From: Gary S. Gevisser
Tuesday, November 16, 2004 9:29 AM
Cc: rest;;
Supreme Internet Court


D – I was up fairly early again examining ever so carefully the volume of trades in the currency markets, the super rich realizing that with each tick of the clock the non-response from my Codiam family located on 47th in New York City means simply they cannot count on the DeBeers Diamond Cartel lasting all that much longer, depending instead when moving their assets to electronic banking like most people,,, the more we know about every single person on this planet the less likely there will be another war, agree?


First night in the new digs – things on the western front of this great country pretty quiet at this time, a number of people around the world still confused as to why my Client-Partner-Wife Marie Dion and I keep separate residences despite I thought spelling it out rather clearly in this broadcasted communiqué on Saturday,


it really does make perfect sense for those who cannot afford to get divorced to maintain separate residences.”


I think u will be happy to hear that not only is Ron Bellows of the $280 billion megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd very much alive he continues despite carrying the burden of being so incredibly “bought and paid 4” [sic] on top of having to perform his worthless “risk management” services, to be out there beating the pavement just relishing his new responsibilities as spokesperson for the criminal enterprise of the Greenbergs, the First Family of Insurance, yet tho, to explain in simple English why Certificates of Insurance issued by his employers should or should not be included in the all important money supply numbers put out by United States Federal Reserve, the title of his missive that came in just a half hour ago so very telling:


th ose na sty rot ten ins co's


Lets talk very quickly about my credibility beginning with how many people does someone like your uncle Dr. Jonathan Beare know who through pure logical thought processing was able to convince people all over the United States coming from every socio-economic level that the smart thing to do was to vote for President Bush including Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of F&K one of the largest fundraisers for JFK-HEINZ – again have the likes of Jonathan read this series of communiqués that spells things out in more than just in “black and white”, I have yet to charge for the coloring, clearer, however, I guarantee than any single business plan he has ever read, and remember I am intimately familiar with the work product of that idiot-crook he had running his one South African conglomerate, “Heads I win, tails you lose.”


Second, what exactly in this communiqué to Dr. John Pollard would suggest my credibility with the masses of folks who support our lifestyles is waning?


Remember without the bullshit stock market there would be no inflationary bidding wars going on in real estate not to forget the greatest myth pulled on the poor and downtrodden since the beginning of time other than the meek shall inherit the earth?,,, with each tick of the almighty clock thanks to me attracting a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population not only will the church begin disappearing in to thin air, the masses waking up to the extent to which crooked politicians are very much in bed with the clergy encouraging them to produce offspring to get instantly hooked on the likes of Coca Cola, G-D forbid anyone were to suggest that they be entitled as the most basic human right to receive their daily dose of fresh drinking water piped into their homes which brings me to a quick close.


Find me one individual such as Jonathan capable of explaining either in 4th grade simple English or using if necessary the most convoluted English under the sun, employing every conceivable economic phrase that all the computers in the world combining manage to spit out why they would NOT invest this very minute in our Clean Water Fund,,, each minute that goes by not being lost on a single soul tuned into our websites, agree?


Jonathan knows perfectly well I compute rather well capable of cutting to the chase probably quicker than even him these days given my ability to rapidly hyperlink while being intellectually honest to admit that not a single one of us with any remaining smarts can explain why the financial markets around the world have not imploded,,, yet.


If not now then when? If I am only for myself who am I? If I am not for myself who is for me?






Ps – The likes of Augusto and Mr. Mohapi have not simply nothing to lose, they have EVERYTHING to gain by the likes of Jonathan sitting on his hands, not that he should hear the words, “chop chop” but rather “hop hop” as in hop-to-it while they are so incredibly generous.


I have yet to hear from Sam Hackner or my uncle David Gevisser how in fact Nicholas Oppenheimer plans to present his case to our, fair to say I know of no one other than yours truly who has ever entered the inner sanctums of the DeBeers Diamond Cartel who left there without “blackened hands”, it rather important to note who was carbon copied last evening on my follow up email to Codiam Inc.


