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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2006 7:36 PM PT
To: rozmoes@aol.com
Cc: rest; Leofinkelstein@hotmail.com; Dad
Subject: Tracing the slaughter of my Jewish family from Vilnius, Lithuania


Dear Maurice,


My wife and I met your attorney brother Leo on the deck of the cruise ship as we sailed recently down the Yangtze River at the very same moment I “ran intoXu Xin, the Chinese professor of Jewish studies at Nanjing University who was taking a group of New Yorkers along a similar path possibly taken by Marco Polo some 800 years ago, 1421 The Year China Discovered The World including America, not only a book worth reading but such 4 digits which when added and multiplied result in the awesomely “lucky” 8.


There are in fact “infinite” reasons for contacting you including “sending a message” to a number of people “talking down” China to mention little of my Royal Mater, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman, “coaching” me from the youngest of age to refrain from seeing the English expression, “Beware of the Yellow Peril” as “negative” but to embrace such an “advanced”, “non-aggressive and so awesomely productive people who most westerners have a very difficult time “reading” to mention in passing my RAG mother, now married to Alan Zulman, a maverick in the South African “rag trade”, some “50 years ahead of her time”, her book, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN which while made in to a record most of all talking to how very stealthily she went about “guiding” her “lucky friend”, my uncle David Gevisser who was and has remained ever since taking her most important advice to keep his big mouth shut nothing short of a baboon when comparing this executor of the estate of Charles Engelhard, the cash as well as mineral richest man in the world to my RM’s South African financial engineer of financial engineers, Gerald Hackner , not to mention my amazing father’s first cousin having the most horrific stutter.


You are no doubt wondering why in the world would I be spelling out such personal-business KIL to someone who may simply decide it is not in your “best interests” to respond even if you are able to assist me in my request AND are also NOT a member of this money-drug crazed world.


Suffice to day I have painstakingly and methodically delayed up until now revealing my very simple request to have you assist me in tracking down the murderers of my 42 B. Geviseris 42, Vilnius, Lithuanian family as well as their financiers bearing in mind that it is rather difficult, at least at first, to follow not simply the “method to my madness” but both my “prescient timing” as well as my very logical “train of thought” as I now hear the sound of a train just passing in front of our magnificent and so very cozy cliff house in heavily corrupt Del Mar, California.


I think you would agree, while it is hard to feel let alone hear the extraordinary and heartfelt music being sung right this very instant throughout the world including places like Netanya, Israel where my RM has her one “hideout” given the shell-shocking experience being felt, however, only by those not tuned into my missives beginning with the KIL contained in this hyperlink which I began sending out back on election day November 2nd 2004 to Adam Tucker, my one American programmer, explaining, quite obviously sufficiently well WHY every independent thinker SHOULD VOTE FOR BUSH, and NOT WHY we SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR KERRY,  there has to be a part of you, most likely your conscience, informing you that you are very fortunate to be witnessing “history in the making” as I continue to “wind down” in order to fulfill the commitment to my wife that I present her prior to August 1st of this year a first draft of my forthcoming book that has the subtitle, “Message to the President’.


Important to understand that it is mostly if not exclusively only the so-called “western alliance” that has been caught “flat footed” with our warships racing into “harms way” to evacuate those “idiots” not in tune with the “heartbeat of the universe” either vacationing or doing business in any region of the Middle East including Israel, the most democratic and least corrupt country in the western world.


But like every other so-called “democratic country” the fledging State of Israel knows very little about “free and fair markets” given “our” DISGUSTING “alliance” with the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC], the mafia of mafia, terrorist of terrorist DeBeers-U.S. Dollar financing organization the world has ever known, responsible for the greatest enslavement, torture and mass murder of all time that continues to this day.


Now before you have a full on coronary thrombosis may I STRONGLY SUGGEST you go right now, this instant, and rent Stephen SPIeilberg’s movie MUNIch, and then after making sure you have not left a hot stove on or worse yet a broken gas line unattended kick back and make VERY CAREFUL note of WHY IT IS United States increasingly fictitious dollars backed by “Diamond Currency” that is the most talked about subject covering the most SIGNIFICANT event over the past 34 years.


