From: Gary S. Gevisser
Thursday, November 11, 2004 1:00 PM
Cc: rest;; FBI
Subject: Time...---...


Mr. President – In less than 15 minutes I am scheduled to have a conference call with a handful of folks discussing our Clean Water Fund project, having got some rather interesting feedback already from a broadcasted email I sent out a little earlier. Should you wish to be on the call just dial, assuming u r in the U.S. 1-888-346-3950, the code is 787282#.


Today being 11-11-2004, quite the digits 1421, “sum” [sic] folks very much on the ball who understand the nature of the human beast have suggested that be4 I spell out in 1st grade simple English for the likes of children raised in households such as my 30+ year china, Tony Unruh, whose German Jewish parents should have imparted be4 sending him packing to the U.S. that besides for “Knowledge is Light”, diamonds constituting the exchange of exchanges that enable the rich to get richer and the poor ending up hooked on mindless expressions such as “Forever Jackie O’s best friend”, nothing quite like having a Diamond exchange without a trace, so light to carry in diplomatic pouches, metal detectors to boot, I explain in no more than 4th grade simple English exactly what ax I hung over the heads of my former clients the SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] the single largest group of fund raisers for your opposition JFK-HEINZ that had them at the 11th hour and 59th minute abandon the JFK-HEINZ, pulling out all stops to see u re-elected.

The front page news in the New York X, Coca-Cola Cuts Long Term Earnings Targets, may seem to “sum” [sic] simply once again prescient timing on my part but to those more intimately familiar with my “work product” which I have been painstakingly sharing with my ever expanding audience, understanding better with each tick of the almighty powerful clock that with us having broken the “light speed barrier”, it common knowledge that at the point we reach the awesome speed of 300,000 kilometers per second all clocks come to a “standstill”, the paralysis of my adversaries a miracle in the making, surely by now not lost on u as well as law enforcement offices around the world, each us of dependant on one another, only G-D omnipotent, NO DEVIL LIVED ON=NO DEVIL LIVED ON, agree?

To repeat the last segment of my missive to you at 5:30 PM PT on election day that began the previous Friday evening:

Dear Mr. President, just this very minute, 5:10 PM PT, it starting to get a little chilly on the deck of my friend’s house with the most incredible view of the Pacific “Oshon” [sic], our 12 year old JoNathan calling to let me know that they had a “mock election” at his public school and Kerry-HEINZ won, “but there were a lot of us who voted for Bush”.


Having Mrs. Theresa-John HEINZ Kerry in the White House will in fact bring down the house of cards and those common folks in places like Peru supporting the share price of our multinational public companies may end up having to fend for themselves once again, unlikely HEINZ-Kerry will have the stomach to take up arms against a grass roots organization, agree?


Quite a balancing act assuming HEINZ-Kerry has the bulk of their assets in Heinz stock whose Price/Earnings ratio is around 16 not much different to Coca Cola, both public companies’ P/E substantially below that of the average public corporation and again in my very credible opinion both company stocks r significantly overvalued, either way Mr. JRK fully understands that he is in a no-win situation if in fact again he does not pull out all stops to see u re-elected, agree?


This past Saturday due to my Ducati ST4s’ ignition malfunctioning I missed the party celebrating the 80th birthday of our neighbor Ms. Mary Imogene Evans Johnson in the family’s historical home built in 1887 by Mary’s great-grandfather, Samuel Church Smith. According to the invitation, Mr. Smith’s, “portrait hangs in the parlor, where Mary’s grandparents, Lillian Smith and James Graham Reeder, were married on May 18, 1887. Mary’s mother, Marion Graham Reeder Evans celebrated her ninetieth birthday here in 1985.


A number of things of importance took place in each of lives back in 1985, doubtful any of us could really argue convincingly about why what happened to one of us was more important than the person next door, rich or poor, famous or not, but I think we may all eventually agree that the introduction of Aspartame around this time in to our diet may be the single event to have us all now find common ground because if we don’t wake up soon to the “writing on the wall” there really won’t be any point to us even wasting time sitting around a table bullshitting which u may now be tired of hearing was first suggested at our most recent party, to mention little of once again Mary Johnson’s father deciding to leave California for Ohio fed up with us crybabies after he was nearly killed by a man committing suicide, jumping for his life out of a building in of all places Los Angeles, the City of Angels having apparently lost everything of importance back in the crash of 1929, again to the best of my knowledge not a single human being actually jumped out of a building on Wall Street which says everything about the brain damage done to those who invest in lost causes like the Democratic Communist Party, agree?


