From: Gary S. Gevisser  
Sunday, November 14, 2004 11:48 AM PT
To: Rick Brunner – Coldwell Banker
rest; Alan Friedman; Clark Thomas; Cliff Benn; JPHILLIPS@LOEB.COM; L. Justice Thalbane;;;
1431 Stanford Street, Santa Monica, California...RFK...DUMP...1421...


Rick, what is this fax, an offer from someone going by the name Deborah Goodman or a “set up”?


Nothing would upset me more at this time than a “les penitence” [sic] being placed on my one of a kind property, agree?


Agree time we dispensed with both fax messaging as well as this absolution bit and while putting some effort into understanding both RNA and DNA making the likes of Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc., a very socially mobile stooge of the DeBeers Diamond Cartel, pay through the nose, agree?


So skilled is the media in getting folks to place diamond studs in their noses of all places, why not their anuses, the power of suggestion quite awesome, this marriage bit lasting “sum” [sic] 50% of the time working rather well with The Diamond Invention, agree?


The invention is far more than merely a monopoly for fixing diamond prices; it is a mechanism for converting tiny crystals of carbon into universally recognized tokens of power and romance. For it to ultimately succeed, it must endow these stones with the sort of sentiment that would inhibit the public from ever reselling them onto the market. The illusion thus had to be inculcated into the mass mind that diamonds were forever-- "forever" in the sense that they could never be resold.

Hazard a guess, now under pressure to complete this missive to join the rest of the family for one incredible lunch, how many people of color when passing by Robert F. Kennedy’s white cross in Arlington Cemetery located in front of a stone wall with inscriptions allying this former Attorney General of the United States of America with South Africa’s black masses during the peak of the Diamond Invention responsible for the greatest mass enslavement, torture and murder of all time, spit more like ever be4, to mention little of how my dog, Pypeetoe even be4 asking me permission this past summer simply trotted right up to the white cross, peed and then tore at the earth around as if he had just taken the biggest dump imaginable, so incredibly intuitive is my “god” [sic], agree?


So easy to forget that this incredible creation of fictitious wealth brought with it the greatest mass enslavement, torture and murder of all time post WWII, the South African Oppenheimer family-DeBeers Diamond Cartel so at one with the rich left wing in the United States of America, do the names Kennedys-Englehard-Oppenheimer not ring bells in your head ad-infinitum, agree?


Not to forget of course that it is the “most average” who rise to the top of the Bell-shaped Curve, my making sure that one of my best pals, Cliff Benn, would end up marrying one of my mother’s top models, Ronlynne Botha’s mother[1] considered by my extraordinary mother the best looking contestant with the very best body when her model Penny Coelen won the Miss World in 1958, my mother’s innate sense for picking winners not lost on the primary source of those responsible for her myriad of income streams, agree?


Quite “sumthing” [sic] to have at her side Gerald Hackner, the financial engineer of financial engineers, at the time that she orchestrated the sale of Oil of Olay developed by 2 Durban South African chemists, u can only imagine how well my Royal Mater prepared me from the age of 3 when I first started talking to when at age 10 she felt compelled to download at record pace just hours before we took this one of a kind train ride from Zurich, Switzerland to Kitzbuhel, Austria back in December 1967 thinking her handbag packed with goodies galore had possibly got into the hands of an overzealous newspaper reporter, and then factor in why she had no problem within a month of me picking up either a loaded rifle as well as an Uzzi submachine gun aiming it at my middle brother, feeling it not necessary however, to join her 9 months later on the island of Skorpios “bearing witness” to her one of a kind client, Aristotle Onassis, marrying the anorexic former First Lady of the United States who knew to keep her big mouth shut, surely not lost wouldn’t u agree on the likes of Maurice Templeton-Templesman?


Not all that surprising my china Tony Unruh has withdrawn into his “shell”, the “shell game” of the stock markets around the world while 100% rigged pale in comparison to Diamond trafficking making the trafficking of human beings still very much alive also pale in comparison, agree?


So full of themselves are the South African Oppenheimer-DeBeers Diamond Cartel who never would have believed someone such as myself would ever gain entry into the inner sanctums of their world, agree?


