From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Sunday, November 21, 2004 2:20 PM
To: Tefo Mohapi
Cc: rest; Trevor Manuel – South Africa’s Minister of Finance;;;; Dad
Subject: RE: What happens when you give rights to blacks?


Hey Tefo – I now need time to think about what u wrote below, aware that there are 2 more emails from u that have since come thru, u no doubt aware I am getting quite the feedback from a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population.


In the meantime I am going to be forwarding your response below to a significantly bigger email list including Mr. George Soros who did show courage in sending me an email this past Wednesday,


please take off your mailing list[1]. thank you


Soros, my eldest brother’s big-time-crook client quite an excellent example of a rich United States Democrat so self absorbed promoting policies to assuage his guilt that destroy economic opportunity for those who are trying to make a living, to mention little of the likes of George Soros so allied with the likes of left wingers such as Glenn Shapiro who in turn are at one with right wing bigots such as Ron Bellows holding down quite the insurance spokesperson job for the most corrupt industry next to the Diamond Invention, my Client-Partner-Wife Marie Dion for the very first time putting on my rugby shirt from when I last used it competitively at no more than 15 years of age, increasingly less concerned about who she should contact in the event I went missing, her latest clothing designs simply out of this world.


As mentioned previously, I was about midway through high school when I learned everything there was to know about the incredibly rotten state of the insurance industry worldwide from Cliff Benn’s father, Alan Benn whose ingenious financial engineer partner, Gerald Hackner, was my extraordinary Royal Mater’s accountant, not to forget that Sam Hackner, Gerald’s eldest son who like his younger brother Mark and most likely sister Susan all 3 not being able to take their eyes off South Africa’s most beautiful women frolicking in the nude in our swimming pool in Glenwood, Durban, is the head of Investec’s private banking, I am quite confident Sam will when contacted either by me and/or a representative such as yourself provide some if not all of the seed capital for our worldwide Clean Water Fund project, most assuredly handing over such monies with the broadest smile on his face, agree?


I am now offering all those allied with the likes of Soros and Ron Bellows to engage me in “open debate”, and given my rather good high-level knowledge of the insurance seminar business I am again quite confident that between my email list and theirs we will be able to fill the largest tents available in each and every city, town and village we visit all over the world, agree?


Seminars were just one component of a myriad of services offered by Insurance Marketing Services Inc, a former company which I “ran” during the mid to late 1980s which Mr. Shapiro a former senior executive of Simon & Schuster like other major media companies showed great interest in acquiring, my mentor from IMS, Mr. Amos P. Wright, who retired 3 times in his career, once working for the only man to have beaten John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil, just earlier today at 88 years of age while beating out all the odds of being alive at this time giving me quite the “reprimand” for not “getting it on” with such degenerates, my credibility in the “insurance game” while being “out of the thick of it” for some 15 years is without a shadow of a doubt head and shoulders above that of Mr. Bellows who runs “one of the silos” of AIG, the foreign owned entities division of the $280 billion megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd, while beating out the 3 other silos in terms of growth rate, not capable, however, of continuing to grow at “sum” [sic] 45% compounded annual growth rate given how there is so little of the United States left to sell to foreign interests thanks in no small measure to what took place during the Clinton Administration, agree?


Again like this one time ad of mine, A NAME FROM HERE YOU CAN TRUST OVER THERE that appeared in the late 1980s in South Africa’s Sunday Times, there are still very senior people in the insurance business all over the world who remember the only time my name ever got mentioned in any of IMS’ rather public publications, my “commitment” quote in the March 16th 1987 edition of the IMS Weekly Marketeer saying nothing different, however, to the works of far more eloquent people such as Plato who in turn said the same old things repeatedly from the beginning of time just in different ways, the past and the future all coming together in the present, agree?


The Weekly Marketeer was standard reading amongst some 6,000 independent insurance agencies throughout North America who thanks to the likes of us helped keep “the feet to the fire” of the out of control insurance carriers hell bent on breaking the independence of the agency network, again so important that every single literate human being on this planet read word for word the refreshing complaint by the Attorney General of New York, Mr. Eliot Spitzer and his staff doing one incredible job of explaining how the Greenbergs, the First Family of Insurance and employer of Mr. Ron “Bigoted-co-opted- Spokesperson” Bellows, colluded, worlds colliding now happening in real time, the Digital Age, A G-D-Send, light is knowledge, knowledge is light, knowledge being moved at “light speed” hence I would assume the expression “G-D-Speed”?


