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Paul – terrific to hear from u even if it means u not wanting to hear ahead of the rest of the world increasingly in tune with the heartbeat of the universe who simply cannot wait for me to upload my broadcasted missives up on to the homepage of that remains on track, blah blah, “less said the better”?


Cutting to the chase, I am hoping to come up to Los Angeles sometime this week perhaps even tomorrow depending on the schedule of certain FBI agents and what I don’t think will be more than a handful of United States Attorneys.


I would like to catch perhaps a quick lunch with u?


What u say about our old stomping grounds, just around the corner on Camden Road from Alan Austin on Brighton Way?


I forget the Chinese restaurant where on more than one occasion Alan Austin, OJ Simpson and I “broke bread”?


Okay so my prose can improve which is one reason why I so look forward to seeing u again, yes?


My recollection is that we last met in Brentwood, west Los Angeles which is some 100 odd miles north of the Del Mar Turf Club when u handed me over a couple of bucks for helping u nail down the Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner’s rather lucrative PR contract, incredible my Partner-Wife’s recent winning stride, agree?


Now should I manage to get hold of my Royal Mater be4 we meet, my extraordinary mother coming up  with the verbiage A NAME FROM HERE YOU CAN TRUST OVER THERE  my dependence on u to assist with the wording below will be “mitigated sumwhat” [sic].


Again please forgive my hurried script not to suggest that u should also be most interested to know whatever became of Sunmed, u recall it was u and Larry who first introduced me to Ms. MaryRose Cusimano and the folks with the remarkable repetitive stress syndrome diagnostic equipment that had the likes of my pal Fred DeLuca, one of the richest people in the world while running 15,000 odd sandwich stores saw quite the upside, incredible, agree?


Yet can u explain the actions-inactions of Ms. Diana Henriques herself such a crybaby about her poor poor “carpal tunnel syndrome” [sic] sufferer, writing best selling books starting off by bitching about her aches and pains in her wrist who fails to mention in the business book of business books, The White Sharks of Wall Street, famous Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein crediting her with bringing to my attention a landmark multi-million dollar lawsuit that had plaintiff attorneys so well supported by the Democratic Communist Party “up in arms” as yours truly rode in to town laying them out cold, the scoundrels for thinking they could get away with lying, stealing and cheating from me of all people, The Rattlesnake.


So let me know, okay?


Take care,




Ps – Do u remember my dad, Bernard Nathan Gevisser?




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      Would you mind taking my name off your cc list for all of your emails. Much appreciated, Paul Baker.



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