Not that many people u know can keep a secret for anywhere near close to 24 years, an awesome # as well as in reverse, nothing quite like the 4 digits 1421 which when added or multiplied result in the same number 8, Number the essence of all things, good or evil, agree?


The exception to dealing with someone with a “pennytrate” [sic] mentality might be having to bother say Deborah Sturman Esq. who prior to becoming the catalyst, encouraged immensely by my extraordinary Royal Mater when a French horn player with the Cologne Philharmonic, in the $4 billion odd Jewish slave labor settlement out of the remnants of the WW2 Nazi Military Machine knowing her way rather well in the real estate game, to mention little my still waiting for the leaders of the Jewish communities all around the world to insist on a full-scale independent audit of such monies, to mention in passing South African born litigator Jerry Phillips Esq. encouraging my mentor Mr. Amos P. Wright some 20 odd years ago to settle sum $60,000 when an ever so shrewd real estate speculator placed a “Les Pendence” on Amos’ building that housed the headquarters of Insurance Marketing Services Inc. on 11th Street and Broadway in Santa Monica, just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] from my 6 unit condominium project, my being distracted at the time in bringing in cashflow from the likes of Citicorp wanting to skirt the Glass-STeigal Act to pay the very fair rent along with outrageous salaries of IMS’ executives who were mostly “playing business” otherwise I would have told both Jerry and the scoundrel to go take a hike, agree?


Jerry will confirm that while still in my 20s I was not one to be bullied, the idea that one serves anything but the best interests of lawyers-liars by “giving inflies in the face of all my “bottoms up” home-schooling that began when an Israeli lawyer stole our family’s beach front properties in Tel Aviv, Israel and the decision taken not to pursue this scoundrel since it would only breed “anti-Semitism”, a point the vast majority of people thought was rather well covered in my rather rushed missive to our great President last evening, resulted in me simply having to bide my time, patience a virtue agree?


Last night we ended up seeing an animation movie on a fast moving train that had me enjoying not just the fact that Hollywood may have finally caught on to the fact that it simply does not pay to deal with crybaby actors who even when not intoxicated with their own bullshit still battle to read their lines but at least equal in importance being able to get my point across to our JoNathan who was a little disappointed that The Incredibles was sold out, that Einstein got a number of things right including his, Imagination is more important than knowledge, agree?


U recall of course the ingenious expression of Mr. Wright, “In arbitration do you give in or fight?”, my mentor schooled rather well, forget being a member of the Vanderbilt University basketball team, in the United States Marines and Navy during World War II in addition to working in the office next door to the only person to have beaten John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil headquartered in New York City at 26th and Broadway?


U surely well aware I simply cannot be distracted despite my seemingly gargantuan primary focus at this time getting the seed capital in place for our Clean Water Fund project that goes “hand in hand” with the Decline and Fall of The Fascist Empire, Southern Division, everything moving at quite the rapid pace, no rest for any of us until every last one of them leaves the face of this earth, agree?


To date not a single private banker including Ivan Oshry, again perhaps the smartest business lawyer emerging out of South Africa able to poke a single hole in the overview despite it containing as best I recall not a single number, Ivan tho, like every single very sophisticated private banker including the smart money sitting on the sidelines waiting for the stock markets around the world to implode well aware of what makes my good buddy Ron Bellows so hurried at this time that they face increasingly less choices, waiting for me to come knocking at their door to get them to do the right thing for the general good may be a rather foolish choice, agree?


Better to rethink the old adage, “It is better to keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt!”, agree?


As u can c from the “set up” hyperlink I gave Clark Thomas also of Coldwell Banker until the end of the Jewish Sabbath to nail down an “iron clad” offer at which time I would begin my “shopping spree”, it possible that I was not precise enough in terms of spelling out exactly when the Sabbath ends, us Jewish people incapable despite all our “back & forthtraining deciding amongst ourselves what it means to be Jewish.


I wish people would simply stop dancing around the important issues of the day and while getting “real” give just a little more thought to what if in fact there is a higher authority watching each and every one of our moves, quite incredible wouldn’t u agree that it seems so few of us have even bothered to ask where Hitler got the cash to build up his mighty Nazi Military Machine to mention little of what collateral may have been made available courtesy of diplomatic pouches.




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