From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sunday, November 14, 2004 5:41 PM
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Subject: " detector...suicide..."


Hello Fortune500, do I know you?


I am taking a quick break in moving in to my new digs to respond to a handful of emails coming in from all over the world, so happy to have found a bunch of great young guys, our next door neighbors on 27th Street in the flats of Del Mar to help with the move up to 15th Street, quite the bonus that one of them happens to be just a semester away from graduating college with his teacher’s credentials all squared away to mention little of Jared upon completing the haul will be tasked with translating the Clean Water Fund overview in to Spanish, my hope to have it translated within a few days into 42 languages, the same number of languages the BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation] promote communist philosophies which are terrific on paper so long as when the masses are polishing the swimming pools walls belonging to the communist party chiefs they don’t end up scratching the gold plated steps altho I understand my uncle David Gevisser is now in the process of getting rid of his platinum teeth,,, once again certain family members may be thinking I just provided an opening to have me institutionalized, what do u think?


Jared first began perfecting his Spanish while fine tuning his surfing skills in Costa Rico, a spot I have yet to visit to mention little of please let me know if u come across the book Happiness is a Swiss Bank Account.


Jared happened to arrive at the tail end of one incredible lunch out in my Client-Partner-Wife Marie Dion’s Garden of Eden, the back of her beach rental property whose beauty has blossomed in no small measure the result of CPW MD’s artistic touch, Marie also following thru in putting down in “black and white” an idea she and I first spoke about more than a decade ago that will be implemented in my new digs helping folks going to the bathroom address the all important question of selfishness starting out with the basic question of what u would do in order to save water leading to the choice of saving your life or say a ground worm that in oxygenating earth’s atmosphere does more than what most of us human beings do at best which is to take up space, agree?


Knowing how my business mind works it wouldn’t take much of a stretch to imagine my next conversation with Sebastian Capella who has the exact same one of kind formal schooling as Picasso and I would argue while looking very very similar is in fact a whole lot better looking, just attend one of his upcoming art classes where he will be painting in his underpants.


Lots of people all around the world at this very moment could be calling his assistant Ray Anne Marks which has me thinking I have yet to arrange an override for each marginal revenue increase, u know of course the only reason to attend business school is for a Professor to mumble while telling u to produce like crazy until such time as Marginal Revenues equal Marginal Costs, then again just tune in say a week from now when I will be explaining to our 12 year old JoNathan in a matter of 6 minutes or less how to go about reading a financial statement assuming the sets of books are not only accurate but more importantly represent fairly all the sets of books, agree?


Mindful that imagination is more important than knowledge, agree?


Now could u imagine what Sebastian’s paintings would then be worth considering there isn’t an art critic worth their salt who would suggest that Sebastian besides for being one of the nicest people the world has ever known has a sense of humor that tests the limits of all mortal souls much like his incredible paintings that few including me can fully appreciate and remember I have been tutored by my CPW MD for a good 6 years during which time this rather bright person has been under the incredible watchful eye of Sebastian who does not miss a beat, his pulse notwithstanding.  


Sometime this coming week perhaps even today if I speed things up I hope to spell out a little clearer, perhaps in a follow up email to Augusto Benito Vargis, the economic “downturn” that many amongst the “favored class” still, incredibly, think they can outrun, the impending first world epic economic collapse which while at first blush may cause “sum” [sic] to skip a heart beat for those entrepreneurial ventures not feeding off the ignorance of the masses it will be nothing short of a G-D-Send, so why aren’t you like me rejoicing big time?


Smart, wouldn’t you agree, to suspend trading of public corporations thereby protecting the innocent and naive who are simply throwing good money after bad, he-she who controls the water grabs the land owns the bank?


Enough said about my beliefs, the gold price simply a measure of our lack of trust in this “Dog eat God Aspartame” [sic] world not to ever forget I provided my former clients the SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] “sum” [sic] breathing room to make another payday or “tTOo” [sic], while selling their JFK-HEINZ down the tube, getting our great President George W. Bush re-elected at the 11th hour and 59th minute, agree?


Never should anyone ever forget that scoundrel Marc “Traitor-Coward” Rich getting an 11th hour and 59th minute Presidential Pardon from the not yet disgraced enough former President Bill Clinton, agree?


SCALS only “luking out” [sic] when there is a precipitous decline in the share price of a public corporation, the logic that beats out “motions to dismiss” is that the management of such a public corporation must have failed to fully disclose to shareholders a problem or “tTOo” [sic] in the financial condition of the company otherwise what else other than an “Act of Dog” [sic] could have caused the stock price to rise through the roof before crashing through the floor allowing insiders just another bonus for mostly “playing business”, such pitiful acts as u know incredibly boring if one’s goal is to get laid which is why I rarely get in to the knitty gritty of how the rich get richer and the poor the picture, agree?


