From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 4:24 PM PT
Cc: rest;;;;
Subject: Supernatural


Mr. Moran, I am interested in making a significant contribution to your department given not only my "means" but my interest in the cosmos.


I have a good “command of numbers” able to quickly figure out complex mathematical equations beginning with how I saw when first examining E=mc², applying the basics of Quantum Mechanics, that which goes forward must work in “reverse” and of course that is the basic principle of a math equation although I hadn’t come across anyone who saw that “2 c mE” outside of the perfect vacuum of Deep Space when looking within Mother Earth which is not a perfect vacuum where the speed of light does not travel at the maximum speed of light and can in fact be brought to a “standstill” at very low temperatures which you folks at Harvard may have been the first to actually accomplish, in the next instant I saw clearly that E=mc²proves out” both “Evolution” as well as “Creationism” given how we know that without light nothing of “substance” can grow and at the same time with “all things being equal” and of course to avoid sugar substitutes like Aspartame that interfere greatly with already short enough short term memory, there has to be something awesomely powerful on the other end of the spectrum acting as a “dimmer switch” with Mass always the constant; not to mention that for good reason Einstein, a rather humble man, “If I have seen further than anyone else it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants”, referred to General-Special Relativity as the “Mind of God” and spent the rest of his time here on Spaceship Mother Earth in search of the “Hand of God” looking for the exact same precision, the same level of “certainty” as E=mc² but despite being one of the pioneers of Quantum Physics-Gravity-Mechanics that led to Chaos Theory “discovered” in the “upside down” year of 1961, the 3 S-G Relativity, QM and Chaos Theory, the most important scientific discoveries of the past century, this one-of-a-kind mind was unwilling to accept anything that lacked the ability to be proven time and again as has S-G Relativity through one direct experiment after the next.


Such an introduction is only intended to “stir debate”, not to give us the opportunity to argue with the “once born”, the same with those who only “debate people who agree with them” but rather to have us look carefully at exactly what it is that we are “risking” when we don’t just sit around quietly without anyone trying to impress the next person with all their knowledge or lack thereof and to just focus on coming up with straightforward solutions to solving all the problems of the world without feeling the “pressure” of having to accomplish a “quick ‘shake and bake’ fix”.


Just the fact that there is within each of our minds some level of doubt about the existence of an “Omnipotent Power” allows us first of all to find “common ground” and feel “potent” given how only those of us who feel we are NOT omnipotent are in fact the most “potent”, not taking ourselves all that “seriously” while at the same time knowing perfectly well that we are smart, able to logically thought process at the highest levels, applying math and scientific principles every step of the way without of course again losing our “sense of humor” while totally intolerant of “nonsense talk”.


My business is “risk assessment” and although I am not exactly a “household” name, amongst the “movers and shakers” at the highest levels of the socio-economic ladder who themselves make it their business-personal to stay off the “radar screen”, I am in fact very well known and highly respected beginning with how well I was raised from the very start as an “adult” and not a “diK” [sic], to “only speak when spoken to” and when asking questions to have at least thought through possible answers and share them so as not to “drain” the other person of their “energy”, so very powerful Confucius teachings, “The Tallest Trees Attract The Most Wind”.


I am some 3 and one half inches shy of 6 feet tall but seen by most who have allowed their formal education to interfere with their leaning as nothing short of a “giant” despite at times very round shouldered and I should add slight build.


“Butt” [sic] I can in fact “hold my own” rather well, always staying fit, now at age 50 weighing 140 pounds which is 10 pounds less than when in my mid-twenties playing very competitive rugby in peak physical condition with my body fat percentage in the single digits, never intimidated by anyone no matter how much taller and bigger never thinking anyone was “stronger” given first of all my “personal knowledge” from having played this greatest both mind and body sport ever invented, “the bigger they are the harder the fall” proven time and again by one swift and very stiff one-armed tackle one after the next where on each and every occasion my opponent took significantly longer than me to recover and when next handling the ball, fearful of a repeat performance would “instinctively” pass the ball each time that much quicker allowing me each time that much better to anticipate the pass and exact the same if not more nerve-racking tackle on the next player, that by the end of the game I often felt I was just warming up while the opposing team couldn’t wait to be “iced”.


