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To: Leo Finkelstein
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What a laughter-filled lunch with my beautifully breasted wife who has spent the past couple of days at our rock cabin.


On the way to Pasta Pronto in Solana Beach I commented on passing a gas station that the price of petrol-gasoline was still below $4 [DeBeers-Dollars] which had Marie commenting,


“There are other things going on this world besides for the collapse of the capital and financial markets which I am quite certain you are going to tell us exactly when that will take place in your forthcoming book that you keep telling me I will have in draft form before the end of this month and until then will you please shut the fuck up” [sic].


30 minutes before MDG who may have used the “F” word just once in all the 12 years I have known her and then only when referring to her X, the bastard of all time, I had returned to our cliff house after dropping off her soon-to-be 14 year old son and a couple of his friends at another of their good friend’s house to play table tennis before returning back to our Cliff House to surf once again and on the way back I happened to change radio channels and heard Dr. Laura going on and on about second marriages with prior kids having a higher rate of divorce, blah blah turning off her bs just as another of her annoying commercials began, “I am my mother’s mother” [sic] worse yet, “I am a filthy rich as well proud mother of an American soldier who hopefully wont ever hear about Gary Steven Gevisser’s prescient timing cataclysmic prediction before a bullet takes out the already mostly perfect vacuum of space between his ears” [sic] to mention little of how stunningly beautiful MDG looked when she walked into our so extraordinarily breezy cliff house after painting one most awesome painting of Sebastian Capella’s most beautiful granddaughter who Marie, not one to be flowery with words, says has a very good figure, not to mention how great it was to hear first that MDG’s portrait with my so sweet Pypeetoe standing alongside is now finally complete, simply needing a home to house it and second, that the Rancho Sante Fe Art Guild are so supportive of competent artists who can help educate the community on art.


The peace and quiet has now been disturbed by a garbage truck backing up with those so dam annoying sirens going off that for all I know could cause a butterfly in Timbuktu to flap its wings that I daresay will inevitably bring something positive to this, “me, me” world, a kite reaching and possibly touching the top of the cliff attached to a kiteboarder has just slowly glided by. 


As I indicated what your brother provided was nothing short of a "breath of fresh air" not only to me but to friends of mine who are not Jewish and have absolutely no "affinity" with the suffering of the Jewish people during the Holocaust.


This may at first be difficult for you to fully appreciate so let me explain.


While it comes as no surprise that the woman, the two children and the children’s children in this 42 B. Geviseris 42 dotted family photo met their deaths by being shot to death in the nearby forest of Panarii, first herded into two ghettos in Vilnius starting in the summer of 1941, and then in various "actions" taken out, those not “emotionally crippled” ask the logical question,


So what was so difficult to bear about the truth of exactly how they all met their deaths other than for an independent thinking kid to ask the next logical question,


Where did those Nazi bastards not only get the bullets but who provided the working capital for the armament factories to make the precision tools to produce the guns given how even an unconscious incompetent would know that during the Weimer Republic it took a barrelful of Deutche Marks to purchase a loaf of bread?


My very evil step-grandmother, Jenny Gevisser who decided to “play god” and not share Shlomo’s heart wrenching 2 page letter with any other member of the family because she later claimed, “I wanted to protect the family from unnecessary heartache!” would only make sense if you were a complete imbecile which in fact my well above average in intelligence family were at the time and have got over time even more “brainne dead” [sic], no different to others getting more than their “fair share of the spoils of war” when “money becomes no object”.


Forgive me for bringing up more about this wicked witch that exists in every family “turning a blind eye to evil”, Jenny Gevisser and I meeting for the last time last in Durban, South Africa when she was on her last legs, having just weeks earlier taken a bad fall, back in 1980 shortly after I returned from working at Codiam Inc. headquartered on 47th Street in New York City, the “money laundering capital of the world”.