Not to also forget that one cannot have it all ways, none of these folks truly believe in G-D, which is why I suggest “Acts of G-D” are so rare, get my drift, the sun now setting,,, just find me one willing to engage me in debating, “G-D does NOT exist” and the picture will get clearer.


Not that many folks aware that Coca Cola, the company traded on the New York Stock exchange has an Enterprise Value of $1.28 billion and a Market Value [number of shares outstanding multiplied by the share price] of less than $500 million when I last looked versus the megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD having an EV of sum $280 billion, agree?


Now wouldn’t it be so very nice instead of my good friend Ron Bellows trashing me with,


“Your persistant vitriolic attitude and writtings are beyond the conveyonce of thoughtful - debate and honest consideration of right and wrong...”


that he would suffer me obviously quite the fool with explaining in 4th Grade English why he continues to purchase the shares of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD and whether he would provide us with a declaration signed under penalty of perjury that to the best of his knowledge the megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD has done everything humanely possible to ensure that they have adequately reserved for exposures from the wave of losses burgeoning in areas like medical malpractice, Workers compensation, “malicious bedroom fraud [sic], Directors and Offices [D&O] Liability, Asbestos and Pollution which they never truly contemplate for in their rates and furthermore to have him critique line for line everything contained within this “risk assessment” hyperlink and then have him explain why domestic insurance carriers can in order to reduce their tax liability load on their “expenses”, reserving for everything that the Sun God, Apollo, can throw at us all in one incredible “Act of God” and then move those reserves offshore where they can be put to really good use like earning interest tax free, settling a claim or “tTOo” [sic] “under the table” should a smart ass like me or one of my rather sophisticated clients having put the world on notice that the financial markets are about to implode were to come calling for a little payday on the QT, a strange world we live in, u know what I mean jelly bean?


U may recall as incredibly boring as all of this is that I suggested when the Attorney General of New York State wrote his refreshing complaint against the megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD that he was both “outgunned” and “outmatched” assuming of course he chooses not to buy me and my dog, Pypeetoe lunch at Le Cirque, and for all I know u could be the chef at this New York fancy restaurant that caters to powerhouse brokers like Mr. “Killinger” [sic] who should stop with his German accent bit don’t u think?


Another option is for Mr. Spitzer of course to simply haul in my good friend Ron Bellows while strapped to an FBI lie detector test, I am quite certain having questioned now my good friend Ron Bellows “back and forth” for going on 8 years this coming January that he is not “pathological”, i.e. if he lied he would fail the test, agree?


Then again what does Mr. Spitzer do next other than impress upon our great President that he would have the Attorney General of New York’s support to immediately suspend trading of public corporations and/or bury the irrefutable “smoking gun evidence” of fraud of the highest order in the First Family of Insurance and/or go on to dismantle the DeBeers Diamond Cartel in 7 days or less, take your pick!


Quite difficult for folks from all walks of life to fully understand such issues even if spelled out in 4th grade simple English but most if not all can just lap up the issues that go on between tenants and landlords although few tenants it seem, certainly here in the United States make much of an issue of how they seem to get penalized for paying rent while their landlords make out like “band-ids” [sic], agree?


So incredibly smart again are the advertisers who go “hand in hand” with the media that is controlled by folks having no interest in changing the status quo, hence why I regard George W. Bush as nothing short of a G-D-Send, not only does this guy have a great sense of humor he tells it pretty much like the way it is, although I wish at some point when repeating again and again as he once did that the rich always find ways not to pay taxes he explains or at least has someone such as myself explain the incredible mess he found on the Oval Office desk, such disclosures could, however, have quite a dramatic effect on the value of our United States Treasury Bills, purchased by many foreigners that support so many over the top lifestyles and again if I were to continue in this vein I would lose a large part of my audience wanting to hear more on the subject of “tits and ass”, to mention little of what is your take on Ron Bellow’s “suicide threat”?


The genius of my CPW’s 4 bathroom questions is that they don’t require anyone having any knowledge of history and/or the economics that result in wars when the masses begin to stir, the only requirement is that u need to want to do business #1 and/or business #2 and of course u would have to want to visit my new digs, everyone going to the bathroom having to sign in and G-D only help the first male who chooses not to sit when doing business #1, they will have to prove that they have nothing short of a 24 inch “dik” [sic],,, couldn’t help but notice in the past couple of hours the number of people in black cars wearing dark glasses either driving down Parish Lane or parked in the church parking lot looking right at me, my making all these funny faces which is really easy when u consider the size of my nose and ears, and then for some reason when I start twitching this more than anything has them moving right along, on the other hand guys like my good friend Guy Friedman perhaps the most accomplished commando in the history of Israel’s Flotilla 13, the most elite of Israel’s special forces, rarely if ever wear glasses when on special assignments, agree?


Then again I never once accompanied Guy in the years he did a little bit more than eavesdrop on “Yassir Arafit” [sic] while fine tuning his scuba diving skills off the coast of Lebanon, agree?


