From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 12:20 PM PT
To: Del Mar Glass
Cc: rest; Dr. John K. Pollard -
Subject: GUILT




I really would appreciate it if Denis could come back and give us advice as to how to best deal with the exposed wood where the wooden posts stood.


Were it not for the fact that what we have today is significantly more “transparent”, in all likelihood we wouldn’t notice quite as much the sawed wooded area not covered by the stainless steel base holding up the two pieces of glass.


In my opinion this is something you should have made us fully aware of before even starting the job.


The fact that we are renters makes it that much more our responsibility to have things “perfect” even if one is foolish enough to make the argument that what we have today is vastly superior to what was before.


Again, it is the fact that it is vastly superior that “highlights” something that was not “ugly” to begin with but with the posts sawn off below the stainless steel base draws the eye to something that is in fact SIGNIFICANTLY uglier than what was there in the first place.


You would know that most landlords in heavily corrupt Del Mar are a bunch of pricks and if you don’t know then you are living in la la land.


We happen to have an exceptional landlady who appreciates exceptional tenants who could easily afford to own the whole of Del Mar if I were to have just one rotten bone in my body given not only my “access” from day one to the highest levels of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who manage each and every law on the books throughout the world including the right to free speech but my well above average command of logic that comes from a well above average command of numbers that comes about from never, not once turning a blind eye to evil even though of course it initially causes, MOSTLY ME, great consternation.


The rewards, however, far outweigh the short term “drawbacks” given how most of all I don’t suffer from short term memory loss caused first and foremost by over controlling parents who don’t know better and then breed kids who as logic would dictate only get worse hence why there is no such thing as a generation gap but a credibility gap that gets increasingly worse to where we now have the next generation while thinking themselves so “smart” that they can get away with just blaming the previous generation now have to “face the music” and spell it out loud and clear why those of us doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and exposing the corruption at the very top should be made to feel guilty.


I go in to this detail in order for you both to put on your thinking hats well before returning to the cliff house given again how you had to have encountered this same if not identical problem before.


Time is of the essence!







Ps – Remember not only can I prove that what goes around comes around with a vengeance, just look at the life I lead and compare it to anyone you know who “takes issue” with me, and second how I can using the highest levels of math and science prove not to just to you but each and every person you know including your 15 year old that “God does exist!” although I would be happy to start out taking the position that “God does NOT exist”.


Moreover, I would allow anyone who again, “takes issue” with me to seek assistance from anyone they think is smart including Dr. John K. Pollard who is so very busy these days informing me that the horizontal piece of wood we had removed has now been replaced by the  colorful” email I last sent out.


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