From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 10:23 PM
To: Adam Tucker
Cc: rest;
Subject: FW: Solly Krok


Adam – I thought long and hard for about a picosecond about letting the new Del Mar City Council have more of a grace period, there one new member who may possibly be a breath of fresh air but I wouldn’t suggest to Mr. Tefo Mohapi that he lose any sleep wasting time as these folks make much ado about nothing for “sum” [sic] incredible reason the folks I bump into all seem to not only agree with my point of view but seem genuine in wishing me the best as if I have any say in the way things will ultimately turn out.


It’s rather late and so I thought u might be able to assist me in responding to Tefo Mohapi who “picked up” that I “seem to know [Solly Krok] weel” [sic], his question, “would you advise me to be his apprentice?” pretty straightforward, agree?


Just quickly some thoughts, let me know what u think.


Other than when next meeting with this one of kind industrialist Tefo may be well served in letting Solly know that he has been in touch with “The Ferret”, Solly Krok the first to coin this phrase when referring to me just hours before the photo you see at the bottom of the previous “Le” hyperlink was taken.


Background: Solly Krok beat out the American Victor Kiam of Remington in acquiring the worldwide distribution rights from the Israelis who developed the Epilady hair torture device.


“The Ferret” came about when I briefed Solly after he arrived the day before we went trooping around Amsterdam looking at different properties that had been acquired by a myriad of partners I wouldn’t have touched with a hundred foot pole, but dealing with such nincompoops helped distract from the more serious business which had me first summoning Solly back in the fall of 1989 after I had been escorted out of the headquarters of Philips B.V. in Anthoven a couple of hours away from Amsterdam.


It all began with warm smiles and soft handshakes, a tour through the facilities the General Manager beaming from ear to ear so proud of Philips’ latest gadgets, my playing along acting like a kid in a candy store, going, “gosh” to this and “oh my god” to that praising everyone including Jesus Christ, the Holy mother, never forgetting Mohammed, but in the back of my mind was this rather brilliant document prepared by Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq. in the offices of Epilady USA Inc. located at 2525 “Oshon” [sic] Blvd in Santa Monica not containing a word of legalize other than what most 4th graders know today the world over, thank in part due to me, “Who knew what and when did the know it?”.


After an hour or so of playing the clown the General Manager of Philips BV handed over to me the irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of corruption leading right into his expansive office, a mangled Quickwheel designed to assist motorists knowledgeable of things such as which of the 4 wheels on a flat bed motorized trailer is the “drive wheel” before strapping on such a missile device to any and all flat tires, matching perfectly with a piece from a wreckage I had brought with me after King and I had conducted the very first unaided test of a Quickwheel device that was declared unworkable by Popular Mechanics back in the 1930s, our Quickwheel while disintegrating doing significant damage both to the brand new Mercedes Benz of accountant Stephen Ross, Epilady’s idiot Financial Officer, as well as Mr. Ross’ pride, this incredibly funny event all taking place in rush hour traffic right outside the headquarters of Epilady USA Inc.


There really wasn’t much laughing going as I refused to “give up” this prized possession despite the protestations of the General Manager and his security personnel repeatedly requesting that I do the “smart thing for the general good”, and of course I didn’t push things by questioning which of them financed the Dutch East India Company that trampled over the rights of all indigenous peoples of Africa starting out at the Cape of Good Hope, the original name given to Capetown.


No doubt in my mind my oversized one of a kind Armani suit that I had picked up just prior in Paris served me rather well.


Solly Krok’s decision in the end that to take on Philips B.V. et al including the Royal family of Holland, “sumhow” [sic] their attorney ended up being our attorney doing a pretty decent job of convincing me that life on the streets of Amsterdam just a few quick rowing strokes from his stately residence was as cheap as the life of someone willing to “buck the system” in South Africa during the height of the Apartheid regime despite Solly well assured given our strong connections with Israel’s military to recover at some point his umpteen million dollars that Philips B.V. using their Dutch Sandwiches had stolen was not worth in the interim placing his and his daughters’ lives in jeopardy.