Enough of poor excuses from folks in my humble opinion who cant hold a candle to my credibility and why the significant drop in the response rate to my broadcasted communiqués is so incredibly uplifting to those intimately familiar with my negotiating style, and of course u have quite the inside track u and I having traveled many a road, walked many a golf course to know that when I mean business I mean business-personal.


Just playback for Jonathan the next conversation the likes of Augusto and/or Mr. Mohapi and/or perhaps even Howard Stern might have with the president of Coke,


Mr. President – a great thing The Rattlesnake managed to convince beginning with Adam Tucker that the smart thing given Israel’s increasing lack of ‘first strike capability’ and the number of crazy so-called Jewish people getting their arms around making stinky smoke bombs that simulate an imminent biological and/or nuclear attack coming from other enemies of the State of Israel and of course The Rattlesnake cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that again through logical thought processing he got the likes of Mr. JRK major fund raisers of JFK-HEINZ to swing sufficient votes over to Bush so that SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] such as Mr. JRK could be assured of at least another pay day given how The Rattlesnake gave his word that he would not pick up the phone the day after the Presidential election to call the likes of u to get u to do the smart thing to preserve your overstated Price/Earnings ratio of some 20 odd and join him in calling HEINZ-JFK who would now be in the White House to support the immediate, I repeat not tomorrow but the immediate suspension of trading in public corporations, agree?


Such a move of course would first and foremost derail the SCALs business model while preserving as best as possible the lifetime savings of momworkers, orphans, widows, widowers and pensioners since a precipitous drop in the stock markets brought about by our ever expanding grass roots organizations increasingly up to speed with how they are in fact supporting our over the top lifestyles in the first world by breeding children ad-infinitum, agree?


SCALs as u know work “hand in hand” with crooked management who own generally just a small piece of most public corporations such teamwork working wonders at the end of the day to “bottom fish” what remains of the assets of the public corporations and before the shell-shocked masses with stuff like Aspartame in the diet and the media and advertisers doing one incredible job of distraction wake up to how these pick pockets in suits have picked them apart in no time at all the companies are public once again and once again u have folks lining up to be ahead of the curve in this “dog eat god” [sic] world, buying and selling every so often able to afford a new pair of jeans with inside pockets, blah blah, agree?


Such a merry-go-round by the Wall Street crowd using hard working peoples monies, exploiting their labor to mention little of what being “had” does for not only their creativity but the impact on the next generation who keep hearing stories of their being no way out of their rat hole, that there was this very first hippie by the name of Jesus Christ who had it so much tougher,


‘Be thankful, accept your fate, remember the meek shall inherit the earth, produce babies ad-infinitum, blah blah” [sic]


As u well know Mr. Coca Cola their fate is not an “Act of G-D” but man-woman being greedy and very crooked, agree?


The upside to our great President George W. Bush being re-elected is that you now don’t have to worry about saving money by getting rid of your genius mathematicians tasked with computing how many coke bottle caps u would have needed to produce over next 24 hours following a HEINZ-JFK victory and of course u in turn have now had a good 2 weeks more time to play and enjoy your game of golf, so lets rejoice, continue to break the ice with round of ice cold Inka-Coca-Cola, agree?


Had the SCALs not played ball I know we could have counted on you to do the smart thing for the general good since altho SCALs really don’t have any clients relying mostly on intimidating insurance carriers to settle class action lawsuits without going the lawsuit route where one has to deal with not only sharing the lion’s share of the awards with the moronic investing public but then there are other pitiful lawyers-liars further down the totem pole who have to be fed, do u know Ted Kimball of Kimball, Tirey and St. John?


Such pitiful folks cannot rely on misleading 10 DAY NOTICES to last forever and then there are the judges and the bailiffs who get so bored hearing the same old stories being spat out by secretaries so good with word processors, and yes who can forget those who serve highly misleading documents at all hours of the night without a care in the world to how innocent and abused children might respond in time, every so often mistakes happening when one “cut and pastes”, agree?