Risk Assessment is my business.


May the good Almighty SMART G-D bless u and keep u.


Yours respectfully,


Gary S. Gevisser


Ps – I only glanced thru what TU sent me this past Saturday picking up on the words “traitor” and “coward” and I kept thinking that maybe my China TU will see the light just like Adam Tucker and throw in the name Marc Rich, but again I could have missed this scoundrel’s name, again and again what to make of Rich’s pardoning at the 11th hour and 59th minute by another scoundrel who trashed our Constitution.


Interesting that TU chose to copy Roy Essakow on this email, Mr. Essakow again is someone I have known since kindergarten who has yet to advise me when he will be providing us with his trades as well as telephone logs when hanging with fugitive Marc Rich in Zug, Switzerland, Marc Rich, in my humble opinion, having done more to strengthen oil despots, i.e. weaken both the defenses of the United States as well as Israel, our strongest ally in the area, than even someone like Dr. Jonathan Pollard, the not all that bright American-Israeli spy who to the best of my knowledge remains here in the U.S. in solitary confinement.


Again I will repeat the Post Scripts at the start of this missive that began this past Friday evening.


Ps – Back on January 25th the FBI replied to an email of mine with the following:


Please clarify to whom this email is addressed to.


Thank you - San Diego FBI


I will suggest once again that they do whatever they think is appropriate assuming their mandate remains to “investigate” and then inform The Commander in Chief and for your publicist to begin making the case to those Jewish people particularly the elderly in Florida why they owe u today a great debt of gratitude for having already very possibly saved the world, such a long overdue briefing in my humble opinion making certain that u have sufficient numbers of folks on the ground conversant in sign language just in case they begin behaving mute, and I see no reason why they shouldn’t be handed this missive-mission titled:


Find Gary S. Gevisser, A NAME FROM HERE YOU CAN TRUST OVER THERE just one current or former member of Israel’s Flotilla 13 commando unit who would even dream of supporting Mrs. John HEINZ Kerry after they have engaged The Rattlesnake in “open debate”.


It is one thing to live out the remainder of one’s life in denial but another altogether in the lap in luxury so illogically supportive of the Democratic Communist Party who many supposedly Jewish people prefer to believe supports the common man, agree?


There is nothing common or for that matter comical about a handful of our Jewish brothers and sisters providing back at the time of Nazi Holocaust the backbone to the DeBeers Diamond Cartel delivering with precision timing the critical diamond tipped drilling bits that gave the Nazi Military Machine it’s competitive advantage to mention little of the vitally important “Terms of Sale” until such time as mostly G-D fearing Christian North Americans and their Canadian brothers and sisters stepped in with the likes of my amazing father dive-bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards in an effort to help out those mostly devoid of hope, their imaginations going up in the most unimaginable smoke stacks of the slave-murder camps, enough to make u vomit uncontrollably when realizing that the same organization with the same grass roots Jewish support continues to this very day perpetuating the greatest mass enslavement, torture and murder of all time taking place post WW2 in DeBeers Consolidated Mines’ backyard of South Africa, the country of my birth.


Ps I – Between now and when the voting polls close on election day I will be doing everything in my power to increase the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insight and analysis of the events of the day.


Ps II – It would be nice Mr. President at some point perhaps when u join on as a founding member of the Clean Water Fund project 4 u to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the incredible economic mess former President Bill Clinton left on the Oval Office desk that when visiting this past summer I failed to notice The Buck Stops Here sign but then again I was constantly being distracted by this one incredibly smart and beautiful FBI agent doing one amazing job of staying one step ahead of me as I searched to find sticky sperm spots that may have been missed by Clinton’s maid, how else to describe Senator Hilary Clinton who picks up so well after her scoundrel husband who trounced on our Constitution no different to the Kennedys beginning with his pointed filthy index finger, “That Woman!”


Incredible that u who surrounds yourself with the best and brightest, none of us having totally white hands, demonstrating most of all a willingness to accept differing opinions as opposed to the most incredibly weak underlings that former President Bill Clinton played pong with, no doubt his wet behind the collar pipsqueaks deriving great satisfaction in looking the other way as he trampled over the rights of employees in the work place to mention little of the double standard of court marshalling members of our armed forces who commit adultery, moreover what it means to the youth when the President of the United States of America commits perjury, lying under oath, nothing quite like the scoundrel’s efforts to subvert justice, to mention little of how sickening will it be to have that incredibly ugly Mrs. Theresa HEINZ Kerry hosting parties for likes of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Krinsk, agree?


