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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 8:57 PM PT
To: Sargent Jensen - San Diego Police Harbor Department
Cc: rest; president@harvard.edu'; Professor Jeffrey Sachs - Columbia University; Jim Kerr - Del Mar Times Editor; Allie Meyer - WHY WE FIGHT!; NO LONGER PRACTICING, thank G-d, Dr. John BIG BEN Stewart MD of Sharp Memorial Hospital - aka The Sperm Donor aka The It; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Roger W. Robinson; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters; United States Justice Department; Mossad; Jim Frace; Leutenant William Kemery - San Diego Sheriffs Department Internal Affairs Unit; Michael Lombardi - FBI; Oprah; TheTonightShow@nbc.com; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy - JAB's law firm representing the House of Saud; James Glanz New York Times; Diana Henriques - journalist New York Times - Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards - December 10, 1996; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton; Gregg Birnbaum - Political Editor for New York Post - webeditor of Just Hilary; Guy De Chazal - Partner Morgan Stanley; hal_clement@10news.com; Basil Gelpke - co-Producer of Crude Awakening; Howard Schultz - Founder, Chairman and Global Strategist for Starbucks; Steven Lee Parkinson - Mothercare - Middleast; Simon Wiesenthal Center; greer@jpost.com; henninger@wsj.com; Senator@kennedy.senate.gov; Senator Lieberman ; Sherri Hendricks - Rapaport Report; South China Morning Post; South African Consulate General; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; Trevor Manuel - South Africa's Minister of Finance; Ray McCormack - co-Producer Crude Awakening; Richard Regis - Wall Street Journal - Editor; HRady (HRady@AMASSETS.com); artbell-coast; Ashley Armstrong - New Yorker; Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted ; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; editor@shanghaidaily.com; Dr. Jonathan "Trouble Bubble" Beare; Josh Gerstein - New York Sun; Solly Krok; john.plender@ft.com; Professor Joe Grundfest - Stanford University - former member of the SEC; Fred Deluca - Founder-co-owner Subway; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; John Loftus Esq. - Not Disgraced Enough Justice Department Nazi prosecutor; Ms Lulama Xingwana - Deputy Minister of Minerals and Energy; Professor Trevor Jones - Economics Dept - University of Natal, South Africa; jimandjoe@ussliberty.com; President@whitehouse.gov




The only news I still remember on the radio from yesterday afternoon as I made my way towards Alpine on the way to our Stone Home 20 minutes, depending, further east deep inside the Cleveland National Forest was that it was raining in Alpine and by the time I arrived at our home-cabin-home I was greeted by the last drops, enough to celebrate with my wife in Del Mar an hour away, depending, over the cell phone and of course rub your ears.


It gets easier once you learn to go with the flow of G-D-Nature everywhere, at all times, night and day, the coincidences, the “connecting dots” all disappearing and then reappearing and here I am again, still alive and kicking, it makes no difference whatsoever you only now realize to “play ostrich” because deep down inside you cant escape not only the logic of my reasoning but how so very right, so very often I am, in the right place at the right time.


I need to know either the status of your “eyesore” investigation of the valuables stolen out of my hand luggage on April 3rd of this year by American Airlines officials-employees and/or which other authority within the San Diego Police Department-District Attorney’s office would be helpful.


Time is of the essence!














- against -





Jack B. Weinstein, Senior District Judge:…)


2. Application of Law to Facts


National publicity followed the announcement of the jury verdict in December of 1996. See, e.g., Diana B. Henriques, Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards, N.Y. Times, December 10, 1996, at D1; Jon Auerbach and Laura Johannes, Digital Equipment Loses Verdict on Carpal Tunnel, Wall St. J., Dec. 10, 1996, at B4. The news of Ms. Geressy’s nearly $5.3 million verdict against defendant reached Gary S. Gevisser, Chief Executive Officer of Sunmed, Inc. (formerly known as Injury Evaluation Consultants (IEC)) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The information struck Mr. Gevisser as particularly noteworthy because, before the litigation had been commenced, doctors from his company had examined Ms. Geressy, prepared a medical evaluation on her condition for The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (the IEC Report) and, contrary to the jury finding at trial, had determined that her ill health was unrelated to her work. See Affidavit of Kenneth J. King, sworn to March 25, 1997 ¶¶ 10, 11, Exhibit A (King Affidavit). Mr. Gevisser contacted Digital Equipment Corporation to explain his knowledge of the Geressy case and his company’s own information regarding Ms. Geressy. See King Affidavit ¶ 11. Defendant then subpoenaed the IEC Report and filed the instant motion for a new trial based on discovery of this evidence.


Ps – As you recall the last information you provided me was that you were finishing off your interviews of American Airlines personnel while mostly busy tracking down at local San Diego pawn shops whether all or part of the gold and monies taken out of my zipped bag that American Airlines’ officials have stated in “black and white” was “returned to the only bag that was unzipped” in the hold of the commuter plane with some 20 or so passengers on board, has been pawned possibly in exchange for Diamond Currency.


Allow me to again repeat[1] what Mr. Terry wrote as the only story the DAAC controlled media are reporting worth talking about is Carl Rove saying, History will be kind to President Bush given of course Mr. Rove as well as well as Mr. Bush’s full knowledge today of the Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report that has Israel while Mr. Bush “lends a helping hand” to mortgage holders up to their eyeballs in debt that has us arguing amongst ourselves the “pros and cons” of a civil war outbreak of epic proportions if he doesn’t, “firing the most extraordinary shot across the bow

of the United States in a last ditch effort by members of Israel’s intelligence community to get the United States to immediately remove all our military away from the oil fields of the Middle East return to contain the civil war spreading to neighboring countries or be accused masterminding not only 911 which did in fact save the DAAC controlled United States insurance industry but by having to inevitably acknowledge that such a threat by Al Quaida to instantly paralyze the U.S. economy by attacking the oil fields whenever is increasingly real and the need therefore not to wait a moment longer before toppling, to protect the United States’ “strategic interests”, all our oil tyrants most of all the House of Saud

And then immediately declare a “state of emergency” when media “blackouts” become the “news of the day” and that day is now, although one could argue differently and suggest it happened when the Jerusalem Post stopped publishing my letters to the Editor back on May 1st, 2000, to repeat:


Kerrey’s versus Pollard’s heroism

Gary S. Gevisser Del Mar California ( 1 May 2001)

There has been only one Holocaust, but what the Nazi Holocaust demonstrated so well is that human deprivation occurs incrementally. It starts with simple massacres; you shoot the first innocent person and then you shoot the next set of people and after you realize that you cannot shoot enough people you look to more efficient methods such as gas chambers. This is why weapons of mass destruction are developed and why chemical warfare is so frightening.

Saddam Hussein understands this. Bob Kerrey, former U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful, took the first step down this frightening path while a U.S. Naval Seal and stopped. On the other hand, Jonathan Pollard, the convicted spy, did not need to kill anyone to understand the consequences of weapons of mass destruction before he blew the whistle on what he saw cross over his desk at Naval Intelligence.

The rewards in America for covering up your sins or revealing the truth are indeed ironic. In this instance Kerrey received the nation’s highest award of valor while Pollard’s reward is going on sixteen years of hard time.

In war both sides commit atrocities, which is the whole point of peacemakers in attempting to prevent future atrocities. It is in the gray area of corrupt secret policies such as the ill-conceived CIA support of Iraq in supporting Saddam’s chemical warfare production that was ultimately aimed against Israel – a policy that is so incomprehensible to anyone who has relatives that lived through the Holocaust.

Were there only one witness to Kerrey’s atrocity, this cover-up would have remained with those who elected to follow their leader [which led directly to Kerrey’s Bronze Star that stated that twenty-one Vietcong were killed in this incident, a clear lie which could have been refuted at any time including the moment at which President Nixon personally awarded him the Congressional Medal of Honor]. What was going through his mind at that moment when the President of the United States was reading the commendation for heroism to him personally?

Is this public persecution of the whistle blower by the political elite and the press in America any different than that they imposed on Jonathan Pollard? The only difference is there was no corroborating witness and Pollard stands alone in revealing the conspiracy of the misguided CIA policy aimed at the Jewish State which ironically was probably used against U.S. soldiers during the Gulf War. Whose sin is greater; Pollard’s for violating an American secrecy law that could have lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens to prevent another Holocaust or Kerrey’s sin, which clearly led to the murder of at least thirteen innocent people? Pollard has already spent 15 years, one-third of his life, in an American prison while Kerrey spent the same time in two of America’s most exalted political offices; knowing full well that he had lied while serving his country. Where is the justice in the American judicial system? Where is the forgiveness in Bob Kerrey’s heart?


Not to mention why such an attack of any consequence has not already happened thanks all due to Israel not only protecting the sea lanes as our oil supertankers bringing in some 4 million barrels a day to keep our freeways full listening to the likes of John and Ken stirring the masses here to nuke parts of the Iraq and wherever back to the Stone Age if they don’t behave and become more “civilized” but at least equal in importance is Israel’s unannounced but clearly understood “swimmers policy” given first of all not every Israeli is a great water polo player and besides by the time those lets say 1,000 Israeli Special Forces commandos deciding to chance their luck and jump overboard the oil supertankers and patrol boats patrolling the sea lanes in constant contact with Israel’s brutal Air Force not in the least bit stretched thin, plenty of oil remember, rather than die horribly from the fallout of Israel bringing on Armageddon remember to having been moment’s before wiped out, reach Ellis Island there would be no taxis on the road to drive them for dinner with Henry at Le Cirque which would look like Auschwitz after the DAAC Nazis blew it up believing quite correctly that by making it a tombstone us Jewish people would be kept busy building Holocaust memorials, one after the next and of course always lots to talk about and lets not forget all the eating at this opening and that celebrity dinner and that school fund raising before the next Yom Kippur when we eat our hard boiled eggs we will check closer if the inside yellow is dripping with the blood of those kids who mostly likely were forced to bite down on their own sliced off testicles, what a thought, rather than examining the utter unadulterated nonsense of World War II that only confused the morons amongst us.


I am not a moron.


David Ben Gurion was not a moron.


Menachem Begin was not a moron.


Ehud Barak has to be feeling about as uncomfortable as all the morons out there since he also has yet to comment on the Top Secret Israeli Intelligence report that only non-morons are talking about.


I am not a moron.


David Ben Gurion may not have been as fit as me when he was 50 but he could also understand intelligence reports being couriered in to Jerusalem from devout Christian Field Marshall Jan Smuts that no attempt should be made to either get rid of Hitler or worse yet bomb the Concentration-Extermination Camps back to the Stone Age.


Tick tock, big stick, big stick, tick tock.


You haven’t forgotten I have yet to broadcast my follow up communiqué to Professor Sachs of Columbia University written when my Pypeetoe never left my side.


I really do miss horribly my very best co-dependant friend whose spirit lives strong not just inside of our Maggie but all the trees, the plants, the birds bringing the Kingdom, specifically the Middle Kingdom of China to the shores of the war torn Middle East.


Again, Mr. Bush is the only elected and unelected government official daring to come close to telling the truth when he now says it would not be a good thing if China’s military turned unfriendly.


The Jews of the Orient don’t set the scholastic levels wherever they go because they are morons.


Diamond Currency, two words, should stop all conversation apart from just discussing who has the best looking wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.


This is an easy one to understand once you put your mind to focus on the “Money Trail” beginning with what happened to Hitler’s diamonds that were not used?


It does not matter what they were used for.


All that matters is that Hitler was getting his diamonds and the DAAC were giving us a hard time.


Conventional Wisdom says when you are at war then it means you are at war.


If you are at war and an organization that is a cartel, a price fixer like none other but does not have upgraded F-16s and Apache helicopters protecting its administrative offices, the toilets where Ernest Oppenheimer and his son Harry would take their dumps, you simply call someone who knows someone who knows someone who may figure out inevitably that there is no one to call because this special interest of special interest group is the industrial-military-complex that General Eisenhower warned us all about in his last speech from the Oval Office before DAAC President John F. Kennedy was sworn in.


David Ben Gurion was not a moron.


Menachem Begin was not a moron.


Emanem is not a moron.


Gary S. Gevisser is not a moron.


Einstein was not a moron.


General Eisenhower before he became President served as the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe.


Eisenhower could read. He could also see that Hitler got his diamond currency and the DAAC were giving us a “hard time” but yet he went through with D-Day even though he knew just like David Ben Gurion, Churchill and Churchill’s second-in-command Field Marshall Jan Smuts that the DAAC had fully infiltrated the highest levels of the Allied intelligence apart from the Jewish Underground mostly trusting non-Jewish people delivering the intelligence.


And you would know that bookmakers at race tracks calling out odds but mostly hand signaling provide not only the best of covers but know all the “cheats” from tax cheats to those cheating on their wives and who can be counted on when the “chips are down” to make the necessary trips from one end of the earth to the other if necessary.


You would also know that there is not a single professional gambler in the world who wins who isn’t in some way, shape or form bought and paid for.


I come from a long line of traders and bookmakers

my maternal grandfather and his brother the largest bookies in the north of England, their mother Nechie Badash who went back and forth between England and Tel-Aviv only returning to England when my Royal Mater-Mother was born in 1929, was orphaned at age 8 when a gang of marauding Cossacks “out on the town” having fun killing Jews wiped out her entire immediate family.


My grandfather Alef-Albert-Al Badash-Ash was assassinated, I believe in 1963, not because he was a crook.


He and my grandmother Rachel despite arriving in South Africa in 1947 with a million English Pounds Sterling in his “back pocket” lived extraordinarily modestly in a very tiny one bedroom flat in a very middle-to-working class, more working class large apartment building that while very close to snake park on Durban’s north beach, it was noisy from the traffic below, most of the time their windows kept shut and their voices very low.


Look at all the millions of us Americans in jail doing hard time and think just about not what is right and fair but what they will think about what happened to Hitler’s diamonds that were not used.


Inventory is not a very difficult word to understand.


The drug dealers on 69th Street on the south east corner of Columbus Avenue, upper west end of Manhattan, New York City, the money laundering and intelligence capital of the world when not dealing drugs amongst other Mossad agents kept an eye open for me and would greet all my guests with their very friendly black smiles.


One does not need much to live in this world once one knows the truth.


The systemic corruption makes it so very easy for the Mossad to recruit once the truth is known.


Try it this weekend. See if you can go without your Starbucks. Just eat a couple of pieces of fruit a day, a little bowl of cereal in the morning, grab a bite here and there, watch every morsel of food you place in your body including every drop of water and mostly remember to Keep Smiling!

Everyone has there own little story that should be told assuming it is interesting and of course it is once you take up my suggestion this weekend.


I am equipped to fight perhaps not like when I was twenty five but well enough that I could lead today any Israeli Special Forces unit in to “harms way” knowing that they would follow me but the same couldn’t be said about Ehud Barak and a good number of Israel’s senior military.


Israel could clean up its act but, the housecleaning that is needed is in the Israeli Knesset, no different to the entire United States Congress, is an impossible task, at least at first blush.


Politicians everywhere don’t have the stomach for war not once they understand how little it takes to be happy when you know you are on the side of light and with each passing moment life gets not only more enjoyable but worth living for as the DAAC simply cannot outrun the light increasingly shining brighter with lightening always on our side.


It is of course a miracle of God that any of us are alive today and if we survive through to tomorrow it will be no less of a miracle but more so.


So how long do we want our corrupt politicians to “Play God” when God could obviously care less about them since for starters He-She has chosen to at least keep me around to explain all this very easy to understand stuff to you who will feel better or worse on Monday, all depending, even if you don’t choose to read this email until you get in you may still remember encountering someone this weekend as you go on your diet thinking about all the blood spilled just for a bunch of not really nice people who most of all are not that very bright, certainly you would have no trouble arguing with me that not one of them are as bright as me and I know that I am not as bright as my wife or our dog Maggie and even if Marie Dion Gevisser looks you square in the eye and tells you that our so very soft, so very sweet-mutik cuddly Pypeetoe with no hidden agenda “was not very bright” you tell her from me, “Nonsense!”; Perfect everything was Pypeetoe, the world to me and Marie.

It is much easier to tell just a little lie in order to help get over the grief of the most perfect soul who did exactly as he was told, even if he did on occasion push things just a little to let you know it was okay for you to feel what it was like to be the “alpha goD” [sic].


Pypeetoe’s only agenda was to be close to both me and Marie and to be fed when hungry the highest quality steak and did he love his Greek yogurt that Marie would sneak him more than me, and when he felt I needed to exercise more he would stretch his long legs and push me out of the bed so that he could have Marie all to himself, burying his cutest head in her neck.


But a lie no matter how small a “white lie” is a lie, is a lie, is a lie.


The Diamond Invention is real and its DAAC principals and politicians who have failed the peoples of the world for a century now cannot escape from it.


Knowledge-Information-Light-power, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful from embracing the truth!


The truth is too disrupting for some people too busy keeping track of all their lies from day one - MDG


Truth, that which does not change.





If I am not for myself who is for me? If I am only for myself who am I? If not now then when? – Hillel


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2007 11:55 AM PT
To: Sargent Jensen - San Diego Police Harbor Department; Michael Lombardi - FBI
Cc: rest; Leutenant William Kemery - San Diego Sheriffs Department Internal Affairs Unit; NO LONGER PRACTICING, thank G-d, Dr. John Ben Stewart MD - aka The Sperm Donor aka The It; Guy Friedman; George Hurst Esq. - Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; King Golden Jr. Esq.; William S. Lerach Esq. - Chairman of the Firm
Subject: WE ARE LOST!




At about 12:30 this morning, just a few minutes after I had turned off the lights in the bedroom of our Stone Home here deep inside the Cleveland National Forest, a white, what I believe to be a 4 door sedan, looked like a Ford, drove at a very normal speed right up the driveway but just a little beyond what you might expect from people not wanting to give any of the occupants reason to be concerned and with its headlights still on waited for exactly 15 seconds without anyone getting out of the car, sufficient time though, for me to get out of bed, put on a pair of pants with a Velcro fly that of course saved time.


I wasn’t really all that concerned for my personal safety, thinking besides for “why?” mostly about my dogs getting caught up in any “cross-fire”.


Naturally had my wife, Marie Dion Gevisser been presented my level of anxiety might have been heightened had she not confirmed she had called up a couple of strangers to tuck us both in to bed, but still not to the point that I would be foolish enough to discharge any gun let alone the gun Judge Hendrix placed in her possession on October 24th 2002 after her X-husband, the now permanently sidelined physician, Dr. John Ben Stewart MD sought to get some level of satisfaction out of this very savvy and might I add the words “very fair” Lily White Wheaty Eating judge who had just moments before guillotined the heads of both Dr. JBS MD and his “money talks” attorney Mr. George Hurst Esq. in refusing to grant JBS aka The Sperm Donor aka THE IT a permanent restraining order against without me getting a permanent restraining order against him after this “Poor Bred” had on September 11th, 2002 filed a baseless and so insidious criminal complaint against me aimed of course at murdering not just my very good name but the life and soul of MDG.


Moreover, the decision by Judge Hendrix in response to THE IT’s outburst in the courtroom, “HE HAS A GUN!” which had some including possibly my good friend Devin Standard in the courtroom thinking that I was brandishing a gun right then, to have MDG continue to retain possession of the gun which was my intention when I first purchased this rather cool looking small revolver, was much more than simply “adding salt to the wound” for you could have taken out a knife and cut through the stillness that came over THE IT as the judge painstakingly, methodically and ever so patiently twisted the knife in to the most beastly wound you could ever imagine in your whole life.


Suffice to say that the “celebration meal”, coffee and cookies that Devin, Marie and I enjoyed immediately after was as sweet as it gets.


God only knows how appreciative I was to be an American.


There was a green hose coiled loosely in the front of the Stone Home and so it is possible that the two occupants were simply illegal immigrants wanting to enjoy a free drink of water even though they could see very clearly there was at least one person inside given how just prior to driving up the driveway they had driven around our property on the dirt road, disappearing for several minutes and you would think had seen at least the light coming from my computer screen but not necessary, although in addition to the hose was my wife’s Datsun Pathfinder and my Ducati ST4S motorcycle that was covered with my Mini Cooper S’ car cover that is showing lots of wear and tear and then in clear view was my second hand super-duper mountain bike that I had left outside.