Not forgetting for a minute that back in December 1996 after being out of the insurance game for some 7 years I probably spent more time speaking on the phone directly with Maurice Hank Greenberg the Chairman-Chief Executive Officer and Thomas Tizzio the President of AIG blah blah than Mr. RonOne of your best” Bellows in the entire 25+ years Ron has spent as a risk management specialist-spokesperson in the insurance game, knowing no other “funny games”, in fact it would not surprise me that altho Mr. Bellows was the one lead dog sent out to sniff-kick the tires of Sunmed, yours truly the CEO of this one of a kind medical device company that got very public international attention, the alpha dog at the time of AIG’s Merger & Acquisition division, Mr. Bill Frye, may have felt his as well as his “side-kick’s” best interests were served by not having RonEmotionally Fragile” Bellows communicate directly with either Thomas Tizzio or Hank Greenberg, agree?


Such matters not only important to the Feds I suspect looking less and less for a “legal connection” between Hank Greenberg and his 2 sons, their sister, medical doctor, Catherine London, with Mr. Bellows’ concurrence “authenticating” the “independence” of each of the megalopoly’s 3 major divisions, “My father and 2 brothers when getting together just sit around  the dinner table bullshitting” but others such as my other “pal” Fred DeLuca who is the “title holder” of 15,000+ sandwich shops known around the world as Subway, Fred it so happens provided Sunmed’s seed capital never to forget those awesome, “Right of First Refusal” words Fred threw in to his one of a kind Purchase Agreement that were initially a “spot of bother” until such time as Fred began immersing himself in the “day to day” activities of Sunmed, my very much looking forward to breaking bread once again with poor, poor Fred possibly still battling to make ends meet, his $100 million a year salary a drop in the bucket, however, when compared to other folks I know a whole lot better than Fred DeLuca who constantly “cry poverty”, Fred tho, is one incredible host and someone I think u should very shortly meet, agree?


Again this coming week I will be responding to attorneys-prosecutors from Mr. Eliot Spitzer’s office who responded to my[2] rather straightforward communiqué offering to “help out.”


Please have Mr. Steve Banheygyi as well as Ron Derby “feel free” to forward our “back and forth” to everyone they know and since Mr. Derby is a journalist he might know my cousin Mark Gevisser personally who is tasked with authoring the autobiography of South Africa’s current prime minister Mr. Thabo Mbeki and to encourage my cousin to stop being so childish and to at least respond to this E-mail, the other option is to wait for all his brain cells to short-circuit and plead like senility much like my extraordinary Royal Mater et al.


My sense is from how well you communicate that u were u bred not to be a co-dependant like most LWWE Boys but would welcome my other pal Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s Minister of Finance being copied to mention little of my French-Canadian CPW Marie Dion just loving your style of writing and we assume English is not your first language?


Marie is now in her garden dressed very Chinese looking, straw hat, Chinese pants to die for, her “sheer lunacy” sweater creations from an old sweater of mine simply breathtaking with its flowers sewn on, Marie now looking at me like this, now like this, it not taking her long at all to look like this, now telling me to “stop fooling around... get dressed... grow up...” [sic] which brings to mind the one scene in this incredible movie we rented last night with a Mr. Harvey Keitel, Taking Sides, in my humble opinion, this movie about the famous conductor Wilheim Furtwangler who comes under investigation by the Allied Forces after the fall of the Hitler’s regime, “was the great musician a Jewish sympathizer or a Nazi supporter?” one of the best movies and acting of all time.


We were late getting out of bed, enjoying a very rare lightening storm here in Del Mar, California – can’t wait for Marie to model the amazing outfit she will be wearing at this Thursday Thanksgiving Dinner at Gene’s house, Marie suggesting now that Gene consider using the label “Pure Gene” in marketing his organic gourmet soups, what do u think?





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Tefo Mohapi []
Sunday, November 21, 2004 11:36 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Cc: Steve Banhegyi;
Ron Derby
Subject: Re: What happens when you give rights to blacks?


Hey Gary, thnx for your reply.


Here's my 2 cents worth (don't know how many pennies that is ) and also some answers to questions you asked as well as an e-mail I sent a friend on how I think this world operates.


You talk of "how they might view my “credibility” in attracting the likes of u.", well, from a man that sounds to be an independent thinker I wouldn't think you would be bothered abouth other peoples opinions or perceptions of you. Unless of course the likes of me are the like that will reduce your credibility ratings and how I would do that, I don't know.....


