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Ms. Hess - Your communication below is simply not explicit enough.


If you and your advisors, since you use the word “we,” meant, “will take action against u” [sic], you obviously feeling the need not tu spell things out crystal-nacht clear, then you won’t mind if I spell things out a little better 4 u while sparing you a dime, at a minimum, by my copying on this email Detective Steele of the San Diego Police as well as the FBI in addition to every fricken person who may have been responsible for sending me that UNSOLICITED URGENT PROTEST that has my blood still boiling.


My assuming the Lazarus clan of Durban North, South Africa are digging into their pockets even if it is just to provide you with unleavened bread helping you seek relief, not they would lean on u, Excedrin another option?


Feel free to click on to this MISSING U hyperlink to c what else is in store 4 those who I believe protest to much.


I am now reminded of my eldest brother’s poem



The night has come again.

The mirror has crept back into the window.


Our mother’s brother Joe Ash published Neil Gevisser’s first book that contained another classic.




The Third Reich’s crematoriums

With insistence


Ghandi’s “Passive Resistance”.


I am now suggesting the FBI direct my missives further up the line perhaps in a week or so directly in to the hands of the Director of the FBI although quite frankly now would be just fine by me given how methodically I have paved the way to ensure that no “roadblocks” get placed in the way sumwhat akin in the corporate world to the NIH Syndrome as in Not Invented Here, just as I mentioned in the E-mail I sent out yesterday to my attorney in England, the most honorable Mr. Rob McLusky who I hope has now put off any plans for full-on retirement, the fun only just now beginning, agree?


Of course the road to hell is not paved with good intentions but with idiots such as yourself who fail tu c the writing on the wall, and the audacity for us Americans to complain about Asian drivers, agree?


Furthermore, depending upon where u sit, nothing quite like this shit to read when taking a crap, hi Lee Selbo, you will see names of a handful of attorneys spread across the globe who U can contact if absolution” is really what you seek, in addition to Mr. JRK during my one week,




So Sabbatical, their fees ranging I would guess from $250 per hour to those like Mr. JRK whose fee schedule once I pull “the plug” on his candidate Senator John Kerrey will begin to approximate mine, $300,000 per hour.


In my haste tu get out the door on Wednesday and not be late for my lunch date with Mr. JRK at Rainwaters in downtown San Diego I failed to complete a number thoughts which I may or may not get to in this missive, but may I suggest if you do nothing else while pondering your navel over the next week give some thought to the title of Mr. Epstein’s book, The Diamond Invention


And u may begin to understand the workings of the physical world a little better than most, transitioning into metaphysics tho is not as difficult as many would like to suggest given the fact that I don’t know of anyone else other than me, at this time, who can at least explain such matters in ways that any single literate human being on this planet with an IQ not probably much less than 85 IQ points would understand, which means very possibly you could become a student of mine, my fee for you given the incredible boost you have provided me at this time would be half a penny, not a penny more or a penny less as my incredible mother, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman would say, hi Penny Coelen,


And so say all of us South Africans,


Or as us Americans say, 5,6,7,.. who do we appreciate?


First Mr. JRK who informed me not so long ago that my most indulgent act would be tu think that the # of people attending my funeral would be other than determined by the weather, and the second, u know, is believing u can make a difference, and of course u know by heart at this time that the reasons why people get married are very selfish butt the act itself is not because it is a giving act and adds complexity to your life, just ask my wife, Marie.


U also know about the myth of education, because they learn to talk and sumhow use that as a substitute for wisdom and they only come out different idiots than what they went in, but idiots nevertheless.


Tomorrow before I go on my 1 week or so sabbatical I am supposed to complete my taxes having promised the IRS that I will be a “good boy” and comply with the rules even though I don’t owe a dime, bearing in mind that its not class warfare that I am encouraging by questioning the fairness of the tax system, it’s class welfare I am questioning and I am a member of the favored class, agree?


As I have said be4, the only people who should pay taxes are the members of the political party that win an election, 4 they get more than their taxes back in the form of economic preferences extorted.


My message is all about hope and truth, butt it takes sitting quietly in peaceful surroundings to hear the power of an almighty G-D, remembering it is “Hear O Israel…” not “Look, my way or the highway” or “Smell my god’s farts” [sic] or “Feel my dik” [sic], sound being exclusive to planet earth, agree?


And why not “push” things a little given the fact that when I approach “dark matters” using the Queen’s English I get deafening silences even from my incredible mother who only debates people who agree with her, at least since I began to demonstrate an understanding about “UFOs” as in


Unified Theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


beyond Professor Doctor Rabbi Abner Weiss’ sermons about The Man From Mars which we heard from the pulpit at the Orthodox Jewish Temple on Silverton Road where it intersects with Musgrave Road, just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] from where sicko Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus used tu live, a floor or so below Dr. Jonathan Beare whose name incredibly doesn’t appear on your PROTEST list.


I am, thanks tu u, in the process of speeding up the launch of my book Manager Minute One disclosing a number of my “Trade Secrets” given to me by an Almighty G-D in a manner available to each and every one of us assuming of course, once again, that u r not brain dead, nor will it require in getting a certificate from my Bottoms Up Schooling that u have taken a course in either Science, Math or even Art 4 that matter, better yet, that u closed your ears when being taught about religion, it may tho help, not a requirement, however, that u know how tu use a dimmer switch, although if u like the idea of more noise around u and have one of those “clap handies” switches to turn the lights on and off, that may be suffice because it tells me that there is the distinct possibility that u at least have one index finger, because lets just say u r one of those Africans who as a result of The Diamond INVENTION had both legs chopped off above the knee, and when placing one of your legs under the guillotine in order to save energy they had u lean over on your one side lobbying off your one arm right up against your shoulder so that you could at least have some level of balance when removing your one remaining finger preferable again the index finger on the other arm from your anus just when u r about tu fart, the pitch I would think important butt with practice makes perfect, u very likely still a candidate for getting the message out although of course not the perfect candidate assuming u slobber over your keyboard when forwarding my missives tu your downline, c what I mean, jellybean?


Since I cannot recall exactly which person in that stellar group was responsible for wasting my fricken time, I am now pushing 4 full-on gold with or without the help of  those identified in that URGENT PROTEST as you all start hoarding your money thinking that even if this nightmare doesn’t end you will at least when meeting your maker think He-She will be “turned on” by the color of your money, that character sumhow will not count for much, agree?