It is just as easily possible that THE IT could have hired someone who hired someone who hired someone off the streets of Amsterdam, Holland just to come by and visit although you would be thinking it is more likely the occupants were simply high on drugs and got lost even though their actions were just as controlled as mine even when after a full minute backing away, in no hurry to run over stones lining the driveway or spinning their wheels when leaving; on the contrary they were very very very much taking their time just like when they pulled right up to the middle of the side window of the bedroom facing almost due south and again just letting the car with its lights on idle for sufficient time for me to get on my Velcro fly calf length long pants and for me to make the first move.


Of all the people on my 4 or so “hit lists” in addition to FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list who I have an “issue or tTOo with” [sic], THE IT must in fact be at the very top in terms of the most “dangerous” and that of course includes his on-off again 5 foot 11 inch, 180 pounds of fat, age now 45 odd, Ms. Dawn, still to the best of my knowledge not sporting either an engagement or wedding ring despite doing so much of THE IT’S dirty work.


You would know that THE IT does not have many if any friends at this time and is constantly worried that his two kids that we know of, may before his time is up consider the trust funds he has set up to bribe both of them not simply worthless but less than worthless, in other words more a “liability” than an “asset”, given how blackened are THE IT’s hands.


THE IT also knows that even though he has been very successful so far with both kids in preventing them from even being curious to examine all the court records as well as the back and forth emails that tell quite of story of his very troubled mind that his first wife, an attorney, may have picked up much sooner than my wife and why his first wife also left him but before having any kids, he has also committed such slimeball acts against each kid individually, such acts having nothing to do with either me or my wife, that there is going to come a point when the kids may in fact come out of their semi-comatose state of mind.


And for all I know one or both of them have not only decided to be conscious competent human beings but they may have already done the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and expressed LOUD AND CLEARLY to this slimeball of slimeballs what exactly he can do with those so very bloodied and blackened trust funds.


I haven’t spoken with Danielle in more than a week and when I spoke with JoNathan last night he also never mentioned anything but I was being quick because I wanted to speak with MDG to hear about her beyond belief funny dealings with General Electric’s both service and customer care departments although I am disappointed she wasn’t able to get out of any of them an email address despite informing them, “My husband knows how to use email!


We all know THE IT reads my emails and that includes Detective Steele of the San Diego Police Department as well as the FBI agent who visited with me right after the initial hearing with Judge Hendrix when THE IT tried to intimidate my wife with the most beautiful photograph of a naked woman where you couldn’t even see the face, just the most awesome smile from a side angle, in an attempt to stop her from giving truthful testimony.


THE IT while very much a flat line plotter knows exactly how to get others to “shoot his poison tipped arrows”.


THE IT’s one neighbor, Mr. King Golden Esq, my one personal American attorney for some 15 odd years is also well aware of certain facts of life that didn’t need to be enumerated in my emails including how easy it is to get a junkie off the side streets of Amsterdam to do the “dirty work” for just a vial of meth.


I now have two spent cartridges from my Glock semi-automatic which you would know even without me reminding you that I remain despite not firing many rounds in recent years an excellent shot, far better than THE IT who I believe still has a collection of guns.


Desperate people act desperately and remember all the occupants of the 4 door white sedan with perfect paint work at least on the passenger side may have simply wanted to get to the source of the water and drove up alongside the house simply following the green hose that would only have stood out if their car lights were aimed in that direction which could only happen when driving up the mostly stone driveway, but I cannot be certain.


You would also perfectly understand why I never thought for a moment to call 911 given how it is “public knowledge” I have an “issue” with the local sheriff’s department, specifically Corporal Matt McClendon.


You would also know that my psychological profile is not to “shoot first” but to “investigate” to the point of first calling out and when told “We are lost!” to not only have given away my position but to have been possibly “lured out” to give a helping hand to a dog-a cat-a catamaran blah blah that they just happened to have found lying injured on the dirt road when first staking out the property and/or rattling my cage, more likely.


If nothing else simply add this to my file. 


Ps – I thought it was interesting that I met this morning on the one trail closest to our cabin a gentleman who first looked like he was hiding out in the bushes as he was about 30 meters off the path, just his head and shoulders sticking out but you would have had to be looking directly in his direction. Rick who is 45 years of age, a former U.S. Special Forces commando, specialty demolition and now managing 90 days on, 90 days off, a small translation company headquartered on the main, highly secure, U.S. military base in Afghanistan, and I just started chatting after he responded, “Just blowing off steam” to my first question, “What are you doing hiding out in the bushes?


It is so rare to run in to anyone on these most awesome trails. Word must be getting out.


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2007 7:56 PM PT
To: Sargent Jensen - San Diego Police Harbor Department
Cc: rest; Gerard Arpey - American Airlines - President and Chief Operating Officer ; Peter Bowler - President and CEO, American Eagle Airlines; Steve Terry - General Manager American Eagle - San Diego; 'dennis.overbye@nytimes.com'; Douglas.tribble@pillsburylaw.com; Dr. John K. Pollard - JKPJKP@alum.mit.edu; Neil Gould; Selwyn Gerber - Economist - CPA; Senator@kennedy.senate.gov; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton; Michael Lombardi - FBI; Mossad; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Roger W. Robinson; NO LONGER PRACTICING, thank G-d, Dr. John Ben Stewart MD - aka The Sperm Donor aka The It; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Tony Leon MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance - Republic of South Africa; Solly Krok; Tefo Mohapi; Joyce DeBeers Bursary-Scholarship Mohapi; Douglas.tribble@pillsburylaw.com; peter.nicholas@latimes.com; John Loftus Esq. - Justice Department Nazi prosecutor; Oprah; Dr. Laura Family; Sternshow@howardstern.com; Rush Limbaugh; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; JRK@class-action-law.com; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; President@whitehouse.gov

Sargent Jensen,


I just got off the phone with a lady who has an inordinate amount of common sense nor does she have either an Internet connection or an email address.


After I read to Wendy the 318 word excerpt [see below in the bright green] from the Atlantic Monthly, February 1982 article, Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond, authored by Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein, author of the Diamond Invention, she responded,


You don’t ask a lot of questions when your pocket is being mined!


The decision in September 1938 by Gerold M. Lauck, the president of N.W. Ayer to accept Harry Oppenheimer’s “Take it or open up a taco stand” offer is something a lot of us would do, isn’t that true?


Isn’t that how it would work, making people feel they were getting ahead, not to question the motives so long as “I am profitable” with the weight of the United States Government fully behind you?


And by the time realizing they are DAAC “owned”, the ones wealthy enough figure, “What the hell!” and the ones not wealthy enough get swept aside?


Remember DeBeers created this Diamond Invention and sold it principally to us Americans and us Americans all know how successful advertising can be in war or advertising; propaganda is propaganda, the technique is the same, the subject matter just different.


So all Harry Oppenheimer, the Anglo South African co-inventor-conspirator of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel did in 1938, exactly 12 months before DAAC stooge Hitler invaded Poland and we had the start of World War II, was to try and convince us, the Kings and Queens of propaganda-advertising of the benefit of owning pieces of carbon that many thought were pretty so long as you didn’t pay attention to who was this mafia DeBeers with their dirty fingers in everyone who was anyone’s pocket and also weren’t bothered that if placed in a fire, being pure carbon your piece of art would soon turn to ash.


It increasingly looks like I am not going to get my gold back and I warned you all that I would make American Airlines and Co. pay with the exposure they are getting, already Wendy who is planning her first air flight after 911 has decided she will not travel on American Airlines.


But of course it would be nice if I could still get back the gold even though the odds are against it?


Paying by negative exposure maybe I can get American Airlines to in fact pay for their original bad deed, pay for it now or later open up a taco stand?


My uncle Dave is not the only person in the world who understands why I was offered not once but twice to be the American head of the DAAC.


You just have to thank G-d/God that I am on the “side of light” and besides I am, you would agree, without being arrogant, a whole lot smarter than the DAAC who only know from interfering with the light.


Why go against the current?


God only knows how American Airlines have fought me tooth and nail going through the regular channels, their General Manager first threatening me with a United States of America Government investigation and then a short while later the FBI comes along and plays that role perfectly worthy of an Oscar.


Getting someone else to pull the trigger and make it all look so “legal” is very naughty in the eyes of a lot of people, most people in fact.


Again, I warned you all a whole lot of people are reading time and again about American Airlines’ bad behavior, its like putting up a poster on the back of a store, right by the checkout counter.


Would you think twice now about going on American Airlines?


I bet you would even if you ended up using them because you reckoned it was cheaper because they now have my gold and still accept your check?


This hyperlink takes you to page 5 of my April 2nd – May 1st Verizon wireless invoice and as you scroll down you will see the 2 minute and 56 second retaliatory threatening phone call I received from Steve Terry, General Manager American Eagle on May 1st, the call beginning at 8:56 AM PST.


Not to mention the invoice shows the call lasting 4 minutes while only registering again 2 minutes and 56 seconds on my cell phone 1-858-SEL-NEXT [735-6398] which might be “material” enough to “stir” Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. of Finkelstein & Krinsk “in to battle”, once again.

Mr. JRK’s wife, Marcy Campbell Soup Krinsk was the lead plaintiff in the epic class action lawsuit against Verizon that had Douglas Tribble Esq. of Pillsbury tasked with defending against Finkelstein & Krinsk, “up in arms”, it possible that you have read Mr. Tribble’s deposition of 3 times married staunch Democrat Marcy, once married to the Chief Republican Whip of the Florida Senate, while still checking out pawn shops throughout San Diego County possibly extending your search across both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean all the way to South Africa in search of the remainder of the gold that was stolen by American Airlines officials-employees out of my hand luggage that if they were smart would have them exchanging the gold, 99,99% pure; i.e. 24 carat into other 24 carat; i.e. 99.99% pure gold.


You recall “admonishing” me about placing stuff in “black and white” that during “discovery” when all parties to a lawsuit are supposed to share with one another “evidence” that anything I send you and vice versa would be “discoverable”, making out that what I would be doing was a “bad thing” when how can anything be “wrong” if the game plan is to get not only at the truth but that justice should be “swift”?


So where exactly does you long report stand at this time or are you waiting for me to be long dead and buried before forcing me to go downtown to find out from a District Attorney why they have you “stalling”?


Not to mention yet again how easy it was for The Sperm Donor and Co. to “activate” both the San Diego Police Department and the FBI to do his dirty work in the fall of 2002 when realizing after an initial criminal proceeding that he wasn’t going to be able to intimidate my wife, my 8 year girlfriend at the time, and a material witness when showing her right outside the courtroom the best photo ever taken of a naked beautiful woman with a beyond belief beautiful body where you couldn’t even see her face.

Feel free to email the Sperm Donor, the slimeball of slimeballs if it will help understand better what has your higher ups expecting you to take all the heat.


Remember as well his neighbor is Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq who is “bosom buddies” with “our man Roger” who surely needs no introduction.


THE IT’s email address can be found in the carbon copy section and you may want to include in your opening saying hello to THE IT’s on-off again girlfriend Dawn yet to the best of my knowledge to be sporting any wedding ring let alone a diamond despite getting the green light from his one biological daughter that we know of who when he asked whether it would bother her that her trust fund would be reduced if THE IT were to marry the Dawn, answered, “No!

You also told me that you are “not ‘af-raid’ [sic] of email” but it has been a while since you have sent me anything, let alone provide me with an update of your and the FBI’s investigation.


In the meantime those employees-officials of American Airlines who stole the bulk of my valuables have at a minimum the use of such valuables to grab hold of other valuables since gold you remember is one means of exchange and therefore can and is used as collateral.


For example if you were not an American Citizen you could use the gold to become a member-investor of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s Lloyds Insurance of London without any questions being asked.


It does not take a rocket scientist to be in my shoes seated in a very comfortable bar stool here at our Stone Home to fully appreciate the ear-shattering volume caused by the deafening silences from those at the very top of the DAAC pyramid all the way down to the plebes at the bottom who have been indoctrinated for the past century to be focused on “making money” that has taken over from “making an honest living” which you are no doubt agreeing with many has to be prostitution when compared to any of the other professions especially as you follow the money trail not even having to go back to when American and British bankers financed the DAAC as well as the Anglo Boer-Farmer War of 1899-1902 and the American led 8 Allied nation invasion of China in 1900 but to some 38 years later when Harry Oppenheimer, the next in line to take over as the Anglo head of the DAAC, the special interest of special interest group journeyed to New York City.


Allow me the courtesy of sharing with you the excerpt referenced earlier of the article written by Hollywood blockbuster author and editorialist for the Wall Street Journal, Edward Jay Epstein that was published in the Atlantic Monthly back in February 1982, one month before “our man Roger” as in Roger W. Robinson, the DAAC’s master spy of master spies joined, as the top dog, the National Security Council.


In September of 1938, Harry Oppenheimer, son of the founder of De Beers and then twenty-nine, traveled from Johannesburg to New York City, to meet with Gerold M. Lauck, the president of N. W. Ayer, a leading advertising agency in the United States. Lauck and N. W. Ayer had been recommended to Oppenheimer by the Morgan Bank, which had helped his father consolidate the De Beers financial empire. His bankers were concerned about the price of diamonds, which had declined worldwide.

In Europe, where diamond prices had collapsed during the Depression, there seemed little possibility of restoring public confidence in diamonds. In Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain, the notion of giving a diamond ring to commemorate an engagement had never taken hold. In England and France, diamonds were still presumed to be jewels for aristocrats rather than the masses. Furthermore, Europe was on the verge of war, and there seemed little possibility of expanding diamond sales. This left the United States as the only real market for De Beers's diamonds. In fact, in 1938 some three quarters of all the cartel's diamonds were sold for engagement rings in the United States. Most of these stones, however, were smaller and of poorer quality than those bought in Europe, and had an average price of $80 apiece. Oppenheimer and the bankers believed that an advertising campaign could persuade Americans to buy more expensive diamonds.

Oppenheimer suggested to Lauck that his agency prepare a plan for creating a new image for diamonds among Americans. He assured Lauck that De Beers had not called on any other American advertising agency with this proposal, and that if the plan met with his father's approval, N. W. Ayer would be the exclusive agents for the placement of newspaper and radio advertisements in the United States. Oppenheimer agreed to underwrite the costs of the research necessary for developing the campaign. Lauck instantly accepted the offer.


Your mind has to be racing thinking about a myriad of things but the first thing you cannot get out of your mind is “DOG MORALS”.


Second, N.W. Ayer coming up with the slogan, “A Diamond is Forever” bearing in mind that with all the time I know you have on your hands increasingly reluctant thanks to my “heads up” to even follow up on “girl slavery” that provides the DAAC with a “heads up” of who in law enforcement throughout the world to promote and demote at the very same time, forcing you to think about who really is your “friend”.


Can you in fact count one person in the world as truly your friend knowing that when Harry Oppenheimer “agreed to underwrite the costs of the research necessary” Lauck had no choice but to accept the offer which has your wanting to quickly scroll back up to,


You don’t ask a lot of questions when your pocket is being mined!


Of course you might prefer that I don’t repeat the AGENDA OF THE DAAC who have zero “cost of sales”.






Again, for more than 100 years us Americans have stood by as the DAAC in exchange for us allowing them to launder their worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars on United States soil have with the proceeds “fed” civil unrest throughout the world beginning with all those countries receiving the “short end of the stick” handed out by the DAAC’s ruthless and so utterly brutal regimes.


Thanks again to the DAAC’s awesomely successful propaganda in getting those of us with the biggest guns to do their dirty work, this mafia of mafia have managed to price their worthless-fictitious and very blood stained Diamond Currency at more than a barrel of oil.


It is now 38 days since Peter Bowler, Chief Executive Officer of American Eagle, a wholly owned subsidiary of mighty New York Stock Exchange public corporation American Airlines was directed by his boss, Gerard Arpey, President and Chief Operating Officer of American Airlines to write me the following email within 24 minutes of me first contacting Mr. Arpey directly:


Gerard Arpey passed your note along to me as I am responsible for American Eagle.  I am sorry learn that you had an unsatisfactory experience with us and am anxious to hear what happened.  If you care to give me the specifics I’ll be happy to investigate.


As far as I am aware neither Mr. Bowler nor Mr. Arpey has even attempted to follow up with me even though I responded exactly 2 hours later, detailing the most extraordinary set of facts including the “black and white” back and forth emails between myself and Mr. Steve Terry, the General Manager of American Eagle, San Diego as well as Mr. Terry’s illegal retaliatory threatening phone call to me that took place some 17 odd hours and 30 minutes after Mr. Terry had again 17 hours and 30 minutes to think about my response to his out of this world mind-boggling email in which he described a series of actions taken by him and his subordinates which when Mr. Arpey and Mr. Bowler read with their own eyes had them thinking what else besides epic shareholder class action lawsuit complaint?


There was really nothing much to complain about today here deep inside the Cleveland National Forest although when I began our later than usual first walk of the 90 minute loop walk of Nobel Canyon I ran into another cabin owner plagued amongst a number of things by rather loud and frequent traffic that passes by continuously right in front of his cabin, out stretching his legs just before his favorite Sunday morning show, Meet the Press that I believe is on CBS and if not then the other two of the same ilk feeding Americans and world what they believe the brain dead public want to know.


I began, after of course the obligatory pleasantries, by asking this former U.S. Navy man what he thought of former Israeli Prime Minister and highly decorated Israeli Special Forces commando, Ahud Barak moments away from taking over as Israel’s Defense Minister.


Instead of  saying, “I don’t care!” and allowing me to move on without my appearing to be rude this neighbor thought it smart to ask me what I thought was going to happen in Gaza with Hamas victorious over Fatah although he never mentioned Fatah while having trouble pronouncing the word Hamas.


Bear in mind this neighbor, in his early 70s, keeps reminding me that Israel exists only because of the United States supplying these “belligerent Israelites” with “military equipment, intelligence and munitions” while always managing to give me the same lesson every other day of how our 3 Branches of government function so well, “each one keeping a check on the other” before then feeling the need to be funny without however breaking the wide smile in to laugh when letting me know, again repeatedly, that us Americans should leave the running of all wars to our Generals who “in the case of Iraq should be allowed to drop an Atomic bomb if necessary on southern Iraq and if within 24 hours the warring parties don’t stop killing American service people to drop an even bigger bomb on northern Iraq but possibly waiting a little more than 24 hours if the U.S. Generals think otherwise!








Neil G. Gevisser


In an effort not be “belligerent” but at the same time being Jewish, wanting to get a better handle on his current thinking that would be updated in less than 60 seconds by the godly DAAC appointed talking heads of Meet The Press since his wife came out their cabin to remind him, “Your Meet the Press is now on, I thought you wanted to watch” I reminded him that our former Commander In Chief, Bill Clinton at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his Presidency “obeyed” Mr. Barak who demanded that Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich be given a presidential pardon.


Bear also in mind this neighbor, a staunch Republican prefers Bill “Cecil Rhodes ScholarClinton over George W. Bush because he considers Bill “intelligent” and GWB a “drunk” who “only listens to his daddy when not drunk”.


When this neighbor responded to my next comment, “You know Barak got what he wanted” with “I don’t know anything about Barak” given again from where he derives most if not all of his “intelligence” I asked my final double barreled shotgun question; if he thought he might reconsider his position about Israel being at the “mercy” of the United States without us getting in to the history of, “We the people, a nation of laws, blah blah” with our 3 Branches of Government allowing DeBeers financed principally by American banks to finance Hitler who then murdered a whole lot more than 6 million of the best Israelites and if still not would he at least think when watching Meet The Press about Israel’s extraordinary victory in the 1967 6 Day Israeli-Arab War, primarily the result of Israeli fighter pilots, the best in the world, flying French Mirage jets who knew that there would be zero retribution only rewards for their brutal attack on the defenseless U.S.S. Liberty spy ship?