I agree, most if not all LWWE Boys would love to work with Mr. Krok. What I mean by apprentice is being able to consult with Mr Krok on a monthly or so basis about guidance on assisting with general business guidance. I am not looking for him to make decisions for me but rather to guide. I will do my homework and he will advice on what can be the best way to tackle it once I have shown my initiative. i don't know if that explains...


I am an independent thinker, what do you mean by that he then is a GOD send?


"Why have the financial markets not imploded yet?" - maybe because those who benefit from them will fight tooth and nail for them not to implode :)


Anyway, here is something I wrote I thought you might find interesting:



There are different Ways of Life, or rather the ones I have bothered to investigate and have been exposed to. They all address one main aim, survival of the individual and that of humanity and achieving peace and happiness. Bear with me....


They are namely, The Western Way of Life, The Eastern Way of Life and The African Way of Life. The only reason I name them as such is due to their origins (in my opinion) but their naming I use just to differentiate them, what I mean by this is that you can find an African who is more Western than a European. let me elaborate on each.


Western Way of Life


As I mentioned earlier, all ways of life (on this planet) address first the survival of the individual and then that of humanity. Meaning that first the individual needs to be happy and at peace and then humanity can be happy and at peace.


The Western Way of Life accentuates the individual the most. It stipulates that life is a SYSTEM with PROCESSES and that anything you do must have a GOAL, and END. Hence they even believe that behind chaos there is a SYSTEM, hence the chaos theory. So if you live the western way, you have GOALS and a system in place to achieve them. NOTE: YOU have your goal and a SYSTEM, not people, to achieve it. Anything that forms part of YOUR SYSTEM is a resource to be utilised including people. So, the western way of life says that the individual's goals come first and he can only achieve them with a sound system that has impeccable processes.


So, as my good friend - Mr Maseko - would say, it's easy to knock a white (white is symbolic for western, it's not the colour but a state of mind, western way of life) person. All you need to do is show them the GOAL (it must be big and attractive, money preferrably) and the SYSTEM and PROCESSES that will achieve that GOAL. If the systems are flawless, they will give you whatever you want believing that you are going to achieve the goal.


Easy! Look at the Nigerians 419 SCAM!



 Eastern Way of Life


This also emphasises the importance of the individual, but more on the individual raising their levels of CONSCIOUSNESS and ensuring that his SPIRIT is at peace and happy. The way to achie this according to the eastern way of life is through MEDITATION. Meditation is simply being quite, and connecting with GOD (or a higher force as some would say)  and being able to focus and realise that there is no such thing as reality but rather consensus reality and that you can create whatever you want through higher levels of CONSCIOUSNESS. Once achieved, i.e. higher consciousness and peace and happiness, the easteners believe that then you wouldn't need any human being to rule over another as we are all one and responsible. Hence in the Bible in Genesis, GOD says that you will have dominion over all creatures and plants, NOTE: not dominion over other humans!


African Way of Life


Here, life is about PEOPLE (Humanity at large) and the importance of the individual is only there to serve HUMANITY. Whatever you do in the african way of life must not be harmful to another human. HUMANITY comes first, everything else second.



As you know, life is competitive. With the westernes managing to convince more and more people that their way of life is the best and then makes life even more competitive because the individual's success is important unlike in the African and Eastern ways. So this makes most people on this planet competitive. Evrything in the western way of life is a SYSTEM created by SOMEONE to achieve HIS GOAL. Just look around you!


You need to also note that there are SYSTEMS within SYSTEMS and these layers of systems all have layers of individuals who created them to achieve whatever goal they want for whatever good reason (but my guess is that we are all the same chasing after survival, peace and happiness).




To quote you "Again if u r not outraged every day then u r not paying attention.", this is so true!


P.S. I have copied a two friends whom I thought would be interested in this communication. Their names, Steve Banheygyi  a transformation consultant( and Ron Derby (a journalist)


Until next time,



Tefo Mohapi
Mobile: +27 (0)72 686 2056


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From: Gary S. Gevisser

To: 'Tefo Mohapi'

Cc: Ron Bellows ; Glen Shapiro ;

Sent: Saturday, November 20, 2004 11:13 PM

Subject: What happens when you give rights to blacks?


Dear Tefor, hello.