Bear in mind that while Richard Nixon did not think very highly back in September 1972 of Jewish people “in general” he did in fact rely to a great degree on Mr. Kissinger his Secretary of State who of course was not the greatest Jew that has ever lived, not even close, since such a designation rests and will remain so until Kingdom Come with Jesus Christ, born a Jew, lived the life of a righteous orthodox Jewish person questioning the corrupt Jewish leadership who should have known better, got crucified and in all likelihood buried according to Jewish Orthodox custom in a cave probably not all that far from where the Dead Sea Scrolls were deposited.


More importantly, Richard Nixon who had the smarts to open up our markets to the hard-working but brutalized Chinese suffering the hardships of the 10 year “Counter” [sic] Revolution was not, to the best of my knowledge, present at the funeral of the American Charles Engelhard, the American head of the DAAC, which took place in March 1971 not in a Jewish cemetery as Edward Jay Epstein, the Hollywood blockbuster author of THE DIAMOND INVENTION would have you believe, but at St. Mary’s church in Morristown, New Jersey; quite unlike the DAAC operatives, Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, former Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Humphrey.


Now if I am wrong about Richard Nixon or for that matter Henry Kissinger or anyone else other than those 3 treasonous individuals, only Senator Kennedy of course should be tried for treason, the sooner the better, assuming of course we are truly interested in “giving peace a better chance”, then please let me know and I will add those names to my list of FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES.


Not everyone in the world, let alone those on my one-of-a-kind email list that is a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate and crooked population which of course includes exceptions, extraordinarily hard working and honest westerners, KNOWS that those who are the most successful in business-personal never open their big mouths to share their “trade secrets” for a number of rather logical reasons that no longer need to be spelled as I go about explaining in precise detail why IT IS that those who are not quite as successful but nevertheless have got “filthy rich” doing business in China, the most “fair and free market” the world has ever known and getting increasingly more “fair and free market” with each tick of the almighty powerful clock, make it their business-personal to “talk down” the Chinese, going out of their way to convince others particularly the non-Chinese who they assume don’t know as much as me and my RM that it is “all but impossible to do business in China”.


Not to forget those of us on our “last legs” at the very “bottom of the barrel” who confuse the word “cheap” with “inexpensive” believing that they can do business in China that is fueling the entire world’s economy by virtue of Chinese competitiveness, an outgrowth of their over-the-top productivity that we all know couldn’t have been sustained this long by their people being “whipped to death” as they were back when slaves in Egypt, G-d forbid I DARE bring up the Jewish slaves during World War II, the factories, the banks, the financiers, each and every one DIRECTLY tied in with the DAAC, to repeat the mafia of mafia, the special interest of special interest group, the terrorist of terrorist financing organization, responsible for the greatest enslavement, torture and mass murder that continues to this day with those kidnapped Israeli soldiers depending on current as well as former Israeli Special Forces commandos and their Commanding Officers to “pull out all stops” in “winning their release” beginning, I STRONGLY SUGGEST by boycotting every Hollywood movie that doesn’t make a point of distancing itself from the DAAC and their Hollywood stooges.


The fact that those at the bottom of the pyramid never sufficiently built in to their “cost of sales” the “cost of getting caught” have remaining their so nauseating “gift of the gab” and end up as they do everywhere else in the much more corrupt world going bankrupt, inevitably becoming just another cog in the world’s welfare states again found for very good reason predominantly in the western world, doesn’t diminish the fact that Chinese people as of when I left there less than “tTOo” [sic] weeks ago still loved Hollywood to mention little of there is little “safety net” for “survival of the fittest” in China, in stark contrast to the west where for “survival of the richest” there is Wall Street propped up by DeBeers-Dollars.


Intelligence officers throughout the world did not need to read THE DIAMOND INVENTION to know it was just a question of time before the DAAC controlled United States Congress could not rely on the State of Israel whose military options get increasingly less with advances in technology to be the DeBeers-Dollarsfirst line of defense”.


Offensive weaponry while important to Israel’s awesome battlefield victories are second only to Israel’s over-the-top Special Forces commandos backed up by the very best Independent but not necessarily Jewish minds.


Again take a careful look at SPIelberg’s MUNIch that depicts the best of the best Israeli Special Forces commandos under the “command and control” of the smartest Commanding Officers the world has ever known looking like they were a bunch of ragamuffins picked up off the street.