The penthouse apartment she was living in appeared much smaller than when I was last there about 10 years earlier when my paternal grandfather, Israel Issy Gevisser, was still alive. But again, I was just into my teens when Issy passed away from a “broken heart” and at the time I had not reached my height of 5 foot 8 and a half inches, not even close.


By September 1st 1972 when I arrived at David Ben Gurion’s Kibbutz Sde Boker in the Negev Desert, near Beersheva along with other South African Jewish kids, all of us around 15 years of age, I was well on my way to asking “good questions”, something it seemed was already very well known to the Israelis in charge, especially the Israeli military officers who were stationed nearby and who were responsible for “guiding” us in “Gadna” which as you may know is like “Cadets” in places under the “command and control” of the “DAAC British empire” but unlike “Cadets” and the Hitler Youth Movement where kids are mostly taught to march in straight lines and do precision “about turns”, in Gadna you not only fire live rounds, not, however, out of relatively high powered guns like this but your moves through the obstacle course is observed very closely.


Nothing quite as important to those looking for “quick thinkers” as the need to demonstrate the ability to “think on one’s feet” and why I made a point of actually going to the Kibbutz’s library to study for the final exams where I got the “top marks” although I seem to recall I was in the class reserved for “dummies” and “trouble makers”.


I wasn’t, however, either stupid or a trouble maker but just wanted to “fit in” knowing that the “world was my oyster” a phrase my over-the-top brilliant and very devoted-to-Israel mother had instilled in me from a very young age while constantly pointing out that being “ambidextrous” was all the proof she needed that I was “special”.


November 1st, 1972 as I have said repeatedly was a very special day since we got to meet David Ben Gurion for the first and only time, just 13 months before his untimely death so soon after the Yom Kippur War that had Israel as close as it has ever got to using its nuclear weapons but the most important day for me back then was when the head of the Kibbutz believed a story I told him about how I had broken a rib throwing a stone when returning from the “mess hall” where we had all eaten; lagging behind the rest of my friends I picked up a stone and threw it not all that hard but no doubt awkwardly.


Mr. Baniel’s confirmation came right after the disgusting South African leadership made up of a miserable Lily White Wheaty Eating Johannesburg physician and his wife who had accompanied us to Israel didn’t believe a word I said, quite certain in their beliefs that I had sustained this not exactly life threatening injury while “messing around” with the rest of the guys.


The truth is refreshing.


Now let me “switch again” as I tell you what took place soon after I got back this morning from a most refreshing run along the beach with my dog, Pypeetoe followed by a swim in the Pacific "Oshon that" [sic] of course was polluted by the rather large dead seal that had beached itself overnight.


The very recent decision by Israel to even consider foreign peacekeeping troops on any of its borders is another thing you may not fully appreciate so let me explain.


Israel has been losing its “First strike capability” for some time as I pointed out on election day November 2nd 2004 in a series of emails that resulted in more than Adam Tucker, my one American programmer deciding despite a poor “value system” to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and vote their “pocket book” knowing that things would be a whole lot worse without George W. Bush in the White House as well as the military mite of Israel propping up the fictitious and worthless DeBeers-Dollars.


You would agree that “morality” gets tossed rather quickly aside, so very practical but poor are us westerners?


The murder of the 11 Israeli athletes at the MUNIch Olympics that began 3 days after we arrived at Kibbutz Sde Boker also illustrated this “weakness” rather well.


What the media have yet to report, i.e. you are hearing it for the first time now, is that the State of Israel is now beginning to “fall on the sword”.


Let me explain.


Even if no foreign troops end up as a peacekeeping force on the border of Israel and Lebanon, Israel has already conceded that its most elite Special Forces of Special Forces commandos are on their “last legs” which is not necessarily a “bad thing”, something I plan to explain possibly better in my forthcoming book with the subtitle, “A message for the President”.


Bear in mind the likes of Flotilla 13 provide the “courage” to Israel’s over-the-top superior Air Force as well as Navy whose “vessels” currently carry fully armed nuclear weapons capable of sending the entire world back to the Stone Age.


