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To: Bernie Gevisser
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Subject: RE: Legal ACTion


Dad - just getting back from an incredible run at Dog Beach where I got to meet all sorts of new interesting folk who seem despite several of them much older than u, having possibly accomplished a whole lot less than u possibly why they don’t come across at least at this first meeting as being as godly as u so portray yourself, then again why it is so important to constantly go “back and forth” examining the detail, watching what we eat along with being ever so careful of the company we keep, the better the evidence the better the proof, this posting yesterday on the Revlon Yahoo message board attracting quite the crowd, remember it was my posting on this same message board that got me to scare the crap out of the most rapacious fricken litigators on the planet to file a class action lawsuit against the biggest fricken Jewish gangster on wall Street, Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman, however, no fricken different to Sol Moshal and let me know exactly who u think should be added to the list, to mention in passing if u had the likes of Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk in your fricken back pocket when Natie Kirsch came tumbling into town




Better yet when Charles Engelhard visit Moshal Gevisser “on occasion” as he along with the South African Oppenheimer family hiring themselves a fricken Jew boy like David Gevisser who thanks to his incredible fricken stutter could be counted on to keep his big fricken mouth shut then maybe, just maybe the slavery of the 40 million plus peoples of color living on the southern tip of Africa may have come to an end that much sooner, history is not simply repeating itself in South Africa, nothing has changed since the Nationalist Nazi Party came to power in 1948 and the Lilly White Wheaty Eaters keep sticking to business as usual,,,, NOT ON MY FRICKEN WATCH.


Have Kathy-David get u the necessary software which can in fact be downloaded off the internet assuming u have the software to allow u to get in touch with those who not only want to be in touch with the heartbeat of the universe but who know enough despite the bs heaped on them by the previous generations wanting to sweep things under the carpet that there is no “sleep for the wicked” and until u prove to me that u r in fact G-D much like Abner Weiss who has chosen to go deafeningly silent on me once again then u will also wake up to the fact that “silence is only golden” in perfect vacuum environment such as Deep Space where not a sound can be heard.


A number of head trips were played on u by those who u trusted no different to the poor Jews out of eastern Europe who when escaping the pogroms found themselves in Germany where the Jews were getting as “phat as pigs” [sic] seeing these sidewalk traders not paying their “FAIR Jew” [sic], and so along came Hitler who simply got these rich Jewish people to play to his advantage and be4 u could count to 3 some 6 million were dead, nothing like being sideswiped and the culprit making off like a “band-id” leaving u feeling like u have just be “had.”


Shame on anyone who just prior to meeting their maker would choose to bury their head in the sand – just warming up for “going to war” with Mr. Paul Baker of BWR not to be altogether confused with BMW.


Begin living each day like it was your last.


Love u,




Ps – Would it be “tT∞ much” [sic] to ask if u would get hold of Mark and David Gevisser’s email address as well as send an email to the South African Sunday Times telling them that your youngest son would like to place a similar ad to the one I ran back in the late 1980s, u remember a NAME FROM HERE YOU CAN TRUST OVER THERE, no need tho, to remind them of the incredible number of responses I got particularly from the Indian community – I am copying my niece Debra who may be able to assist.


Ps II – Remember from time to time to check in with the website, and don’t forget to click on both “Less said the better....”


Ps III – I am also copying a handful of other people including a young lady who sent me this email that might prevent u from going “overboard” forgetting that there is no such thing as a generation gap only a credibility gap.



From: Denise Bell
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 3:26 PM
To: GG
Subject: Your mission statement


Hey Mr. Gevissor,


Its Denise again.  I was just reading your mission statement on and I realized that it is very similar to my recent thoughts after speaking with others while abroad and also since I have been reading, Thieves Among Us, by Jim Hightower (a book given to me by my father, of course).  Anyway, all these new impressions inspired me to search for or create a sort-of political group on my college campus.  The purpose initially would be informing other students and sharing information and next would be taking action. 


I thought the first step for my generation to make any kind of difference in the world would be to re-create a democracy in America.  Nothing will change if people dont have an impact on their elected officials (ie if the people are not adequately represented). 