Such an incredible job Bill Lerach Esq. the 1,000 pound gorilla lawyer of the 2,000 pound gorilla law firm of Milberg Weiss-Lerach did in the spring of 1999, agree?


Quite the con job on the investing public by acting so incredibly “astonished” the results of his anonymous interactive questionnaire that showed in “black and white” the deep rot within the corporate world worthy of an Oscar, agree?


Mr. Inka-Coca-Cola u may not have heard of Mark Oscar Hackner, the younger brother of Sam Hackner, head of Investec’s private banking but he would undoubtedly vouch for having got The Rattlesnake to stick through the B.COMM business program at the 3rd world crappy University of Natal, Durban, South Africa by reminding The Rattlesnake at the beginning of nearly every lecture,


“Gary, enough now. Stop with the questions, just accept what the professor says, it will make your life much easier.


Remember, my father, Gerald Hackner, is not exactly a dummy, well demonstrated by allowing your poor poor parents to buy the house in our back yard so facilitating taking care of your extraordinary mother’s sets of books, doubtful he my rather smart and very worldly father would object to me sharing with u, my best friend, how idiotic it is to argue with these idiots given how the only thing they do with precision, especially the economic professors, is pinpoint using complex colorful charts exactly where they went wrong in life.”


It is getting increasingly more difficult thanks to the Digital Age, a G-D-Send to avoid paying attention to these grass roots organizations who simply want their fair slice of the pie, and of course u r not the only public corporation that will be smart enough not to wait for a precipitous decline in your share price that will affect your bond rating blah blah, agree?


Our decision to come to you first is for the simple reason you have done the most marvelous job of advertising the benefits of sugar being added to clean drinking water and yes we also understand what an amazing job u have done in getting into the plastic bottled water business all over the world including Machu Picchu, agree?


Can u imagine the terrific PR you will now get having the label Machu Picchu stamped on the plastic bottles of water sold say in places like Del Mar California and what about the hard-ons your salespeople will get when going door to door visiting with the rich chicks in places like Malibu, can u imagine what an incredible smile it would bring say to the face of Demi Moore to hear that your support of our Clean Water Fund project will reduce the burning of fossil fuels, not everyone aware that gasoline is just one of many byproducts of oil, especially when they tell her that her number one security man for over a decade has former commandos of his from Flotilla 13, Israel’s most elite special forces units, providing security at the sources so that no one poison the wells,,,, u know what I mean jelly bean?


Do u really want to die of boredom me spelling out 4 u the joint venture between our CWF and Coca Cola to transport incredibly pure and blessed Machu Picchu water inside the gas pipelines soon to be lighting up places like southern California,,,


Great, u have really one great John Hancock, nothing like doing business with southern gentleman, sure lets bring out the southern comfort and discuss the Decline and Fall of The Fascist Empire’s Southern Division, everything moving at quite the rapid pace, no rest for any of us until every last one of them leaves the face of this earth, agree?


Do u mind if I test out your chair, I am in the market for a new one although if u were to give me a good deal on yours I would be so very very very very appreciative, so we have another deal, wonderful?


U agree it is getting so incredibly hard to tell men apart from women these days, just check out The Rattlesnake’s former neighbor, Ms. “No Guardner” [sic] O’Connor on Mr. Simple Smith’s piece of dirt located at 219 27th Street, Del Mar, California 92014, USA, and when passing by just puff up your cheeks,,, I tell u I just love your signature!


Not to forget that u now have exactly 3 minutes to get me an ice cold Inka-Coca-Cola and then have your Chief Financial Officer joins us bearing his most current set of books reflecting each and every Coca Cola bottling company operating throughout the world detailing to the penny how many bottles of coca cola matching up with bottle caps produced have been sold in each region of the world over say the past 100 years, spelling out precisely the amount of taxes paid and the recipients of those tax monies that u would agree will increase the already naturally smiling faces of our ever expanding members of grass roots organizations growing in leaps and bounds around the world, now would not be a good time to get into the subject of physiognomy, u now have one minute to place that all important call to the President of the United States of America calling for the suspension of trading of public corporations.