Start counting your blessings is all I can say at this time thinking yourselves oh so fortunate if you come back with egg on your face, so think the next time you order “sunny side up” my reminded of another of my eldest brother’s poems,




I swallowed a swallow

With my breakfast,

As it rose into the sky.

Just like you,

It changed a moment…

The moment passed me by.


Doubtful it was Cliff Benn who forwarded me the URGENT PROTEST since after sum run ins he has had with “The Law” would have learned a thing or too from the elders in the Durban Jewish Community, I would think, wouldn’t you, i.e. why didn’t u think of getting a genius like Anthony “Spiderman” Schneiderman to “shoot your poison tipped arrows” as far as I know he still has not only all his legs as well as too arms, perhaps even all of his fingers, he is though, if you didn’t know, a butcher?


Not very much is lost on me and please please please don’t start pitying me, I am well aware of the good that exists within each and every fricken one of us, the problem is who has the time to listen to a bunch of whiners like Cliff Benn and the nephew of the former chairman of the board of the one of the 5 odd conglomerates still operating in South Africa, oh yes Tiger Oats, at this late hour it is a little difficult tying all the loose ends together while feeling like just being with my incredible wife, pity very possibly a word not part of the French vocabulary although as I just checked on the translation tool does provide this word, pitié.


At 5 :55 PM PST just when I was getting down spitting this out I was interrupted by a phone call coming in from USA 1-858-244-7600 which I believe is Mr. Tim White, Citicorp’s attorney and as I was about to answer the phone it went dead, and he left no message? 


Oh yes, how could I forget Trevor Goldberg, which is not tu suggest to Ronlynne, Cliff Benn’s wife that Trevor and Cliff had sex after Cliff told Trevor all his problems about where to stash all his cash, agree?


How nuts can Cliff Benn be, his father one of the most secretive businessmen in the world, trusting someone we have known from when he was stealing mini motorcars couldn’t keep his mouth shut explaining when their “joy rides” eventually ran out gas,


“Hey minis were in and what alternative means were available to us on weekends other than using our parents’ fancy imported sports cars not quite lower enough suspension in providing us a bird’s eye view of Zena Gevisser’s models and every so often we got lucky and came away with nest, full of eggs” [sic].


The clamp down occurred when it started to look somewhat shady as Blacks were being incarcerated around the clock by the likes of Jewish policeman like Michael Sagorin who after being caught red handed stealing things like helmets to sell in order to get food into their stomachs, in at least one case the white owner could have cared less about the fukukta helmet, but the laws are the laws and the Black kid went to jail and lilly-white-wheaty-eating-Jewish kids supposedly kept “under wraps” by the likes of the Lazarus Capos were stealing mini motorcars “left and right” on Saterday as well as Friday nights many having first gone to synagogue, heard about The Man From Mars participated in Sabbath dinners and then gone out on the town doing exactly what one would expect from someone born and raised in such a dysfunctional society.


So Carol, what did u know and when did u know it in terms of the focus needed in understanding why it is that I have managed to get these loud mouthed characters to fricken keep their traps shut, at this time?


While I may have a “big mouth” it certainly isn’t any close to being as foul as I suspect the farts coming out of the Durban North Lazarus and their supporters, although I did eat a little of my dog’s chicken for lunch yesterday.


I knew I would eventually remember my “failed student” from Natal University who 4 all I know Trevor could be hiding out these days in London’s underground, point being the instant we allow even the minutest “free pass” to a “wrongdoer” we do not only the wrongdoer a disservice and those ultimately impacted as the “evil ones” get more courageous with each miniscule rise in their testosterone levels but worst of all we start the process of setting aside space within our brains that once “short-circuited” are all butt impossible to fire up, much like a light bulb which you know is simply a “charged filament” encased in a sealed glass tube, and of course u have heard of a vacuum tube which is not me suggesting that u should have your tubes tied, u okay?


Now of course one could possibly overcome even a frontal lobotomy with heavy enough dosages of prescription drugs which of course our media people are quite the experts at thanks in so small measure to my incredible ingenious mother, Zena Gevisser, who, however, made it her business to steer the likes of the top foreign pharmaceutical conglomerates operating in South Africa in a “positive direction” the best example of her exemplary work was in stopping I believe it was Smith and Nephew from being the first into the South Africa market offering “skin lighteners” to an ever increasing black population being blasted on packaging and over the airwaves that “White is Right”, Zena Gevisser much like Kenneth Standard Esq. who also spent most of his career here in the United States of America working for the same type of international pharmaceutical conglomerates operating in such places like South Africa, constantly trying to maintain a “sense of balance”, Mr. Standard’s work for Bristol Meyers tho not quite “as tough” as a white woman steering as best she could heavily fortified testosterone men focused on big time tits and yes the bottom line also so very important, not to forget that Kenneth Standard Esq. who is today the president of the New York Bar Association just happens to be classified as Black, his son, Devin Standard, the co-executor of my estate, just back from fishing in Mexico, ready, willing and oh so incredibly able to begin “knocking heads” with those yoyos both Black and White, Colored, Cream, Navy…


Yes you got it right, once our great President George W. Bush and his inner circle get with the program of what is it about the “prospects” in South Africa these days that has the likes of Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus’ son and his still-living brother Bernard Lazarus so “Gung Ho” on doing business in the Casino mentality of South Africa, then u can bet your bottom dollar my ad campaign, INFORMERS WANTED will be a more welcomed distraction 4 all the peoples’ of South Africa than say Babes Watch, agree?


And remember my target audience is folks with no more than 85 IQ points at this time, in time with advances in technology I might be able to communicate my message to those with possibly IQ points of 75, my point being that eventually even Trevor Goldberg will agree to pay me at least one United States penny, so help me with the math would u.


I am on a roll and with little time to waste no possibility of checking this email for at least another 7 days so I could very easily make a mistake even with a simple computation like multiplying 1 cent by 6.3 billion people on this planet taking out the 63 odd with IQs less than 85 points which would put it seems sum $63 million in our coffers, and of course I have thought about the cost of the certificates, and ink jets, along with the wear and tear on the laser printers as well as on those days when the sun doesn’t shine my having tu use electricity coming off the public electricity grids, and no doubt there are incidentals that I have not thought of that could reduce that number quite significantly, one example being someone puts a bullet absolutely square between my eyes using say the same caliber gun that Israeli Special Forces from Flotilla 13 use when taken out the enemy from at times a mile away, point being if there is the possibility of just one neuron firing in my brain that will prevent the co-executors of my estate who have the most to gain by me being killed better yet declared mentally insane then there is also the real possibility that sum folks may decide to be a little more generous with their hard earned money, agree?


