From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2006 5:38 PM PT
To: Adam Tucker
Cc: rest; george@coasttocoastam.com; United States Justice Department; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; President@whitehouse.gov; FBI; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; Roger W. Robinson; George G - FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION; Mossad; .SupremeInternetCourt@yahoogroups.com
Subject: ...STR..EET...47




Be advised that I am rather busy right now, trying to stay on top of a number of things the most concerning the warming up of the Miso soup as part of my liquid diet to forestall having to travel to Timbuktu to have a kidney stone removed, using, however, a rather old plastic timer sitting on top of the stove alongside the last pot remaining in the Stone House deep in the Cleveland National Forest following a series of “Re: RE:s” [sic] that caused my extraordinarily talented wife to not bother with replacing no more than a handful of pots, deciding instead to invest her precious time in painting the kitchen a rather light color that would preserve any evidence, MDG fully aware that I have enough “loose change” to afford based on the current value of the United States dollar certainly 5 sets of identical copper pots.


Cannot now get out of my head the possibility that that I left the timer “tTOo” [sic] close to the hot irons, taking a break.


Danielle, Marie’s soon to be 17 year old daughter, working since she was 15 beginning in a startup coffee shop operation and after a year when she was the longest employee apart from the owners who were “playing business” joined one of Starbucks’ busiest locations, getting back to me within 6 minutes of me sending her at 12:58 PM PT a 957 odd word email, to let me know that she was “online” that resulted in me then having her click her heels for 21 odd minutes when I had told her all I needed was 5 minutes before then sending her and her equally great smile boyfriend a 4,356 word draft email to the President that I wanted them to review bearing in mind that they are currently driving back from San Francisco.


Earlier I got done checking out the incredible job by a very hard working two brother team who delivered and stacked a cord of oak wood to mention little of the elder brother Brad, slender and athletic, in his last year of school having a rather excellent attention span while his younger brother taller and “sumwhat” [sic] heavier did much better than I expected to mention in passing their father, who is 40 years of age, a paraplegic for the past 17 years following an automobile accident where his friend after a day of motor racing fell asleep at the wheel, is married to the boys’ mother who is a “star” teacher at the local school.


I sent you when I woke up this morning, another most beautiful day here in wonderland, just killed this annoying fly that put up one terrific fight, two identical files for safekeeping.


It is pretty much the same rough draft I sent Danielle of my follow up communiqué to GWB but given how the President already understands everything that is going on including why not a single professor, cleric, teacher, parent “of note” is not focused exclusively on the most fascinating book ever written, THE DIAMOND INVENTION along with my “critique” simply too earth shattering for those getting more than their fair share of the graft to deal with at this time, thinking they will all outlive their lies and bs lives, I am thinking of gearing it even more towards relatively young kids ages 13 and up whose formal education has not interfered with their learning.


It is becoming easier for me to “customize” my writings for “privileged” kids like Danielle’s younger brother JoNathan who aside from still believing that he has to “cater” to his flatline Sperm Donor doesn’t have to worry about anything other than the size of the surf that is literally a hop jump and a skip from our over the top RENTED cliff house in heavily corrupt Del Mar, California assuming of course he were to attach wings to his torso when diving off the crumbling cliffs to mention little of the strength active kids like JoNathan and Brad get from their peers as they push each other to see who is going to be “King of the hill” if only for a moment in time as the past and the future increasingly come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present to mention little of Brad having to have very recently hip surgery that has put a damper on his plans to become a pro motorcycle rider and of course once he takes care of the rust on the rotors of my super duper Ducati ST4S I will let him not only ride this crouch rocket but in all likelihood seeing how well both dogs responded to him as well as his brother Brent, have them take care of both “gods” [sic] should Danielle decide to “employ” her mother and me this coming summer at our Ccrest Café in Somerset, England overlooking the Bristol Channel with Wales in the background and to the west the enchanted forest containing Burgundy Chapel.


Worth repeating, anyone who has ever worked closely with me knows not only how loathe I am to use the word “G-d” however the “common name” of our Superior Being is spelled but those who thought they would “sumhow” [sic] gain “competitive advantage” worse yet “ingratiate” themselves with me found out rather quickly that not only could I “cut to the chase” in a manner and style that they would have come across only in their very worst nightmare but I would not hesitate in dismantling their operation piece by piece, limb by limb leaving not a single trace.


