From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2006 6:27 PM PT
To: Tricia - Travel China Guide
Cc: rest; South China Morning Post; John Maudslay - Lloyds of London - Agent; Nigel Hanbury - Chief Executive - Lloyds of London - Agent; Ron Bellows Senior - Risk Management specialist - AIG; Ernest Patrikis Esq. - General Counsel AIG; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State ; United States Justice Department
Subject: FW: GREED...---...Tracking No. 06-0602F---- Did you receive the email I sent you the other day?




Ps – You may not YET realize that YOU have personally a SIGNIFICANT amount to lose by continuing to ignore my pointing out your over-the-top deception even though I have spelled out very clearly why IT IS that China has nothing to “fear” should not a single westerner decide upon reading our “back and forth” to visit let alone do business in China.


Bear in mind that while large numbers of westerners including those based in Hong Kong “talking down” the Chinese, waste little time in grabbing what they consider not so much their “fair share of the graft” but the fact that it is simply “practical” to “lie, steal and cheat” in order that they continue to “live the good life” without having to “break a sweat” in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world, these ignoramuses so full of themselves thinking they escape their “sinful lives”, your decision to “pick up” the worst habits of such imbeciles allows them NOW, THIS INSTANT, “sumwhat” [sic] of a breather.


But while you expose such a miniscule “scratch” of what it is an extraordinarily “strong physique” that has both western women and gay men going “stark raving nuts”, wet dreams to boot, such rapacious western bastards continue to derive great satisfaction from seeing how good you are at imitating them that places you all in the same “rocky boat”, much akin to the English expression, “up sh*ts creek without a paddle” [sic].


Feeling insecure is why the insurance industry exists but then again China has not YET embraced the so heavily corrupt LORDS-Lloyds of London despite their unmistakable presence in the skyline of Hong Kong in the form of AIG, ING and the such, all such “rats” exposed in “real time”.


The problems of the world have nothing to do with race, color, sex or religion simply poor parental teaching about the insidious but highly lucrative business of “money creation” that breeds out-of-control greedy people.


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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To: Leo Finkelstein
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Subject: RE: Did you receive the email I sent you the other day?




I will…---…