Not to forget the Israeli army made up of regular Jewish guys and girls, very few, however, can play a good game of rugby, one of the best sports to gauge “athleticism” for reasons I wont bore you to death with unless you think we could sell a book or “tTOo” [sic] more.


The best of the best Israeli commandos don’t simply, “know no borders” and rely on very trusted “guides” to maneuver them from one “safe house” to the next but DEMAND such “FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT” especially when “close to home” which is not to suggest that LWWE King Golden Jr. Esq. could paint his face black, walk over to his neighbor The Sperm Donor and impress upon both The Sperm Donor’s on-off again girlfriend Dawn and the “tTOo” [sic] kids that he finally has a “DAAC” [sic] skinned friend besides for “master spyRoger W. Robinson.


Both King and “our man Roger” know perfectly well I haven’t forgotten either them or the fact that The Sperm Donor aka Dr. John Ben Stewart MD who is no longer practicing medicine at the heavily corrupt Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego chose WELL AFTER Judge Hendrix had decided to rule against The Sperm Donor getting a Permanent Restraining Order against me that would have prevented me from being “in contact” with the two children that we know of, to introduce in to evidence their mother’s will that was witnessed nearly 10 months earlier by an attorney neighbor, Mr. Jim McFarland Esq.


January 3rd 2002 was also the day when I was quite certain the share price collapse would begin in the very corrupt Vivendi [V], the French-French water conglomerate with long tentacles in to what little is left of the bankrupt American economy, V and its 63% owned “sister” public corporation, Vivendi Environmental, losing some $63 billion in market value over a period of 280 days straight, to mention little of such a jaw opening move achieving two rather important goals for The Sperm Donor et al.


First, even if he were to lose this criminal court case this most evil as well extraordinarily stupid human being might still be able to go back to Jim McFarland who I ran into yesterday as he was picking up his one son Connor from our Cliff House, and convince Jim to reconsider providing him with a sworn affidavit that Jim considered me a “threat” to his children just like The Sperm Donor had attempted to do shortly before the criminal trial on October 24th 2002 after filing on 9/11/2002 a baseless criminal complaint against me that resulted in this anything but godly doctor getting a Temporary Restraining Order and in the process “lay the foundation” that Marie Dion Gevisser had “diminished mental capacity” at the time the rather important will was entered into, so important the 7th and final provision.


Second, such a desperate move while causing me and my attorney to open not only our jaws wide but our eyes as well as it provided further evidence of how extraordinarily evil was both The Sperm Donor and his money talks lawyer-liar.


Let me explain.


While sending me a very clear message, no veiled threat, that I had better “watch out” given how my database contained “work product” pertaining to a rather important class action lawsuit against Ronald “Capo Di Capi” Perelman of Revlon Corporation, Revlon’s share price today closing at 97 cents, by “GOING PUBLIC” that my database had been “compromised” those potential witnesses many of whom were already in fear of their lives now understood that even if they were never to be called to provide “sworn testimony” against Perelman and his henchmen a day wouldn’t go by when they wouldn’t at least think it could be their very last day .


What human beings who were never told “No” as children are willing to do just to get what they want is of course “old news”.


The only thing you give a fuck about is my precise prediction for when the capital and financial markets will collapse.


I cannot say for sure what caused me to want to visit with my pal Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk after our stunning victory in criminal court where my partner Marie Dion and I refused to make it easy for the judge, oblivious to all the other machinations, as he lowered the boom on The Sperm Donor.


Of course it would have been so easy for us to have agreed to get married given how Marie and I had already been together some 8 years to mention little of how extraordinarily well MDG with English her third language, presented herself in court, answering the most ridiculous questions such as, “How could you afford to purchase a cabin unless Mr. Gevisser had in fact bought you off?” by simply stating the truth, “I never lost money in the stock market”.


Producing nothing but co-dependants at our business schools starts out as you well know much earlier in life has me recalling the very excited left nipple of this young LWWE I saw across from the Pacifica restaurant last evening.


