From: Gary S. Gevisser
Saturday, November 13, 2004 6:18 PM PT
Cc: rest; FBI;
Guy Friedman; Devin Standard
Subject: The Incredibles


Mr. President – I am under the gun to get this email out in 5 minutes – still have to run the dogs on the beach, my Client-Partner-Wife Marie Dion in her most incredible French Canadian accent mincing no words, “We’re leaving at 6:45” with our JoNathan to see “The Incredibles”, so will make much use of “cutting and pasting”, and any mistakes I will address later.


The rather depressing news I shared yesterday, “just a short goodbye” from my good friend Ron Bellows, an AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD senior executive, has resulted as you would expect in a number of reactions, his last words earlier today,


“So you leave me no choice - that - in all good conscience - I must say ‘fare thee well’ my firend and maybe we'll meet again in another time...” [sic]


demonstrating besides for the distinct possibility I have contributed to my dear friend still being alive, although he insists,


“Tha is not to say that I am not in ardent admiration of your tilting at the windmills of good vs evil - but when your approach puts my familiy in jeopardy it becomes an impossible position for me to support and something I can not allow ...---...” [sic]


I have a ways to go in my desperate efforts to prevent him from continuing to play victim but why not thank me at least stalling another bloody suicide, agree?


Ron as well as his son Ron Bellows Jnr are quite vocal on the delusions associated with the “right to bear arms” while Ron Senior as incredible as it may seem given the awesome additional responsibilities he has chosen to carry on his shoulders taking up a good number of our time letting us know that he “concurs” with Dr. Cathleen London a member of the First Family of Insurance adding quite “sum” [sic] weight to her contention that her father, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg as well as brothers, Jeffrey and Evan the control persons in the $280 billion megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD, “never discuss business” suggesting the Greenbergs r anything but Jewish in their thinking, such naiveté on the part of my good friend Ron Bellows possibly the very best “risk management” specialist in the world perhaps understandable since unlike me he wasn’t raised in a Jewish household, us Jewish people when not sweeping the wrongdoing of our brothers and sisters under the carpet using the most deficit logical thought processing in suggesting that to speak out would incite greater anti-Semitism than letting such acts take on a life on its own breeding stories such as us growing horns out of heads, blah blah, preferring instead to sit around a table mostly beating around the bush debating stuff like the merits of not mixing milk with meat while we go about stuffing food down our throats like there is no tomorrow while making fun of the gentiles who booze away their sorrows, again since sending out this last broadcasted communication to a Michael Willis to then forward on to Mr. Schroeder there this deafening silence from all members of both my immediate and extended family which should not come as surprise to anyone including u, agree?


Nothing tho, as telling as the matter of fact statement I made in my communiqué to Mr. Schroeder whose 800+- words published in the Del Mar Times, a cheap way of advertising for its real estate publisher Mr. Jelley, in which I made reference to how little thought over the past 70 odd years since Hitler first began building his Nazi military machine was spent analyzing the “money trail.”


Back in 1970 at the height of the Diamond Invention our family’s business, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies was sold and many thousands of people all around South Africa including my father and his brother and all their cousins lost their jobs the exception being my father’s one first cousin, my uncle David Gevisser, who was known as the “blue eyed boy” of Sol “Little King” Moshal, the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive officer of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies.


This past week I made mention in an email to Mr. Devin Standard, the executor of my estate, of my next door neighbor Sam Hackner, the head of private banking for Investec being tasked assuming my uncle David Gevisser cannot find the right choice of words when approaching Nicholas Oppenheimer the head of the DeBeers Diamond Cartel with my Demand Settlement to do the right thing for the general good, not everyone on my email list which consists of a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population aware of my intimate knowledge of the most insidious business to have plagued this planet which I thought might be a rallying call to get a good number of my ever dwindling number of adversaries, again relatively speaking, to join in helping Nicholas see the “writing on the wall”, Mr. Amos P. Wright, my good friend and mentor suggesting that I,


“Cut the crap, u know everything there is to know about the seminar business, one week flying on Air Force One would have u I guarantee dying the richest person in the grave”,


Amos tho, while well aware I have yet to meet u quite confident that Devin Standard’s father, who is the President of the New York State Bar Association could in order to save face having failed miserably in helping the prosecutors in 2 Grand Juries obtain a criminal indictment against Melvyn Weiss of Milberg Weiss-Lerach, one of his 72,000 members pull off such an introduction with the greatest ease while leaving the incredible legacy for his grandchildren, my of course suggesting all this to Devin earlier today after first running a couple of items by Mr. Derrick Beare, another founding member of our Clean Water Fund project.


Sam Hackner like his now deceased father is a Chartered Accountant and altho rather worldly benefiting from starting out rather early in life with a birds eye view of our back garden that had the most beautiful women in the world trooping around the swimming pool area in the nude Gerald Hackner was very much a “man about town” when Charles Engelhard of Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals came trooping through our family’s Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies, so hard to forget the one occasion Sam’s mother, Hilary Hackner once complained to my extraordinary mother Zena Gevisser of her concern that this parading about was distracting to her 2 sons, Sam’s younger brother and I the very best of friends, when she was trying to get them to focus on their homework never in the course of this one and only conversation mentioning her daughter Susan who ended up gay.


Mark Oscar Hackner, Sam’s younger brother was in fact one of the brightest people I have ever known and of course we all joked a lot about what it would mean to nail just one of my mothers’ most incredible models who were in fact without a doubt the very best models in the world, my Royal Mater having a way of finding and attracting the very best and brightest of all people in every discipline imaginable, still quite the Renaissance woman is my mother when she is not senile, again what else can explain her childish behavior in ignoring me at this time, agree?