It appears that it was Bernard Lazarus, Norman Lazarus’ father, The Deceased Pig’s brother, who got that URGENT PROTEST to gather steam much like I heard Bernard once did when sending letters out to the Durban Jewish community warning them sum 30+ years ago of the “Communist Nelson Mandela.


Now I have not confirmed the substance of this letter although my mother once did mention something about it, not that came up on that infamous train ride between Zurich, Switzerland and Kitzbuel, Austria since my mother at the time was very much “solution oriented” and she saw no solution to dealing with the vulgarities of the Lazarus clan short of violence which was not part of her vocabulary then.


Again that “Chinese look” photo u c in the previous hyperlink is the only “bad” photo of my mother, my mother seeing the empowerment of women the only way “to turn the tables”.


To understand the genius of Zena Gevisser u have come to grips with a number of things, the first being how had she been born say 50 years later what a difference she would have been able to make to the world gone stark raving crazy, men such as Newell Starks who I now have in my “cross hairs” perhaps beyond the reach of my incredible mother who saved many lost souls, giving them far more than hope the results of her actions imbedding the IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN as much on the men she came into contact with as with the women, the biggest problem being, however, that my mother “burned out” at age 40, preparing tho each one of us siblings 4 her death from the youngest of ages, another of her poignant comments, “A mind a terrible thing to lose” not exactly lost on me, and remember now I can compute at least as well as Poli-Pollak the Democratic Party New Poster Boy, my willing tu say it is possible he would score higher than me on both an IQ test, me comfortable with 100 points as well as on an Emotional Intelligence test, the problem though there are no prescribed standards for quantifying Emotional deprived human beings such as the Sperm Donor.


Granted, u obviously think, more, about your spouse, I am assuming u r the more female, then my wife or I feel about her former husband but which one of u feel more in terms of being a Lazarus clan co-dependant?


Getting back to that supposed letter Bernard Lazarus sent out that in my mind may have been geared toward lynching Nelson Mandela had he been released by the Nationalist Nazi Party authorities running South Africa with an Iron-fist from the time the State of Israel was formed back in 1948, getting harder with each passing moment, the iron-fist, that is, nice to see The Pig’s and Bernard’s certified financial statements for each one of those 40 odd years something my incredible father asked of his step-mother related to The Pig’s wife after his father passed away when Jenny Gevisser would come whining that she couldn’t afford to live on the stipend left to her by my father’s amazing father who had unfortunately come under the spell of this very very wicked woman, smart enough, however, this witch despite the short-circuitry in her brain not to once ever comply with my father’s request, because possibly she knew that lurking in the background, off the radar screen, was this one Gevisser grandson, a very proud Yank, who the moment he got his hands on her “certified” financial statement it would have been “lights out” for possibly every single one of the top dogs operating in Durban, South Africa, in violation, at a minimum, of being without a leash, ferreting out the dirt on these bastards, akin to playing in a sand box?


As long as u can think outside of the box, not that u should feel boxed in, oh so u r thinking of being shipped off to Wiveslicombe, u understand even with the extension now complete there will at some point be a limit to how many ex-Jewish South Africans can take refuge with my mother and step-father, Alan Zulman, in Somerset, but go ahead call them UK-44-1-984-6-24088, I am assuming they off the phone speaking with David Berman?


Even one of my most ardent adversaries at this time has to be chuckling rather loudly at least to himself, Mr. King Golden Jnr. Esq. who has met all members of my immediate family, an invited guest at my sister Kathy Gevisser’s wedding to David Danziger which took place in Professor Doctor Rabbi Abner Weiss’ residence in Beverly Hills, knows first hand how “stiletto like” I am the instant I get my hands on a financial document such as a balance sheet to mention little of how preparers of such documents suddenly implode into a heap of tears at times be4 I get the opportunity to toss a coin, deciding who goes first, and despite Mr. Golden these days having his own series of short-circuits the result of my more recent knuckleballs thrown his way, the best yet to come, he will remember the day the controller of Epilady USA sat in tears in our “jerry rigged” offices aways from the yoyos “playing business” with an enterprise valued by the likes of Merrill lynch in excess of $500 million when million dollar bonuses handed out to each one of these yoyos just months earlier meant real money, i.e. half a million dollars back in the mid to late 1980s could have bought someone the best built 6 unit fully completed apartment-condominium project in west Los Angeles.


King Golden Jnr. Esq. and I were quite a team once I had him focused on the “end game”, his very poor Roman Catholic conditioning eventually, however, caught up with him, as it did it seems so many who were raised in the 50s and 60s not just here in the United States but throughout the western world, a fixation on sex without the necessary grounding, again part of the Spirituality course u will be receiving for your 1/2 penny, no more, no less.


It is how we r taught the basics in the too most important areas Science and Math which causes a good number of us to opt out leaving testosterone clad folks, i.e. mostly men to “railroad” their place into the record books, a good example is John D. Rockefeller who were it not for a one incredibly courageous woman by the name of Ida Tarbell could have done more to break the spirit of all Americans of that generation leading us today tu be under Nazi rule, many would argue that is exactly what we are facing these days as the world goes topsy turvy, but have u noticed still how much laughter there is in the air, enough to warm the cockles of any aching heart, there though only so much that one incredible pump can do and when one considers the burdens being placed these days on those households who pretty much carry all the load for those phatsos who have got so fricken piggish going from one trough to the next playing it so fricken cutesy given their command not simply of science and mathematics but equally important human nature one can understand why my incredible parents, most of all my mother, being perhaps the most well-informed person on the planet had only one wish when I had one million dollars “socked away” in “safe keeping” that I would open an ice-cream parlor, instead I decided to follow in her footsteps and become a “cowboy.”


My reminded of another of my eldest brother’s blank verses-poems:



I’ve grown lonely in the saddle

Since my horse died.


The Essakow family from Durban and our family as close as any operating in such a dysfunctional environment where greed and jealousy rank supreme wondering how just one little conversation between the matriarch of the family, Norma Essakow and me on November 8th 2000, the day of the Presidential elections that had George W. Bush swooping into the White House by nothing more than “a nose”, could have so many ramifications, bearing in mind I don’t know of too families that were closer than the Essakows and Lazarus clan, this being one of the very few remaining mysteries, that may never be unlocked?


