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Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 7:44 AM

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Subject: I concur


      Your Disgusting Caricature Is Worthy of Tabloid Rag  


      220 words

      20 October 2004

      The Wall Street Journal



      (Copyright (c) 2004, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)  


      You should rename your paper The Wall Street Star. What a disgusting cartoon you used to illustrate Monday's Money & Investing article "Uneasy Sits the Greenbergs' Insurance Crown." It belongs on a supermarket tabloid,

which is what the Journal is becoming.  


      New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's investigation is not focused on my family; it is focused on a practice that is industrywide in the property casualty insurance world. Your focus on the Greenberg family is nothing more than locker-room journalism. Where is your discussion of all

the other CEOs?  


      The implication of collusion is so incredibly distorted as to be laughable. My family never discusses business. My father and brothers work for different companies; they have each achieved their own success. It is

wrong to imply any underhanded contact.  


      I am disgusted that I just paid $79 for an online subscription to

your newspaper when the stories remind me of a $10 piece of Chick Lit.  


      Cathleen London, M.D.  


      Brookline, Mass.  


      (Dr. London is the daughter of American International Group Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Maurice R. "Hank" Greenberg and the sister of Jeffrey W. Greenberg, chief executive of Marsh & McLennan Cos., and Evan

Greenberg, chief executive and president of Ace Ltd.)  




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