This was one of the first things I noticed being abroad.  My program, DIS had around 300 students from top Universities all over America, as well as students from Russia, Prague, Hong Kong and of course Denmark.  The Danes were often interested in talking to the Americans about politics.  The funniest thing was that when asked, no American wanted to admit to voting for Bush...they would say that the actions of the American government had nothing to do with them... it was not their fault. 

I recently spoke with an opinionated, yet knowledgable, German History Professor while visiting Prague.  He was of the opinion that if Americans want their voices heard, they have the means to do so... Americans just dont care enough to make their voices heard.  In the year 2000, the people of Prague overthrew their government with persistant protests every Monday until the government listened to them. 


In my lifetime, I have not seen the government listen to the demands of the people in such a way in America.  Is this still possible? What I have seen is University students being arrested for such protests (what happened to the first amendment?  - watch out... Im copying your style ).  I have seen overcrowding of jails - teens being locked away for many years for possession of weed or piracy of music, while fraudulant CEOs, who cost the nation millions in tax dollars are still able to break sound barriers as they cruze in their gas-guzzling private jets to their mansions in the mountains.  (just a tad bit exaggerated, but you get my point)


The first step (what I have concluded so far)


Campaign finance reform would have to occur simultaneously with breaking down the 2 party system.  Dont ask me exactly how this would occur... like I said I still have a lot to learn, but it seems to me that much of the problem lies in the influence of corporations as well as the fact that during elections, Americans seem to feel they are left with a decision of "the better of two evils," and that Democrat or Republican, it doesnt make a difference really becuase in the end they only act as their corporate sponsors tell them to.  Is there a way to have an election in which a third party candidate actually has a chance at being elected? Is there a way for a man to lead the country without being influenced by the demands of corporations? Would this destroy our position as a superpower?


Well, anyway.. those are just some of my thoughts.  If you have the time, let me know what you think.  I get tired of people who complain and complain about the way things are in America, yet are apathetic to take action.  Once I learn a little more, I would like to take some kind of action.  I only have one more year left of school and thought now is the time to do something if I am going to do anything at all.  Even if it is only a small campus organization, like you said, you have to start from the bottom up.  One small stone can send a ripple through an entire pond. 


Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you when you have some time. 


Best Regards,




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Subject: Re: Legal ACTion


Hi Darling. I have glanced through your e-mails of the 1st [ one ] and 2nd [4 ] and am sorry to see that  when I last received e-mails from you in  + - June/July last year in Cape Town, and  notwithstanding having told you that I  had great difficulty in trying to understand the  contents of your  very long e-mails, and suggested that you shorten them and concentrate on the subject at hand, you continue to 'confuse' me with the method you  are  useing.  I  feel sure that you could condense them considerably, thereby enabling me to follow your thoughts and reasoning.


No I never received copy of your e-mail to Hylton Strous, nor do I  have no knowledge of any Gelman family in S.A. or elsewhere.I am afraid that I do not know how to obtain Mark and David Gevisser's e-mail address, nor your mother's. Surely you, with your knowledge of the workings of the computer etc., should be able to find the information.??????? I also do not know how to connect on to a Hyperlink.


You asked me in one of your e-mails ...''Do you think that I am going just a little overboard"          Darling I believe that you must know the answer, for as you know I have always followed the adgage     ' of never forgetting , BUT  always  forgiving , in the course of time ' . What you appear to be doing  in my opinion, in bringing up the past of 30, 40, 50 + years ,you  will  find that your endeavoures will  not have  any positive outcome, and only cause you and others to have  misgivings.


Love to Marie and the children.


Love you .Dad. X.




I have no idea how to connect up with 'hyperlinks'.




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Dad – Let me give u some background on Rex Solomon...




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    Thank you for continuing to include me in your email missives, I find them to be highly informative & broadening.  I especially like your hyperlinking.  I am working on my family tree and I've found that a branch of my family immigrate to South Africa from Petach Tikva [then Mandatory Palestine] when my great grand parents came to the U.S. to settle and uncourage a imigration back to eretz you have any knowledge of th Gelman family in South Africa, I believe there was a Harry Gelman who was a M.D.?








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Attention: Michael Kinsman – 20 year + senior business reporter for the San Diego Union Tribune