Such a poor decision, again flying in the face of all the teachings of not only pure logical thought processing but the essence of Judaism, “An eye for an eye, do unto your neighbor what you would have them do unto you and to hell with all the fricken commentary” [sic] “turning a blind eye to evil” resulting a short while later in a jury in a Santa Monica packed courthouse finding Solly and his daughters guilty of “malicious fraud”, the jury award of sum $33 million while later reduced cost my very good friend Solly Krok more than his and his family’s “good name”, it cost each and every entrepreneur in the world at least a moment of “lost hope”, imagination is more important than knowledge.


To repeat my eldest brother’s ONCE PROUD poem published in South Africa during the height of the apartheid years.


Once proud beat

Of black feet

Lost to a history past,

Treads the land

Now, foreign sand,


Too fast.


Hurried to an order,

Fast to earn some bread

Culture disintegrating

Children half fed.

School, if lucky.

‘Varsity’, if, dead!

(to be used in a ‘practical’ for medical students.)


Just 21 years of age was Neil Gevisser when his book, picking up the pieces of yourself was published that resulted in 2 members of South Africa’s Secret Police visiting with my extraordinary mother in of all places her deluxe bedroom overlooking the swimming pool area where the very best of the best South African models black and white distracted some might argue Susan Hackner more so than Gerald and Hilary Hackner's 2 boys, Sam and Mark Oscar Hackner, Mark as I said previously more responsible than anyone for having me avoid very possibly the same sort of treatment that my brother Neil experienced while serving The Fascist Empire’s Southern Division.


My knowledge of the machinations that go on at the highest levels of the socio-economic ladder along with my innate ability to gauge a situation rather well once I get my arms around the numbers has the likes of Solly Krok repeatedly calling on me to assist in “working out” a problem while knowing full well my loyalty is to ferret out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help each of us G-D.


Pypeetoe just threw up.


Of course I will let Mr. Mohapi know that he is not alone, that although I “know” versus “believe” in G-D I have taken measures unknown at this time to anyone including all members of my inner circle that in the event a single freckle is harmed on anyone who seeks our assistance even if it is simply to get tips on how to avoid repetitive stress injuries when doing the paperwork when visiting my one of kind new digs, the consequences of such action bearing in mind there are of course “Acts of G-D” each and every moment of the day including “has-id” [sic] signs not to expose oneself for any extended period to the all powerful sun, I or in the event of my incapacitation, very trusted private bankers will unleash via a series of “trades” already in place designed to cut off any escape hatch for the most rapacious I know all such Fools Names, Fools Faces in Public Places increasingly accessible over The Internet.


One has to have not only be born in a morally dysfunctional society like South Africa one has to have been raised by 2 incredible parents who knowing there was no possible way to “beat the system” the elders along with the clergy of each and every single community, Jewish, Christian and Muslim etcetera, etcetera all bought off, while allowing me to fly high didn’t let a day pass by without empowering me to one day stand tall and do more than speak out.


So far every place I have visited on this planet much of the same including Del Mar, California, more than a handful Delmartians leading the “sinful life”


The super rich more so than the rich like Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk have in fact fully understood the “method to my madness”, my long-windedness pale in comparison to what you see in this 378 page deposition Mr. JRK painstakingly executed over 9+ hours on October 17th 2002, beginning at 10:15 AM and ending at 6:45 PM, the co-opted former executive of Revlon Corporation doing one terrific job demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt not only his deep deprivation but more so the lawyers-liars serving the interests of this yoyo’s boss, Mr. Ronald “Capo di Capi” Perelman, such incredibly boring “back and forth” should, however, be required reading at every business school on the planet, Mr. JRK demonstrating while still “sumwhat” [sic] under the weather how very skilled and experienced a litigator he is, agree?