Earlier today I had a phone conversation with a Tom D. over at Starbucks’ customer service [USA 1-800-856-2864], Tom letting me know that the “chairman and global strategist” for the 115,000 employee public corporation with stores in some 30 countries not including Israel is “Howard Schultz” and not as I wrote in the 4632 word email to your brother “Howard Schwartz”.


This so engaging and so awfully polite spokesperson for the very corrupt heated milk chain that also serves crappy coffee, suggested that if I was truly interested in doing a Joint Venture with Starbucks “to increase by 25% their current rate of 5 stores per week in the Middle East” I should make my “enquiry” interesting enough that it would get the attention of Starbucks’ Chief Executive Officer, “Jim Donald is really active, blah blah” [sic] .


Tom’s geography was not quite up to par as I strongly suspected the moment I heard a live voice on the other end of the phone, evidenced by how he didn’t seem to miss a blink when I talked about how helpful my murdered family’s business connections in Vilnius, Lithuania could be in improving Starbucks’ growth rate in the Middle East or for the possibly more utterly nonsensical but distinct possibility that I might get Bob Dylan’s close buddy’s father-in-law, Maurice Aronson to place a call to Mothercare headquartered in the United Kingdom to let their Chief Executive Officer know that it was just a matter of time before their partner in Kuwait who also represents Starbucks is forced to reveal to the world how he serves the best interest of those not interested in peace by “holding hostage” both Starbucks as well as Mothercare from opening a single store in Israel.


BTW Maurice Aronson did business with my family’s ACME Timber which is where my uncle David Gevisser first came into contact with Charles Engelhard, the American head of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel and after twiddling his thumbs in La Jolla, California, Maurice got smart and engaged my unique and universal risk assessment services, first checking out a medical technology acquired from the super secretive “Offense ContractorScience Applications International Corporation where left of left wing socialist King Golden Jr. Esq. was General Counsel at the same time that his bosom buddy, right of right wing anarchist Roger W. Robinson was whispering gobbledygook in to the ear of President Ronald W. Reagan, and second saving Maurice from being “burned alive” at Kino Springs, a real estate deal located just minutes from the Mexican border in Arizona which had him pitted against my pal Joe Steinberg of the awesome Luecadia National Corporation.


Eventually Maurice decided to go into the baby products business, inevitably getting back to his “money laundering” roots by becoming a wholesale diamond dealer.


You of course know that next to diamonds, timber is the preferred means of the superrich to transfer without a trace their wealth across DAAC controlled borders.


Naturally, Tom would have most likely if not hanging up the phone not expressed how nervous he was by my asking as he put it, “a good question”, why there are no Starbucks in Israel, had I gone on to mention that my goal is to bring Public International Attention to how Starbucks by kowtowing to their “middleman” out of Kuwait who also represents Mothercare growing in the Middle East at the rate of 2 stores per week are not exactly serving the “best interests” of peace which of course few if any of us getting more than our fair share of the spoils of wars have any interest in whatsoever which of course is why you and your brother are now choosing to “play ostrich.


Shame on all those who think the next generation increasingly running out of options in terms of how to make both an honest and livable living but increasingly getting up to speed on why so many old farts are so fricken hypocritical think they can get away with telling their kids to watch their language, use contraceptives when screwing blah blah.


Gold last traded at $614.40 a troy ounce and given how one can while having a great time with like minded friends retrieve on average 1 oz of gold every 80 or so hours working one’s “gold claim” that on average costs around $200 a year one can not only “make out” rather well but such a “good return” on one’s investment is spreading like wildfire throughout the world reaching the ears of our best and bravest who thanks to you and your brother ducking your responsibilities are increasingly invigorated to think more than twice when clearing the way for advancing highly mechanized infantry personnel whose confidence level has everything to do with the confidence level of the best of the best of the world’s best Special Forces commandos who I can assure you don’t look anything as awkward as you see me in these photos shot when I was nine and not quite 11 years of age.