This neighbor didn’t need to open his mouth for me to know I should join a group of young athletic cyclists who I had observed moments before crossing the galvanized steel bridge built to carry M1 tanks.


One after the other they greeted me and our two dogs each one having a different foreign accent.


The next best thing was to have an American couple probably in their mid-to-late 30s and in very good shape, the man handsome and the wife very pretty wearing a tank top, riding by on their white as white Arabian thoroughbreds, both horses’ amazing muscle tone indistinguishable to the naked eye.


Not quite as tantalizing but nevertheless still invigorating was when I got to the half way mark of our walk I ran into two American mountain bikers loading their bikes on to a relatively small truck, both probably in their mid-twenties, one Hispanic and the other Nyal who I spoke to the most, born in the Philippines but came to the U.S. when he was 1 years old.


After going through the customary pleasantries while very aware of the heat but at the same time wanting to determine whether they would be “candidates” for putting on one of my Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops I explained that my “curiosity” about knowing more about each of their “history” including formal education and what they are now doing to “earn a living”, was the result of “now putting the finishing touches” to my forthcoming book, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE! which then had me stopping and asking them both if they thought the title “spoke for itself”.


The Hispanic-American gentleman who works at a Navy base in El Centro significantly hotter than out here in the Cleveland National Forest without missing a beat answered, “Yes” while the Philippine–American, working in San Diego as a controller for a hospitality company, was more thoughtful and after a few moments without it getting to the point of being embarrassing for either of us, I suggested that what might have him “pausing” before answering my straightforward question were the words, “money creation” which he agreed was a “little troublesome”.


There was a tall Lily White Wheaty American friend of theirs who no doubt was hearing most if not all of our conversation, certainly he heard Nyal gasp when I said, “No!” to his straightforward question, “Isn’t the money of the United States all backed by gold?”, Nyal totally unaware that America officially went off the Gold Standard on August 15th 1971, a full decade after the DAAC let the entire world know that going forward there could be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this mafia of mafia were in complete control of the world’s monetary system that was rigged from the start.


Truth is not simply “breath taking” it is something that cannot be wished away.


Not to mention their Lily White Wheaty Eating friend might soon be thinking how smart he is to have two colorful friends who might find a job for him in their native countries if Americagoes to the dogs”.


The DAAC who have no loyalty to country, race or religion only religious leadership including academia, the new corrupt church who do their bidding, understand perfectly well that so long as the world is engulfed in wars they have all the time in the world to start as well as fuel wars given how for more than a century their Diamond Currency has been priced at more than a barrel of oil.


Moreover, the DAAC are quite certain no one with the biggest gun is going to draw attention to the DAAC placing such a BIG NOTICE for all elected and non-elected government officials throughout the world when having President elect John F. Kennedy “pay his respects” to Harry Oppenheimer at the Carlyle Hotel with all 3 Branches of the U.S. Government looking on in disbelief but knowing to keep their big mouths shut tight and “hope for the best” that there would never be worldwide peace in their lifetimes.


My wife’s soon-to-be 18-year old daughter, Danielle had her high school graduation ceremony this past week which I did not attend not because I was quite certain her Sperm Donor father with the trust fund carrot dangling in front of her so that she would miss his so ugly growl would be attending but because I had other priorities that I thought were more important than paying attention to a nonsense ceremony which rewards kids who don’t now any better, so afraid to question the nonsense they are taught in the 3 most important subjects apart from mathematics and Latin, namely history, economics and politics.


It is highly doubtful Danielle ever went back to her history teacher who told the class that the entire wealth of the United States is backed by gold despite the fact that I have helped Danielle’s mother single-handedly raise Danielle with a “value system” which is really hard to embrace when you see how tough it is to compete on a level playing field and to top it off you are convinced your trust fund will see you through the rough spots.


I doubt you had a trust fund fully funded by the time you finished high school but you do have a pension fund to look forward to that changing the status quo even if it means you doing your job is something you are also disinclined to do unless of course I can achieve “critical mass” whether or not I am alive to see it all come to fruition.


And death you know is only something the brain dead have to live with.


You can click on this hyperlink that will take you to the BLOG I have set up for you that will contain all of the above as well as what remains of this rather lengthy communiqué, bearing in mind that in the course of the past 24 hours I am aware of approximately 1000 additional individuals-groups who will be receiving a copy of this within 10 minutes before you receive your copy and 10 minutes after, leaving you to think more about what if Ahud Barak who should fear more his Special Forces commandos than any United States General does not trigger a nuclear holocaust and we all have that much more time to put on our thinking caps in an effort to “give peace a better chance”.


Not to mention my final much anticipated heavily broadcasted follow up communiqué to Professor Jeffrey David Sachs of Columbia University while yet to be sent to Professor Sachs and why you of course don’t have your copy has already been “well received” by a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population who without exception, at least so far, have only commented positively, “rili” [sic] liking the beat,




While you have noticed there is something of particular interest in every one of my emails for both independent and non-independent thinkers, increasingly of interest to both groups is the point I made last in Part III about how the DAAC decide on pretty much everything all the way down to the price of house paint splashed by the likes of Pollack - not to be confused with Dr. John K. Pollard - on to canvas, having little or no faith in time being in any way shape or form kind to such utter charlatans who provide DAAC art critiques out to make an easy living something to talk about even if it has less meaning than horse shit that at least cleans out the bowels of dogs.


Would you at this point like for me to explain in greater detail why my very funny French-Canadian wife who has known me intimately for some 13 odd years thinks dogs do not get colds.


Have you noticed how each time you walk your dog you increasingly reprimand less for nosing other dogs’ number 2.


Business people like Selwyn Gerber CPA-Economist who first thought when calling me up he was not only doing me as well as the person-s “using and abusing” him a “favor”, believing that I had gone “mashuga”, are currently in the most extraordinary quandary given how with all that they have had to say to be now “deafeningly silent” doesn’t help them in the least get a better night’s sleep.


When Mr. Gerber called me on Tuesday, March 27th, the call lasting 35 minutes and 14 seconds, this advisor to many South Africans, Lily White Wheaty Eating and mostly Jewish of medium to wealthy, and I have no doubt he also advises a few billionaires like the Krok family of South Africa and very possibly even Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare, worth some U.S.$15 odd billion who are all laughed at, no different to our politicians, by the top echelons of the DAAC who butter all their bread, Mr. Gerber didn’t have a clue about the DAAC’s business of “money creation” even though he should have which following my discourse provided Mr. Gerber with a unique set of problems.


First, he was faced with having to figure out why apart from G-d thinking him to be so stupid was he so stupid to have allowed himself to be so “set up”?


Second, he had to begin to try and figure out who exactly had set him up; i.e. who was more than likely behind the person who had forwarded to him that one very important communiqué of mine.


Third, he had to while doing his “due diligence” be extraordinarily “sensitive” given how every one he has ever advised prior to contacting me would be very possibly and with time passing by increasingly more so questioning his “agenda” before concluding that if “all hell breaks loose” they would be able to sue Mr. Gerber and Co. for malpractice.


Fourth, Mr. Gerber and Co. as well as each individual receiving a copy of this communiqué has to now deal with their own conscience that will “prick” from now until they next meet up with our Maker to reexamine all the tears shed for those lost so very brutally in the Holocaust of World War II.


Yes, not even you who in all likelihood didn’t lose any close relatives to the death camps of Nazi Germany have surely an answer to WHAT HAPPENED TO HITLERS DIAMONDS THAT WERE NOT USED TO FINANCE THE RISE OF NAZI GERMANY?


Fifth, Mr. Gerber and Co. have to “pause” increasingly more so with each tick of the clock as Knowledge-Information-Light is spread to our battlefields where the soldiers on all sides are increasingly “wired” and to look at which country in particular benefited in stealing technology along with brain power from the collapse of the Weimar Republic where a barrelful of Deutche Marks was needed to purchase a loaf of bread.


Not to mention that Mr. Gerber and Co.’s “deafening silence” does not lower the volume being heard around the world including places like the Gaza strip and West Bank as we all know perfectly well the wimp, lowest of the low small time bullies Hitler committed suicide on April 30th, 1945, some 7 odd days after my amazing Fighter-Bomber-Pilot father, Bernie Gevisser returned to South Africa to bury his beloved mother. dead at age 50 on June 8th, some 54 days after Bernard Nathan Gevisser flew his 71st and last mission, April 15th, that lasted exactly one hour, dive-bombing a Command Post at Vignola in Pontedera, northern Italy, his 3 500lb bombs not quite hitting their target, “VERY SLIGHT UNDERSHOOT ON THE BUILDINGS. THEY SENT UP QUITE A LOT OF LIGHT A.A.”, and when called in to see his Commanding Officer my father thought at first he might be getting what would have been but only a very slight “reprimand”, so shocked when hearing about his mother’s pending death that he forgot to collect most of his personal belongings before leaving on April 17th returning to South Africa on April 23rd that took him on quite a whirlwind trip, 5 flights piloted by different pilots: 






Castle-Benito-El Adem

El Adem-Cairo

Cairo-Wadi Halfa

Wadi Halfa-Khartom







Go right ahead and GOOGLE SEARCH the words, “SELWYN GERBER DIAMOND INVENTION” and towards the top you will see this 4402 word email I sent on May 15th to Ms. Patty Smith, personal assistant to Trevor Manual, South Africa’s Minister of Finance who along with Patty I met only once, just one day before spending most of the day with my uncle David Gevisser, the American head of the DAAC.


Right below that many times “accessed” communiqué is this email I sent on January 28th, 2004 to Rob McLusky, my one English solicitor who has since retired.


For “sum” [sic] reason the entire email to Mr. McLusky is not loading up [try this hyperlink] but there are a number of interesting things beginning with a joke my Royal Mater had me tell at Mr. JRK’s wedding to Campbell Soup which is Marcy Campbell Krinsk’s not so secret, “secret code name”:


A good marriage is a safe harbor from the storms of life and

A bad marriage is a life full of storms for which there is no safe harbor


All beginning to fall apart as I was approaching the punch line,


I know in life there are always storms, ups and downs highs and lows but I feel confident that in this marriage there is a safe haven, heaven…” [sic].


Next, for those healthy, fit and expert pistol shot women not necessarily thinking of joining the extraordinarily well paid assassinations unit of the Mossad is my referencing certain text out of a book authorized by two of my extraordinarily secretive mother’s Gentile top models, Yvonne Hulett and Penny Coelen who was Miss World in 1958.


Not to mention Penny as you can read in Wikipedia’s write-up “is infamous for her incredible pistol shot”.


To mention little of my RM writing the “dedication” to her two most Lily White Wheaty Eating top models who prior to meeting my RM, when still very much in their teens, had very possibly never met a Jewish person let alone one with the most extraordinary ties not simply to Israel but to the very deep underground Jewish Underground who keep the Mossadhonest”.


Worth repeating again as the now fat and “deceptive” highly decorated Israeli Special Forces commando Ahud Barak has officially taken over as Israel’s Minister of Defense some of the carefully crafted language in my RM’s top pupils’ book that I had heard many times before coming out of the mouth of my highly literate mother.


When we decided to finally sit down and write this book, our first thought was, well, what is life all about…? And we thought of that wonderful Jewish expression – La Chaime… to life. We thought about our own lives and how fortunate we have been and how in some way we could share what we have learnt along the sometime rocky road of life – a life, we believe, that you have to live to the fullest, but most important of all – to live it as a real woman.


By now we hope that you have thought about yourself as a real woman… the real woman you are… the woman you expose to the world, or the woman you keep secretly guarded… but the real woman is actually one:


  who keeps on her toes, and is a woman who lets the wind whip around  

   her face like the anger of a jealous lover,


 who lets her eyes be the mirror of her soul, if it is her intention,


  who keeps her voice low and lets her laughter tinkle like a mountain    

   stream over the cobbles,


 who lets her smile be one that melts the hardest heart,


 who when she walks, her legs are stretched forward and she moves 

   with the ease of a panther, and she is wickedly pleased when she is

   slavishy copied…


Be you… be you… love being a real woman!


Suffice to say that at age 16 I had a choice to use all the Barmitzvah money I had saved along with the entire inheritance I had got from both sets of parents, to purchase a retired polo horse looking in every respect just like the two I came across earlier today that belonged to Penny and her husband, a sugar farmer who was not exactly wealthy, certainly not as “fabulously wealthy” as the Hulett family, Penny agreeing since I didn’t have anything left over to stable this most awesomely beautiful and so very responsive horse which would have been perfect for me to learn how to play polo and fit in “handsomely” with the jet set crowd all around the world or to purchase a new 50 cc Suzuki motorcycle with nothing left over apart from paying for a full tank of gasoline-petrol but which would see me through high school bearing in mind I had already made up my mind that I would leave Carmel College in my final year and riding a horse to another school in downtown Durban while cool would have drawn unnecessary attention.


Given all that I knew at the time I was going to be giving up at least initially “fitting in” with Oxford and Cambridge types who the DAAC first seek out those in their “backyard” bearing in mind that at the very same time I was being heavily “solicited” to further my education in Israel given how well I had done in my final academic exams as well as Gadna training when on Ulpan for 4 months in Israel where I was based at Sde Boker in the Negev Desert, meeting first in a semi-private setting with David Ben Gurion on November 1st 1972 and then immediately thereafter in a series of private meetings both on the Kibbutz-Midrasha as well as “off base” in places like Dizzengoff circle in Tel-Aviv when on our “free weekends”.


Dr. John K. Pollard who you would think would be awfully quiet along with everyone else following along so very carefully including Mr. Neil Gould who may have finally got his Martian friends to have him focus on his high profile presence on the internet when doing a GOOGLE search on his name and two words, DIAMOND INVENTION, thought it important to bring to my attention last Wednesday, June 13th, my middle brother’s birthday, that the DAAC’s major online money laundering-intelligence gathering operation, BLUE NILE, has a share price of nearly double what I purchased it for when “covering” my “short position” when it had previously reached its all time high.


Not to mention I have been out of the stock markets for 7 odd years, the last time I believe was in 2001 when I “broke even” showing a profit of $157 [one hundred and fifty seven U.S. dollars] on trades totaling over a $100,000, given how when making money in the stock market someone is losing their shirt and it is mostly those who can barely afford to feed themselves let alone find the time to go out and purchase an item of clothing.


Now while not forgetting WHAT HAPPENED TO HITLER’S DIAMONDS? read again what increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein had to say about the DAAC going back to 1938, one year prior to the outbreak of the DAAC’s World War II putting their “plans into action:


N. W. Ayer placed a series of lush four-color advertisements in magazines that were presumed to mold elite opinion, featuring reproductions of famous paintings by such artists as Picasso, Derain, Dali, and Dufy. The advertisements were intended to convey the idea that diamonds, like paintings, were unique works of art.


You have seen my wife’s almost life-size painting that her professor, Spanish master painter Sebastian Capella chose the size as well as the awesome composition and why even if Sebastian at 80 and in great health, strong as a horse, were to outlive Marie D. Gevisser shouldn’t she have the most beautiful portrait to learn from each day when waking in the morning to see her large portrait on the ceiling of our studio cliff house.


You have not forgotten how the DAAC given how they don’t ever have to go out each day to “make a living” when they can just as easily “make money” have time on their hands to do not one but two jobs, first, plan their next vacation and second decide exactly who and how to kill made much easier by the world’s business language being English and why not make it simple as pie to start off in their own backyard of Soweto, Johannesburg having the school kids like Tefo’s mother, Joyce Mohapi protest to be taught in English and if she survives and plays her cards right when being a “good girl” spending a night in jail, to then be awarded just like Bill Clinton a DeBeers-Rhodes Scholarship-Bursary.


Civil Wars are necessary if one’s goal is to steal the peoples’ lands that contain valuable resources such as water, gold, platinum, uranium, oil and the such and once the “trouble makers” are dead or imprisoned along come “civil laws”.


And of course soon follow both Democratic and Republican “family values” that first and foremost protect the winners who have the biggest guns and whose lawyers know how best to keep their protectors happy by coming up with all sorts of distracting laws that allow the filthy rich to trickle down the cost of getting richer on to the backs of the poor and downtrodden who are not stupid to begin with and more importantly, thanks to heavily broadcasted missives such as this, increasingly well informed and of course extraordinarily more comfortable with this so empowering knowledge.


Starting a civil war is rather easy when you have access to unlimited supplies of UNTRACEABLE, lightweight and never inventoried Diamond Currency but of course this is just one way to fund the process that leads to those with the biggest guns being able to later say stuff like, “Democracy breeds first Freedom which attracts capitalists to breed free markets”.


Don’t you just want to vomit?


Forgive me if I have mentioned this before but using our “back and forths” I was able to convince a couple of weeks ago a “comfortable” gentleman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin just 54 years of age and less than 18 months from retiring to San Diego County, the Meth capital of the world, to seriously consider getting in to the seminar business where in less than 60 days he could empower others with my KIL and at the same time become financially independent, not wait for the collapse of his pension plan and moreover, what would he have to lose apart from gaining self-respect if genuinely unconcerned about the immanent if not precipitous collapse of the capital and financial markets, then at least in the process of trying empower those he cares most about with the most awesome truth, that begins with how very afraid are the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who I daresay sign your slave wage pay check.


Getting right down back to business-personal.


The phone call to me from American-Eagle Airlines General Manager Mr. Steve Terry on Tuesday, May 1st 2007, the 2 minute and 56 second phone call beginning at 8:56 AM PT was interpreted “bottom line” as nothing less than;


Not only am I going to put a gun to your head but I am going to get someone else to pull the trigger so that it is legal.”


Now go back and examine with a fine tooth comb what led this General Manger of a New York Stock Exchange public corporation to threaten me with an illegal action, not to mention you would know that it is legal and right to threaten anyone so long as it is the truth and the threat is not to do “bodily harm”.


There was nothing truthful about Mr. Terry’s threat to have a United States Federal Agency such as the Transportation Security Agency to investigate, “Why it is that you are traveling out of the country with so much money!


There was every reason for me to believe that Mr. Terry meant every word he said, all geared to have me stop him from having me killed or worse yet left a dependant of the state given how my wife and I have an agreement that we would help one another commit suicide were either one of us to feel we are not contributing to the betterment of humankind.


Even if you were to believe the utter nonsense that Mr. Terry et al were not in a position to stop the plane to at least follow up immediately given how the gold that “was found was several little gold pieces and one small gold bar (with 14K printed on it)” could have been part of some grandmother’s pendant, which Mr. Terry went on to say, “was not seen until the aircraft was closed and ready for departure”, ending with, “After the aircraft pulled out what gold we saw on the ground was picked up and placed in an envelope and immediately put into our safe.”


Such an “unfortunate” incident you would think would have started a process?


Choosing to ignore or cover?




I am not a psychologist but through observation we can all understand how amongst a number of things a psychologist makes a living.


Allow me, therefore to share with you a little “common sense”.


Mr. Terry got a little scared with my Saterday Night “deliveries” and became increasingly unsure through the remainder of the weekend.


A lot of times when one has done something wrong the normal reaction is to blame and start to say too much.


Your guilt creeps up on you and you get paranoid in no time.


There is that feeling that gets inside of you. You know what I mean. You have lied before. You know what I mean.


The lying process requires that you keep good notes.


Thinking who knew what, when and how takes up a lot of energy.


When you lie a lot you need to keep good records because your mind plays all sorts of tricks.


I brought up enough questions about Mr. Terry’s integrity to sink the Titanic.


How embarrassing if anyone further up the chain of command and not a party to this conspiracy were to “get wind” if I continued?


Mr. Terry started to realize, “This guy is going to take this the whole way… I am not going to be able to talk my way out of this…


You know the feeling of paranoia, telling a lie and thinking that you are going to be busted?


It is a primal reaction, basic instincts kick in when people lie. They hardly ever fess up with the first confrontation?


They continue to tell more lies and extrapolate from their lie after lie after lie and blow it out of proportion and get caught up in their own confusion!


