From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sunday, November 14, 2004 6:47 PM PT
Cc: rest
Subject: " detector...suicide..." + addendum


Fortune500 – I just received word that I left out the word “billion” after the number $280, this hyperlink reflecting the rather important addition.


Being “had” is quite a horrible feeling, so while a good number of the “favored class” are showing empathy toward my good friend Ron Bellows, a senior executive of the $280 billion megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE LTD, there are probably for every one of them so far coming forward reading me the “riot act” as in “What’s with your Mark Anthony speech, ‘Friends, Romans...’” some 6 billion other people on this planet going “right on”, now thanks to yours truly even the Lumpen Proletarians waking up to the extent that they have been “had” by the likes of Ron Bellows’ employers who don’t really have much trouble co-opting the likes of my good friend Ron Bellows who really don’t need much encouragement to help play the game given how their personal dealings reflect such troubled minds, happy as a lark to earn just enough not to be able to tell their spouses and children to “go get a life”, agree?


Interesting what would happen to the price of Sebastian Capella’s paintings if he were to continue to paint in his underpants, placing say an eye by the groin and the other on the backside and then add to that thought my CPW Marie Dion prancing around my new wood and glass digs in her birthday suit with Sebastian helping with the foreshortening every so often when applying tons of paint using broad brush strokes has to scrape the excess paint over her body attracting quite the panting crowd from over at the Del Mar Plaza,,, r u with the FBI?


Time to fly