Suffice to say I haven’t had the easiest life in the world with deep bruises and broken bones to boot given how because of my slight build not every tackle I made had me coming away “smelling like roses” but at the same time each time I would break a bone in my forearm the calcium buildup would make that spot that much stronger allowing me to recover that much quicker off the ground and avoid most of all the “nonsense talk” which on top of the very smelly shorts was not pleasant.


When you let people treat you like an ant you become an ant!


Time is not kind to those who fail to use their imagination for the betterment of humankind and again as Einstein the genius of genius human beings got it again so right, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” but without knowledge, without being “athletic enough” to seek knowledge, to stand on the shoulders of giants one cannot even begin to imagine what a genius mind it took to create this most perfect balanced world, the mind, all chemistry that translates back in to the science and the math, the most spiritual and precise of the languages, is the first indicator of the “Supernatural”.


Humankind despite all the extraordinary technological advances that so very few of us have been responsible for, remains not only very primitive but extraordinarily hostile first to the environment, it no wonder humankind is the oxymoron of all time.


While I do suffer fools horribly I make it my business-personal to learn from every “interaction” knowing again that I only remain “potent” because I know that I am not omnipotent, recognizing there has to be given all the negativity out there on the “one end” one most extraordinary powerful and good force on the other that simply encourages us to be smart, applying mathematics again the most precise and spiritual spoken language to bring about “positive change”.


And there can be no doubt that no matter what, when one introduces even a “positive” into E=mc² the most balanced equation wherever there is “negative energy” the result will always remain negative and why it is so very important for “positive people” to distance themselves altogether from those “negatives” who attract “negative attention” and when “combining” become “positive” not because they suddenly “see the light” but when “lightening strikes” and always from the “ground up” these “dark forces” provide the perfect “backdrop”, the rains inevitably recharging first the “heart batteries” of those of us with our feet firmly planted on the ground, giving us reason not only for living but having great fun pointing out those “in the distance” still refusing to accept that lack of Knowledge–Information-Light-power, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful from embracing the truth.


The truth is too disrupting for some people too busy keeping track of all their lies from day one.


Truth, that which does not change.


There is though an imperative need to rapidly change the “status quo”.


The capital and financial markets are on the brink of total collapse from which there will be no possibility of recovery and given all the KIL people such as myself have about why this is not only the case but the fact that when this collapse takes place it will be the end to all rigged markets it is just a “question of time” before “word leaks out” to all those hard workers throughout the world going the “heavy lifting” beginning with the mostly poor of the world fighting it out amongst themselves on behalf of special interest business group recognizing that with the world running out of oil in very likely well under a decade, the smartest minds in the world would argue rather convincingly we have already reached the “peak of production” while demand for this non-replenishable asset continues to grow exponentially without realistic alternatives to be introduced given how oil fuels oil wars, the vicious cycle once understood by the “common person” again doing all the “heavy lifting” and worst of all “taxed to death” while pencil pushers “live the high life” so very comfortable that the “status quo” will remain the same only because they keep repeating it enough times but again as KIL spreads via the internet such self-absorbed human beings battle to even convince themselves.


Such an unimaginable event for those not properly history schooled in the fact that every nation, every country, every regime that has ever “distanced” itself from the Gold Standard when producing its own currency has inevitably collapsed and August 15th 1971 was just 36 years ago.


The guaranteed collapse is not just the stock market that fuels both the real estate and insurance market but our out-of-control industrial-military-complex and therefore the need for us Americans to act decisively as “one”, not because such a catastrophic collapse is a “bad thing” since the markets are so very rigged and therefore in the end only “good” can come out of the markets getting competitive which do not require any “middling-middlemen” but because the “fallout” from a precipitous collapse which should have in fact occurred a long time ago given again the knowledge experts such as myself have known for several decades now will have those who profit from war who see “peace” as “war” will pull out all stops as they are now doing to do “whatever is necessary” including blowing up the world.


I could have kept this “introduction” much shorter but I felt the need to share with you as much KIL as I could given how again without you knowing who I am you would appreciate that I would have better things to do with my time and money than waste your time.


Let me further say that I am “in possession” of a Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report that says Al Quaida will launch a series of attacks on the oil fields of Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in 2008 following the Beijing Olympic Game with the Israelis also believing, and I think you would agree, resulting in the paralyzing of the U.S.


Ask yourself, “What if there was no truth to the Top Israeli Intelligence Military Report, would it change the risk?


I would prefer that you get back to me ASAP before I move on in search of others whose lack of knowledge-light is not betrayed by their silence.