Again Mr. King Golden Jnr. Esq. and his closest female friend in the world Ms. Valerie Schulte Esq. an attorney with the National Association of Broadcasters know perfectly well I had everything to do with George W. Bush getting the necessary votes even though I had no idea of actually how close it would get, the calls beginning with Norman Essakow telling me “to vote your conscience… we need Joe ‘Scal Cap’ Lieberman in the White House, blah blah” [sic] which led me to first call King and Valerie who were glued to the TV set in Valerie’s house in Georgetown as the media called “Florida Gore” and the rest was easy thanks in no small measure to Fred Deluca whose buddy’s in the Justice Department during the Clinton Administration got him “off the hook” did nothing short of “returning the favor” my getting maximum leverage out of the trip I made back in December 1996 visiting with Fed and his goons in his Fort Lauderdale enclave, hi Fred and yes George W. Bush should thank you and so should every single fricken person on this planet, and yes one of these days I plan to come calling on you as well as Dr. Jonathan Beare to give generously, to your heart’s content, and then sum until it really hurts and then I will know u have found G-D.


Now for those of u unfamiliar with the subway sandwich shop, well Fred is the founder, keeping pretty much everything to himself and his one partner or so the story goes, Dr. Associates the name you see at the bottom of each of Subway’s commercials houses Fred’s “crown jewels” and of course it is not the $100 million odd he takes out each year for the past G-D only knows how many years that I have my sights set on, it is his “intellectual property” and no I could care less about his trademarks, or his ownership of the Subway master franchise it is Fred’s smarts that I plan not to own but rather harness the same with Dr. Jonathan Beare, the best and brightest never want to feel owned by anyone, which again is why there is nothing to this worldwide conspiracy that keeps so many folks up at night imploding just at the moment they reach the pinnacle of their success, choosing to opt out and play the fricken boring game of chess to mention little of what golf can do, one day I suspect someone will come along and make it interesting by squaring off the holes on the putting green and then creating obstacle courses like one sees in steeplechase racing, then again there is putt-putt, i.e. miniature golf.


It takes one to know one and the same in certain ways can be said about G-D a word I am really not that comfortable in using despite using His name a lot these days, but there can be no other way to describe what it is that I know, not what I believe, I believe very little, my entire makeup is pure science-mathematics, observing perhaps a little better than others being allowed possibly because I was the youngest of 4 to explore and when I pulled things apart I was never once scolded, moreover I was only encouraged ever so gently to simply “try harder”, such a simple phrase, much like “Take care” but for some reason “Try harder” resonates better than anything I know, whoever it was from Avis Rent A Car who nailed down that sucker is someone I want on my team, the game is team work and one has to be able to play hard in order to work hard, those who play by the rules who don’t cut corners no matter what, no matter how idiotic the rules are, no matter how rigged the system are the ones I now seek, and there are going to be mouths to feed for this gravy train is fast approaching “standstill”, there being no one “risk assessment” expert on the planet that can explain at this time why the financial markets have not reached “grid lock” and without getting into the knitty gritty my being able to debate any single person on this planet as to why they don’t have the slightest clue what they are talking about, I can assure you there is a clear cut way out of this mess and it begins first and foremost with doing nothing but telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


And of course I can cut out all the “butts” and “penises’” and then where would that leave us other than glued like Valerie and King to their TV sets possibly both of them on their hands and knees praying to some fricken virgin to get them out of this hell, my simply projecting a little forward at this time, my ability to move “back and forth” with ease a function of my command of mathematics and science that positions me at this time to play what can perhaps best be described as a chess game which comes down to numbers and applying probabilities to each and every move, sticking with the ones that have the most likely outcome and then going “back and forth” until exactly what, when your opponent farts and screws up your train of thought?


It is quite pitiful to watch all these fricken experts whether they be coaches, or talking heads on TV throwing out all sorts of statistics that they think makes them look so smart which of course they are geniuses and so are the rest of us especially those of us who realize that one of the reasons we are here on this planet is to procreate which requires we have sex and finding a mate is something again that doesn’t require one being a rocket scientist one just has to be good in bed and remember guys, women are by nature far better at mathematics which requires problem solving than men who are single dimensional and although us guys may score better on average than the gals only because of the fricken boring way science and math is taught all geared toward keeping women from being the best they can be such woman i.e. Those not testosterone clad the last thing they want to fricken hear is sum fricken yoyo talking numbers which is why right now I am all alone with in The Cave with my dog, the front door locked because I lost the key about 2 years ago, the garage door now serving as my front door that has been unlocked day in and day out ever since no matter the climatic conditions outside, in fact were it not for the dust that blows in when the winds come from the North I would have kept the garage doors fully open allowing whoever came in while I was on my first trip to Peru back in early 2002 easy access, taking only photocopies of the “smoking gun evidence” I have in my possession of the blah blah…to have entered “freely” without busting the pitiful lock on the back door that could have just been opened by the person-s simply nudging the door ever so gently, a sawn off arm at the shoulder would have been just perfect, leaving no possible trace elements other than to send me a message “We know what you are up to” them knowing of course all they had in their possession were photo copies, them thinking, u might think, that somehow I would buckle under the pressure and agree to a Settlement Agreement that would take me back exactly where I was back in December 1967, my having learned everything I needed to know if in fact my incredible mother saw fit that I should die the richest person in the grave, although it would take a few more years before I mastered all four elements of the business world, i.e. Insurance, Real-estate, Stocks, Bonds and Clothing so that well be4 I finished high school my focus had become finding someone rich to marry, believing that the only way I could make a whole lot of money was to “play the game” and the game I best liked to play with the man who taught me everything about the one industry my mother understood but was so preoccupied with other stuff leaving it to Alan Benn, Cliff Benn’s father to teach me the “ins and outs” of the insurance most of which I picked up while playing the card game Klobbios with Alan Benn on most Saturday afternoons from about age 14 until I left the South Africa one week be4 my 21st birthday.


To catch a thief is an Oscar winning movie I don’t think I have seen but I do know that Natalie Wood was one of the stars. She was a regular customer of Alan Austin, a high end fashion retail store in Beverly Hills where I used to “work” arriving just months after her death, my being told stories of how much her husband Robert Wagner used to love coming into the store and watch as Ms. Wood went about changing outfits.