Now let your thoughts drift to a place like Beijing, watching a young, sophisticated Chinese woman getting her hair permed with one of those monster-looking machines or how about Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the most awesome displays of the power of nature through all the senses or seeing the intricate woodwork of Chinese furniture and art that continues to be handed down one generation to the next as you quickly click through the TV channels looking for comic relief but finding everything not only boring but sickening, inevitably letting your mind wonder to those glorious sights you once may have visited with your lover and deciding much  just like my gorgeous wife as she comments on the thousands of “pretty good photographs – I am impressed” that she took including one of a toilet that she is ready to buy a home in a remote village in China possibly where Guy Friedman’s great grandmother-in-law lives which can only be found, he told me just before I left for China, by “a sherper and then a Bedouin to guide the sherpa” to mention little once again of my Israeli “brother” Guy, one of several of the very best of Israel’s most elite “killing machines” I have known a lifetime and right now, this instant, KNOWing versus BELEIVING I have been right all along about a number of things including what they must now do to assist the increasingly beleaguered State of Israel, moments in the history of time in telling the United States, its most staunch but not exactly consistently trusted ally, that in order for there to be any hope out of this extraordinary mess created by a relatively few number of individuals who did not invent wars but have learned rather well their history including, “The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small lie” the U.S. is going to have to “fall on the sword” beginning with the over-the-top corrupt United States Congress admitting their unconscionable “DAAC foul play”.


In the end everything does in fact add up, just requiring “quiet time” to figure it all out, none of us as G-d would certainly understand, likes to be told what to do and how to do it.


The number of coincidences that occur in each of our daily lives should result in each one of us not only asking the all important question, “How many coincidences does it take before it is no longer a coincidence?” but in concluding that there is no such thing as a coincidence, that “design is everywhere” to then take the next logical steps and immediately conclude with the answer to the final logical question,


What exactly does it say apart from us not being able to logically thought process when we behave as if our minds are disconnected from our bodies no doubt put ‘to-get-her’ [sic] by one most extraordinarily smart being, when there is the distinct possibility that each and every one of our moves and mismoves is being recorded by that same one most extraordinarily SMART designer who wouldn’t be so dumb as to resort to aliens from outer space being His-Her messenger?”


Moreover, what else apart from the “Hand of G-d” playing havoc with what little remains of our consciences causes each of us to take a very deep breath knowing that with design everywhere even when a butterfly flaps its wings in one region of a desolate forest it impacts with equal force even the crest of each and every light as well as sound wave in every region of the world not to mention to all those void of Knowledge-Information-Light mostly “taking up space” contributing nothing worthwhile to the overall “good” other than such “negatives” combining to assist those “positively” inclined toward the “pursuit of truth”?


Such a noble pursuit, I believe, is “missing” in more places than simply the U.S. Constitution written by mostly if not all men who may not have had as strong a woman as MDG behind them to mention little of America’s Founding Fathers getting to their positions of “Money Power” as a result of being in the “right place at the right time” when the British Crown, one of the many too inbred who continue to “rule by Divine Authority” began “diving up” the “New World” amongst a bunch of “illegitimate corporations”, so sad that we couldn’t see past their Mason masks.


There is not a single individual on this planet who can ignore my revealing in “real time” the very dark truths about the DAAC and their stooge operatives beginning with Lords-Lloyds of London which “fixes” the price of everything that the DAAC have not managed to do over the past 100 years including the price it takes to corrupt each and every lawmaker on the planet, some such as the Chinese Government no where near as corrupt as the rest, so well illustrated in the Chinese government being quite alone in their current rigorous pursuit to strengthen China’s all important Anti-Trust/Anti-Monopolies laws that are geared toward creating a “fair and free market”.


May I strongly suggest that if you haven’t already seen the disgustingly boring movie Green Street Hooligans you make the investment to rent such a movie paying most attention to the close up shots by the cameramen of the diamonds worn by the “lead woman” who is supposed to be a sophisticated American raised in an “All American” household where the father is a respected journalist who has his one son while viewing and participating in the worst of the worst that Hollywood could possibly put up on the “Silver Screen” deciding in the end to use everything he had “picked up” on the streets of “soccer crazed” England to be readmitted to Harvard University, enough, if you have been following along as have many Harvard graduates, to make you now, this instant, vomit.