No surprise that my mother who was best friends with Charles Englehard’s “male heir”, my uncle David Gevisser, would have the very best of the best accountants in the world in the form of Gerald Hackner who was partnered with Alan Benn in a one of kind Accounting Practice known as Hackner Benn, Alan Benn’s 2 children, Clifford and Lee-Anne again 2 of my very best friends, and so for Sam Hackner to do me the honors and hand deliver my Settlement Demand into the hands of Nicholas Oppenheimer would make a whole lot of sense, allowing a good number of the super rich to not only “save face” but very probably their own Lilly White Wheaty Eating skins, agree?


Sam and I were in fact chosen, Sam a year or so ahead of me at the 3rd world crappy University of Natal, South Africa to participate in the Business Administration Honors program where I had the dubious distinction of becoming quite the “failed university business-accounting tutor” my first year university students getting quite a kick out of my take on formal education drawing on the many “back and forth” conversations particularly with Alan Benn who taught me everything there was to know about the insurance game as well as Mark Oscar Hackner whose incredible sense of humor is in my opinion solely responsible for me wasting as much time as I did attending university altho, again my main purpose was to avoid military service for the Nazi Regime that had taken root back in 1948 the year Israel was granted statehood by the United Nations, going down the best with the students was something Mark in fact picked up from his father, “The only thing Professors of Economics can do with precision using elaborate graphs and sound reasoning is pinpoint where they went wrong in life”.


The collapse of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies was something that was never once mentioned at any time during my university education, doubtful any professor thought it was a good enough case study, then again it is only right this very moment that I am revealing a few more hidden truths that is making more than a handful of people shake in their boots, increasingly aware, however, that there is balance everywhere, for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction nothing is gained nor is it lost, agree?


While Mr. Ron Bellows and others who protest “tTOo” [sic] much find comfort thinking they can bury their ever so blackened hands lashing out with utter garbage, “Your persistant vitriolic attitude and writtings are beyond the conveyonce of thoughtful - debate and honest consideration of right and wrong” [sic] he like again my ever dwindling number of adversaries, again relatively speaking, cannot ignore for much longer the likes of Augusto Benito Vargis and his 638 odd far better educated than me Inka trail tour guides whose English seems, wouldn’t u agree, far less hurried than Mr. Ron Bellows while a stooge of the megalopoly AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD still holds down a job paying a couple of bucks a year, to repeat without any edits the last communiqué from Mr. Vargis,


Hi my dear.


I am glad that you already send to everybody the CWF so right now many

people know about it, it was the next step in this project and what comes

then ?


I am sad about i could not meet with Mr  Beare but will be the next time.


Tomorrow i go back to the inka trail but keep on touch because Patricia can

access to my e-mail.




Your friend.





Investec may have had at one time as many as 600 operatives operating within the United States mostly in New York City doubtful if any exist today but if they do I would very much like to meet with all of them perhaps even at the same time I grab a bite to eat with Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc., altho I have yet to hear back from my uncle David Gevisser’s close relative, again the “remember me?” email consisting of some 272 words, rather precise, hard to even suggest that with mentioning my having said a quick hello to John Lennon, I strayed far off the beaten path of 47th Street, the heart of the diamond wholesale trade in the United States, my intimate knowledge of their several sets of books, how the likes of Codiam Inc. played quite a hand in stabilizing the price of diamonds when the Soviets were threatening to flex their muscles makes “sum” [sic] would argue me quite the target, agree?


Then again, I have been taking names and kicking butt ever since I began to question this sweeping under the table routine that allowed our family’s The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies with quite the incredible real estate holdings, all paid for cash, kept on the books of this very publicly traded company at the “lower of cost or market”, incredible it seemed to me altho just 13 years of age when the company was sold for a song that not only was my incredible mother’s so worldly accountant and his partner Alan Benn quite the gurus in the real estate market asleep at the wheel but the auditors and lawyers-liars that were tasked with reporting to the Board of Directors not simply “a bought and paid 4” [sic] Chief Executive Officer whose “blue eyed boy” was “chosen” by the Mr. Charles Englehard without a doubt not only the richest man in the world but the most powerful having bought off the entire United States Justice Department, there surely more than cases of coca cola rotting away in safety deposits all around the world, the Diamond exchanges the greatest invention by less than a handful of very greedy business people who saw in addition to creating the most incredible fictitious wealth a medium given the light weight of diamonds for the super rich to transfer wealth at light speed across borders in bought and paid diplomatic pouches.


Until such time as u have been in my shoes u cannot fully appreciate how the only thing I fear is facing our making with or without my head attached to my pitiful torso not able to look Him-Her in the eye for fearing a single human being.


May the Good Almighty SMART G-D continue to bless u, your family and the likes of Augusto Benito Vargis, so truly brave r they knowing fully the business of corrupt governments is to never let grass roots organizations take root, The Internet, coming just in the “nick of time”, agree?


Time to reflect on all the great things happening in this world while never forgetting the incredible people who helped lead the way, beginning with Abraham, then Moses, so far I have not go beyond examining the life of Pythagoras, the first mathematician-philosopher to take mysticism and superstition out of the equation, for “sum” [sic] reason never feeling the need to get beyond reading the first couple perhaps 3 pages of the so-called New Testament, it quite apparent that man’s testosterone was getting quite out of control long before Jesus Christ had his run in with those who usurped their limited authority and sure let Al Gore take full credit for inventing this one of a kind gift of G-D, the Digital Age a G-D-Send, agree?


Yours respectfully,


Gary S. Gevisser