In due course, once I have heard back from the 5 star Lodge at Torrey Pines to find out whether General Manager Fullen would prefer to deal with me or the likes of Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk in reaching a “fair settlement” I will be following up with the great and honorable George W. Bush who of course could be a whole lot more honest with not only American citizens and the illegal aliens helping prop up our fictitious economy from a precipitous collapse but no group as important as Israel’s most elite Special Forces whose Commanding Officers are not only “tapped into” my heavily broadcasted and read communiqués but are also finding the time in their busy schedules to watch, some for the 10th time, SPIelberg’s movie MUNIch and they like you are not laughing, but for very different reasons.


While you are exclusively focused on your pocket book most Israelis especially those commanding the most elite special forces commandos who only know just their “piece” of a mission are like most people in the world rather poor using the little wealth they have accumulated not to purchase a big house or even big apartment living as we should day to day “out of a suitcase”, traveling to places like China where they get to show how very kind and peaceful are most Israelis, nothing like the “aggressors” portrayed by the likes of CNN and why it is that the Chinese people quite happily surprised by the extraordinary amount of Israeli tourists beginning I daresay not long after I visited Israel shortly after returning from China where just weeks before the Tiananmen Square massacre I was not only doing business-personal but finding the time in my busy schedule to speak to the young brothers and sisters of those who were massacred, for the principal purpose in my humble but seasoned opinion to embarrass George Bush Senior, the newly elected President of the United States.


Following the money trail is something I do rather well.


Finding G-d is where you look for peace.


The Chinese people excel at getting their invaders to adopt their non-aggressive hard working culture.


The Chinese people are becoming more Jewish.


The Jewish people are becoming more Chinese.


Watch out!




Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


Ps - Starbucks closed at $35.40 a share.


Ps I – This quickly pulled “to-get-her” [sic] communiqué will be checked later, to be viewed by clicking on to this hyperlink.


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My brother's response gives you his knowledge of what happened in Vilnius. 

Hopefully this will be of some help in your quest to learn the origins of

your family.  Perhaps internet research will help you to learn more.


Both my brother and I request that you delete us from your mailing list. 

Please honor us this request.




From: Gary S. Gevisser
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Subject: RE: Tracing the slaughter of my Jewish family from Vilnius, Lithuania


Thank you very much.


You have provided more light on this very “DAAC” [sic] subject than all the gobbledygook that got spoken not only at our many over-the-top Sabbath dinner tables but at our Jewish day schools where the parents, teachers, and professors including Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss a very close friend of my immediate family saw fit to never, not once mention in all his over-the-top brilliant sermons the name DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, no different to the DAAC controlled United States Congress, British Parliament and the such, not to forget all those Jewish lyrists like Bob Dylan whose only defense I can think of right now is, “Gee, Gary Gevisser, I thought money grew on trees”.


While you state you are “not qualified to comment” you certainly appreciate the importance of money in our society and why I think it is important to educate at least the next generation on the very insidious business of “money creation”.


Bottom line, what I am looking is one Jewish man from the older generation to now “step up to the plate” and join me in telling it the way “it is” given how it is increasingly apparent to the next generation why IT IS that we, the CHOSEN PEOPLE, have chosen to be such hypocrites.



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Subject: Re: Tracing the slaughter of my Jewish family from Vilnius, Lithuania


Dear Mr. Gevisser,

       I am not qualified to comment on the many subjects you touch upon in this email.

       Regarding the tragic loss of your relatives in Vilnius during the war, all I really know is that the Jews of Vilnius were herded into two ghettos in Vilnius starting in the summer of 1941, and then in various "actions" taken out to the nearby forest of Panarii, where they were shot. I don't know how one might go about identifying specific people who lost their lives at Ponarii.

       Sorry that's all I can provide.  

       Yours truly,  Maurice Finkelstein

P.S.  We are not related to the attorney Finkelstein whom you know.