The saving grace, however, would be each and every one of us on this planet up to speed on my missives getting quite entertained thinking about the wet dreams Mrs. Theresa HEINZ Kerry has when she envisions having once again “under the table” sex with Mr. Debonair JRK, agree?


It all comes down to values and who u can trust in this “Dog eat God” [sic] world, agree?


Rest assured the vast majority of people in this world who understand both the real as well as the metaphysical world, that which goes around comes around but with a vengeance are counting on u to do the right thing for the general good which includes calling for an immediate suspension in the trading of shares of public corporations for reasons that require no further explanation than what I have stated in previous broadcasted missives.


Again I “know” versus “believe” with each tick of the almighty powerful clock my writings r being increasingly understood by the vast majority of the world’s literate population. 


[word count 1652]


Mr. President, most Lilly White Wheaty Eating historians born and raised at least in South Africa, the country of my birth, would agree that Jan Van Reebeck of the Dutch East India Company, “founded South Africa in 1652” not that many history books I recall making much mention of the indigenous peoples of Africa being in for quite a wakeup call while the rest of the world was in the midst of seeking a distraction from the suffering of an unprecedented economic collapse that was mitigated by the abundance of farmland, not much of a “wedge” between the availability of clean drinking water and the human population.


This announcement in the NY Times by Coca Cola should be read from the bottom up so as to fully appreciate the power of the threat I conveyed to the SCALs, the precipitous decline of Coke’s share price in early 2003 would in fact be pale in comparison to Coke’s current Chief Executive Officer [CEO] not deciding at this time to “come clean.”


It said a major portion of the money would fund media campaigns for core brands and support emerging high-growth market opportunities as well as its innovation pipeline.


Now lets say for “sum” [sic] reason the SCALs had not chosen to do the “right thing” for the “general good” it is doubtful my former lawyer-liar-colleagues would have seen much to gain going after the management of Coca Cola holding company based in Atlanta, Georgia, given how even if Coke’s Price/Earnings ratio were to drop to say 5 X projected earnings, in line with privately held businesses far more sensitive to its owners, despite the price of Coke’s shares tumbling from the current $50 range down to no more than $10 per share, the SCALs would have in all likelihood simply stuck to the less risky game of riding the coattails of many of their former employers, the United States Justice Department, pursuing Coke for Anti-Trust violations with a vengeance, since Coke is really not a very valuable company certainly not say when comparing its market valuation of roughly $1 billion to the market value of the megalopoly AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD that despite this criminal enterprise’s recent share price drop is still worth some $280 billion, agree?


While such information is publicly available in this “dog eat god-casino pennytrate-mentality” [sic] world such a “wedge” not something only the most sophisticated investors in the world pay ever so careful attention to, other than of course what someone such as myself, the ultimate insider, has to say, quite concerned is the SMART money that I might in fact be able to explain such very very very important matters to the point that someone like Glenn Shapiro, my writer-coach, and former executive of Simon & Schuster may feel he can no longer use the excuse of being either “tTOo” [sic] busy or not able to hear the footsteps of the serfers increasingly agitated with such despicable indifference, my command of the English language while not up to par with my command of numbers u must take my word sending shivers up the spine of my ever dwindling number of adversaries, again relatively speaking.


Bear in mind, Mr. President that while I am quite certain u can follow not only my logical thought processing I still feel the need to reach out to each and every literate human being on this planet to let them know how incredibly fortunate we all r to have someone as godly inspired as u with his finger on not only nuclear stockpile but more importantly without pointing fingers at the incredible mess u inherited to rally our brave men and women in uniform fighting the right fight for the right reasons never forgetting for a moment what an incredible disaster we would have on our hands had my Israeli brothers and sisters with their “first strike capability” disappearing with each tick of the clock chosen to invade Iraq which “sum” [sic] of us in the know, know was very much in the cards had u not decided to tell the United Nations to go “get a life”, it taking just one person to destroy the world as it takes just each one of us doing the right thing for the “general good”, agree?


Never to forget, however, the SCALs reasoning for taking my threat to bring to an end in an “instant” their gravy train, everything to do with them doing the “right thing” for the “general good” but not for the “right reason”, agree?


I was simply relying on their basic need, no strike that, deficit need of preserving the status quo if only for just one more payday, no different to a drug addict who sees the next fix as everything, agree?