The main reason for my delay in getting back to u is that I was seeking input from people around the world not so much in terms of how to reply to your straightforward question, “Would you advise me to be [Solly Krok’s] apprentice?” but rather in terms of how they might view my “credibility” in attracting the likes of u.


I happen to know versus “believe” that more than a handful of the “favored class” Lilly White Wheaty Eating boys around the world would give up their genitals to have someone as incredibly entrepreneurial as Solly Krok who has to be one of the very worst and best managers I have ever met willing to make them an “apprentice”, what ever that means, agree?


In other words, if you’re already an independent thinker then Solly Krok is a G-D-Send. If u were raised to be a co-dependant u will find hell, and at the end of the day if u survive then your next of kin may get rich writing a bestseller and letting me and/or my heirs sell the book.


Significantly less people today are surprised that u would not only locate me but reach out wanting my opinion than say 72 hours ago, bearing in mind I have not held down a regular paying job since the fall of 1989, all a function of my expanding audience increasingly paying very careful attention to my communications, more and more folks mentioned on my emails both happy as well as sad, no strike that, petrified to find themselves on most if not all search engines especially since it takes someone with just an average IQ to have worked out already the “method to my madness”, my plan tho, within the next 72 hours to reach those of us 85 points and above, so far just 2 individuals who know me fairly well, relatively speaking, have fully imploded but rest assured there will be more once they also work out I am literally moments away from answering the all important question I have been asking the general public ever since I first went public on The Internet, “Why have the financial markets not imploded, yet?”


There can be no guarantee that RonI concurBellows[1] will shut his big mouth even when coming to terms with how he has no one to blame but himself, perhaps his parents, a school teacher, a priest in the end it wouldn’t surprise me if he chooses to blame my dog, Pypeetoe, for his incredibly blatant racism that shows his fear, bearing in mind that altho Mr. Bellows does not have quite my track record of success u can surely appreciate it is easy to make quick clever statements especially when one's livelihood and reputation are on the line, it is another thing altogether to substantiate an infantile reaction to having been caught with your pants down.


Credibility is everything and you can only get it through your past actions and it is not something that be manufactured or destroyed that easily. It is not only the words that count it is the actions behind the words.


Strangely, I have yet to see a record of Mr. Bellows “wins and losses”, most of all what lessons he learned from his failures whereas I put pretty much everything I have done in my 47+ years out there on The Internet for anyone and everyone to interrogate at will[2]; Mr. Bellows does, however, have a job that carries the title of Senior Risk Management Specialist + PR person of the $280 billion megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd, this criminal enterprise now in the cross-hairs of Mr. Spitzer, Attorney General of New York, suffice to say this past week 2 of his colleagues contacted me leaving 2 messages for me to respond “in kind”, just picking up the messages earlier today, it looking like another cell phone of mine has just bit the dust.


Mr. Bellows will at least try and pull himself together after going “back and forth” examining in detail the communications between himself, Glenn Shapiro, the other individual currently in a heap of tears, and me, my thoughts are that since Mr. Shapiro has provided such encouragement to Mr. Bellows in order not to “bloody his hands” even more Mr. Shapiro provides his “best efforts” to contain the situation which might be asking a little much given how the possibility exists Mr. Shapiro is in worse shape today than Mr. Bellows, again just another example of comrades on the left and the right “locked in arms” feeding off those in the center, the audacity of Mr. Bellows to refer to George W. Bush as a “Nazi dictator” while spelling out loud and clear, “this is what happens” in answer to either his own or another bigot’s question, “What happens when you give rights to blacks?


So incredibly sick is Mr. Bellows for thinking I of all people would commiserate with his poor breeding so incredibly at odds not just with my words but my actions, it rather well documented my willingness to take on family members very much connected with The Diamond Invention, the DeBeers Diamond Cartel a fictitious unyielding super monopoly responsible for the greatest mass enslavement, torture and yes also mass murder of all time, agree?


The mind a terrible thing to lose, once the space between one’s ears becomes a perfect vacuum no light can enter, just a matter of time before the light bulb goes out, the deafening silences, an open minded person would have thought, would surely have been enough for Mr. Bellows as well as Mr. Shapiro to be ever so quiet and let G-D-NAture take its natural course, agree?


