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Where the hell r u going?


Didn’t u know that hell is here on earth for those who fail to stand tall?


Perhaps, even tho depression, mostly I wager a sickness of those in denial most common wouldn’t you agree to those who have stolen the most including those hell bent on making their kids co-dependants creating an endless feeding frenzy for the super rich who laugh all the way to bank from one war to the next, is not something to joke about, your “tTOo” [sic] kids will share with us all the business discussed at this year’s Bellows’ Thanksgiving table and of course should you recognize before then that even if u make one grand entrance, like taking out a sword and chopping off your own head there will be nothing of substance worth discussing other than u explaining in 4th grade simple English or leaving in your will besides for letting them know boring old stuff like “sticks and stones break bones but words kill”, why in fact when they do go into business for themselves and purchase insurance their Certificates of Insurance which they would reflect as an asset on their books were it not for the megalopoly AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD’s of the world, thank G-D not that many $280 billion cooking their books, interesting the phrase “set of books” covering both the singular and plural, such a piece of paper no matter how one massaged it wouldn’t even be worth using when doing the so important paperwork after taking a shit, agree?


There really can be no affording the separation of business and personal in this Digital Age, a G-D-Send,,, the pregnant pauses telling of the importance of what’s not said, so get smart, no need to give me more than 24 hours notice and I will arrange a seat for you at our 88 year young friend’s Thanksgiving table here in Del Mar, agree?


Gene Requa getting by in this world with always quite the smile on his face, constantly on the move, always looking for the very best in people while able to do a whole lot more to inspire me than simply touching his toes, his 100+ pull-ups a day enough to take anyone’s breath away, almost packing it in tho, at age 30 when flat broke, then finding meaning while going on to design many a terrific automobile like his 1960 Studebaker Lark, never missing a beat, quite the piano and saxophone player, despite each and every day paying a high price the result primarily in my humble of opinion of good people such as yourself being co-opted by criminal enterprises such as the Greenbergs, “The first family of Insurance.”


Take care,




Ps – I am still planning at this time to come thru to New York in a couple of weeks but may I suggest you not wait for me and/or Devin Standard, the executor of my estate and/or my heirs to meet with Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.


I’m taking names and kicking butt, my loyalty to those hard working people both young and old all around the world who are in fact playing it straight each and every moment of the day, no more than a paycheck away from being out on the street, happy with possibly 2 weeks vacation a year, seeing their meager savings evaporate into thin air as the likes of you now play victim, enough to make me vomit.




The first most self indulgent act is thinking that the number of people at your funeral will be other than determined by the weather, the second most self indulgent act other than Autoerotic Sex, just checking that u r paying attention, is believing you can make a difference.


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its been nice - wish you the best - and marie too


take care




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