It was an excellent strategy of mine to keep him talking?


I believe I have done a decent job of describing the physiology of lying.


Do you ever recall reading about how I “confronted” the controller of Epilady USA Inc. in the presence of Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq. before I had any evidence of any “wrongdoing” by the senior management of this private corporation who in less than 18 months had generated free cash flow of some $50 million on sales approaching $200 million by simply first reciting to the Board of Directors of Epilady, “O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” which Mr. Golden Esq. had recommended in an effort to “jolt” them but the real bizarre part only took place a few minutes after the conclusion of the Board meeting where it was hard not to notice that I had lost eye contact with each and every member of the executive management team.


The controller was the first person I called into my office that I shared with Mr. Golden Esq. that was way in the back amongst the “plebes” of this fast growing, fast nonsense talking enterprise that had captured the “imagination” of not only Hollywood but Wall Street, Merrill Lynch valuing the company right at the time I was sharing a little poetry at some $400 million, quite happy to exclude the Quickwheel project which the Chief Financial Officer thought for good reason was going to be worth a whole lot more and why he was so very quick to want to “jump ship”.


I had the controller sit in my chair as I sat in the chair directly opposite with a relatively small wooden desk separating the two of us.


Mr. Golden Esq. sat at his same size desk just to the left of where I was seated and slightly behind so that even with my rather good peripheral vision I couldn’t be distracted by what he was doing which I assume was working on a memo I had asked him to prepare for me to assist when I would later confront the General Manager of Philips B.V., the DAAC multinational conglomerate headquartered in Anthoven, Holland with the Quickwheel debacle, all geared to destroy the foreign-offshore holdings of the South African Krok family who made their initial fortunes in Twins Pharmaceuticals.


For no more than 20 seconds I sat absolutely silent just looking at the controller which must have felt like a lifetime prison sentence.


Then I informed him that I was going to leave the room for 10 minutes and when I returned he was to tell me everything he knew about each and every one of the frauds perpetrated by the executive team.


I first went to the bathroom to take a leak.


Then I went to the building across the parking lot that housed the executive team just to say hello.


I kibitzed for no more than 10 minutes while letting them know that when I was done with the controller I was going to follow through on the commitment I made at the board meeting to be a “resource” to each of them and to call each one of them individually in to the same office and for them to each come up with a plan to “save their skins”.


Bear in mind, just weeks earlier each member of the executive team had received a $1 million bonus part of which ended up of course going up their noses which doesn’t explain the pitiful art they bought because not one of them knew the first thing about how to judge a good painting let alone when high on cocaine.


When I figured that Mr. Golden Esq. couldn’t bear the silence any longer I returned to our office and promptly sat down in the same chair.


The controller had tears running down both sides of his face but when he began to speak the tears were now pouring in to his mouth to the point that I couldn’t make out a word what he was saying.


Don’t you just love the expression, “A mouthful of beans?


To cut a not so long story short I asked him to bring me the original invoices totaling some $11 million that had been fraudulently invoiced in an effort to secure a loan of what the DAAC round off to when deciding to add or reduce a facet in a small parcel containing brilliant cut diamonds, some pitiful $25 million from a consortium of banks led by Bank of New York.


This hyperlink takes you to a piece of later correspondence from an officer of Bank of New York.


By The Way, do you think men should have any say in whether a woman decides to have a breast reduction or enlargement or what about reconstructive surgery after say a vasectomy?


The day I, King Golden Jr. Esq., the principals of Epilady USA Inc., Solly Krok and his identical twin brother, born on different days some 24 hours apart, along with a criminal attorney Mr. Golden Esq. suggested Solly and Abe retain, all first met in the foyer of Bank of New York located at 1 Wall Street, was memorable.


It began with this clown faced criminal attorney grabbing Solly Krok by the lapels on his suit jacket and reminding him that this was America and that we take criminal fraud very seriously.


Solly Krok was in a total state of shock because first of all he felt that because he had not known about the fraudulent invoices he couldn’t be blamed for going along with the cover up.


But it was the physical act of someone actually grabbing and lifting him at the same time that paralyzed poor, poor Solly.


I didn’t lift a finger to help even though my first thoughts were to floor this criminal criminal attorney who I knew was being paid by the DAAC.


At the meeting a few minutes later in Bank of New York’s main board room with representatives from all the banks who had been criminally defrauded present, each one wanting blood and then some, I had next to nothing to say even though I allowed one of the female bankers with a bone up her ass to “chew me out”.


Truth be told that just as I was about unleash the “mother load of mother loads”, placing each and everyone in the room on notice that before any one of them uttered a single other word to first take a stroll with me, assuming they could keep up with me running and visit with Codiam Inc. headquartered on 47th Street, Mr. Golden Esq. decided to “speak up for me”. It isn’t important what he had to say since I was never the “issue”.


The decision by American Airlines executive, Mr. Terry to call and threaten me with a BIG LIE was in my humble but seasoned opinion, an “involuntary” response, like breathing.


It was not something he could control much like his last beyond belief utterly nonsense email that was dumber than anything I have ever seen in my entire life. And trust me they don’t come any dumber than the executive team of Epilady USA Inc. who didn’t start out all looking ugly.


Mr. Terry got himself in unfamiliar territory and began down his spirally path by ranting uncontrollably.


Again, paranoia had the “Hand of God” written all over it.


The mind the first glimpse we have of the Supernatural.


God, don’t you just love God?


Again, it is clearly not the first time an American Airline has run into these sorts of “issues” but it is fair to say that they never dreamed in a million years I would come around.


A reasonable person would argue there has to be something better in the end, greed, some kick back for a General Manager behaving so badly not to mention his actions being illegal.


Worse, it is really wrong to steal from people because it makes you ugly.


The threatening call, however, was far less involuntary.


Again, you can even when too busy keeping track of your lies from day always threaten someone with the truth so long as the threat is the truth and so long as the truth does not involve doing someone else bodily harm.


Threatening me, the victim who has reported a “felony petty crime” is more than outrageous, wouldn’t you agree?


So what is your problem in understanding how the threat of a big public corporation official to use their muscle with Big Government to threaten to intimidate is not tantamount to actually saying,


Treat the next anonymous physically threatening call you get as just a reminder of this threat?


Now examine American Airlines’ breakdown in protocol that most of all highlights the problems at the very top of American Airlines who knew or should have known about such extraordinary weaknesses in their “internal controls”.


How could the board of directors of American Airlines tolerate such actions?


Of course they knew when not so busy working on their nest eggs while throwing crumbs all the way down to their baggage handlers exactly where, what and how this criminal behavior was going on.


I haven’t had a TV connection in some 6 years if not 10 but I know at least one American Airline official with authority of some sorts has watched how on TV crime shows there is lots of coverage about how to “cover ass”.


There are obviously a lot of grunts who work for American Airlines and I will leave it up to you and my audience to decide who.


There has to be at least an outline of an agenda for following the recovery of “lost and found” items in the belly of the plane as well as gold found on the tarmac whether or not coming the same exact hand luggage that gets “returned to the only baggage that was unzipped”.


Why didn’t they do what any reasonable person would do?


Looks like they are hiding!


Wouldn’t you agree that if you do something illegal at least try covering your track?


Mr. Terry knows better than not filing a timely report.


Who knows how long they and other airlines have got away with this utter nonsense?


Why, other than it seems to work, do they count on people not wanting to get involved?


So conveniently working out most of the time,,, most of the time.


It is a perplexing situation even for those not well traveled, not familiar with all the “security” measures who decided to curtail their travel plans poste 911.


Please don’t think the main theme of my message may get lost as I always when necessary wrap things up at least by the time I get to the end.


A mosquito just buzzed me here at our Stone Home.


By now you should be fully up to speed why it is that Israel is less under the DAAC’s thumb than the 3 Branches of the United States Government.


You know the joke about you place 10 Israelis in a room and you have 11 arguments.


All the facts are revealed in The Diamond Invention including how the DAAC’s Madison Avenue give plenty of airtime to the good deed of an airline who returned the birthday monies stolen from the luggage of a kid traveling with his parents.


You simply always have to look at motive.


The motive for Mr. Terry threatening me to “cease and desist” when all I was doing was following up logically with his beyond belief “admission of guilt” is crystal clear.


When making the very carefully thought through threat he thought I would back down.


Now imagine the scenario moving to courtroom starting with a wide-eyed jury.


Play it all the way out, how is it making him look coming at me with “Why is it that you are traveling out of the country with so much money?” as if that was a crime?


Who has the time forget about doing the right thing, just to follow the “Money Trail”?


While you would no doubt prefer that I don’t broadcast, at least not until the sooner you hearing that I am dead or you have cashed in your pension fund, our “back and forths” without however, providing me with any comfort level that you are doing the right thing and protecting my “best interests” which include the 4 Ps, People, Pets, Property and Plants, you may have noticed in the news when the Queen visited she expressed, “dismay at Blair legacy” for in apparently “kowtowing” to President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Blair has not served the best interests of the British Crown-Commonwealth.


Why apart from the Queen being a significant member of the DAAC would the DAAC media pay any attention to what she has to say other than when she talks just to talk.


Not to mention how I believed it was in December 1967 my Royal Mater, my mother, the real queen, downloaded quicker than you would ever believe possible my immediate family’s “crown Jewels” after she thought her handbag containing not simply valuables such as diamonds, gold and cash which where always a “smokescreen” all geared to distract from the rest of the information including names and numbered bank accounts which my RM had made the mistake of not remembering never thinking in a million years her very personal personal property would ever leave her possession.


To mention little of how extraordinarily happy my RM was when the concierge at our Zurich, Switzerland hotel notified her that the owner of the Salon where she had left her handbag was now holding on to it.


To mention in passing that my RM would never know whether in fact this very “mindful” gentleman ever looked inside and taken notes which could be just as “harmful” as the bag ending up directly in the hands of DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel operatives who operate not only throughout the world with much more than “diplomatic immunity” able to use their diplomatic pouches that could be as large as an oil supertanker to transport their unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency with its manufactured price always fixed at more than a barrel of oil, BUT EQUALLY important the DAAC have always believed that whoever read the Diamond Invention would either “disbelieve” the main thrust of the book because they are simply in denial and not wanting to have to explain why it is that they have so much material wealth while our slave wage earners populate like rabbits and prepared to die like flies to support Wall Street’s need for ever increasing numbers of brain dead consumers OR MOST IMPORTANTLY get the message LOUD AND CLEAR that the DAAC, the terrorist of terrorist financing organization the world has ever known making Al Quaida look like a bunch of retards, are simply over-the-top confident that not a single high ranking elected or non-elected government official anywhere in the world would choose to “differ” with the DAAC’s own “assessment” of the “Money Power”, The Diamond Invention book spelling out in rather simply English the ABSOLUTE FACT OF LIFE that this mafia of mafia, cartel of cartel has been in command and control of the world’s monetary system going back to when American banker J.P. Morgan provided them with financing at the turn of the last century that of course has no one easily distracted bothering to ask who provided J. P. Morgan with his financing.


Of course it is not just Al Quaida financed by DAAC controlled House of Saud who are so laughable, so very unsophisticated when compared to the enormous fire power sophistication of the DAAC able to tap into the most top secret laboratories where only very few can build the type of miniature neutron bomb that Mr. Putin and Co. decided to explode recently in the heart of downtown London rather than simply use a poison dart to kill a “dissenter”.


In order for me to make sense of what is going on with your “investigation” of the “felony petty crime” involving the use of an aircraft, American Airlines personnel stealing my gold, may I VERY STRONGLY suggest you go back now to Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY and focus on who else apart from the Mossad, Israel’s most secretive and deadly intelligence institute with the over-the-top effective assassination’s unit, were INTIMATELY familiar with that meeting between President elect John F. Kennedy and Anglo South African Harry Oppenheimer the Anglo head of the DAAC, over at the Carlyle Hotel located on the upper east end of Manhattan, New York City, the DAAC’s money laundering and terrorist financing capital of the world.


Not to mention how in December 1967 when I was still just 10 years of age, my RM knew that her “lucky” friend, my uncle David Moshal Gevisser Oppenheimer Engelhard, who was my father, Bernie Gevisser’s first cousin, would be the executor of the estate of Harry Oppenheimer’s crime partner American Charles Engelhard, the American head of the DAAC some 4 years before CE would be assassinated by the deep underground Jewish Underground who keep the Mossad “honest”.


To mention little of the ending to this communiqué I sent out on May 26th to Mr. Mo Skikne I suspect if you cared one iota about the next generation of children beginning with Israeli children increasingly not as enthusiastic as they once were for compulsory military service, you would not need me to provide you with the answer!


As you know us folks here in the USA IncLUDING those less distracted by the glitter and glamour of DAAC Madison and Hollywood only found about DAAC operatives such as Kennedy and Ames very senior counterintelligence people in both the FBI and CIA who had “turned” going back to the mid-1980s when American-Israeli Navy spy Jonathan Pollard, an idiot of idiots got “set up” in the most pitiful attempt for the U.S. Navy to get back at the Israelis for the most brutal Israeli attack on the defenseless U.S.S Liberty that had been so very deliberately placed in “harms way” by a number of either extraordinarily incompetent and culpable individuals including Admiral McCain, the father of Arizona Senator John McCain.


You would agree that an offspring knows better than to plead ignorance to the Diamond Invention while laughing suggesting that a son should not suffer “slings and arrows” for what may have been an honest mistake of a father who also didn’t need to read so-called conservative investigative reporter-Wall Street Journal editorialist Edward Jay Epstein’s most fascinating, INTERNET ONLY, the Diamond Invention?


Moreover, what is also to stop Senator McCain from looking very carefully at the “back and forth” between myself and Mr. Steve Terry to understand the extraordinary “cover up” that is going on right now by American Airlines officials and who else you think?


Shocked is anyone raised in such a litigious society as the United States that Mr. Terry wouldn’t have simply “shut up” after receiving my response to his nothing short of “admission of guilt” and to have handed the matter over to American Airlines’ legal counsel, instead to think very carefully about his options which had in fact “dried up” following his extraordinary revelation, “the money was returned to the only gap unzipped”.


There really isn’t much to figure out when looking carefully at Mr. Terry’s black and white verbiage along with his deafening silences, not to mention how so very forgetful he was on Monday about his lack of “follow up” to my response on Saterday evening that was in response to his rather abrupt email less than 45 minutes earlier on Saterday that had this General Manager of New York Stock Exchange public corporation thinking himself so smart to reprimand me.


To mention little of there is good reason why only liars need good memories too busy keeping track of their lies from day one.


Why, apart from his retaliatory -threatening call to me on Tuesday at 8:56 AM, again the call lasting all of 2 minutes and 56 seconds, not being all that important to you hadn’t you thought much earlier to get the telephone company to provide you with a hard copy rather than waiting all this time after you had completed all your interviews including interviewing Mr. Terry that had you last telling me that you were NOT in the least bit “optimistic” that a District Attorney was going to prosecute this case and at the same time telling me how so very sympathetic you are to my loss.


Not only is the call now on my “invoice”, “sum” [sic] saying it was always there to begin with, but there is also a “note” in Verizon’s proprietary database reflecting that its employees over at the Grossmont Shopping center, San Diego, including their regional technical manager who just happen to be there as I explained the “problem”, saw the call from Mr. Steve Terry that appears on my cell phone as it did immediately after that call ended on May 1st, again the call beginning at 8:56 AM PST.


I am copying Dr. John K. Pollard since I assume despite having co-dependant children as well as grandchildren he is as outraged as each and every individual at not only the actions of American Airlines officials but how law enforcement are “dragging its heels” on what is a very clear case of corruption that with each passing moment that the President and Chief Operating Officer remains deafeningly silent describes yet another conspiracy that begins with The Fish Rotting From The Head Down.


Now think how this is playing out outside of the United States where there remain “Travel Advisories” for Americans traveling abroad including to places like the European Continent where I doubt very much there is a theft of personal property where the evidence of corruption is so blatantly clear.


Even without the RETALATORY-THREATENING phone call from Mr. Terry there is not a jury in the world who would accept the nonsense “black and white” email talk by Mr. Terry that the cash taken out of my personal hand luggage was, “returned to the only bag that was unzipped”.


All you were required to do was to follow the EXTRAORDINARY breakdown in “protocol” from the moment we checked in to the desk of American Eagle at San Diego Airport where all we wanted were our boarding passes and seat assignments, again NO checked in luggage.


By the time you follow the “money trail” to when I returned some 21 days later to the exact same spot and you see how 3 staff members including an assistant manager were not only “making light” of this felony crime but laughing at me as I described exactly what I had lost and which they knew was in the envelope bearing in mind that there is probably no record of American Eagle ever finding tiny gold grain just lying on the ground next to the plane, that they were so quick to get on its way AND yes why no reporting of this “find”.


So quick to turn the tables on me when they all thought they would be in the clear even if I had discovered the loss while still in Los Angeles and with the time delay I would have such a difficult time proving I had lost any more than the minuscule amount that they say they found while keeping the mother load to be distributed amongst which baggage handlers who may not have all got their “fare share of the loot”.


So come back to this State Department Travel Advisory and why haven’t European officials issued their own Travel Advisory about traveling just within the United States?


Everything matters in an investigation like this beginning with why didn’t you when I first presented the whole case and most of all the RETALITORY-THREATENING PHONE CALL to jump on getting the record of such a call and when presenting it to Mr. Terry who you say you met with have him explain his actions to call me and as I SAY threaten me with a view to intimidate so that I leave “lying dogs alone” and then couple it with his diabolical nonsensical words which coupled with the outrageous breakdown in protocol from no warning that our luggage was being taken from us, no control over the baggage handlers at the top of the conveyor belt in the shade of the plane, no matching of torn off sections of the ticket first handed to passengers when they arrive at their destination to make sure each passenger takes the right luggage to mention little of those handful of passenger on our flight who had forgotten they had in fact handed their personal carryon luggage to baggage handlers only when they were in the bus and a good ten minutes had passed for more mischief.


I have run big and small businesses and I know better than to tell anyone how to do their job but to simply set examples by hiring the best and brightest and then getting the hell out of the way and only getting involved when “duty calls” to protect the best and brightest from a bad apple.


You left me with no choice but to provide more of my resume-Curriculum Vitae in an effort to help you compare it to that of Mr. Terry et al and then to leave it up to the people of the world to decide not only who to believe but what to make of the overwhelming circumstantial evidence of guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.


Gary Steven Gevisser


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 9:46 PM PT
To: Sargent Jensen - San Diego Police Harbor Department
Cc: rest; Simon Wiesenthal Center; Selwyn Gerber - Economist - CPA; Bernard Lazarus; Dr. Jonathan "Trouble Bubble" Beare; Richard Regis - Wall Street Journal - Editor; jimandjoe@ussliberty.com; Gerard Arpey - American Airlines - President and Chief Operating Officer ; Peter Bowler - President and CEO, American Eagle Airlines; JRK@class-action-law.com; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Steve Terry - General Manager American Eagle - San Diego; Oprah; Sternshow@howardstern.com; Dr. John K. Pollard - JKPJKP@alum.mit.edu; Dad; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Mossad; Sherri Hendricks - Rapaport Report; Sternshow@howardstern.com; Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman; greer@jpost.com; Gregg Birnbaum - Political Editor for New York Post - webeditor of Just Hilary; Simon Constable - Street.com; Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation; Roger W. Robinson; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters; Roger Hedgecock; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Senator@kennedy.senate.gov; Senator@mccain.senate.gov; sabrinac@bluenile.com; Ashley Armstrong - New Yorker; President@whitehouse.gov




Let me begin by letting you know this is Part III, all about humanity.


Part II was contained in this email I sent Dr. Teri Lawton this past Saterday which she kindly made corrections even though I believe some of her “corrections” are in “error”. What do you think bearing in mind that I have yet to finish reading it for the first time?


Dr. Lawton’s comments as well as spelling and suggested grammar changes can be viewed by clicking on this hyperlink.