“It is better to keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”


Back in the spring of 1999 I became aware of the extent of the rot in the corporate world even tho I was well acquainted with how rotten things were at the very top from a rather young age, gravity while pulling the rot to the lower levels may yet be the saving grace as the world goes topsy, turvy, curvy, not all that badly spelled out in this risk assessment hyperlink which Mr. Bellows back on July 27th blessed with, “Indeed I am impressed”.


What followed the public announcement of the deep rot by Bill Lerach Esq. of the 2,000 pound SCAL gorilla law firm of Milberg Weiss-Lerach former clients of mine was a converging of forces that had me entering the innermost sanctums of the world of the SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigation] my posting up, The Revlon make up job on June 10th 1999 and Where’s the beef? the next day resulting in momworker63’s “unilever? encouraged me that I was on the right track, a couple of people in my inner circle catching on real quick to the power I was exercising using The Internet, my first website with just 3 hyperlinks spelling out what made a number of people at the highest levels of the corporate world shake in their boots, such matters, however, way outside of the scope of both Mr. Bellows and Mr. Shapiro’s worlds.


So important to pay attention to the pecking order, such people while earning decent money for the 1st world, Mr. Shapiro eventually able to branch out on his own, very far down on the totem scale of those like SCAL lawyer-liars who don’t have any customers to speak of, while Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Bellows have to wear suits and ties the likes of Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk could in fact work like me out of his dungeon altho I would be willing to wager if Mr. JRK were to be hooked up to a lie detector test and answer the question whether he would prefer living with his wifey in one of the most ornate and expensive homes on the west coast of America, a party house of party houses or having my 1 bedroom bachelor of bachelor spots with a panoramic view of the Pacific “Oshon” [sic], a stone throw from one of the best surfing spots in the area as well as a whistler call from the Del Mar Plaza where the rich chicks congregate, well u get my point.


There is the possibility of several reasons why Mr. Bellows refers to me as “boss” nothing quite like seeing a tight ass insurance executive in a suit and tie, top bottom tied on a stiff white collard white shirt going simply bananas then again we have not reached the end of the hypothetical FBI interrogation that began this past Thursday.


Tefo, so far not a single person has offered me either verbally or in writing the answer to the very critical question, “Why have the world’s financial markets not imploded, yet?”, my working on several communications at this point that I would like to get out be4 our JoNathan’s soccer tournament an hour from now at 1:30 PM PT so there may be some disconnects, please let me know, such a question finding its roots with Momworker63’s plea for help.


So important in helping someone else to do no more than offer suggestions, no one likes to be told what to do and when to do it, let alone how to do it, the history books full of “do gooders” wrecking havoc on indigenous peoples who never asked for help in the first place, agree?


So important not to come across as a “know it all” unless when rising each day finding oneself outraged by what is going one has as we do with Clean Water Fund project a “bullet proof” and “water tight” solution to solving the most basic human right, clean drinking water being made available to every single human being on the planet and if u r not outraged each and every day then it simply means u r not paying attention, agree?


Indifference, self-centeredness no longer in the cards should I decide to go public spelling in less than 500 words the answer to that all important question of “Why have the financial markets not imploded, yet?” that plagues those at the very top of the pyramid, the super wealthy who don’t carry cash, rarely if ever use credit cards but who in fact know me today far better than the likes of Ron Bellows and Glenn Shapiro who I once helped mow his lawn, again just because such fellows are low down on the totem pole does not mean they have not figured out the answer given how clearly I have been spelling things out in 4th grade English, agree?


There is as usual a lot on the go today, no different than on any other day, balance everywhere in this universe, while someone is happy someone is sad, death, life, the past the future all coming together in the present, the world is simply endless, design everywhere once one has figured out that there is no such thing as a coincidence.


It tho so very important in this material world to keep G-D out of the equation and to constantly apply common sense in ferreting out the rot amongst us.


In order that I can give u my 2 pennies worth of advice let me ask what precisely do u mean by my good friend Solly Krok agreeing to become your “coach/mentor”?


Second, do not hesitate to let me know if anyone suggests your “best interests” would not be served by getting in to a dialogue with me, bear in mind the likes of Solly Krok like me not so much for my ugly-duckling looks or for that matter my style of “cutting to the chase” but for the fact that I deliver time and again the goodies every so often more so than many including my so-called good friends would prefer.


This question of “friendship” is “sumthing” [sic] we as a people should explore in great depth especially when those who have stolen the most build in to their “cost of sales” the “cost of getting caught” going in and out like the tide mixing when it suits them “business” with “personal” and when eventually caught with their fingers in the cookie jar, nothing quite like the “back and forth” of emails, begin by crying foul be4 finally invoking the name of G-D, a day does not go by when I am warmed by the kindness of strangers, again balance built into the system every step of the way.