Now a lot of what I am saying at this time may seem sumwhat “out of kilter” but u have tu understand a little bit more about how my mind works, going back to the chess game where if I were to play the world champion player assuming it is not a computer it wouldn’t take me more than a few moves or too to work out how to beat my opponent whether a man or a woman and lets just assume for the moment he is Derrick Beare, Dr. Jonathan Beare’s nephew who is pretty good with numbers and as I have said be4 u would have to think like a thief to catch someone say like Ms. Kathryn Murry who “lies through her teeth” which is quite an expression, point being even if I were not allowed to talk and distract Derrick Beare who of course would be doing the exact same thing to me I would eventually win in a worst case scenario simply boring him to death by approaching things unconventionally, not simply “willing” to lose my Queen but doing so intentionally within the first 3 moves forcing me to then focus on far fewer permutations remembering now that just one pawn getting across the “finish line” gets me a spanking new Queen, remembering most of all the name of the game is to marry someone not just stinking rich but someone who doesn’t smell which makes playing against someone like Derrick Beare probably much more difficult, butt then again he is very happily married, than say someone who has to play this idiotic game 4 a living who lets just say the 1st prize is $10 million and after taxes, Federal, State, and never to forget local, city, and then there are sewer fees, and then the cable company wants it’s slice and then next door neighbors thinking u r filthy rich want your cable service without paying a dime and it becomes simply endless, the absolute stupidity of wanting to impress people with how smart you r “belongs with the birds” another often used expression of my incredible mother.


Which brings me back to those human birds Fred Deluca was trying to feed me back on New Years Day 1977 after he saw first hand that although I have never once to the very best of my recollection ever hit anyone with a bared fisted hand, I used to box against Roy Essakow at junior school where he would always beat me, but we were only doing this for fun, quite different to the moves I pulled on one of Fred’s consultants an ex-South African who I knew well from when we young kids growing up together, Des Levine was, however, half my size, if u can imagine someone looking so pitiful.


Understand tho, if someone is 1/64th of an inch shorter than me at full stretch, bearing in mind sum think I have curvature of the spine, I consider them a superflyweight 4 sum reason my thinking that because I have pretty strong legs I could kick my way out of trouble after first jumping into Fred’s moat to escape his man-eating sharks, Fred tho, possibly concerned that he might be forced to leave the neighborhood my voice possibly reaching my wife decided to duck out of the house, Marie at the time was my “travel companion” who although making fun of my “stick-like” legs which they r when compared to hers, a born and bred fricken French-Canadian downhill skiing freak, who reeks odor cologne, would have put too and too together got hold of either Devin Standard or Mr. JRK who would have then called in the cavalry, the problem tho was too fold, first I wasn’t really into mental telepathy and second I hadn’t yet met either Devin Standard or Mr. JRK but I did, however, have in my “back pocket” someone better suited to provide backup if in fact one of Fred’s yoyos had decided to take me on a one way “fishing expedition” and his name is Guy Friedman who had in needing to “kick back” from duties elsewhere in the world had flown into Miami after first stopping off in Israel.


My thinking at this time that when serving the folks from the Wetherly Capital Group with an “out of this world” lawsuit in addition to each one of them getting at least one Epilady I throw in a couple of GrubbyGrub and tee-shirts or simply having them choose from an order sheet which t-shirt design they would like in terms of style, color, fabrication, size and most of all which of our expressions will help them best address their sins, my thinking at this time that for Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff the one that best suits her without a doubt is Marie’s expression,


When the dialogue becomes too monologues it is the beginning of the end.


4 Dan Weinstein, and yes I must remember to try and get hold of 4 epiladys, he would probably just love,







Diks [sic].


This fricken nincompoop if it weren’t for the horrific implications of the corruption he was responsible for “spearheading” could get a job being anyone’s jester although I suspect those jobs are hard to come by these days, would you agree, Ms. Hess?


Ms. Hess, I am assuming u and/or your advisors are not thinking that Israel is going to continue to allow Jewish rogues or otherwise to simple pass through its borders collecting Israeli citizenship and a passport to boot like she has been doing since going back, yes to the time the State of Israel was founded and yes in my opinion, David Ben Gurion should have put a stop to that nonsense the moment we beat the crap out of those Brits who dared hold us “in check” in the final days of the War of Independence, the instant u turn a blind eye it becomes a spirally path toward hell, hell here on earth all 4 the taking those who choose to “cut corners.”


The signs beginning with the magnificent Star of David says it all, in so many ways, one must always work from the edges staying as far off the radar screen as is humanely possible constantly looking 4 higher ground, willing tho to get low and if need be very dirty, without tho having to soil one’s hands, bearing in mind one simply needs to get a grip on the meaning of life, our ZQuestion is one starting point, but there are many ways to reach Spirituality, it takes though hard work along with Hard Play which can only come about when one has mastered one’s ABCs, and it is not enough to simply Always Be Cool when u don’t know your 1,2, and 3 which combined make 10, the need to nail down one’s math and geometry which is a breeze if only it was taught right from the start, more and more folks tho with each tick of the clock getting in tune, concerned with the environment, questioning a number of things that we have held as “Holy Truths” which do nothing but keep the rich getting richer, and yes there is something to the expression “filthy rich” like may English expressions remembering of course that English was ripped out of the Latin by politicians hell bent on confusing the masses.


When u have seen as I have the very best of the best and worst of the worst, their being no worse person I have ever met than my wife’s first husband which to some may beg many questions, par tho for the course I have traveled on 4 sum time, sum things I can explain rather well some things best left unsaid, and besides I am now getting tired, despite my having taken several hours to hang out by the beach with my dog who is now done for the day, the time just going on 1:30 AM PST and tomorrow, Saturday, the start of my one week sabbatical, my still wanting to rise early today and get off to a bright fresh start.


And all this Ms. Hess because u left out the letter “U” silly u, hey?


I am reminded at this time of another of my eldest brother’s poems-blank verses:




And in the morning,

He will be remembered

By his dog,

As she passes the last post.


Not to forget there are the yoyos from Arden Realty so fricken cocky as they “rode into town” willing to take “center stage” as they got to see upfront all the boys and girls wanting their “shot at the brass ring”, the Wetherly Capital Group simply a lobbyist organization “cloaked” by way of incredibly pitiful window dressing into a supposedly financial services company which even if they had complied with all the SEC regulations in a timely basis would have meant exactly diddly, their undoing some may feel more comfortable in putting it down to them simply being “unlucky” to have had someone such as myself “knocking on their door” as opposed to say “An Act of G-D”, G-D-Nature is nothing more than DNA, and nothing less, and then sum.