It may be worth you and those copied taking in to consideration that while I typed Part III quickly having had plenty of time including exercise and great love with the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world, to think about it all, I have run what follows by a number of college as well as non-college “independent thinkers”, the very few that there are all around the world whose names have I have never mentioned, as best I recall, who felt that Part III contains a “wealth of information” that will be totally impossible for non-independent to “absorb”, but increasingly they wont have the courage to admit it.


You can feel safe that my French-Canadian wife will have stopped reading all this once she got to this point bearing in mind that Marie D. Gevisser knows better than to read anything I write from the top down.


Not to mention that one of the things a good number of my statistically valid sampling of the world’s “independent thinking” population did not know was that Hitler once tried making a living as a wall paper hanger when he couldn’t make a living as a failed artist painter.


To mention little of our last dinner guest Dr. John K. Pollard who I think we can all agree would in all likelihood today at age 83 score higher on an IQ test than he did when accepted to MIT which generally only accepts “gifted” Kids.


To mention in passing, just because someone is intelligent does not mean they know the first thing about humanity which I think we can all agree should be a requisite before deciding to produce offspring who in turn think everything is mighty fine with the world so long as they are prospering from Wall-47th Street, the money laundering capital of the world that “steals blind” from the world’s mostly honest and hard working masses.


Good luck in the rest of the read as well.


Earlier, at about 5:55 PM PST a full grown coyote trotted at a relatively brisk pace across our property here in the awesome Cleveland National Forest and not one of our “tTOo” [sic] dogs stirred given how they were both still taking their siesta after a rather grueling early morning walk where we met up with a rather stubborn rattler.


I can shortly get back to how you are doing in looking for the gold that was stolen out of my zipped hand luggage by American Airlines employees on April 3rd at approximately 5:55 PM Pacific Standard Time, give or take 10 minutes which thanks to me spelling it out for you may have you now concluding has very possibly already been exchanged for the exact same 24 carat i.e. 99.99% gold at any location throughout the world including for all I know neighbors of yours who you would swear on a pack of bibles are honest as the day is young.


Not to mention I would assume that if you are not forthcoming in letting me know where your criminal investigation is currently heading I would be able to subpoena your long report which you led me to believe would be in the hands of a local District Attorney no later than last week.


My SIGNIFICANT progress in “giving peace a better chance” which is allowing me to get back to helping the world focus on how you are doing with your investigation of my stolen gold is as a DIRECT RESULT of my VERY STRATEGIC DECISION to inform the world that it is not only the FBI, CIA, Mossad, the 3 Branches of the United States Government and of course the British Crown along with each one of the 735 delegates and their successors from 44 nations who attended the Bretton Woods Conference in July 1944 who know FOR A FACT both HOW and WHY the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia financed Hitler.


Yes Sargent, Hitler was just like the school bully who punched Dr. Lawton’s young boy in his thigh while David’s friends only cared that it wasn’t them feeling so very helpless, the difference being that Hitler had less muscle and self-defense skills.


Hitler was a pitiful street bully who couldn’t even make it as a wall paper hanger let alone how the world has CHOSEN to ignore all the knowledge we have that this Little Corporal in World War I was mostly a failed artist painter which has you thinking about how much worse things could have been for my 6 million Jewish brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and grandparents murdered in cold blood in the Nazi death camps no different to those 4 friends of Dr. John K. Pollard’s 40+ year old daughter who ganged up on a professional surfer two weeks ago this coming Thursday and brutally beat him to death, had say, for example one of the many students of Spanish-American master painter Sebastian Capella who don’t have a chance in hell of making it as an artist painter unless they can get away with forging his signature on their many paintings he has “saved” from the trash heap and even then there are enough of us who know there isn’t anyone not even Raye Ann Marks his very best protégé and whose own outstanding paintings my wife and I are so very fortunate to own who could pull off such a dishonest stunt that now has a good number of his students who have just been waiting so long now for Sebastian to die and the value of their “saved” paintings to go through the roof, bearing in mind that as time passes Sebastian at 80 is in better physical shape than the overwhelming majority of his students some in their twenties, distracted to the point that they have missed the main point of how given all the muscles they have developed over the years standing in front their easels with their paint brushes serving as weights just waiting for Sebastian to “make the rounds” would make them that much more of a “competent” bully then poor, poor, poor, so weakly Hitler who of course got chosen for the task of wiping out as many independent thinkers as was “humanely possible” because he himself was not only so very physically non-threatening but this “nothing of nothings” was willing to go along with speaking the biggest bunch of nonsense.


The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small lie - Hitler


The President of Iran has announced yet again another “countdown button” for the extermination of the Jewish State of Israel.


Could somebody please send me one of these buttons that surely a Jewish business person I know in Hong Kong is now having mass produced that has local anesthetic on the tip of the pin so that it wont hurt when it gets punctured through a permanent tattoo.


Do you notice any similarities between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and The Fuhrer?


While helping you do your job I also stand ready to offer my assistance to Israel or any country really interested in “giving peace a better chance” and part of “playing my part” is helping people like Mr. Ahmandinejad, Sec. of State Rice, Hilary, Drudge who depends on Hilary and lets not forget Drudge’s claim to fame was Monica, all of them which of course includes Mr. Putin, finally also making a whole lot of sense, avoiding pushing anyone’s buttons triggering even an ant getting in the groin of an operator of nuclear weapons reading and understanding that Edward Jay Epstein’s THE DIAMOND INVENTION is NO fiction story, and the artificial ant is programmed to seek out such individuals throughout the world including those in Israel who know it is not a State Secret Israel has enough supersonic long range missiles containing multiple nuclear warheads including highly sophisticated miniature Neutron Bombs to first kill the crew before then sinking more than an oil supertanker in the flash of an eye.


Now feel free as you think more about whether the insect buzzing about you is real or simply an intelligence gathering device to go ahead and compute what I have written above and what you can verify independently has on the ability of Wall-47th Street, New York City, the money laundering capital of the world, to project out corporate sales and profits beyond say next week let alone 30 years as they are now doing in order to support the totally beyond belief utter nonsense share prices.


You don’t think it is still totally nuts for President George W. Bush to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and call for an immediate suspension in the trading of shares of public corporations, thereby protecting naïve and innocent investors throwing “good money after bad”, not to mention those well run corporations will be at an advantage to the smart money socked away


While this nutcase in Iran “vents” he, that is, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not far “off the mark”.


In fact, this President is very much “on the ball”, relatively speaking, of course.


Mr. Ahmadinejad is today making the most sense of any leader “capturing the headlines” of the DAAC controlled media.


Moreover, Mr. Ahmadinejad is able with his captivating rhetoric which of course I am not the only person in the world who finds it boring, to achieve his primary objective which is only to recruit from amongst the ranks of the world’s poor which includes United States citizens increasing numbers of Iranian backed Hezbollah Special Op commandos who the west including Israel would like to forget how extraordinarily well they performed in last summer’s 6 week most brutal war with Israel that amongst a number of very strategic objectives achieved resulted in the evacuation of Israel’s 3rd largest city, housing a population of 300,000, the port of Haifa where my late paternal grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser owned priceless properties that my maternal grandfather, Albert Badash-Ash arranged to be “gifted” to the Mossad.


If I had a kid born and raised in Israel I would not be encouraging them to join any unit of the Israeli military and I didn’t need Hezbollah’s great victory less than a year ago to convince me of Israel’s problems that didn’t begin with the Suzannah Operation debacle going back some 53 years ago to the summer of 1954 when a senior Israeli intelligence officer, in charge of running this very important covert operation aimed at stopping both the U.S. and Great Britain from leaving Egypt, “turned”.


It was not only Gentiles who turned a blind eye to the nonsense, no muscle, non-athlete Hitler.


Not to mention every Jewish person alive and conscious today is guilty of not only “war crimes” but failing to properly educate the next generation on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth which is extraordinarily easy to now figure out.


David Ben Gurion as well as Menachem Begin, the two, at times warring leaders of the two Jewish Underground movements operating almost exclusively in Israel fighting the British for a Jewish homeland for Jewish people all around the world to be “safe”, knew that it wasn’t so much that the Jewish people had no where to run but without money in their back pockets it would be difficult to afford even a cheap hamburger.


Moreover, their enemies could be financed with Diamond Currency, unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried until such time that there are no Jewish people worth saving.


DBG didn’t need to earn an economics degree at the bloody nonsense San Diego State University or Harvard or Oxford or Yale or Cambridge or the London School of Economics to know there was nothing funny about how EXTRAORDINARILY poorly the DAAC and their industrial-military-complex supporters behaved during World War II, before as well as after.


DBG didn’t need to be reminded in the summer of 1954 how in the early days of January 1949 when my Royal Mater at age 19 began visiting Israel two to three times a year British fighter pilots provided air cover to Egyptian fighters during this most critical period of Israel’s War of Independence when the “lines in the sand” were being drawn for the next war financed by the DAAC’s House of Saud and their mostly western supporters.


And if he got distracted but for a picosecond then he had my Royal Mater to remind him.


Do you have any idea why it was that my Royal Mater based in South Africa would be the “first civilian” allowed in to the captured territories of the Sinai immediately following Israel’s stunning victory in the 6 Day Arab-Israeli War that began June 5th 1967, some 40 years ago tomorrow?


Why is it do you think not a single survivor of the USS Liberty that was brutally attacked by the Israeli Defense Forces on June 8th 1967 with the war essentially over were not expecting to hear the brutal truth of their government’s complicity in The Diamond Invention!


I have now said it repeatedly that when there is “price fixing” of any “desired” commodity such as Diamond tipped drilling bits needed for pretty much everything apart from possibly a pot to pee in, all the economic laws of supply and demand go “out the window” and there is nothing, not “Freedom of Speech”, “Law and Order”, “A Nation of Laws”, “Free Enterprise”, “Free Markets”, “Law protecting Presidents from sexual harassment in the work place”, “Constitutional Laws granting Presidential Pardons”,Human Rights but only for the filthy rich”, nothing that even hints of “FREEDOM” left to discuss apart from sex and good art which so very few people know the first thing about which only leaves “war talk” that after a while also gets as boring as the countdown to Israel’s destruction unless you have someone like me around that can pretty much explain everything that is going on the battlefields including Wall-47th Street around the world including the United States’ most excellent job in keeping opium production in Afghanistan moving right along.


I think there are few people who know the first thing about me who would agree that today at age 50 which is not exactly old I could, despite not being in the same physical shape as I was in my mid twenties, not even close, I would command the utmost respect of each and every Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officer worth talking about.


The same could be said of each Hezbollah Special Op commando doing the most extraordinary job of mimicking the very best of the best of Israel’s Special Forces commandos who run circles around our drug crazed, poorly trained and commanded Special Forces units beginning with our Navy SEALs.


And remember I do not speak Arabic but it wouldn’t take me no more than a couple of minutes to reacquaint myself with their basic weaponry such as an AK 47 that when I was just 15 years of age I could take apart and put back together with my eyes closed, a skill today executed to perfection by not every member of Israel’s most elite Special Forces units.


To mention little once again of my super secretive Royal Mater who made it her business that I would first become acquainted at age 9 with the very best of not only Israel’s weaponry beginning with the Uzzi submachine gun but Commanding Officers who rarely if ever wore military uniforms and who didn’t take long to tell my RM only what she “needed to know”.


Albert Einstein is reported to have said that he felt “ashamed” for having refused the Presidency of Israel, instead staying close to the second most dangerous people in the world, American academia; Brit economist John Maynard Keynes who led the atrocity of the Bretton Woods Conference on U.S. soil, representing the worst of the worst.


Of course I don’t feel guilty about anything I have said or done given how I have always played the cards dealt to me to the very best of my ability without blackening my hands and when that wasn’t enough to turn to those who were more skilled and knowledgeable beginning with God who art in heaven.


So now we must go back once again to those United States Congressional Hearings during the early 1950s that had the “liberal”, so very human rights sensitive Kennedy clan’s extraordinarily close friend “Nazi” Senator Joseph McCarthy in charge of rooting out “communists”, a word supposed to elicit fear in the hearts, minds and souls of mind-body-soul controlled Americans while distracting us from the brutality of the DAAC who buttered the bread of the Kennedy clan and Senator Joe McCarthy and whose funeral “drew” the so sickeningly “beloved” Attorney General of the United States Robert F. Kennedy who was of course forced by the DAAC to work for this most evil Senator out to destroy all the Kennedy clan’s so-called “friends” in Hollywood.


Yes, and the fact that Democrat Senator John F. Kennedy, big talker, “Ich bin ein Berliner” wouldn’t even “go on record” to say how he would have voted against or for censuring Republican Senator McCarthy as this future President and Commander In Chief so conveniently was sidelined during the actual vote for a “backache”, give me a break!


Increasingly it means very little to “independent thinkers” what political party one belongs to where the “name of the game” is simply “finger pointing” at one another to first distract and then disappoint the masses of hard workers wanting to do the right thing but feeling simply overwhelmed but thanks to me can “condition” their minds to keep going back to Edward Jay Epstein’s Chapter 9, “Why did the DAAC finance the little bully Hitler that no one getting more than their fair share of the graft bothered to complain”, subtitle, “What members of the deep underground Jewish Underground including Field Marshall Jan Smuts knew without the OSS/CIA writing a secret war report detailing the ‘Money Power’ of the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, the most repressive regime of all time, responsible for the greatest enslavement, torture and mass murder that continues to this day.”


The question of the hour is not when will be the next time someone whether it be a nobody or somebody like Mr. Ahmajindeen making so much sense announces the pending destruction of the State of Israel or whether Hilary Clinton sounds more hawkish than Vice President Cheney or some other nobody backed up by the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s dark media decides to announce another scam whether it be a cop on the beat making a killing getting unleashed dog owners to pay off his wife’s brother’s friend who cleans the toilets over at Milberg Weiss-Lerach who then shares his percentage of the “take” with Dr. John K. Pollard’s maid-slave who fails to consistently clean with bleach the same cloth she uses to clean the toilets before than wiping the bums of the 4 bum kids, friends of Dr. JKP’s daughter who murdered with very possibly “special circumstances” a professional surfer when after a scuffle at a local bar in La Jolla a week ago last Thursday they followed this 4:1 outnumbered young man in his mid-twenties to his home miles away where he was brutally beaten to death BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, not only how many oil paintings my 24 year American resident French Canadian wife sold this past Saterday on the deck of the Del Mar Plaza in heavily corrupt Del Mar, but whether I facilitated the sales whether or not I used Diamond Currency unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried.


To be continued maybe…


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007 12:53 PM PT
To: Sargent Jensen - San Diego Police Harbor Department
Cc: rest; jimandjoe@ussliberty.com; Gerard Arpey - American Airlines - President and Chief Operating Officer ; Peter Bowler - President and CEO, American Eagle Airlines; JRK@class-action-law.com; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Steve Terry - General Manager American Eagle - San Diego; Oprah; Sternshow@howardstern.com; jesusmendez150@hotmail.com; Dr. John K. Pollard - JKPJKP@alum.mit.edu; Dad; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Mossad; Sherri Hendricks - Rapaport Report; Sternshow@howardstern.com; Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman; greer@jpost.com; Gregg Birnbaum - Political Editor for New York Post - webeditor of Just Hilary; Simon Constable - Street.com; Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation; Roger W. Robinson; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters; Roger Hedgecock; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Senator@kennedy.senate.gov; Senator@mccain.senate.gov; President@whitehouse.gov
Subject: THE LION...---... SMILE... What happened....




Conventional Wisdom says,


Anything too long indicates the writer wants to get things off his chest.


And this is to the detriment of the point of sending an E Mail.


The shorter, sweeter and to the point always works.


The brain has then nothing to filter. 


The more loose tea in the tin, the more you need a strainer...if you know what I mean?


Why throw a B52 full of bombs when you can drop just one big one....sort of thing.


Not only is Conventional Wisdom mostly wrong but there was a reason why the United States did not drop just one even miniature neutron bomb on Vietnam instead the B52s full of bombs did the job just perfect and our industrial-military-complex moved on, bigger and bigger, but better men think of what women think bearing the children who are the ones increasingly caught in the cross-fire.


Now sit back and relax.


Take a deep breath.


You will agree that so far the beginning of my message is quite good, no strike that, rather excellent given how it is both relatively concise and to the point.


What follows below if you are suffering like most from mental hardship is long and drawn out and you would prefer to feel it is filled with anger and opinions versus quite the opposite.


You would agree it is good to present all points of view.


Bear in mind that I don’t have much to deal with at the moment on a personal level.


I have a scheduled date with my awesome wife this evening, 3 people so far coming over to our cliff house for job interviews followed by a quick run along the beach with my dog and then out for a couple of hours if not more on my wave ski, still needing though to find Pypeetoe a dogsitter since he would need to be leashed and I am not willing to upset anyone by testing out a long leash attached to the wave ski.


Are you available?


It would be okay to swim for a little while but once he starts howling.


Don’t let me go on although you would agree that sometimes people who claim they are your friend do everything in their power to destroy your self esteem.


It is invigorating not sad when you realize they were never your friend and it is time to never see them or talk to them again, wouldn’t you agree?


You are not the only person in the world who is having difficulty defining the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan to the next generation who don’t need either me or you to help them figure out it is worth taking their chances staying put and if need be join one of our homegrown gangs where at least the colors are different.


But I think you would agree that you are not yet equipped to explain to those still eager to search for the truth; i.e. not yet corrupted, not yet in denial how the business of “money” figures in to all of this utter nonsense.


Not to mention you should know by now that the USS Liberty, the most “wired” floating vessel in the world at the time it got blasted on June 8th 1967 to smithereens, first Israeli fighter jets dropping on this defenseless U.S. spy ship napalm bombs having initially disabled, again an “Ally’s” super secret spy vessel hanging in the most brutal war zone of the Middle East, with 50 mm machine gun bullets, all followed by the most brutal Israeli Navy’s Special Marine Forces on fast moving rubber boats still feeling the need to torpedo, again a clearly marked in English, a high flying American flag to boot, ally WELL KNOWN SPY ship that had NOT A SINGLE Protector-Defender within 500 miles, totally dead in the water; the Liberty crew geared more for looking good at medal award ceremonies, incapable of doing much more than finally firing off a few rounds in to the approaching Israeli torpedo boats while mostly trying to drop lifeboats in to the burning oil, HAD JUST PRIOR to being placed in “harms way” by American-Israeli intelligence done a stint down in South Africa which is where the orders to be placed in “harms way” originated.


And of course who apart from Senator John McCain’s admiral father, the incompetent-culpable seaman, would ever think of placing The Liberty along with the whole fricken American 6th Fleet sitting in the sun some 500 miles away in the Mediterranean Sea over in Vietnam where it was mostly a matter of feeding our “Poverty of Thought” young like Senator McCain to the fierce Vietnamese farmers just wanting to be left alone to be successful entrepreneurs which they are today only because they won and we the DAAC forces lost “handedly”.


So whose side do you think God is on?


I would wager my last worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollar that with all I have given you just in the past 24 hours you could not only stand up to debate someone as poorly bred as well as horribly educated as Dr. John K. Pollard and the such which accounts for the overwhelming majority of nonsense talkers coming out of all our universities worth talking about but you would beat him and every one of his buddies on my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list “hands down.”


BTW I have not placed Dr. JKP back on the FNFFIPP list since not one of his many scientist colleagues that he is so busy with when failing to properly counsel his daughter how to properly “feed” delinquents have decided to send me the nonsense study they keep talking about that says women are inferior to men in the sciences and the math.


I assume this murder of a professional surfer by 4 younger friends of Dr. JKP’s daughter, a mover and shaker in the Socialist big government Democratic Party does not have you distracted from completing you long report for the District Attorney inevitably leading to a class action lawsuit against American Airlines that could conceivably if I am “spearheading” the project result in the bankrupting of this major New York Exchange public corporation.


Don’t you feel just marvelous finally realizing that your first reaction to hearing academics speak was 100% accurate.


They are all a bunch of wankers.


And those that are possibly not, cant you just wait to see them join us?