Isaac Newton like every “great mind”, the very few that there have been, was, again as logic would dictate, a “spiritual” individual but who may not have known, given his inability to “see the future”, how important his first principle, “For every action-reaction-overreaction there is an equal and opposite action-reaction-overreaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost” would be to me figuring out the “connecting dots” of such an important “fact of life” with very possibly the single greatest human mind of all time.


Einstein’s “Mind of G-d” equation which forever “changed” the way we looked at the universe, at least outside of Spaceship Mother Earth, may also contain the much sought after “Hand of G-d” were we “tTOo” [sic] think “outside the box” and embrace more than this genius of geniuses Quantum Mechanics, that which goes forward must work “in reverse”, as in “2 c mE”, the past and the future all coming “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, bearing constantly in mind how easy it is to flush out all the charlatans given the Digital Age, an outgrowth of Special-General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory, the 3 most important scientific theories of the past century.


It is nothing short of a “Godsend” to keep going back time and again to Einstein’s E=mc² that has stood not only the test of time for more than a century but has been verified repeatedly by one direct experiment after the next, such an awesome mathematical expression that pretty much anyone can recite but which is understood by so very few, changing m [mass] into a “variable” that moves “inversely” with E [Energy] until such time as c [speed of light in the vacuum of space] which is a “constant” powers down to the number 1 which can in fact only take place within” Mother Earth much like sound.


On the last leg of our most amazing 24 trip which ended in Hong Kong where we got to spend a full day cruising in my friend Neil Gould’s double-decker boat, [don’t forget to click on to the dash hyperlink] to mention little of Neil the most Chinese looking Occidental one will ever find, we were blessed with a number of enlightening as well as very funny moments, none more revealing than after I “caught on camera” both Neil as well as my wife making fun of me, the decision by Neil’s Russian anything but  “nerves of steel” mafia partner ducking behind a paper bag fearful of what else other than having my friends in the world’s over-the-top intelligence agencies doing a review of exactly how else besides for intimidation did our pal Alex get to be so “filthy rich” while thinking himself so smart to DARE to put down the ever so hard-working and so very non-aggressive Chinese people who are INCREASINGLY AWARE thanks to me deciding it was now time for me to explain in simple English a number of things including why the most successful people in the world have made it their business to seek my “risk assessment” services possibly more so than anyone else on the planet beginning with the fact that I am a “product” of 2 remarkable human beings who most of all taught me to “only speak up when I had something worthwhile to say” to mention little of the importance of a meeting I once had in London with Donny Gordon who is not a household name in the United States for the simple reason that I gave this mega insurance magnate all the reasons in the world why he had in fact been on the “right track” when deciding back in the late 1980s not to come in to the U.S., that America was the most corrupt marketplace in the world, such any eye-opening event taking place within days after I had completed my “due diligence” of the systemic rot within LLOL as we both sat on the steps leading in to his terrific 3 story flat in downtown London watching for a meter-maid likely to give him a ticket the result of his son parking the car too close to the vehicle in front.


Again, Leo thought that you, given your success in “hooking up” Jewish folks with their “recent past”, might be able to point me in the direction of members of my family who we lost contact with back in May 1965 following receipt of a two page letter we received from a gentleman by the name of Shlomo who had married into the family. [Click on this hyperlink for page 1 and this hyperlink for page 2]


This hyperlink takes you to the only photo we have of our B. Geviseris shop in Vilnius with the street number 42 both on the left and right of the name.


Our family name changed to “Gevisser” when parts of the family arrived in South Africa back at the turn of the last century and “Gavisser” for those who came through Ellis Island.


My father, Bernard Nathan Gevisser, who flew 71 odd miraculous missions over northern Italy dive-bombing the “cr*p out” [sic] of the Nazi bastards did in fact make contact with a Dr. Gavisser who I believe lived in Minnesota who no doubt carried some of our family's distinct “traits”.


That rather touching letter written by Shlomo back on May 3rd 1965 was only revealed to my immediate family many years after it had been received given the decision by my step-grandmother, Jennie Gevisser who married my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser to “spare” both my grandfather and the rest of the family the “heartache” of finding out exactly how those members of the Gevisser-Gavisser-Geviseris family who had chosen to remain in Vilnius had been murdered although I am quite certain that Jennie Gevisser had other far more insidious motives for “playing G-d”.


