with the instant you hear the names of “sum” [sic] of my clients so when going back to the fascinating Internet only book THE DIAMOND INVENTION you will most assuredly PERFECTLY UNDERSTAND why it is that I focus on this rather important book that puts those of us who promote ourselves as "knowledgeable in all areas of our capital and financial markets" to the test.

Bear in mind that blind copied on this communiqué are a handful of individuals who understand perfectly bs and why it is that you may choose at this time to ignore my "offer" to make you a SIGNIFICANTLY more "knowledgeable media personality", counting on such well equipped personalities to forward this communiqué to others on their email list equally interested to see how long it is going to take you to "wake up” that you cannot avoid the inevitable implications of THE DIAMOND INVENTION that is in fact the root cause all that is wrong in “our capital and financial markets”.

While I have been mostly retired for the past decade, every so often my unique and universal "risk assessment" skills do get called upon by not only "Captains of Industry" but those who make it their business to go after crooked corporate executives, both Shareholder Class Action Litigators [SCALs] as well as those who make it their business to build in to their "cost of sales" the "cost of getting caught" realizing in “real time” as more folks who read and understand THE DIAMOND INVENTION and its very apparent implications, finding themselves on the same "side of the fence", inevitably as the masses gain Knowledge-Information-Light feeding off one another.

Rather interesting this one piece of news today about these hungry Michigan’s wolves turning on each other?

Good day.

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From: GG -
Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 11:48 PM


Earlier this evening I heard you for the first time on Coast to Coast and for the life of me I thought there were several moments when it was me who was speaking especially when you drew the connections between the Rothschilds and the rest of the world's bankers financing the bursting of what may be the biggest real estate bubble in the history of mankind, expecting you in the same breath to bring up the book THE DIAMOND INVENTION.

At this point it is not important that I tell you who I am but you can take me at my word that I can in fact fill in each and every one of the gaps in blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein's most fascinating book, perhaps the most fascinating aspect to those not as well informed is why Hollywood never turned it in to a blockbuster movie to mention little of the fact that THE DIAMOND INVENTION never saw the light of the day in a bookstore of note.

Let me know if you are interested in finding out more in an effort to smooth out a number of your very valid points.

You can access THE DIAMOND INVENTION by clicking on.

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