Or are you still mostly focused on checking with pawn shops to see if the American Airlines officials and employees who stole my gold thought when exchanging the gold for other gold they were going in to a confession booth to boot?


If you know any of those members of the USS Liberty especially those in the top secret below deck intelligence gathering unit which was off limits even to the Captain who later received in an unceremonious ceremony the Nation’s highest honor for “duty under friendly fire”, the Congressional Medal of Honor, would you be inclined to put me in touch with them and have them visit with me this afternoon at our cliff house in Del Mar where I will be conducting job interviews starting at around 2:30?


There was this eerie whirling noise much like how a warning siren starts up that I have never heard before ever, all the noise made by the wind here at our Stone Home that came out of nowhere, suddenly picked up, and now everything is silent apart from the whirling noise made by my desktop computer, very much on its last legs.

The overwhelming majority of those schooled throughout the world including us in South Africa, black and white, under the American-British Crown Bell Shaped Curve educational system, all geared to destroying independent thinking, had no idea of the deal first struck between John F. Kennedy and American mafia of mafia boss Charles Englehard at Engelhard’s Chaleur Camp very private retreat across our northern border in Quebec, Canada that was later “rubber stamped” when Mr. Engelhard, my uncle David Gevisser’s major benefactor, “arranged” the meeting with President elect JFK and Anglo South African Harry Oppenheimer, Engelhard’s money laundering mafia partner at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City with more than just the Secret Service looking on in utter amazement.


Just one American fighter jet buzzing the South African Apartheid Regime’s Houses of Parliament back in mid-1964 when Engelhard commanded the newly elected DAAC President Lyndon Johnson to send the nuclear aircraft carrier Enterprise to Cape Town could have brought this most repressive regime the world has ever known to its knees.


Not to mention, I bet you were surprised to hear when first reading the website located via the previous hyperlink that Socialist big government Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy when he visited South Africa in 1985 was so embarrassingly heckled not by white South Africans but by Black South Africans who remember just because they are black doesn’t mean they are much more brilliant than Lilly White Wheaty Eaters such as the Kennedys and Arnold to boot.


Instead of doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing, Lyndon Johnson did what President JFK was supposed to do for the DAAC having buttered not just his bread but the entire Kennedy clan going back to when Joseph Kennedy the patriarch of this mafia family was a two-bit drug dealer specializing in alcohol.


Does it really take much racking on anyone’s brain with just an iota of “common sense” to figure out what Israeli intelligence with the most extraordinary very deep underground intelligence on the ground in South Africa were doing in the 12 month “interval” between the Enterprise visiting South Africa to pay the DAAC-British Crown-3 Branches of the United States Government’s respects to the DAAC kingpins “living it up” in the DAAC hatred filled South Africa where the “courseware” for Jewish kids was, “IF THERE WAS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM IN SOUTH AFRICA THERE WOULD BE A JEWISH PROBLEM!”?


Who the hell is Jewish?


Who the hell is Christian?


You surely not mad at me just for asking simple but intelligent questions that you already know the answer to but probably prefer that you didn’t with just 17 odd years to go before starting to collect your soon to be worthless pension!


You didn’t need your mommy or daddy or preacher or teacher or professor at college to tell you that the problems of the world are all “made up”, that it has never ever been about race, color, sex or religion simply poor religious parental teaching and greedy people.


Can you appreciate how the Revlon Make Up Cartoon on my first website www.FOOTSAK.com, footsak meaning in slang South African to give someone a “kick in the rear end”, played a pivotal role in getting Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. of Finkelstein & Krinsk and Mr. Robert Kaplan of Kaplan Kilsheimer & Fox to do the right thing and file an epic class action lawsuit complaint against Revlon Corporation, naming its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ronald “Capo Di Capi” Perelman as one of the defendants on October 1st 1999 with less than a couple of hours to go before the statute of limitations ran out?


Do you think Mr. Perelman and Mr. Arpey, President and Chief Operating Officer of American Airlines are talking to one another these days and whether the two of them have taken counsel with Joe Grundfest, a former member of the SEC also quite intimately familiar with my work product?


It was no coincidence that the very first Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission in 1934 would be a Kennedy and why not its patriarch.


Whichever way you slice things even if it means as my Hong Kong friend Neil Gould pointed out last evening, cutting and sharpening your finger to make a point which is not a good thing, everything boils down to one very simple fact that has been around I would say longer than both you and me, specifically how if you were in with the DAAC you could use their Diamond Currency that they gift you to own a piece of Lloyds Insurance Of London and in the next instant own whatever piece of the New York Stock Exchange that has MIT and Cornell Alumnus Dr. John K. Pollard able to pontificate that the economy of the United States is doing just fine, just so long as you haven’t forgotten who exactly butters your bread because the DAAC are excellent record keepers and this I would know not simply because my mommy told me so.


Not to mention my very mindful and over-the-top literate most gorgeous French-Canadian wife, Marie Dion Gevisser will, if it is meant to be, write The Lion, a children’s book about the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel that will inform both the children and those that read it to them about this most extraordinary corruption for which there is no equal so that by the time the kids are teenagers they will in fact know everything versus today when they think they know everything there is to know.


You first have to read The Diamond Invention which means you have to “bite the bullet” and acknowledge you don’t know the first thing about how the “real world” works before knowing how best to do your job.


There is nothing I have written so far about how an Almighty God might be looking down upon us, perhaps from the bottom up just the way lightening strikes but lets just stick to supposing that there is no such thing as our One Omnipotent Power just ponder what it all means when the crooks of crooks are in charge of the “pulse-gauge” that to corrupt idiots like MIT and Cornell alumnus Dr. John K. Pollard suggest the U.S. industrial-military-complex is doing just fine.


Bear in mind that today Dr. JKP is not going to be communicating all that much with those he admires on my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list since you would think he has his hands full trying to get 4 young men, friends of his 40+ year old daughter, who should have known better than to gang up and murder in cold blood a professional surfer after following this surfer who I do not know to his home after an earlier scuffle in filthy rich La Jolla, California, beat a “Murder One” rap.


My thoughts right now are with Steve Biko and his awesomely courageous however few supporters such as Professor Fatima Meer while never ever forgetting those not much older than me who had their genitals cut off while still alive when Syrian forces overrun Israeli positions on the Golan Heights in the first hours of the Yom Kippur not all that surprising attack given how even back in 1973 Arab and non-Arab including Iranian enemies of Israel were mimicking rather well Israeli Special Forces.


Would you be interested in my personal “assessment” of Hollywood blockbuster Producer-Director Steven SPIelberg’s classic 2005 movie-documentary-drama MUNIch, covering the murder of 11 “defenseless” Israeli athletes at the Munich summer Olympics?


First, you should watch the movie along with SPIelberg’s 5 minute 100 mile introduction and remember everything I have said previously beginning with the above paragraph going back to what I sent my father on his 77th Birthday back on October 18th 2000 and then tell me if the world hasn’t changed since then and don’t forget to email Dr. JKP with your answer.


I am getting close to rapping up this Part I of perhaps 3 part email and before I move on I should have you when examining the “money trail” look at the baseless criminal complaint The IT filed against me but my wife being the “primary target” on the first anniversary of 911 when he and his co-conspirators believed correctly that law enforcement officials would not only be distracted but so wanting to believe a “godly” medical doctor that I was “misbehaving” with his 13 year old biological daughter without however of course mentioning that he had just built for Danielle a tiny bedroom in his BIG 3 story house in his closet leading in to his master bedroom that isn’t really all that big.


3 days prior The IT had tried to goad me out of my automobile and engage him in a fist fight and after he stepped away from the front of my Mini Cooper S heading in the direction of the front passenger side I could have very easily started up the car and been on my way.


But by this time he talking uncontrollably, the spit flying all over the place that had me thinking of my dad in his Spitfire which helped keep my level head as you now think about the nonsense of JFK Jr. becoming disoriented and not knowing what was up or down when deciding to plunge his plane carrying also his wife and sister-in-law into the cold Atlantic Ocean with a 100 mile clear visibility.



I knew from a lifetime of experience that everything would eventually get in my favor so long as I was just able to maintain my cool which was not at all easy given how I was exerting a lot of energy ducking and diving just to avoid all the awful contamination of his mouth, nothing quite like seeing sperm on the side of the mouth of The Sperm Donor of Sperm Donors.


Then “out of nowhere” I heard the name “Roger” as in “our man Roger” as in DAAC Master spy Roger W. Robinson, the protégé of Chase Manhattan Bank chairman David Rockefeller whose family has played a pivotal role in the Diamond Drilling Bit Oil Wars, the first beginning in 1914, one year following the formation of the DAAC-British Crown United States Federal Reserve.


I knew that there was not a chance in hell that my former one American attorney of some 15 years Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq. a graduate of Berkley and the University of Virginia Law School where etched in stone on the one campus building are the words, “We Do Not Lie, Steal or Cheat”, would have introduced The IT, his neighbor, to RWR who along with Sec. James A. Baker were running President Ronald W. Reagan’s first administration while our Being There President watched movies convincing himself that he was a pilot during the second major Diamond Drilling Bit Oil War.


Robert F. Kennedy also a graduate of the law school where they like every law school do lie, steal and cheat, I thought at the time The IT made mention of “our man Roger” had to be turning over in his grave.


Let me remind you and law enforcement all around the world including those in the Peoples Republic of Communist China who do not feel the need to carry guns to be used on their own so polite, so non-aggressive but extraordinarily aware people who LIVE TO LEARN of who exactly is “our man Roger” that would have The IT a total idiot but slimeball of slimeball DARE to mention his name in the same breath as telling me, “Roger is also afraid of you!


Loose Lips Sink Ships.


It was just a question of 3 days before the “next shoe would fall” and then following the baseless criminal complaint filed “under oath under penalty of perjury” by the slimeball of slimeballs on September 11th, 2002, followed by an initial hearing where The IT’s X wife stood up so very brilliantly to all his acts of intimidation designed to have us both go nuts, but instead we just smiled, The IT and Co. felt in order to now try “covering their tracks” on that very same day, to have both the FBI and Detective Jeffrey Steele from your police department visit with me.


No doubt the record will show how I was not in the least bit angry.


Truth is a very powerful weapon.


You should try it sometime on yourself.


God is Truth.


Truth, that which does not change.


Roger W. Robinson, born on the same day as President R.W.R., February 6th, but 40 years apart is currently the immediate past Chairman and Vice Chairman of the very important U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission last appointed by former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on May 7, 2003.


I have known “our man Roger”, the bosom buddy of my left of left wing American attorney King Golden Jr. Esquire, a long time resident of heavily corrupt Del Mar, California, from when “our man Roger” first joined as the “top dog” the National Security Council in March 1982.


I was still 24 and Roger was 31 odd years of age.


Moreover, given my closeness to his “bosom buddy” I knew everything there was to know about RWR while all he knew is what King Golden Jr. Esq. would have told him and I only told my attorney with the “attorney-client privilege” only what he needed to know.


Both King and Roger do a lot of both pot and alcohol and neither of them exercise.


Moreover, by 1984 I was in the best physical and mental shape of my life having survived repeated liver poisoning by DAAC forces that included both physicians and nurses at Cape Town’s famous Groote Schuur hospital where each time I went “under the knife” I got sicker.


BTW my maternal grandfather, Albert Badash-Ash was assassinated by the DAAC who also poisoned his liver although all my Royal Mater ever mentioned on the subject was that “when they opened him up and exposed his liver, he died the next day”. Al Ash was prior to being poisoned to death the healthiest tea toddler on the planet.


When King Golden Jr. Esq. and I would visit with RWR in Washington DC at the brownstone owned by Valerie Schulte Esq., the “third leg in the stool”, bearing in mind Valerie’s prior claim to fame was that for 15 years she spread her legs day in and day out for CNN founder Ted Turner, I would be up at the crack of dawn getting in my exercise so that when we would all congregate for breakfast in Valerie’s kitchen that led out to her very cute garden in the back that I helped toil on many an occasion, I could “clown around” without any of them “being the wiser.”


Anyone with an addictive personality feels the need to talk more so.


Drug addicts are the DAAC’s first choice when the situation calls for a “hit” and then to get rid of all the evidence part of the compensation includes bad “smack”.


Parents that believe in smacking their kids wouldn’t understand a word I am writing and I am not only talking about those who enjoy being physically violent on their defenseless kids who later they protest to be “close as thieves” while stealing their children’s innocence and independent thinking and of course enjoying their grandchildren for thinking themselves so fricken smart not to have murdered their children and at least stop this endless cycle of violence.


While Roger, King and Valerie with me every so often throwing in my “two pennies worth” of entertainment including how they could be assured of King becoming President of the United States with me running his campaign with of course “our man Roger” ultimately once again “running the White House” but us all agreeing that RWR’s pal Sec. James A. Baker who King would repeat ad-nausea, “The Most Dangerous Person In The World” sidelined as our Ambassador to the House of Saud which he has always been, I made the smart and only choice to go deafeningly silent once I got Martin Rapaport of the Diamond Rappaport Report to “confirm” that he was more than just a pawn of Codiam Inc. that his co-dependant relationship also included his ability to “keep tabs” on Stephen Cohen and Alan Lipworth, the two DAAC principals of Codiam Inc. my employer back in 1980; Codiam Inc. a diamond “sight holder” and the DAAC’s principal marketing and money laundering arm in the United States responsible for setting up for the DAAC wholesale-retail diamond money laundering operations like E. Slotar Inc. of Chicago, Illinois who I first met on the plane when arriving from South Africa, destination Chicago back on March 17th 1978 armed with the “Letter of Introduction” of “Letters of Introductions”.


Back to your timeline and flowchart of the most important events in the history of the world following the Red Army, not the United States liberating the death camp of Auschwitz on February 2nd 1945 that preceded by a couple of days the start of the atrocious Yalta Conference that immediately had Sec. James A. Baker’s future employer meeting with DAAC President Franklin D. Roosevelt.



Not to mention my father’s prior dive bombing mission on January 31st 1945, “D. B. Ammo dumps of Spilamberto” with two 500 lb bombs on each wing, his 1 hour and 30 minute 23rd mission beginning at 10:45 AM, his log reading:


Pigeon led 8’s. There was 10/10 cloud at 4000 our side of line! My bombs just overshooting hitting road, there being many hits. Made 2 straffing runs one dump blew up others burning. Very successful op!


Bernie Gevisser’s next mission to dive bomb the crap out of the DAAC Nazi bastards took place on President and RWR’s birthday, February 6th 1945, his 24th mission to “D.B. three guns south of Bologna” carrying again just two 500 pound bombs, beginning at 15:20 and lasting 1hr and 40 minutes, recorded in his second logbook:


No. 3 to Syd [Cohen]. Saw a great deal of AA ahead of us over target. Also saw gun flashes on ground! Heavy A.A. around Mel & myself as we went down – They also sent up some light A.A. as we were diving – so straffed! I never observed my bombs as I was too busy getting out!


Your thoughts must again go to poor, poor Dr. JKP the same age as my amazing father. The two, to the best of my recollection, have not met.


Now lets return to “our man Roger” sitting there “calling the shots” until September 1985 in the basement of the White House, he and Sec. James A. Baker in doing the bidding of the DAAC were in fact fiddling with the next generation all around the world.


Now let’s not also forget that prior to joining the NSC staff, Chairman and Vice Chairman Robinson was a Vice President in the International Department of the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City. As a banker, he had responsibilities for Chase's loan portfolio in the USSR, Eastern and Central Europe, and Yugoslavia for five years. He also served for some two and a half years as a staff assistant to former Chase Chairman David Rockefeller and earlier on assignment with the Chase branch in Tokyo.


Now take a look at what my Royal Mater sent me for my 34th birthday.

A month earlier, February 1991, “our man Roger”, now 40 years of age came to visit with me for the first time in my 900 or so square foot 2 bedrooms, 2 bath apartment with a small balcony allowing you if the wind direction was right to smell all the sex going on the condominiums in front.


I knew Roger would be stoned coming in to my apartment #4 since he was with King.


My girlfriend Annie George was present but she was not talking and nor was I.


Annie George is an extraordinarily observant individual responsible for running a major insurance marketing/publishing private corporation that required her and her staff of the most brilliant journalists-editors to meet some 3300 publishing deadlines a year, making me and the founder George Nordhaus whose job it was mine to keep him out of the way, look extraordinarily good.


Annie George had no knowledge of what exactly I was doing back on 47th-Wall Street in 1980 but she did know that I had got deathly sick.


Annie George had no knowledge of all our discussions in Washington DC-Georgetown because she never accompanied me on any of the trips.


Annie George knew, however, that Roger while stoned was still in a state of utter shock when looking around my very humble abode that was very “wired” as are all my homes including my apartment on 69th Street between Central Park West and Columbus in New York City, but all “poorly educatedRWR could do was at first just keep his mouth wide open without saying a word, not even King informing him that I owned the 6 unit apartment-condominium building which had me just giggling couldn’t distract “our man Roger” from his first gut instinct which was simply “honest amazement” that in a matter of moments had him feeling “stone cold” even though I was continuing to smile as naturally as possible under the circumstances knowing that I would need going forward to play my cards extraordinarily smart and beyond belief “close to my chest”.


Just because I never opened my mouth to anyone for some 24 years until reconnecting with the DAAC on November 11th 2004 didn’t mean the DAAC had forgotten about me.


Let me come back to the Fifth point I was making to David Rockefeller’s personal assistant Ms. Mary Valder back on December 18th, 2005:


Back to the Diamond Invention’s Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA known to both Field Marshall Jan Smuts, second in command to Winston Churchill during CHURCHill’s “dark days” getting smashed and David Ben Gurion, at the time, the head of the Haganah, the more “political wing” of Jewish Underground operating mainly in Palestine-Israel and of course anyone with half a brain can today figure out why sliding off the edge Edgy EJE failed to mention the Bretton Woods Convention in 1944 that further empowered the DAAC while this DAAC disgusting investigative journalist stooge managed to spit out,


Whatever were the specific tactics of DeBeers, the justice Department investigators reached the conclusion that the singular effect of these efforts was to artificially restrain the production of diamonds. This, in turn, produced higher prices. A 1944 memorandum to the attorney general concluded, "The United States is paying monopoly prices for an essential material needed in wartime production." If DeBeers were an American company, the memorandum continued, "There would be no question as to [its] having violated the anti-trust laws." Since De Beers was a South African corporation, the Justice Department had to demonstrate that it had some jurisdiction over its activities before it could consider prosecuting it.


Sixth, the decision taken by the NSC when “our man Roger”, the expert at the NSC on USSR Economics, not to interfere with the wholesale diamond-money laundering business of the DAAC and thus choke off the Soviet Evil Empire who had little else but diamond currency to bargain with when purchasing armaments to fend off “our man Roger” et al’s decision to bankrupt the Soviets while at the same time head the United States itself into bankruptcy while making absolutely certain the Diamond Invention, to use Edgy EJE’s last words in Chapter 9, “survived intact”.


Admittedly as you read the “evidence” above it may appear at, first blush, to be “highly circumstantial”?


Even though Roger, King and I would a short while after King lit up another joint head on out for dessert at Spagos, remember Roger had other “commitments” on this trip including Birthday celebrations with President RWR, Nancy and of course Sec. James A. Baker as well as “our man Roger’s” other business partner Judge Clark, a key member of President RWR Kitchen’s Cabinet, I was able to make certain that we got seated right next to the largest table at this rather fancy restaurant occupied by one man with a 10 gallon hat and what both Roger and King believed to be 10 Las Vegas dancers when in fact the guy as well as each of the girls knew everything there was to know about “our man Roger” as well as King.


When the guy left to go to the bathroom followed by just a handful of the most wired Mossad intelligence agents operating in the United States at the time, the remaining girls did the most spectacular job of making “our man Roger” forget all his “troubles”.


My Royal Mater did not need to hear from me but from members of the deep underground Jewish Underground who have been watching out for me from the moment my RM handed me the “letter of introduction” when leaving South Africa on March 17th 1978 that I might do with a little “help from above”.