I am very keen to find out everything there is to know about the facts surrounding this rather “black mark” in the history of not only the Jewish people but all the peoples of the world for a number of different reasons including the fact that I am presently writing a very “telling book” that talks in no uncertain terms to the “money trail” behind “Hitler’s diamonds” a subject matter I may in fact know more about than anyone on this planet including both my parents who are still alive but are not “talking” for reasons I wont bore you with other than to let you know it is just a matter of time before the entire world not only reads Chapter 9 – DIAMONDS FOR HITLER of Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein’s most fascinating INTERNET ONLY book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION, fascinating for a number of reasons including why this so important book has not been published “in print” BUT fully understands the reasons why the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC] whose top officials are anything but Jewish allowed such a “monstrous” book containing so very important facts known to a whole lot more folks than the DAAC, the U.S. Justice Department, the United States Congress, the British Parliament and the such to be written in the first place.


My wife, Marie Dion Gevisser, and I also had the pleasure-displeasure of meeting at our first dinner on the 5 Star Regal Cruise “going on minus 1” both a Professor of Economics from the University of Natal, South Africa where I got “sum” [sic] of my formal education as well as an English gentleman representing a British based retail chain known as “Mothercare” to mention little of both gentlemen not only going “deafeningly silent” but choosing to sit at another table for the remainder of what turned out to be one most “revealing” voyage after first “disclosing” to me who didn’t “get off a boat” just yesterday so much of themselves as well as those with whom they choose to keep company, you are what you eat as well as your choice of companionship, beginning when opening their filthy big mouths.


Although it was their “body language” which of course was the most telling to mention little of MDG being not alone amongst the women and gay men just loving every moment of the so incredibly in shape Chinese men exposing their rather well developed muscles on the several hour excursion up a river running in to the Yangtze which I took as a “shot across the bow” by the Chinese government, reinforcing the words by China’s Defense Minister that in the event the U.S. attempts to escalate the “war of words”, blaming the ever so happy Chinese people for being so extraordinarily more productive than us lazy fatsos in the west to the point that we “see fit” to ferment civil unrest via our “operatives” so strategically based in Hong Kong, the “money religion” capital of the world, so had the west better watch out not just for the Chinese unleashing their awesome nuclear arsenal but an increasingly fighting fit conventional army ever so closely connected to Israel increasing “running out” of its “first strike capability” as longer range missiles get in to the hands of others also benefiting but significantly less so than the U.S. from the increasingly worthless DAAC-DeBeers-United States Dollar.


It is not exactly a “state secret” that the Jewish state understands rather well the importance of the need to bring Public International Attention to its strengthening alliance with China that predates modern history to mention little of the ingenious idea MDG came up with last night that “taps in” rather well with my knowledge of the seminar-video-tape business.


Nothing quite like hearing how Mothercare’s Kuwaiti based “middleman”, assisting to maintain Mothercare’s growth rate of 2 shops a week in the Middle East which is not quite as rapid as Starbuck’s growth of 5 would drop Mothercare like a “hot potatoe” [sic] should Mothercare decide to open just one operation in Israel to mention little of Starbucks, founded I believe by a very proud and might I dare add the word “filthy rich” Mr. Schwartz who may, sooner than he would have preferred, have to explain to more than his rabbi who like most getting more than their “fair share of the graft” choose, for all the hypocritical reasons under the sun, to “turn the other cheek”, starting I strongly suggest with Starbuck’s “stakeholders” which include its employees, vendors as well as shareholders WHY IT IS apart from Starbucks being so extraordinarily corrupt and ever so hypocritical, there are so extraordinary small numbers of Starbucks in Israel, Starbucks last trading at $33.66, off from its all time high of $39.88 which took place on May 5th of this year, the day when I sent out a heavily broadcasted and REad communiqué titled, “Prediscovery work for criminal as well as civil complaint against…” bearing in mind that up until fairly recently I would, in my “spare time,” coach the most successful and might I add rapacious SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] on how best to respond to “fast balls thrown at or near head” by the mostly extraordinarily corrupt management of public corporations, my “work productcited by none other than Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk, one of the most “skilled and experiencedSCALs to mention in passing Mr. JRK’s partner, Howard Finkelstein Esq. a former United States Attorney, an unlikely close relation of yours. 


Sincerely yours,


Gary S. Gevisser


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