So maybe assuming I get to sleep be4 2:30AM PST today, my now watching the clock very closely as I still have quite a bit to say wanting to tho to get this out of the way given all my commitments later in the day, first thing I will go to a local Subway and test out their fresh oven baked bread and then give Fred a call, although I no longer have his personal telephone numbers, but I am sitting on a judgment against Sunmed, a company he helped get “kick started” be4 his “consultants” started to mess with it, there being absolutely no evidence, however, that Fred himself had directed these yoyos to play it “fast and loose”, at the same time they may have got their “cue” from how Fred had amassed such incredible wealth starting out with just sum $2,000 in his back pocket which I think he borrowed or part, so this “Cinderella” story goes, me just not one to believe everything I read, agree?


Unless of course I know a thing or too about its source, the key to happiness is lots and lots and lots of truth, truth and only the truth with no buts or excuses and to fricken leave the Almighty G-D out of the equation when addressing the mistakes of man-woman and once one has truth out of the way then comes trust and respect, i.e. love, nothing more, nothing less, what comes around goes around, nothing quite like gravity to keep each and everyone one of us grounded, it being good to stay home once in a while and potter around and sure read Harry Potter if it can provide u the same highs as being in touch with G-D-Nature, written in a style that doesn’t need much interpretation but allows the imagination to run free and wild, where no editor is thinking about the next marketing gimmick by twisting a word here or there having analyzed the demographics, such use of our SMARTS smacks loudly of our lust for greed and power in a quest that has very much an end which is a hell most of the peoples of this world are now experiencing, very, very, very, few people can look themselves in the mirror each and every day and believe themselves when they say things like “I am as happy as a lark”, agree?


If I knew exactly what a lark was and of course I could go onto the internet to find out what I suspect is some type of bird, then I 4 1 would be able say such words, 4 that is truly how I feel, it is my truth, I cannot tell u how u really feel nor do I care to because only u really know that is why the word “truth” is so important 4 it is so difficult to define, but each of us knows exactly who we are and that is why when we say the too words, “I am” that is one truth, and when we see something beautiful, a cloud formation, a bird sitting atop a cookie, a beautiful song, or just reading words about love conquering evil it can take one’s breath away?


It takes tho a leap of faith when one considers all the evil that is out there but faith at this time is all most people have other than what each of us knows in our heart, again, we go back to the words, “I am” which is not about “me, me, me” but something a whole lot deeper, again as in the deep breath we take when we see real beauty, such beauty coming from deep within, a second truth, the breath each one of us takes when finding true love, and then there is the 3rd truth we know of which brings us back yet again to the too words, “I am” the first words coming out of G-D when He-She said, “I am the Lord thy G-D, G-D is 1.”


Another day another time I might do a far better job in explaining the pure mathematics that provide me with absolute proof of an Almighty G-D’s existence, the evidence so overwhelming that it has begun to shake the souls of my adversaries getting fewer and fewer in number, relatively speaking, to their core, and when they wake up each day and know that while they feel weaker and weaker I not only have balls of lead, more than an iron grip on faculties, I will lead them out of their abyss but they better not make one foul step.


My still having not figured out why Fred Deluca couldn’t have seen to it that his very special guests on New Years Day 1997 didn’t have at least this piping hot fresh oven baked bread with the most pitiful pressed meats that I wouldn’t serve to my dog but then again I don’t know of a human being on this fricken planet including me that has a better diet than Pypeetoe, often looking at me before chomping down on prime rib steak $12 a pound as if questioning how good the steak can be if I am not joining him, our dialogues having not yet got to the point of my explaining to him that I am simply not into eating as much meat as I used to, which is a good thing otherwise the too co-executors of my estate would not have to be thinking about conspiring to have me declared mentally insane my wife would simply order a limo, and toss me in the back, and to prove how fricken strong she is would probably do so with one hand tied behind her back and if I were to ask her if she would also tie her one leg after wrapping it over her shoulder she might think I was wanting to have sex with her in which case, she might grant me a reprieve, possibly, 4 no more than a week.


So Carol where r we going with all this?


Focus for the time being on





Built tTOo




Fred Deluca in many ways is the mirror image of Dr. Jonathan which brings me to the source of this information about Bernard Lazarus wanting to “Hang” Nelson Mandela, which of course should come as no surprise, I seem to recall quite well my own mother sharing the very same sentiments, my mother’s frame of reference quite different thou to the likes of Bernard Lazarus in that first of all my mother kept her comments on such a subject to herself simply believing that anyone who takes a life should pay with their life and there were so-called “soft targets” who died as a result of Nelson Mandela’s acts to “shake up” the system geared toward destroying the “will to survive”, no more, no less, were the policies of the Apartheid regime, and those who point the finger at the British and want to go back in time, I say to them “come on down and lets get it on!”


In the words of my now deceased friend Irving Cooper, “U r nothing but a bunch of chicken shits” who want it all to nothing, growling as u lick your chops thinking that a bigger stomach will attract more flies from the other carcasses as the masses “unload” making it that much quicker be4 u meet your maker, think again, you fricken idiots, where exactly do u suspect G-D is planning on taking an inventory of u, that maybe G-D is in fact on this very earth, right this very moment watching each and every one of us as we go about beating up our spouses, cheating on our girlfriends, making fast talk with a pretty waiters thinking that if he-she doesn’t fall for your ploy nothing gained, nothing lost, but wait there is Newton’s first principle, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost, there u go, feeling all warm and fuzzy again, but think again, are we talking about a non-vacuum environment such as within SpaceShip Earth or perfect vacuum environment such as within Deep Space?


Things start to get a little fuzzy when one fails every so often to take deep breaths, and of course sleep deprivation affects even my dog, agree?


We know, at least we can assume with a high degree of certainty that Dr. Jonathan Beare is not having sex with dead people and to the best of my knowledge Bernard Lazarus is still into women can it be that Dr. Jonathan Beare who is not a medical doctor but a physicist would be impressed with the Lazarus’ pitiful money, which is why he hangs out with them?


My guess is that this Lazarus clan with all their international holdings combined are probably worth no more than a measly $3 billion, and over the course of time today, tomorrow, perhaps no more than a week from now Jonathan Beare is going to be provided with “smoking gun evidence” that if I had wanted to be a “pig at the trough” it would have been easy pickens, nor would I have needed T. Boone Pickens to finance me either, and of course in “buying them out” I wouldn’t have taken their spot below Jonathan in that rocket shaped building on Musgrave Road just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] away from our Orthodox Jewish Temple where the Lazarus clan “held fort” while the likes of Professor Doctor Rabbi Abner Weiss in order to communicate with the likes of me and my mother had to use imagery in his sermons about men coming from mars in fear not of BOSS, Merrick Wolman, you fricken idiot, but those who made the job of the Bureau Of Secret Service so fricken easy having the likes of the Lazarus clan keeping the rest of the yoyos in mostly fricken silent prayer, rocking back and forth, agree?