You should try and get your hands on my RM’s, The Winking Cat.


My RM was never impressed in the least with King Golden Jr. Esq. despite his very good looks and academic credentials.


Moreover, she knew from his relationship with “our man Roger” that he could not be trusted with anything but disinformation knowing that it would be first shared with “our man Roger”.


My RM didn’t need to wait until I was 34 years of age to send me my father’s second set of fighter-bomber-pilot wings.


Sargent, you and I as well as the remaining 7 odd billion of us human beings overwhelmingly generous because they are so very honest recognize you are part of a chain of command and those above you now have a “preemptive look” at what they may or may not have to do depending on how far this goes – what I do next, in your court, in their court, in my court and “back and forth”, of course my access is immediate. I use the Internet.


For comparative purposes see me as a Jehovah Witness coming to your front door making a “blanket statement” about why you should believe in this and that and you asking me to show proof that what I am saying is true; that you, your wife, your immediate family, colleagues blah blah can trust what I say.


When you are comfortable you don’t want to rock the boat but what about all those people not just in San Diego County but throughout the world not getting close to their fair share of the graft, the easiest targets of “petty crimes”, don’t you think they would be inclined to at least read a hardcopy of Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein’s INTERNET ONLY most fascinating book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION and within moments of reading just the first paragraph of the Prologue find themselves glued.


How would you like to join me and a handful of residents of San Diego County less comfortable than either you or me and for us all to invest one day on a weekend when I am not broadcasting at the top of my voice over The Internet and you are not “on the beat”, beating the pavements visiting each and every prison that serves San Diego County to poll both all the guards as well as inmates on their reaction to not knowing the first thing about the Diamond Invention that is not exactly a fiction story, far from it, and in the next breath to answer their so obvious follow up questions beginning with,


Why don’t we know about this most devious organization in the history of the world that has because of their ‘Money Power’, able to manufacture the price of their manufactured unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency, managed for more than a century to bribe each and every one of our elected and non-elected government officials who should have known better given their fiduciary responsibility to serve all the people to the best of their ability?


You understand perfectly well that those such as inmates at the bottom of the DAAC pyramid when buying into “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend” are relied upon by the unimaginably brilliant marketing DAAC to purchase at retail and if ever foolish enough to consider reselling to be fully aware they will be selling back at wholesale where the spread is greatest at the bottom of the pyramid versus those at the top who using a variety of “vehicles” including diplomatic pouches can move their entire wealth in one part of the world where the DAAC have created civil wars for a myriad of reasons which I will begin to spell out in crystal clear English in a moment, and the moment they land in a “safe haven” like Zug, Switzerland can call upon someone like Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich who received at the 11th hour and 59th minute of Bill “Cecil Rhodes-DeBeers Scholarship” Clinton’s 2nd term as Commander In Chief that also bears the title, President, a Presidential Pardon, and while enjoying a cappuccino along with a cheese and onion sandwich of course on white miracle bread instantly exchange at 1:1; i.e. no spread between what they paid and what they can get back, those worthless-fictitious DeBeers’ Diamond Currency into a myriad of investments which I don’t think I need to spell out unless you insist.


To be continued…


[Word count 6201]


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 12:25 PM
To: 'bjensen@portofsandiego.org
Cc: rest; JRK@class-action-law.com; James.Sunderland@risdonhosegood.com
Subject: As you suggested I called up Verizon Wireless to enquire about getting you a hardcopy showing the reprisal- threatening phone call I got from Steve Terry on May 1st, 2007, ...---... What happened....


originating at 8:56 AM PST and last 2 minutes and 56 seconds, Terry’s telephone number 1-619-231-7202.


Verizon is having a problem locating that call?


They tell me they keep a record of every incoming call?


I still have that very important call still registering on my cell phone , just as when I showed it to you when we met.


Time is of the essence!


What do you suggest apart from me coming over right now and if you are not in who do I suggest I have it downloaded on to your system?


[Word count 124]


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 4:33 PM
To: bjensen@portofsandiego.org
Subject: What happened....




From: Gary S. Gevisser [mailto:gevisser@sbcglobal.net]
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 3:11 PM
To: 'Brian Jensen'
Subject: RE: Brian - where do things stand? Gary


I am just online right now and my cell phone 858-7356398 is very low on batteries. I will call once I am offline – in about ten minutes.


From: Brian Jensen
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 3:09 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: Brian - where do things stand? Gary




I can't find your phone number in my notes.  Please call my number, 619-686-6510, and if I don't answer, leave your cell number and we can touch bases.




Brian Jensen



Sergeant Brian C. Jensen,
Administrative Unit Sergeant
Asst. Rangemaster
San Diego Harbor Police Department
3380 N. Harbor Dr.


San Diego, CA 92101



>>> "Gary S. Gevisser" <gevisser@sbcglobal.net> 5/22/2007 9:18 AM >>>




From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2007 2:45 PM PT
To: Sargent Brian Jensen - bjensen@portofsandiego.org
Cc: rest; Michael.lombardi2@ic.fbi.gov'; Gerard Arpey - American Airlines - President and Chief Operating Officer ; Peter Bowler - President and CEO, American Eagle Airlines; Steve Terry - General Manager American Eagle - San Diego; Augusto Benito Vargis; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Eliot Spitzer - Governor of New York State - Former Attorney General of New York State ; Elizabeth - WHY WE FIGHT!; Guy De Chazal - Partner Morgan Stanley; Howard Schultz - Founder, Chairman and Global Strategist for Starbucks; Jay McMichael - CNN photojournalist; JRK@class-action-law.com; Kenneth Standard Esq. -Immediate Past President of the New State Bar Association; Tony Leon MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance - Republic of South Africa; Mossad; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Oprah; Roger W. Robinson; John Ziegler - KFI 640 AM "More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio" [sic]; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Trevor Manuel - South Africa's Minister of Finance; Dr. John K. Pollard - JKPJKP@alum.mit.edu; John Loftus Esq. - Justice Department Nazi prosecutor; Rush Limbaugh; artbell-coast; FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; President@whitehouse.gov
Subject: PY...computer problems...the hyper...


Your request that I write a report that allows you to write a much longer report may in fact be geared to not a single person in the world reading either my report which follows or your report or the report the FBI only hopes surfaces under the Freedom of Information Act some 50 years or less immediately before or right after the entire world blows up.


Not to mention you, the FBI and pretty much every single intelligence service in the world is now INTIMATELY familiar with the stiletto-like emails between myself and my former employer, Codiam Inc. located on 47th Street in Manhattan.


To mention little of Codiam being the most significant private fronting corporation for the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel the mafia of mafia who set the price of everything including the cost of bullets as well as electricity that support the continuing threatening phone calls.


It only takes common sense to understand why Leon Cohen, son of Stephen Cohen, principal of Codiam Inc. headquartered on 47th Street, New York City, the money laundering capital of the world, decided to go “deafeningly silent” when I responded on November 24th, 2004 with:


Terrific – I am still waiting to hear back from the feds and then I will let u know my plans.


All the best,




to Leon’s email earlier in the day which read:


Hi Gary:


Stephen is in Florida and can not get his computer to download his emails apparently so, I will him help with that tomorrow and hopefully get you a reply. On second thought let us make the plans and I will see that Stephens schedule coordinates.


All the best




I understand better not only how the DAAC, the money launderers of money launderers got the overwhelming majority of the world’s literate population so easily distracted but why they continue to count first on those with the most “blackened hands” followed by the easily distracted which leaves only the illiterate, to keep reminding me that because the space between their ears increasingly reflects a perfect vacuum where no sound as we know it can travel, the result of short-circuits caused by leading a life of constantly having to keep track of their lives from day one, they don’t have either the time, energy or insight, notwithstanding the ingenious “light bulb” effect created by our so smart Superior Being, to read my “so very long but sic communications” that I know and I know that you know are read not just by you “word for word” but each and every top official of the DAAC all the way down to their stooges protesting they don’t read a word I write, let alone all the interesting hyperlinks containing pictures of the most beautiful and sexy people the world has ever known.


Not to mention the DAAC and all their pitiful stooges don’t have the foggiest idea, the same with you, on how to stop people both getting more than their fair share of the graft-spoils of Diamond drilling bit oil wars as well as those not getting their fair share of everything including a full night’s sleep worrying what next I will be doing to bring even more Public International Attention to the important issues of the day.


Moreover, given how I didn’t get “off a boat” just yesterday PLUS the very important fact of how “good” I was in keeping my mouth shut for some 24 years while each and every day that went by I kept “lining up my ducks”, most of all gaining “credibility” in pretty much ever sector of the world’s economy, I know also rather well the process for winning a Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit, possibly but not necessarily, a whole lot better than I do getting a District Attorney to prosecute a “petty crime” albeit “using an aircraft in the commission of a felony crime” especially one such as what was perpetrated against me which in my humble but seasoned opinion is as close as it gets to, “black and white”.


Obviously I am having trouble in understanding how much more I can do both to help you tasked with maintaining “law and order” which includes protecting poorly educated but lawful citizens from retaliation when reporting unlawful acts and at the same time given the lack of protection afforded me by those entrusted to “protect and serve”, protect myself and those I care about from those responsible for this crime that each and every human being on the planet with just an iota of a conscience can get their arms around.


Not to mention how even a spoiled brat filthy rich kid hooked on either drugs, sex or rock and roll and why not all 3 as well as smoking, would find it totally incomprehensible that not only would baggage handlers go through each and every bag in the belly of the plane to determine if there were in fact any other “unzipped bags” to “return” monies that had supposedly fallen out of the only bag that was left by an “unfortunate” passenger unzipped but that their boss, the General Manager would write me, again someone who didn’t get off a ship just yesterday, in, “black and white” such utter nonsense before then choosing to go “deafeningly silent”, before then retaliating against me for having responded so very appropriately while using nothing more than common sense, Mr. Terry calling me on the telephone and threatening me with a Federal investigation.


When last did you encounter a District Attorney being presented with such excellent unimpeachable evidence of wrongdoing and not being totally outraged unless you were quite certain they were on the payroll of the DAAC?


You understand perfectly not only why I was trusted with the most intimate secrets of the DAAC whose only business once they were granted complete and total “command and control” of the entire world’s monetary system to then using not only the “long arm of the law” but their rarely if ever searched Hasidic-ultra orthodox Jewish-Black Hatters to “get the goods” on everyone before then using their own untraceable, lightweight and unlimited supply of never inventoried Diamond Currency to both bribe politicians who make the laws including the petty crime laws that only encourage more “petty crimes” that distract from the DAAC being the greatest and most flagrant violators of our sacrosanct Anti-Trust/Anti-Monopolies/Anti-Price Fixing laws that allow us in the U.S. to crow the loudest about we continue to have the “high moral ground” when espousing the virtues of the “FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM”, despite the fact that the DAAC have now laundered for more than a centndered for more than a century most of their worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars on U.S. soil.


You would understand that in spite of the Department of Business Administration-Finance [University of Natal-Kwazulu, South Africa] not caring to have me tutor first year business-accounting students on how it makes no sense to even begin discussing economic principles like supply and demand when you have one organization backed up by the military mite of all the world’s superpowers fixing their currency always above the price of a barrel of oil, it didn’t prevent me from educating those not yet bought and paid for by the most repressive regime in the history of the world.


You are also not alone in understanding perfectly well how excellent a witness I would be if brought before the entire United States Congress, the House of Lords, the Israeli Knesset, the South African Parliament, all the well educated Peruvian guides numbering some 800, etc etc to explain in very simple English why it is that each and every one of our elected and non-elected government officials who do not speak out against the DAAC, again the cartel of cartel, mafia of mafia, are corrupt.


Interesting that the Jenna Jameson the porn star not only endorses Hilary Clinton for President but welcomes all the troops returning from wars without, however, explaining how without a U.S. “command and control” military presence throughout the world not just in the Persian Gulf, the United States Dollar backed almost exclusively by our industrial-military-complex and real estate speculation would be worthless.


Now come back to my follow up communiqué to Leon Cohen on December 15th, 2004:


Leon hi – I am getting closer to nailing down Attorney General Spitzer, it helping tho if I could get your feedback on at least chapter 18 of the Diamond Invention that Charles Engelhard the co-conspirator with the Oppenheimers in the Diamond Invention, “arranged for Oppenheimer to buy a controlling interest in his far-flung empire, since he had no male heirs to take over.” Have u met our mutual cousin David Gevisser?




Now look at the time on your computer clock.


Now compute how long it would have taken for the FBI to call Stephen Cohen anytime between December 15th 2004 and the moment after the next moment to ask if he would have a “problem” in being interviewed with me assisting the FBI agents who may have been “tuned in” to the meeting that took place between President elect John F. Kennedy and Anglo South African mafia of mafia head, Harry Oppenheimer at the Carlyle Hotel located on the upper east end of New York City.


Recognize that the speed of light travels in a perfect vacuum like Deep Space at 300,000 kilometers per second, SIGNFICANTly faster than my super fast Ducati ST4S at top speed even when my awesomely athletic American French-Canadian wife is not riding pillion where she is the most perfect shadow.


I have taken the liberty of going well beyond District Attorneys, to the mostly good and hard working people of the world who understand perfectly exactly what happened and what is now occurring beginning with American Eagles’ top officials going, “deafening silent” and you and the FBI yet to make a determination to prosecute these scoundrels to the fullest extent of the law.


SCALs can be extraordinarily complicated given how the “testsSCAL litigators such as Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. have to “pass” which include verbiage such as “materiality” which is not only vague but when you consider how easy it is for a Chief Executive Officer to get their Chief Financial Officer to make a 1 cent “error” to the bottom line results of just one quarter, enough for bought and paid for analysts to “talk up” or “trash” the share price which in turn affects the pubic corporation’s bond rating and a host of other interrelated items including the cost of insurance which is established by the DAAC’s Lloyds of London all of which not only then impacts the share price of that one public corporation but each and every public corporation as well as private corporation all the way down to the DAAC panhandler who has marked his territory right across from the New York Stock Exchange in downtown Manhattan but how well the CEO looks in front of the TV cameras which has you thinking about the makeup artist’s role and all those co-dependant on the CEOlooking good”.


Notice that you are no longer thinking all that much about something so non-sexy and boring as the so often used and misused word “materiality” but very possibly Pypeetoe, my co-dependant Italian Greyhound.


While Mr. Terry, General Manager American Eagle San Diego, may find less humor in all this, the same with his bosses, Peter Bowler - President and CEO, American Eagle Airlines, and Gerard Arpey, the President and Chief Operating Officer of American Airlines, again a major New York Stock Exchange public corporation whose share price all the way down to what American Airlines pays for its low quality toilet paper could inevitably be impacted by the outcome of how well you do your job, I can only do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and continue to bring Public International Attention to this “black and white” felony crime.


You have already the entire chronology from when I checked in at the check-in desk at American Eagle over at the San Diego commuter terminal on April 3rd at around 5:20 PM PST when despite all the nonsense talk by the American Eagle official making certain our passports were in order that took up about 5 minutes despite letting her know by simply looking at both our passports that we are quite frequent international travelers bearing also in mind we had no check in luggage, there was not a single mention that our carry on luggage would be taken from us as we arrived at the steps of the small commuter aircraft, flight 3086 carrying no more than 20 passengers, as best I recall.


So we go from the check-in desk where the person in charge has us frustrated, not to mention distracted, now mostly focused on our passport identity documents, to then going through security where we are made to feel like criminals by personnel in official looking clothing we know nothing about but who get a very good look at what is in our most personal belongings but then we are feeling “comforted” by the cameras and other people who we also don’t know anything about watching those watching us as well as us and then you have to think as the comfort level drops exponentially about who is watching the watchers manning the TV monitors in a remote location possibly in Bombay, India, possibly distracted looking for the next Mother Teresa to shed a tear for all of India’s so beaten down poor, some if not all the watchers could of course be involved in this so very easy to figure out scam given how it is reasonable to assume that it is not only American Eagle personnel including their baggage handlers as well as TSA officials who know that the hand luggage will soon be taken out of our possession and placed in to the belly of the aircraft which one or more baggage handlers can sit at the very top of the aircraft’s conveyor belt and in the peace and quiet of the shade pick and choose which hand luggage to pillage.


So very official as the onus is on the passenger to prove they are not committing a crime, the handing to each of us when boarding the small propeller driven aircraft where again American Airlines officials while having their stewards wear earplugs don’t bother to hand out the same “care” to the passengers who are well on their way, at least they hope, to being deaf, dumb and blind, the smaller end of the red ticket while the bigger end is attached to the hand luggage giving the passengers a sense of additional security albeit a totally false sense of security which is not even checked when retrieving the hand luggage at the next destination.


Would you know who was the first, apart from Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare to come up with the expression, “Heads we win, tails you lose!”?


Not to mention the banner American Eagle have on the building when we landed in Los Angeles which said words to the effect,


Your personal safety is our main priority


So now all you have to do is go thought the emails “back and forth” between myself and Mr. Terry, no different to all those around the world who have viewed them time and again and who can also completely understand why in the end this General Manager of yet again, a major New York Stock Exchange public corporation, would call me up, break the email communications that are so very telling of American Eagles culpability and threaten me for having caught him being either extraordinarily incompetent, culpable or both, take your pick!.


The only thing of substance Mr. Terry told me in that 2 minute and 56 second phone call he put through to me from his personal line on Tuesday May 1st, beginning at 8:56 AM Pacific Standard Time, was that he was gong to “fix me” by getting a Federal Agency such as the TSA [Transportation Security Agency] which he knows has no jurisdiction to investigate me for in his words,


Why it is that you are traveling outside of the country with so much money.”


Yes it is a matter of proof; proof a function of evidence, the better the evidence the better the proof


And yes it may possibly be my word against Mr. Terry and each and every one of his staff all the way up to the Chairman of the Board of American Airlines but not only do I have “credibility” and no reason to lie, more than willing to take an FBI polygraph examination, the circumstantial evidence of wrongdoing by American Eagle, going higher and higher to the very top, is nothing short of overwhelming.


Need I remind you that “desperate people act desperately” and what we have here with the most senior American Airlines officials going “deafening silent” is the type of situation that allows even the most pitifully distracted to understand perfectly well why it is that THE FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD DOWN!


BTW even the most poorly educated at universities like Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics and our Ivy League Universities where the DAAC get the “pick of the litter” and who end up inevitably believing all the nonsense they are taught which they in turn indoctrinate to the next generation of “Sly English” are increasingly able to follow my rather precise logical thought processing.


Please let me know what more I can do to help bearing in mind that I have a little more time on my hands today given how my wife and I will not be doing a late lunch with Sebastian Capella at the Cove in La Jolla, instead Dr. John K. Pollard, an alumni of MIT and Cornell University, and former member of my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list will be our guest at our studio home in heavily corrupt Del Mar.


Not to mention we have yet to hear what “topic of conversation” Dr. JKP would like to discuss while my wife emailed him earlier today with me of course doing the typing:


See you around 5:30 PM - i think we are going to do Chinese cuisine along with a great bottle of Chilean wine.

I came up with one subject - diplomat versus politician - do you have to be a good politician to be a diplomat or a good diplomat to be a politician?


To mention little of Dr. JKP responding to Marie Dion Gevisser’s invitation just prior to midnight last evening:


Tomorrow it is if it is at the Cliff House Studio.  My Italian class is over except for the final so I no longer need to study every night.


I only eat meat about once a month.  Integral to my diet success.   I can bring Rainbow Salad  (All non-leafy vegetables, nuts, raisins in a Kosher  fat-free dressing) and the Stilton Spread.  You will need crackers.  My cookie days are over.  Too much butter.


The military helicopters were patrolling the beach at view level altitude all afternoon.   Four of them seemed overkill for one little innocent troublemaker.  I am sure you heard them go by.