Again if u r not outraged every day then u r not paying attention.


Copied on this brief communiqué is Ron Bellows as well as Glenn Shapiro, my good friend Solly Krok, to the best of my knowledge has not met neither. The last time I visited with Glenn who now owns a seminar business he looked in the most incredible physical shape but suits u know can be very deceiving, my Client-Partner-Wife Marie Dion picking up rather quickly when first meeting this one lawyer how he had failed to take the right steps in his plan to screw her, i.e. first loosen your tie, then your shirt’s top bottom, but why only remove your jacket, agree?


May I suggest u read the dialogue contained in the previous hyperlink spelling out areas of mutual agreement between Mr. Shapiro and me.


Glenn, a liberal Democratic Communist Party supporter, has now declared, “This is the last note you will be receiving from me and the last I will be reading from you. Regrets but with conviction, first tho, informing me earlier in the week, “you are wearing me down with stuff of no interest to me” eventually finding strength, again allying himself with Mr. Bellows who again and again has finally after years of going around in circles debating endlessly mostly with himself at times with my CPW MD who has this thing of not being very tolerant with people who play victim, revealed his true colors, not to forget, however, that Mr. Bellows is one of the very best if not the best “risk management” insurance specialists in the world, “risk management” people while able to make good dinner conversation if your intention is to bore your partner and the rest of the people at the dinner table to death eventually come to terms with their bullshit business, the years of letting people treat like an ant now taking its toll, again rather important the actions and words of ants given the power of a $280 billion insurance megalopoly, Mr. Bellows quite articulate spelling out his point of view in this January 15th email which should be just one item of interest to the Feds, the second his desire to “separate from the “fony crap”, no surprise u must agree why he now chooses to go to war with me, The Rattlesnake, who would prefer to be left alone, but when disturbed, especially when my interests are to empower people like yourself I simply cannot let go of a good thing.


Number the essence of all things, good or evil, agree?


Take care,




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Tefo Mohapi []
Monday, November 15, 2004 3:21 AM
Subject: Solly Krok





I've just been going through your website and found a lot of info on Solly Krok. I just met him on tuesday and will be meeting him next week again because he has agreed (I don't know if he will fulfill his promise or not) to become my business mentor/coach.


If possible, seeing that you seem to know him weel, would you advise me to be his apprentice?


I'm a 25 year old south african male (black) and run 2 small businesses in Information Technology and Language Services.


Your reply would be highly appreciated.


Tefo Mohapi
Mobile: +27 (0)72 686 2056

[1] As Mr. Bellows continues to implode I will update the Summary of his rantings, neat wouldn’t u agree the 4 digits 1421 when added or multiplied result in the same number 8, one of 9 such combinations, quite the finite set?

[2] This will is something I first dreamed up with when taking the Deceased and Insolvent Estates course at the University of Natal, South Africa that protects both a spouse and her-his children from an over-controlling spouse – if both spouses are over-controlling then their offspring are pretty much screwed.

[1] It can now take up to a week before such a request results in an addition to my “sh1t” [sic] list, and u will notice such a list is made up of less than 30 individuals some of whom as u would suspect check out repeatedly what is really happening in the world by going to the homepage of, scrolling down to “... less said the better”, the Supreme Internet Court concept catching on like wildfire around the globe.

[2] The following information has been submitted:

Form submitted on Wed Nov 17 08:17:02 2004
Personal Information:
   Mr Gary Gevisser
   357 Parish Lane
   Del Mar, NY 92014
   Phone: 858-7356398
Dear Mr. Spitzer,
I am in possession of confidential 
internal documents that I believe will 
be helpful in your refreshing 
complaint against AIG-Marsh & McLennan-
ACE Ltd.
Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein once 
credited me in “sticking my neck out”, providing 
evidence that resulted in his decision 
to overturn a landmark multi-million 
dollar soft-tissue, repetitive stress 
injury award.
More than a handful of people 
including senior executives of AIG-
Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd are aware 
of “sum” [sic] of the material that in 
all probability would lead to you not 
only expanding your investigation but 
being in a position to make a “legal 
connection” between Maurice Greenberg 
and his 2 sons, should u choose.
Yours truly,
Gary S. Gevisser