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To: 'Adam Tucker'
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Subject: RE: Hi Gary it's Adam

Adam - I don’t know why your emails are being bounced back, perhaps Sarah could look into it?


I doubt Peter Norman the President of would get fooled one more time by those who have this habit of usurping their limited authority.


I will be coming up to LA this week so if it works for u to c the Santa Monica property then let me know, so far no takers at $1.8 million.


Still waiting to get confirmation from both the FBI and U.S Attorneys office in Los Angeles [LA] as to when I can come in “out of the cold”, nothing quite expressive as mathematics altho, French when spoken by someone with quite the vocabulary is music, at least to my ears, “Avec une pierre deux coups”.


The gross rental income right now without the small fortune of quarters made off the communal washing machine where for all I know the tenants engage in wild but I would assume protected sex is approximately $95K/yr, no one to the best of my knowledge having perfected attaching a string,,, cameras everywhere a good thing, cannot wait for u to c the “sheer lunacy” outfit Marie designed, made and wore to the races the other week, still no word from Dr. John Pollard on the all important question,


Can u tell me if u have ever been to any gambling joint




Even heard about anyone credible in the presence of a single human being who has come anywhere near close to calling the exact winners, seconds and thirds as Marie did this past Sunday, not to forget those all important digits 1421?






Ps – The saga with the owner and their legal representative of the beach property which Marie rents here in Del Mar seems to have captivated audiences all over the world contributing possibly to emails being “ounced back” [sic], the incredulity, same word exists in French, of both United States Foreign Service Diplomat, Mr. Glenn Warren and Ms. Lori Goetz, Mr. Glenn’s hound dog real estate broker, thinking that they could get away preying on my rather well educated Partner-Wife Marie Dion not exactly a single mother of 2 who recognizes that it is how one uses your education that is important in teaching others the right way to do things the first time round, well aware is the love of my life, the myth of education, learning to talk and somehow using that as a substitute for wisdom stems from coming out of university a different idiot than what one went in, but an idiot nevertheless, agree?


So well reflected in the words of former President Bill Clinton, “If we don’t succeed we run the risk of failure.”


Ps I – It is just a matter of very brief moments in the history of time be4 folks begin to connect up the dots for themselves not just here in the United States of America but the world’s masses, literate and “otherweiss” [sic] illiterate fed utter nonsense by our mainstream media marching to the beat of their “masters of disguise” doing a wonderful job of failing to point out how all that we have remaining to export thanks to Bill Clinton, so easily distracted, is the “art of larceny” along with full on doses of co-dependency, agree?


Everything made that much easier thanks to the Digital Age, A G-D-Send especially exposing the Liberal elite’s fixation on using their power of the airwaves and command of speech to deprive the masses of their fundamental rights which begins with each of us being responsible for ourselves from minute one versus big government hooking our care givers on entitlement programs that empower those most deprived who seek the limelight such as Po-LiFootsak” Pollak, agree?


U surely recall the conference call on September 26th of last year that was broadcast live on one of’s message boards that thanks to yours truly is now “dead in the water”, not to forget Mr. King “Thanks for letting me share” Golden Jr. Esq’s the washed out former poster boy of the Democratic Communist Party, both Golden and Pollak way down on the Communist Party Chief’s totem pole with enough time, however, on their hands to “pray” [sic] on the poor and impoverished as the super rich remain hidden behind the scenes laughing their heads off while keeping their lips tightly sealed as the zealots on the far left and far right meet up continuously creating world wide havoc until war comes along which not only culls the population growth festered by church doctrine but keeps the super rich very much out of harm’s way, now talk of a perpetual motion money making machine, thank G-D again and again for our GREAT GREAT President George W. Bush, agree?


By the way did u have any comments to my rather calm response to journalist Alfonso this past Saturday,,, just informing my neighbor that we might be beefing up security in our neck of the woods, good idea




Do u think this could be construed by the courts to mention little of the importance of public opinion as going “overboard”?


The incredibly close relationship of the Kennedys and Mrs. and Mr. Charles Engelhard the top American dog in The Diamond Invention that allowed one super rich family in the form of the South African Oppenheimers to subvert justice as the United States Justice Departmentheaded” by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had his publicists contact a South African journalist who in turn chose my extraordinary mother to assist in coming up with a list of people who RFK, who again was tasked with going after the most corrupt family in the world responsible for untold mass murders should NOT meet with when visiting Durban, South Africa during our summer of 1966 falling less and less on deaf ears, agree?


I am quite convinced that despite years of short circuits occurring in the brains of people like china Tony Unruh eventually even this not altogether an idiot, remember he can still drive a motor vehicle and use a cell phone will come around and hopefully he won’t take his anger out on his children for having allowed his formal education to interfere with his learning.


To this day I cannot get out of my mind our Danielle, frustrated with her biological father who was blasting her eardrums in his carefully orchestrated effort to have Marie speak with him on a cell phone while Marie was focused on not causing a car wreck, Dr. John Ben Stewart


What the hell do you want me to do, miniaturize the phone and then stuff it in her ear?”


Sidebar to Paul BakerGiven the difficulty that Adam Tucker, one of my programmers, is having reaching me please try and leave a message on my 1-858-SEL-NEXT voicemail. It is highly unlikely I will be able to do even a late lunch today but possibly dinner this evening, and if not I will make my self available anytime tomorrow even if it means having to reschedule with both FBI agents and United States Attorneys.


