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Even the most pathological liars and the worst of the worst "sumtime" [sic] tell the truth and so I am forwarding this email to u all along with the summary so that u appreciate better the genius of how well thought through is the CWF business plan even if there is a comma or "tTOo" [sic] missing.


The bottom line again is not so much what someone says but what they fail to say but in the case of Mr. Bellows Snr. his failure to comment on the genius of the CWF - empowering folks at the bottom of the pyramid coming about in large measure by seeing those no where near the top of the pyramid so easily co-opted, their self-centeredness "sumthing" [sic] the very top of the "favored class" search far and wide to find, again Bellows one of the best examples of one spectacular find, kudos to my pal Hank Greenberg for keeping Ron around while handcuffing his former boss the rest disappearing into the woodwork - nothing quite like Bellows' written word so incredibly forgetful but then there is always the excuse of Aspartame.


Don’t hold your breaths that my next email to the Director of FBI will stop my pal Ron from continuing to demonstrate his fall from grace, poor, poor Ron such an easy target, again desperate people are known to act desperately, Glenn Shapiro in encouraging Mr. Bellows could end up with more blood on his hands.




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well – safe to say - he's been particularly belligerent - to me and my family –


spouting forth – like a drunk sailor in a brothel - without knowing or caring to ask how I feel about the issues he's addressing nor caring or inquire about the facts –


so lets just say he’s off on another blind tirade and cares nothing for or about the individuals or the issues they face –


its only about him - and whatever loud splash he thinks he can make - -


and it is sad because he could ( with lots of guidance)  probably do some good


but instead he prefers to shoot his mouth off in any direction and with whatever fodder he happens to trip over in a given day –


unfortunately i cannot respect that - and without respect friendship is a discourse not likely to survive



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I'm not there yet -- but I'm getting closer...


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I use to like Gary too – but I think he has lost his definition of friendship – when his windmill tilting for the sake of justice ( and I’m all for that ) becomes incoherent incessant ranting – where personal attacks and name calling eviscerate honest debate of the issues – then its time to call it quits – friends don’t act like that – and if think he’s rattlesnake – then I’ll be his mongoose


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I like Gary but well said!



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I think its time you got out of the dungeon you live in and experience real life instead of hiding behind your computer -


Glen's right - you need to - get off the weed - get a life - and a job - and stop this incoherent babbling about .....who the hell knows what your talking about


and grow up - it aint all about you >