A good number of us youngsters growing up distracted by whether the cost of Neil Gould cutting our hair would keep pace with inflation so as to be in compliance with the Jewish day school rules where the despicable Lazarus clan maintained their full “command and control” positioning, is what life pretty much was all about growing up in pitiful Durban, South Africa, and hoping to feel girls’ tits, agree?


Sidebar to Tracy Tomson: I am giving you exactly what you ordered when I last ran into you at the Sushi Bar just a hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] from where you and your boyfriend at the time last visited me at The Cave back on December 10th 2000 an occasion celebrating New Beginnings, the official start of my “full-on” retirement aND were it not for your brother your brother Paul showing up earlier on in the evening with sum of South Africa’s best looking women over 16 years of age who is tu say whether we would all be so “strategically” positioned as we r to do the “right thing”, agree?


Suffice to say should Ms. Vicky “Sticky”Schiff or anyone whether or not associated with her former employer Stor America or current hangout, the Wetherly Capital Group contact you again and that includes inside as well as outside counsel, may I suggest, this time, u act real smart and do one of three things:


One, tell them either to go to hell, i.e. they should continue what they are doing filling up “negative space” on this amazing canvas known as Planet Earth gifted tu each one of us by an Almighty G-D, i.e. not our parents, family, blah blah, each and every one of their moves thanks to the latest G-D-Send, i.e. The Digital Age now being tracked including thanks to the likes of Mr. King Golden Jnr Esq. and his buddy Mark “Indian-Sucking” Esq. both our vowel as well as bowl movements, a technology I would think members of secret service organizations all around the world should know about, hi again, Roger W. Robinson.


Second, contact the local chapter not of a trade union associated with the Wetherly Capital Group but rather the FBI and why not first begin using the email address above.


Final option, again just my suggestion, place a call or even try sending an email to Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq [JRK] to repeat what I sent Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff on Saturday, July 26, 2003 8:32 PM PST just be4 making the final turn on the runway at JFK the last sign reading “FB” as we headed for London, Heathrow, copying Mark Culp - FBI; Devin Standard; Jeffrey R. Krinsk and Rod Smith who some may regard as a “material witness” should a Grand Jury investigation get underway, the sooner the better, wouldn’t you agree.

Vicky, I am about to be told for the second time to turn my computer off… gateway… I expect a “welcoming committee” although I will be happy if John, the chauffer, shows up and doesn’t have tu wait to long for us tu clear customs.


There are a number of things I wish to communicate tu u at this late hour. Suffice to say, however, as emissary to lost souls and disturbed spirits feel free tu contact Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk, and don’t even think to yourself that he is sum kind of jerk, who will act as a conduit to put you in touch with capable counsel.


Tracy, we have all traveled various paths to be where we r at today, and call it whatever u choose but understand full well the choices are simple, good or evil, there being no “in between.”


Our respective father’s played on the same rugby team and our paths have crossed more than most and you have to be asking yourself a whole lot more when looking in the mirror than the one I suggest in first helping people get into “real-ty check”, the “How many coincidences does it take be4 it is no longer a co-incidence?”, and the fact that u may not have “asked” to be placed in a position where u r now having to “choose sides” may at first be quite discomforting but in the end the truth will set u free.


Make no mistake I am counting on absolutely no one other than those who I trust implicitly and at this time your deafening silences speak volumes about how certain I am in terms of my computations about how many will in fact make it through to the “Promised Land.”


Art was your forte and how and why it came about that u would end up selling real estate is anyone’s guess but I make it my business never to guess, knowing that each of us are gifted certain things at birth and that it is up to our “caregivers” who don’t necessarily have to be our biological parents to guide us to make right decisions, and how it comes about that sum kids get the right guidance and others don’t all boils down to numbers, and it is very much a numbers game, and there is a reason for everything and right now I am simply to tired to think beyond what I have written and sum might argue I have written to much at this time, but I fear not.


Tomorrow will be another day and so will the next whether or not we stand shoulder to shoulder I am certain of where I am headed next but I cannot speak for u or anyone else, only u know who u r, and what sort of life u would want your kid to grow up hearing about, my version of the truth or the pitiful excuses that abound everywhere these days, a time for living, a time for dying, a time for peace, no time, u just have tu trust me, 4 the wicked, it is endless.


At this time u, Paul and most of all Shaun would be welcome to drop by and say hello to us either at our beach house located at 227 27th Street or come this February 15th right next door at 219 27th Street which as I mentioned previously this spot is going to be the world headquarters of Manager Minute One.


And of course there will be no “handouts” but folks with your G-D given talent and worldly experience would feel very much at home in our very warm surroundings, the same with you Cliff Benn, your parents as well, my not forgetting for one minute the hand they played in my remarkable recovery back in 1980-1, your amazing sister as well, never tu forget your black maids who each and every morning before opening up the blinds would walk up to my bed and gently stroke my head back to life.


Sidebar to Roger W. Robinson: Should Ms. Leslie Stahl the Lilly-white-wheaty-eating correspondent for 60 Minutes contact you once again may I suggest you let her know a little bit more about you including the fact that your male best friend, Mr. King Golden Jnr. Esq is as left of left as it gets, that while you sat in the “pound seats” of power during President Reagan’s first term in office where intelligence and counterintelligence agents such as  Hanssen & Ames got up to “know good” [sic] Mr. King Golden Jnr. Esq. was general counsel for Science Applications International Corporation [SAIC] which he would on occasion, as you well know, refer to as an


“Offense Contractor… the more secrets we share the less likely we will be to send our ‘best and brightest’ into ‘harms way’, blah blah” [sic],


No surprise that the likes of Senator John Kerry and Congressional Medal of Honor winner former Senator Bob Kerry get all choked up when discussing their valor military service, there being goodness in everyone, the dead tho never really resting as revealed in the “eyes” of even the most wicked who will weep, at times, and why my step-grandmother Jenny Gevisser cannot and must not be forgiven for “turning a blind eye” to the truth, finding out from a relative who may have himself played it not all that “straight” having survived the Holocaust while every single other member of the family who chose not to take the outstretched hand of my incredible grandfather Issy Gevisser was murdered by the Nazis all of whom remain very much a part of each and every single one of us or so it seems to me, the likes of Rabbis Dennis Prager and Abner Weiss incapable or so it seems of responding to what would seem rather easy questions, in the words of many a good attorney, “Who knew what and when did they know it?”