Then again, who in their right mind would ever go to business school once they attend one of my sold out seminars, to mention little of this all occurring just a week before the likes of Mr. Devin Standard whose father u should recall is the President of the New York State Bar witnessed superior court Judge Hendrix guillotining my Client-Partner-Wife’s former husband, not everyone having the time, patience, and most of all mental capacity to stay focused these days in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world on a single subject unless of course it involves sex, agree?


While “sum” [sic] may laugh under their breath more so these days than ever before as I work both pyramids one from the top down and the other from the bottom up, your graphic on the homepage of Nextraterrestrial displaying this rather well to mention little of this one infantile looking website having not changed all that much, the minor changes over the past 4 odd years mostly reflected in hyperlinks that r added as well as changed from time to time, increasingly not lost particularly on those like Augusto Benito Vargis who have so little to lose.


And that is what it all boils down, agree?


Find me one single “solvent” individual on this planet, forget finding me a “phat rich cat” [sic] who would be willing to state publicly, “Gary Gevisser lacks credibility” since such an individual knows at this time while getting his-her 15 minutes of fame, they will empower more like Augusto Benito Vargis and Tefo Mohapi to come forward.


Again, should a single freckle be altered on anyone who seeks our assistance or anyone close to them unless they will be able to prove to a jury of our peers beyond a shadow of a doubt such discoloration was due 100% to an “Act of G-D” I and/or those entrusted to execute my “orders” will have more of those at the top of the pyramid not simply exposed but no safety net to cushion the fall, to repeat,


U surely well aware I simply cannot be distracted despite my seemingly gargantuan primary focus at this time getting the seed capital in place for our Clean Water Fund project that goes “hand in hand” with the Decline and Fall of The Fascist Empire, Southern Division, everything moving at quite the rapid pace, no rest for any of us until every last one of them leaves the face of this earth, agree?


Now don’t forget the purpose of this missive.





Ps – At what point do you think the Lumpen Proletarians would begin to appreciate the banter of both the rich and super rich who take great pride in hooking the masses on entitlement programs, justifying their “end justifies the means” by the how even well educated folks in the 1st world such as you and 99.99999999% of the people I know not intimately familiar with the business of SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Lawsuits] for “sum” [sic] incredible reason cannot work out the madness of how such a well known brand as Coca Cola that gets the likes of insurance king Warren BO Buffet considered one of the richest men in the world with a net worth of sum $50 billion odd making such a big deal about owning a stake in this one of a kind brand that perhaps every literate person in the world is familiar with yet Mr. Buffet could without digging into his pocket simply put up small fraction of his net worth as collateral to own 100% of Coca Cola versus having to spend sum $190 billion odd to own his competitor the megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd, the employer of Ron Bellows, his deafening silence at this time you would think being picked up by more say than Mr. Spitzer, Attorney General of New York, agree?


So why doesn’t Buffet do just as I suggested other than the fact that he would be faced with not one problem he cannot solve but 2, death to any business model beginning with the insurance industry so underwater dependant on the 3rd world continuing to stay ignorant in an age of enlightenment, to repeat what I sent out earlier to Dr. John Pollard,


Then again people in the 3rd World really shouldn’t care all that much about any of this incredibly boring stuff given how they are the ones who now have the “upper hand”, the Price/Earnings ratio of a share of Coca Cola not 15 but a whopping 19.99 enough to make the likes of my friends such as Augusto Benito Vargis all over the world rejoice a whole lot more, without having to fire a single shot they now have this very instant a total lock on our first world economy, agree?



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From: Tefo Mohapi
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Subject: Solly Krok





I've just been going through your website and found a lot of info on Solly Krok. I just met him on tuesday and will be meeting him next week again because he has agreed (I don't know if he will fulfill his promise or not) to become my business mentor/coach.


If possible, seeing that you seem to know him weel, would you advise me to be his apprentice?


I'm a 25 year old south african male (black) and run 2 small businesses in Information Technology and Language Services.


Your reply would be highly appreciated.


Tefo Mohapi
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