So knowledgeable r these SCALs that I would have been convincing enough to get the CEO of companies like Coke to join in the call for a suspension of trading in public corporations, Coke so very much dependant on the 3rd World to keep its “pipeline” full, such a suspension leading the SCALs to take an endless coffee break.


Mr. President, I do in fact come from more than simply the “favored” class, my immediate family’s trading company, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies attracted back in the 1950s and 60s at the height of the Diamond Invention the likes of the American Charles Englehard, not even Aristotle Onassis, my extraordinary mother’s one of many rich and powerful clients could in fact “hold up a light” to Mr. Engelhard who eventually became David Gevisser, my father’s first cousin’s major benefactor, David Gevisser’s “sign on” bonus of $6 million back in 1971 when Engelhard died many would argue, correctly in my opinion, not even close to the “tip of the iceberg”, agree?


There are few if any other than perhaps no more than a handful of people alive today who fully understand the “illusion” of the Diamond Invention, my uncle David Gevisser perhaps out of guilt along with a fondness for my extraordinary mother ensuring that while I so disappointed the family in not taking up his and Englehard’s attorneys located on Bush Street on a “once in a lifetime offer” calling to do nothing more than leverage my family’s very good name, I would become mesmerized by the incredible “untraceable” benefits of being a, if the not the, “top dog” in the diamond trade, my ability to compute perhaps not as important as my ability to “blend in”, never once to the best of my knowledge coming across as a “show off”, perhaps best illustrated in my eventually finding the “hooker” position in the rugby scrum best to my liking where I could take advantage of my midget sized arms after using my relatively strong despite stick like legs to “win the ball”, breaking away ever so quickly while letting the “hooker” on the opposing team know that as infantile as it was to express oneself using a combination of Latin, Hebrew, Afrikaans and spots of English should he choose to make more of my Judaism most of all my long broken nose the next time in the scrum instead of being the first to break loose to run with the back line after the ball, I have always been only good at very short distances, I would deliver a series of combinations using all my limbs along with the set of teeth, the pride of my mother, such that the next time the idiot even thought of calling anyone let alone a little “sh1t” [sic] like me a “Bloody Jew” he would collapse in to a heap of tears, much like what is happening in “real time” to each and every one of my adversaries, each and every one of them well aware that I never bluff, have never, not once played the game of poker.


Time is in fact running out for the rapacious, there really is so little wriggle room given this Digital Age, a G-D-Send, the old ways such as being able to trade one’s way out of adversity no longer a play option as we being in earnest to level the playing field.


U will notice how very few shares of Coke “exchange hands” on a daily basis, the exception being a day like September 4th, 2003, the 31st anniversary of the Munich Massacres by PLO terrorists, does the name Yassir Arafat ring a bell?


Yet again look how much attention this company gets to mention little once again of its advertising particularly in the 3rd Word to mention in passing so few folks it seems are aware that law enforcement officers in places like the village of Machu Picchu wear the most immaculate police uniforms with the Coca Cola emblem so visible it isn’t even a joke,. shares “exchanged” hands


Please Mr. President read the Diamond Invention and if you have any questions for the author, Mr. Epstein, to be so thoughtful as to carbon copy me, given the real possibility I know more about this “carrot and stick” business than this author could ever have imagined when starting down his one of a kind trek back in 1978 the year I arrived in the U.S..


Rather na´ve in many ways Mr. Epstein who smartly caught on real quick not to mess with The Rattlesnake, better to keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt, agree?


My dismantling limb by limb is one thing folks recognizing that a new world order is emerging based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help each of us G-D continue to ponder ever so carefully since if just one of us can reduce to rubble without any collateral damage to speak of to this Internet fronting organization for the law firm Milberg Weiss-Lerach there is much to rejoice, agree?


MW-L quite the criminal enterprise, like most crooks making a point of spending some of their ill-gotten gains on PR, still waiting tho, for an accounting of the $4 billion odd they squeezed out of German industry for the remainder of our Jewish slaves laborers during WWII to mention little of what I expect my former clients to ante up in preparing the stage for going after DeBeers the greatest criminal enterprise in the history of our species in the event Nicholas Oppenheimer fails to accept my gracious hand, Diamond Exchanges throughout the world providing quite the cover for those who “trade with the enemy.”


In due course, Mr. President, I will be going “live” on the Howard Stern website and may I suggest you have Mr. Powell the head of the Federal Communications Commission [FCC] give serious thought in the interim to strongly suggesting to the megalopoly TV networks to provide Mr. Stern and I “equal access.”


Yours respectfully,


Gary S. Gevisser