Roger, this is, not to suggest that someone in your PR department didn’t make the first move asking  to have someone sexy and appealing to undecided voters such as Ms. Stahl interview you although I was so shocked to see your good looking face on TV I simply cannot recall whether in fact it was Ms. Stahl doing the interview perhaps, it was none other than Ron “Seed Capital” Burkle’s “Questionable Hire” Bill “Kitchen-Wallpaper” Clinton instead of playing footsie-footsie with u under the table was passing “back and forth” one of his fishy smelling cigars back when he, Monica Lewinsky and who can forget Revlon director Vernon Jordan chomped on cigars as the world began “burning up” worst of all us hard working Americans losing our manufacturing base to the communist Chinese


My reminded at this time of another of my eldest brother’s poems,





A grave has no voice.

Old blood is not wet.

It will happen again…

When our children forget!


I hold out an olive branch just at this time extending it all the way to the doors of the Wetherly Capital Group letting them know, however, they have no choice at this time, it is going to be my way or the superhighway with its light speed causing them the worst type of short-circuitry only someone like Derrick Beare has experienced and then only to a limited degree, suffice to say the only place I know I am banned for certain is in the computer area of Folly Farm.


Stonehenge II is where I plan to hang out at this time although I don’t really know exactly what move I will be playing next but if u have been paying attention to what I have had to say you would know I mostly just “hang out” waiting for my adversaries to simply implode, and you Carol Hess are just another example of someone who let their formal education interfere with their learning, point being, again why on earth would you or someone as sophisticated as Dr. Jonathan Beare have anything whatsoever to do with such despicable characters such as this Lazarus clan who show absolutely no remorse no different to Dr. Sperm Donor JBS, and don’t give me or the FBI if they show up any bull about you not knowing at this time who exactly is the fricken Sperm Donor and his Money Talks attorney, remember I am getting in excess of more than 1 million hits per day on average on just one of my 100 odd websites that REMAIN UNDER CONSTRUCTION FROM THE BOTTOM UP, perhaps 4ever that way and trust me I don’t intend to put one more penny of my own money into BEEFing it up.   


None of u can say “I was not alerted” certainly not any member of my immediate family.


Within minutes from arriving at Rainwaters on Wednesday I received notice that Mr. JRK had to cancel our lunch meeting which didn’t prevent me from ordering everything my dog looked at on the menu that had him wagging his tail, although I decided since Mr. JRK came across as so incredibly genuine to eat at sumwhat lower priced 5 Star restaurant only Pypeetoe’s lunch will be charged to Finkelstein & Krinsk.


I never saw the movie Tail wagging the dog with, I think, Dustin Hoffman, but don’t hesitate tu let me know or have whoever assisted you et al in your “non-response-response” give us your views of how the world really works, ok?


Ms. Hess, your “war” declaration reminded me so much of Wall Street Analyst Melissa Grant who after emailing me something along what you have been tossing my way as of late suddenly went oh so very quiet, that “Melissa” hyperlink should give you et al something to chew on, for if nothing else it shows you how very very careful I am in “peacing” [sic] things together, so easy to destroy all the good that is out there, requiring therefore a rather delicate touch, the almighty powerful folks at Citicorp a whole lot more sophisticated than the Durban North Lazarus clan of South Africa, perhaps just this very moment Thomas Stephens Esq. the best of the best “hostile takeover” attorneys on the planet coming to terms that when I mean business I mean business, their decision to bring “back to life” a “wrecking ball” like Mr. Newell Starks as chairman of the board of one of Citicorp’s “Holy owned” [sic] subsidiaries may not sound like much to you given the fact that I believe you have your head-s so far buried up your anuses butt to my ever increasing inner-circle of lets just call them “friends” such communications, although at this time very much “one sided” say a whole lot about WHY IT IS that there is such deafening silences out there particularly amongst the media folk whose business you would think is ferreting out the truth?


And surely you know a thing or too about business models to understand how important “growing markets” are particularly to folks on Wall Street who look for “good news” to share with the masses of “brain dead” individuals enough out there to fill exactly WHAT?


Yes, there you go even you can be possibly cured, the “bad news” gets shared with their “friends” and why it is that people like Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. and I make a point dressing like clowns, come on, be honest now, lets have sum fun, have u ever seen an uglier looking shirt than the one Mr. JRK wore which u c in the previous hyperlink which is sumthing I assume he picked up out of Bill Lerach Esq.’s garbage along with that green folder, where else would he have picked up such an incredible cold that he then passed on to me, agree?


And remember even if you delete this email, I have strong evidence, not as good evidence that just our one website remains on track to be the number one website on the planet, but pretty good nevertheless that at least 1 out 10 people who receive my emails have them stored sumwhere on their computer networks which is not tu say that number won’t drop as folks like the FBI begin to cast their “fishing net.”


Yes, Ms. Hess the days of so-called sophisticated financial wheel dealing where the likes of Sandy Weill Citicorp’s former CEO and Chairman of the Board and one-time partner of “my buddy” Arthur Carter playing “toughies” one minute and then Mr. “Nice Guy” the next are fast drawing to a close, agree?


Arthur who is also a client of my eldest brother doesn’t even has his first name appearing in that previous hyperlink displaying the “philanthropy” of Mr. Weill and back again we go to the question not so much of whether “Black hands lay white eggs” given this “God eat God” [sic] society of ours but why we shouldn’t never ever ever buy into conspiracy theories of their being this world order of Jews, Christians. Muslims, Roman Catholics blah blah in sum sort of conspiracy when too peas in a pod like Almighty Jews such as Arthur Carter and Sandy Weill cannot stand the sight of one another let alone sit in the same room and agree on anything other than agreeing that they got short changed during circumcision.


Leading me into 6 of my brother’s poem-s-blank verse-s from Cunning Linguist




A stone to an ant,

Is as a mountain to a man;

It reflects Time

In the shadow of a Day.






Is permitted

To use me


The prior consent

Of the

Soul Operator






A part

Yet apart



On a train

Each one apart


A part

Of the train.





An empathetic tear

From a passerby,

May speak more volumes

Than your kinfolks’ cry.




I like that person

Not because I can

Find myself in her,

But, because I can

Lose myself in her.


And the best,



Torn between

The Promise

And the Threat

Stands Love.


Good Day – Fri-Day.



The Rattlesnake


Ps- Again any changes will appear in green.