The fact that you are not reading anywhere in the media anything about my DAAC family having an exclusive worldwide right for going on more than 100 years to engineer-manufacture-distribute their own unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency gives you the best sense of not only the systemic rot but the opportunities that now abound given how I-we have accomplished such an extraordinary footprint on The Internet without me feeling the need to invoke the word “G-d” or “Superior Being”, knowing however, versus “believing” the forces of light are shining ever so bright.


“Believe” is a word when used in a religious setting should follow closely along with those who subscribe to superstition and mystical forces that allows them not only time to sit around a table “bullsh*tting” [sic] but to keep grabbing more than their fare share of the graft.


Without the poor there would be no church and without the church there would be no poor.


I am having problems with my desktop computer, the same as several months ago when I started to get at the startup menu the verbiage, “low voltage” that had Dell replacing a little battery on the motherboard before then replacing the entire guts other than the hard drive and of course lugging it back and forth between the Cliff House and the Stone Home was possibly covered in the manual’s “DO NOT” section.


I am concerned that everything on my hard drive could get lost and who knows other than you when I last did a backup and please don’t bother explaining to me that all I need to do is plug in the backup drive while calling you up and all my concerns disappear since to do that takes away time from my other priorities which include still having to take the dogs on their 2nd 90 minute loop walk of Nobel Canyon having arrived at the Stone Home at 5AM bored to death listening to this guy George on KFI 640 AM “More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio” [sic] talking to some religious scholar who couldn’t stop selling his website.


I might be going up to LA tomorrow and if I don’t take the crouch rocket, doubtful now that I will have to replace the not exactly cheap rotors due to my negligence in leaving the bike on its side during the recent snowfalls bearing in mind there wouldn’t have been in all likelihood enough room for you and Pypeetoe who continues to grow despite 5 years of age this July 8th, then I can pick you up possibly in the Mini Cooper S and we can just talk on the way up to meet Randy Leshay, a gold trader who I assume is rather put off right now given how he no longer has the “bragging rights” of having ancestors with the most “humble beginnings given how his peasant maternal grandparents that came through Ellis Island were probably not as poor as my dirt poor but extraordinarily hard working and very trusting paternal grandfather, Israel Issy Gevisser who along with his brother Morris, the father of my uncle David Gevisser, the “male heir” of Charles Engelhard were the founders of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies and when Morris died Issy then had the “control block” of shares of this very public South African corporation to prevent its wholesales liquidation were it not for Issy’s evil wife Jennie, my step-grandmother, the CEO of MGs, the “audirtors” [sic] and lawyer-liars reporting to the Board of Directors that to the best of my knowledge also included David Gevisser who along with his first cousin, my amazing father, Bernie Gevisser understands perfectly well at this precise moment in time, 5:24 PM PT,  gold closing in New York at $596.30, that short of someone taking an ax to the back of my head there is nothing they can do to stop me from eliminating the DAAC, the most evil institution ever assembled by very greedy, and anything but Jewish people and in that very same instant bearing in mind that as the past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present there will be everlasting peace.


So that by the time we get back you will understand all the rather simple steps needed to solve all the problems of the world that of course require you to be more dedicated to my-our blog, www.CompetingCorruption.com-us.


If I don’t reply to your reply call me on the landline here at the stone home and if busy try my cell 1-858-SEL-NEXT.


The ftp program was at one time working, now acting the same as when I tried it early this morning after you “signed off” and before leaving the Cliff House using a DSL connection – still doesn’t open properly on the left screen causing me to fuddle my way through it all before finding the right root directory and I still don’t understand why we would change programs that now forces me to set aside 10 grains of gold to pay for it in 27 odd days when the trial period is over?


Most importantly I want you to look at T4’s reply to the 8404 word email that can be found when clicking on this hyperlink and in order to see it you have to click on to the hyperlink on the word “below”.


I am copying “DNAr Lahsel” [sic] who might want to join us for lunch, a good possibility I will pick up the check.






[Word count 1847]