To mention in passing the invitation MDG sent out earlier in the evening, at precisely 8:43 PM as we were finishing a pretty excellent vegetable but mostly mushroom fettuccine pasta and salad where I took the lead role, bought the excellent Chilean red wine, boiled the water, overcooked the pasta but remembered to add a sparkle of salt as MDG’s awesome sautéed vegetables got cold which when eventually mixed with the pasta and cold heavy cream got even colder that led to us both eventually lying on the carpet listening to awesome music, first Dave Matthews SOME DEVIL followed just prior to midnight with Wynton Marsalis’ The Midnight Blues:


Subject: John K. Pollard Symposium.


I miss you - fusie fusing around the subject.


What is your subject of your interest for the next dinner party?


we are available tomorrow night?


Are you?


Since we haven’t seen each for so long, lots of in and out tides are there any specific seawits you'd be interested in discussing?


We know you have been losing weights at an exponerntial rate. There will be seafare for your new diet.


I dont know what i will be bringing for dinner. Bring “apetiser” [sic]. We are vegetarian but still eat “stiltin” [sic] cheese.


Love Marie.


Ps - Available for comments after two pm tomorrow because i am in the la Jolla gallery.


Ps – You must not forget how well I know where the “Money Trail” begins and ends.


Not to mention how one cannot even trust a Hollywood make-up artist not to be the one “calling the shots” that would make a stooge CEO of a public corporation nothing more than a puppet on a string which of course I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt is in fact what each and every CEO is, given again my knowledge of the awesome “money power” of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who in interfering with the light, inevitably caught in their own “cross hairs” as Knowledge-Information-Light travels at Light-G-D-speed, now allows someone such as myself the ability to shine the most powerful of spotlights on all those who in shunning their responsibilities, usurp their limited authority, are so very quick, while turning the other cheek, to place someone such as myself out to expose corruption wherever I see it, on the defensive.


And at the same time we have to be very careful not to “paint with a broad brush” and assume that because someone lives in a big house they are any more or less corrupt than a very senior DAAC operative who knows better than to live in a big house surrounded by a white picket fence.


Not to mention your “toying” question, “Did you tape recorder the conversation with Mr. Terry on May 1st? which had I answered “Yes!” would have given you the right to then very possibly handcuff me immediately while of course reading me my Miranda Rights given how you would know it is a crime to record phone conversations without the consent of the other party, instead my answer, “Wouldn’t I have been committing a crime?” had you answering ‘Yes!” which then begs the question of what else were you attempting to do apart from “setting me up?” so that you could be left alone to shuffle my complaint to the bottom of your pile and which would only surface once the life blood is removed from my body?


By clicking on this hyperlink you will eventually see any edits, all in the color green, as well as additional hyperlinks taking you to yet unseen most awesome photos of not only our one-of-a-kind trip to Spain and France but to the most recent photos taken last evening with photos of Pypeetoe who has just risen from his early afternoon nap, eager for a run on the beach.


[Word count 3841]


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 12:33 PM
To: Sargent Brian Jensen
Subject: COMPUTER PROBLEMS... The hyperlink below takes you to what I sent Agent Lombardi -Inplacing it up on the Internet I


I am going to need another day and given the elapsed time it shouldn’t make much if any difference apart from being able to catch more officials of American Airlines in the “cover up”.


I have computer problems and need to leave shortly for Del Mar.


You can click on to this hyperlink that will take you, once the computer problems have been sorted out, to the communiqué I was working on when you first emailed today but which has yet to leave my outbox, again because of computer problems.


Suffice to say you will come across a “fair” amount of repetition in my writings and certain “jarring” words all designed to keep peoples attention on what I think are the most important issues of the day which by the way a lot of people around the world agree with but I mostly focus on sharing with the world those who have different opinions than mine.


Moreover, I make it my business to learn to from all “interactions” whether “good” or “bad” beginning with how my very quiet, extraordinarily humble fighter-bomber-pilot dad would describe how the person teaching him to fly prior to becoming a well above average fighter-bomber-pilot with some 71 odd miraculous missions dive-bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards, would call my dad who was Jewish the most awful anti-Semitic names which he forced my Dad to repeat whenever he screwed up until all my dad could of was focusing on flying right.


Not to mention such training served him well on a number of missions and none more harrowing then his 60th operation which you can read about by clicking on this hyperlink.



From: Brian Jensen [mailto:bjensen@portofsandiego.org]
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 8:17 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: The hyperlink below takes you to what I sent Agent Lombardi -Inplacing it up on the Internet I



No problem...still looking into issues here.


Sergeant Brian C. Jensen,
Administrative Unit Sergeant
Asst. Rangemaster
San Diego Harbor Police Department
3380 N. Harbor Dr.


San Diego, CA 92101




>>> "Gary S. Gevisser" <gevisser@sbcglobal.net> 5/15/2007 8:14 AM >>>

Thank you.

I’m just finishing off a quickly pulled-together email to the personal assistant of South Africa’s Minister of Finance and once I broadcast it I first need to take my dogs on a walk before then providing you with more info.

From: Brian Jensen [mailto:bjensen@portofsandiego.org]
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 8:07 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: The hyperlink below takes you to what I sent Agent Lombardi -In placing it up on the Internet I hav


Mr. Gevisser,


Your report number is 07-3289.


Sergeant Brian C. Jensen,
Administrative Unit Sergeant
Asst. Rangemaster
San Diego Harbor Police Department
3380 N. Harbor Dr.


San Diego, CA 92101



>>> "Gary S. Gevisser" <gevisser@sbcglobal.net> 5/14/2007 6:49 PM >>>


-----Original Message-----
From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007 1:50 PM
To: 'Brian Jensen'
Subject: TIME...: FOLLOW UP...: Gevisser - American Eagle - loss ofvaluables

No problem.

I am just about to follow up with FBI agent Lombardi after sending out a
little earlier the following follow up communique to Peter Bowler of
American Eagle.

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007 12:24 PM PT
To: Peter Bowler - President and CEO, American Eagle Airlines
rest; JRK@class-action-law.com; kbh@hulettharper.com; William S. Lerach
Esq. - Chairman of the Firm; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United
States Justice Department; Gerard Arpey - American Airlines - President and
Chief Operating Officer ; 'Eichorst, Karaleen'; 60m@cbsnews.com; Dr. Laura
Family; drudge@drudgereport.com; Rush Limbaugh; ddbarr@mac.com; Jay
McMichael - CNN photojournalist; Sidney Abelski Esq.;
Lester.houtz@bartlit-beck.com; Roger Hedgecock; President@whitehouse.gov
Subject: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE... PROTOCOL... RE: American Eagle Dear Mr.

What's the "hold up"?

How much more time do you need to complete your "investigation"?

Are you not concerned with "key witnesses" such as myself suddenly
"disappearing" as "time marches on"?

While there should be no "rush to judgment" why not simply call in the Feds
while asking permission from Trade Union leaders if they would have a
problem encouraging all your employees in San Diego as well as elsewhere to
subject themselves to an FBI polygraph examination if for no reason other
than to make all travelers including foreigners traveling to the United
States aware of the very significant lapses in protocol and what so simple
steps you could take to remedy them and at the same time taking the "edge"
off passengers made to feel "guilty" as they are put through so very
demeaning security procedures which wouldn't catch a mean spirited Special
Forces trained commando expert in martial arts let alone a less equipped but
equally deranged human being getting the untraceable, lightweight and
relatively hard diamond currency cut more angularly while of course messing
up the 58 faceted mathematically brilliant brilliant cut diamond to be used
with far more deadly precision than a pair of box cutters?

It is my experience that a well informed customer is good for business.

It should not take you long to get your arms around Mr. Terry's nonsense,
but threatening phone call to me on May 1st after he had plenty of time to
think about how best to intimidate following my non-threatening follow up
communiqué to his utter nonsense.

Not to mention the anonymous threatening phone calls I subsequently received
as well as hang-ups which of course may not be related to what I believe was
the "use of an aircraft in the commission of a felony crime"!

Proof, a function of evidence; the better the evidence the better the proof!

To mention little of the "cover up"!

To mention in passing yet again such nonsense of Mr. Terry, a General
Manager of a major New York Stock Exchange corporation, suggesting in no
uncertain terms his ability to get the Transportation Security Agency [TSA]
that has no jurisdiction to investigate me for monetary matters, "why it is
that you are traveling outside of the country with so much money?", is very
much "par for the course" with his "black and white", beyond belief of the
"reasonable person test", declaration,

"The money was found immediately and returned to the only bag that was
unzipped, but unfortunately the gold was not seen until the aircraft was
closed and ready for departure."

Then again Mr. Terry couldn't even remember emailing me on the Saterday
evening, April 28th, lecturing me on the following Monday like I was brain

"With all due respect I talked to you on Friday April 27 consequently I am
off on weekends and returned today Monday April 30th.  As you probably know
when you take off for two day's there is two day's of work piled up waiting
to be completed!" 

How fortunate for me and all those victims of "petty crimes" all around the
world that Mr. Terry would then perpetuate his defensiveness,

"It is very unfortunate that someone had left a pocket unzipped and their
money and this gold fell out."

Bear again in mind that we are talking about my hand luggage that along with
the other passengers on American Eagle commuter airline flight 3086 which
included my wife, was taken out of our possession by baggage handlers just
as we were about to climb the steps of the small propeller driven plane
without any advance notice by American Eagle personnel at the check-in desk.

To repeat, yet again, Mr. Terry's next most telling 30 words in his email of
April 30th which resulted in me asking straightforward, logical questions
which Mr. Terry would agree were reasonable were he not having difficulty
keeping track of his lies.

"The money was found immediately and returned to the only bag that was
unzipped, but unfortunately the gold was not seen until the aircraft was
closed and ready for departure."

I am rather expert at following the "money trail" having been born and
raised in Apartheid South Africa controlled as it is today by the world's
expert money laundering operation, DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel.

Given how I know you would be very much "up to speed" on how exactly the
world's capital and financial markets operate without the unsophisticated
investor having the first clue about the DAAC's awesome "Money Power"
control, I would expect no less competency from the resources available to
American Airlines!

Time is of the essence!

Gary S. Gevisser

[Word count 776]

-----Original Message-----
From: Brian Jensen [mailto:bjensen@portofsandiego.org]
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007 1:46 PM
To: gevisser@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Re: FOLLOW UP...: Gevisser - American Eagle - loss ofvaluables

I am actually off duty today, but checking remotely from home.  Yes I
received it, but am unable to get in to it with any depth until tomorrow
when I return.

Sergeant Brian C. Jensen,
Administrative Unit Sergeant
Asst. Rangemaster
San Diego Harbor Police Department
3380 N. Harbor Dr.

San Diego, CA 92101




>>> "Gary S. Gevisser" <gevisser@sbcglobal.net> 05/14/07 12:40 PM >>>
Did you recveive this email I sent you on Friday from another computer?


From: Gary Gevisser
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2007 11:01 AM
To: bjensen@portofsandiego.org
Subject: Gevisser - American Eagle - loss of valuables

Brian - could you please provide me with the "incident report" number.

I will provide you with more details of the loss that occurred back on April
3rd no later than the close of business on Monday.


Gary S. Gevisser







[1] the most extraordinarily bizarre 93 odd word paragraph from the email Mr. Chris Terry, General Manager of American Eagle, a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Stock Exchange listed public corporation American Airlines, sent me on Monday, April 30th at 3:26 PM PST.


It is very unfortunate that someone had left a pocket unzipped and their money and this gold fell out.  The money was found immediately and returned to the only bag that was unzipped, but unfortunately the gold was not seen until the aircraft was closed and ready for departure.  What was found was several little gold pieces and one small gold bar (with 14K printed on it).  After the aircraft pulled out what gold we saw on the ground was picked up and placed in an envelope and immediately put into our safe.


You are also aware that with each passing moment in my effort to “give peace a better chance” I am pulling out all stops to inform those in jail as well as those such as Eddie Pollard out on bail and of course those on parole that being violent, breaking the law no matter how “bad the law” only serves the best interests of those who “profit handsomely from war”.


Not to mention you understand today much better than ever why IT IS that “in war money is no object” given how those “handed out” monies by corrupt governments during the relatively peaceful periods use such ill-gotten “means of exchange” stolen from the people without political clout, to acquire the resources most valuable during wartimes such as oil and water, never forgetting the Golden Rule, “Whoever has the gold makes the rules” then barter those precious and finite resources amongst themselves during war when the masses are all so very shell-shocked not capable of figuring out how easy it was for their corrupt elected and non-elected government officials to simply crash the currency markets, that much easier when currency is not backed by gold which in the case of the United States goes back to August 15th, 1971.


To mention little if you can hold the thought of Senator Ted Kennedy, former President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Humphrey forced to attend the funeral of their major benefactor American Charles Engelhard, the co-head of the counterfeiter of counterfeiters, the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel at the very top of the crime syndicate pyramid, this special interest of special interest group who from time to time make it their business to “set up” even those who do their “bidding” who are not “al-to-get-her” [sic] stupid and understand perfectly well when accepting Diamond Currency as payment for “selling out” family members, friends, acquaintances, you name it, as well as their fellow citizens and no better example right now than top counterintelligence agent Robert Hanssen, it is just a matter of time before they get caught but comforted by the fact that the knowledge that they have of the world’s intelligence services including the Mossad, FBI and CIA knowing perfectly well they have accepted untraceable and never inventoried Diamond Currency is one most extraordinary “life insurance policy”, a fact of life known to Israeli Military Intelligence long before the Mossad began reporting directly to David Ben Gurion in December 1949.


And of course you have not forgotten my Royal Mater-Mother’s hastily but extraordinarily carefully crafted “memoirs” which she began broadcasting over The Internet on October 9th, 2001, some 53 odd years to the day after she married my father Allied Fighter-Bomber-Pilot Bernard Nathan Gevisser on October 10th, 1948

that leaves little to the imagination what my highly secretive mother was doing but more so her father and his partner, my paternal grandfather, Israel Issy Gevisser:


From the earliest days of 1949 she visited Israel two and three times a year writing reports for different publications. Her paternal grandmother had been an early resident of Tel Aviv only returning to England when Zena was born. The Gevissers (she married Bernie Gevisser when she was 19 after only a few months in Durban) owned land in Haifa harbour and Zichron Yscov and she rapidly felt at home in Israel.


Reporting on the many wars when Israel was attacked she was the first civilian in the captured area of the Sinai and in later years at her own expense twinned Durban with Eilat. In 1978 she left Durban eventually making her home in Netanya [Israel] and England.


And you most certainly haven’t forgotten that “peace” is “war” to those who profit from violence and war including poorly conditioned members of local law enforcement who are known on more than one occasion to curtly comment, “IT IS THE LAW” when reading people their Miranda Rights, people who are mostly just poor, ill-informed but deep down inside their heartbreaking, gut wrenching cries are heard and felt by each one of us with a soul worth saving, and the rest to hell with them. This life is no joking matter.


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 9:40 PM
To: Drew Faust - President@harvard.edu
Subject: WORLD WE SERVE...Fwd: I am trying to reach Ross Terrill.


Dear Ms. Faust,


I assume that only part of the reason you haven’t got back to me is that you have other priorities as well as of the opinion that with Harvard Universities coffers “overflowing” my financial contribution wouldn’t make much if any difference to your workload while of course there is the distinct possibility that you simply haven’t got to my email for a myriad of excellent reasons.


You would, however, be wrong in terms of both your “other priorities” and the very significant contribution I can make which would beyond a shadow of a doubt significantly free up your workload so that you for example could give a little more thought to the use of the words, “world we serve” in your “Statement on proposed boycott of Israeli universities” which I happen to agree with but for different reasons.


First let me inform you that I am a Jewish American raised in what would be considered a “conservative” Jewish household where we “kept kosher” from when I was about 8 years old, the same age that my maternal great grandmother was orphaned when a gang of marauding Cossacks galloped through her tiny village in Poland and wiped out her entire immediate family.


When, however, I was 13 and being “bartmizvahed” I came to the realization when looking around our synagogue that the biggest crooks in the community had the best seats in the house, closest to our rabbi, that something was very wrong first with the Jewish religion as well as the State of Israel who at the time, April 1970, was openly and actively trading weapons of war with the South African Apartheid Regime.


“Butt” [sic] because I was raised by a very worldly mother who taught me better than to begin a sentence with such a 4 lettered word I was very slow to judge harshly all Jewish people as well as Jewish Israelis apart from those who I felt should have “known better”, knowing most of all that there was nothing to “gained” by “speaking out”.


At the same time and helped by the fact that my immediate family’s closest friends were non-Jewish and the closest and most trusted Muslim I made it my personal-business to investigate their “corruption” and no surprise it turned out no different than the corruption of the “Jewish church”.


But in the intervening 37 odd years I have made it my business-personal to examine in the minutest detail helped greatly by both having studied Latin which is a “subject” I understand you support being taught as well as my well above average “command of numbers”.


Cutting to the chase, you might not yet be aware of a Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report that states categorically the following:


Al Quaida will launch a series of attacks on the oil fields of Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia right after next summer's Olympic Games in Beijing, China which in the next instant will paralyze the United States economy.


Suffice to say that while I am not, nor I have I ever been a member of any official or unofficial intelligence gathering organization like the Mossad or for that matter any military whatsoever, I am in fact Israeli Special Forces trained having started my military training at the very young age of 9 when I was first “supervised” by Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers on how to simply hold an Israeli Uzzi submachine gun, deciding however, when 15 and on a 4 month Ulpan in Israel where I excelled in both the academic and very physical military exercises to not “sign up” despite the fact that I “blew away” all the Israeli military brass seeking recruits such as myself especially when considering my immediate “Money Power” family’s close ties to the founders of Israel.


The fact that I did not “further my education” in Israel did not in any way, shape or form diminish the “respect” shown towards me especially as I voiced very clearly in the very precise language of Hebrew my profound “disappointment” in Israel doing “business” with the vile Apartheid Regime so very close to the 3rd Reich it wasn’t in the least bit funny since in fact the South African Apartheid Regime was nothing less than the 3rd Reich’s southern division and I would know since I was born and raised in South Africa for one week shy of my 21st birthday.


Were I to tell you more about who I am it would not in the least bit surprise you that this Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence Report was “shared” with me although once you give thought to such a report which of course Israel sees no problem “falling in to hands of the enemy” the only question of importance really is, “Why hasn’t it happened already?


I have given you quite a bit to think about already but now I am going to throw in something you might not expect although at this point you might be thinking,


What the hell, you might as well tell me my pension plan is not worth the paper it is written on?


You may already know that there are no Starbucks shops in Israel although it isn’t through a “lack of trying” on the part of the founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Global Strategist of Starbucks, Howard Schultz who also happens to be Jewish.


Starbucks has a much smaller competitor The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with an employee count of some 3,000 and yet this significantly smaller operation seem to be quite successful in Israel and perhaps you might think it is because Israelis “back the underdog” which I think you would agree is more of a Roman Catholic “guilt shtick” or possibly better connoisseurs of coffee than we all think and you may be right and I “concede” on both possibilities because I wouldn’t be willing to bother with doing a “marketing study” which I know how easy it is to “tweak” any study to create an outcome that “suits the agenda” and besides why waste time on such a nonsense study since I know the reasons why Starbucks do not have a single shop in Israel and it has nothing to do with the “good” or “poor” quality of their coffee but rather their business partner with “dog morals”.


Again, I come back to your choice of words, “world we serve” and how you have mounted a “strong opposition” to the UCU who have proposed a boycott of Israeli universities and academics.


Not to mention that I also know better than to “paint with a broad brush” and that applies to everything including “academics”.


I sincerely look forward to your prompt response so that I can then “fill you in” in terms of me also being a “facilitator” to serve most of all the next generation of children so that they can be as well informed as me when I was just 15 years of age of the very significant drawbacks of a world constantly at war and getting increasingly more brutal and ever closer to home.

---Original Message---

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 11:40 AM
To: president@harvard.edu
Subject: I am trying to reach Ross Terrill.


I was most enlightened by his article "Dealing with China In the Coming Years".

Consequently, I am eager to make a significant contribution.

Before I disclose my name that while not a "household name" it is very well known to those at the very top of the socio-economic ladder, I want to hear directly from Mr. Terrill.