Bear in mind my dear friend Paul Baker that never again will the masses be fooled as the likes of the South African Oppenheimer family so vocal in support of opposition parties to the South African Nationalist Nazi Party of South Africa that ruled over some 40 million + peoples of color with quite the “iron fist” while using some of their fistful of big time bucks to make quite the show, lending support to the likes of Helen Zulman and my pal Tony Leon who put up an incredibly shameful defense, agree?


The failure of every single human being on this planet not to have simply surrounded the estates of the Oppenheimers rests on each of our shoulders, most of all, in my humble opinion on those high and mighty Federally funded Liberals, mostly attorneys, here in the United States of America who had all the information that the Kennedys were bought and paid for with the blood being spilled by our black brothers and sisters all over the world, continuing to this very day, agree?


Again and again, get down on your fricken hands and knees and thank G-D for our GREAT GREAT President George W. Bush!


Ps IIAdam, I need some help with my desktop computer, bugs galore; u also wouldn’t know anyone with a fax in my neck of the woods, the neighbors here on 27th Street having gone awfully quiet of late, hi Patty and Steve Pratt.


Ps III – While exercising the dogs on the beach this morning be4 the Del Mar Nazi dog patrols began I ran into another group of folks equally fed up with the hypocrisy and distracting techniques to mention little of the Red Light District Cameras going after small time offenders as things like building permits get issued without any end “incite” [sic] to the lack of water in this desert region putting out pitiful newsletters that folks would be well advised to use drip watering systems as some 25% of our current water needs gets cut off right at the source to mention in passing all the new development that goes on unabated, agree?


And to think of the gall of the Mayor of Del Mar telling me without giving it a moment’s thought, broadcasted on live TV that the consultant who the City Council retained in an effort to dump on residents of Del Mar another nincompoop tax did NOT do a “risk assessment” to determine what if any impact this property transfer tax would have on triggering a real estate market crash, shameful, agree?


The arrogance that we export all over the world if only one could capture it all in a bottle besides for on camera, shameful, agree?


Lets hope the smell doesn’t result in folks deciding they might as well continue to do business #1 and #2, Pypeetoe just passing wind, in the Oshon [sic], agree?


Remember, I do not lie, steal




cheat, and when exaggerating even china TU with perhaps encouragement from his kids would appreciate the humor, moreover, it’s not class warfare that I am encouraging, its class welfare I am questioning. And I am a member of the favored class.


So far I suspect that at least 1,000 more residents of Del Mar will tune into the next broadcast of the City Council than the number watching back on Monday, July 19th, more than a handful of folks at Dog Beach today assuring me that even if the TV signal they get is weak they will arrange to go to a local sports bars to watch the next spectacle where I certainly expect Hershell “Water Tester” Price to once again bless us with his presence dressed in his best regalia, agree?


Naturally, my sense is that my rugby buddies will yield enough influence for the owner of every fricken bar here in the southland of California perhaps even those folks in the panhandle of Florida who helped c to it that our GREAT GREAT President George W. Bush got elected on November 8th 2000 will c fit to tune in, agree?


Such an occasion could even have Mr. Randolph Hearst VI, the last surviving son of the original mega mogul of Lilly White Wheaty Eating Occidental moguls lifting up his feet perhaps now coming to terms we have an alternative to his decree, “While letting the masses eat cake, lets give them plenty of tits and ass” [sic], agree?


Ps IV – Again I must thank the likes of Mr. Larry Graff, so appreciative am I for his communiqués which along with such telling emails such as the “TEETH”, “Re: RE:”, “FBI Watch List”, and “illegal st. of you?” increase the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insight and analysis of the events of the day. This is a very affirmative and positive step on their part that is highly appreciated, agree?


Ps V – Earlier today, at precisely 10:39 AM PST Realtor Lori Goetz sent Marie this communiqué below in response to Marie’s rather precise E-mail sent last evening to this scoundrel:




I have a fully executed original lease contract with no addendum. Please fax me a copy of what you claim to have. My fax number is 1-858-755-0155...


Ps VI Should u come across either Veronica




Randolph Hearst’s email addresses on The Internet please forward them to me.


Just to my right is a draft of a White Paper I pulled together back in late December 1993 for both of these “supreme” human beings dealing with the issue of “obfuscation” which Glenn Shapiro ever so kindly assisted me with, Mr. Shapiro I know preferring that I simply stick to the business of providing him more chapters to my book Manager Minute One written in 4th grade English,,,, now where is I our JoNathan when I need him, so, “Let the games begin...The Fish Rots From The Head Down.”



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Tuesday, August 03, 2004 10:24 PM
Subject: Hi
Gary it's Adam


I don't know if you got my voicemail or not, but for some reason, I have been trying to email you and they keep getting ounced back. It's trange because I have still been receiving your emails, I just can't respond...


Anyway, I wanted to see if the apartment building si still available. I mentioned it to my unlce Pete (the plastic bag guy) and he seemed very interested. He is traveling until Friday but asked his partner to drive by and take a look at the property. They liked the numers but were wondering what the rental income was.


Let me know, talk to you soon,