Yassir is dead, how pissed off could he get with either me and/or Guy now that he knows I was not kidding we have one Almighty Good extraordinary SMART G-D, agree?


Again those well run public companies should have no fear for they will be at a competitive advantage relative to the capital that has been so smartly socked away.


Fortune500, don’t forget to take note of the connecting dots in the opening paragraphs of my final communiqué on election day to the White House [see below] and the announcement this past Thursday that Coca-ColaCuts Long Term Earnings Targets”, Chad Terhune who penned the WSJ article, “Coke CEO Lowers Growth Targets, Boosts Ad Money” the only individual other than the President carbon and the FBI copied on this relatively brief communiqué to mention little of those blind copied continuing despite expanding exponentially to represent a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population, just a short while longer be4 I go “live” on


Having Mrs. Theresa-John HEINZ Kerry in the White House will in fact bring down the house of cards and those common folks in places like Peru supporting the share price of our multinational public companies may end up having to fend for themselves once again, unlikely HEINZ-Kerry will have the stomach to take up arms against a grass roots organization, agree?


Quite a balancing act assuming HEINZ-Kerry has the bulk of their assets in Heinz stock whose Price/Earnings ratio is around 16 not much different to Coca Cola, both public companies’ P/E substantially below that of the average public corporation and again in my very credible opinion both company stocks r significantly overvalued, either way Mr. JRK fully understands that he is in a no-win situation if in fact again he does not pull out all stops to see u re-elected, agree?


Now take another look at what I sent my one programmer, Adam Tucker, on Thursday, October 28, 2004 8:57 PM PT


Fear not anything other than fear itself, take both pride and strength from the likes of Augusto Benito Vargis who again with each tick of the almighty powerful clock r beginning to flex their muscles and watch out is all I can say to anyone who even thinks about interfering with the right of the poor and downtrodden to express themselves who r doing more than simply voting their conscience, using whatever little savings they have to place the Coca Colas of the world on notice that I, The Rattlesnake and/or my designated heirs will be calling, leveling the playing field is all that I am doing, not forgetting for a moment, it’s not class warfare I am encouraging, it’s the welfare system I am questioning and I am a member of the flavored class.


Not for a minute should u ever forget the deafening silences of my rather savvy family of traders and of course we should all thank G-D who if only they could find a way to hide the money trail would contribute heavily towards my China Tu taking a slow boat to China.


Take another look at what I uploaded on to The Internet on Tuesday, October 26th at 3:55 PM PT:


In all likelihood given the disconnects I have received over the past week it is very likely Chairman Alan Greenspan will receive a copy of this missive even be4 it enters your inbox, then again Mr. Greenspan will have only himself and his wifey a “bought and paid 4” [sic] journalist to blame 4 remaining in the dark should in fact just one single member of the grass roots organizations we r helping empower around the world choose to use the information I have provided that addresses in no uncertain terms their incredible muscle for destructive purposes without having to do much more than get a handful members of their particular grass roots organizations to send an email say to the CEO of Coca Cola giving him-her 24 hours to make Coca Cola’s board of directors aware of their management’s shortcomings and for the board to take no more than 2 seconds in deciding to make their shareholders aware or face the prospect of an epic of epic Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit that could be initiated in any court of law anywhere around the world even as far away as South Africa, u know what I mean jelly bean?


Now read what I sent Stephen Cohen the president of Codiam Inc. this past Thursday at 3:26 PM PT:


Dear Stephen hi – remember me?


I am probably coming through to New York in a couple of weeks and perhaps we can meet for a quick bite?


Since we last broke bread together some 24 years ago, perhaps to the day, I have mostly been engaged in “due diligence” for private as well as public corporations, the main reason for my next trip besides for visiting with friends is to present evidence of “wrongdoing” to Eliot Spitzer, the Attorney General of New York who is after a “buddy” of mine although, a stretch to suggest that my relationship with Maurice “Hank” Greenberg of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD ever got close to the point of me calling him “Hank”, my name first being “tossed about” when Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein credited me in coming forward with material that resulted in him overturning a landmark jury award back in late 1997.


I would also like to say hello to your physician brother whose name escapes me at this time - extended a very warm hand like others trying to get to the bottom of my ailment that was driving me “nuts”, eventually returning to South Africa where a relation of ours, Dr. Michael Moshal, sorted me out rather quickly – once when staying for a short while in his apartment on 72nd street I exchanged a quick hello with John Lennon who lived across the street in the Dakotas, interesting that Lennon’s murderer checked into a hotel at 27 West 72nd – I have this thing about transposed numbers, the difference always divisible by 9?


I look forward to hearing from you.


Gary S. Gevisser


[Word count 272]



Please let me know if I have failed to answer any of your questions.


Take care,


Gary S. Gevisser


The Rattlesnake




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I see that you're selling some property, are looking for another piece or do you believe that real estate has topped out? Next investment - gold, euros or international real estate?


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