From: Gary S. Gevisser
Saturday, September 04, 2004 10:24 AM
Cc: rest;;


Dear Gentlemen-Ladies;


This is in follow up to informing u of the “quick” demise of, a fronting organization for Melvyn Weiss Esq. the target of at least 2 Grand Jury investigations.


A quick reminder. Back on Wednesday, January 21st 7:36 PM PT, u asked “Please clarify to whom this email is addressed to.


A number of things have transpired in more recent X including my contacting the prosecutors seeking a criminal indictment against the law firms of Milberg Weiss-Lerach on what is a rather pitiful technicality when one considers the “funny games” that r played day and night while giving the investing public nothing more than a false sense of security.


Not in the least bit “Astonishing” why Postal Inspector Kathryn Budig and Assistant United States Attorney Richard Robinson have not had me appear before the Grand Jury in Los Angeles but perhaps u could whisper a word or “tTOo to” [sic] them that there r others within law enforcement who recognize the only way to get the truth out is through Congressional hearings, agree?


Word of mouth tho, spreading thanks to the likes of Tony Unruh, Dr. John Ben Stewart, Kathryn Murry, King Golden Jr. Esq, Valerie Schulte Esq. of the NAB, Newell Starks, Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of FK, Roger W. Robinson, a “spook” during the Reagan Administration and now a spokesperson for the communist left wing elitists all doing their “level best” while paralyzed to promote my websites geared toward each one of us becoming transparent and in return I go out of my way to let each and every one of them know how very much I appreciate the fact that they are increasing the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insight and analysis of the events of the day. This you would surely agree is a very affirmative and positive step on their part that is highly appreciated by all us commoners.


My suggesting just the other day to former Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission, Joe Grundfest that he try lifting his finger other telling me to go “screw myself”, i.e. engage full-time in mental masturbation, perhaps Professor Grundfest right this very minute simply picking his nose such pontification falling less and less on deaf ears, agree?


This e-mail to a former executive of Simon & Schuster and even this one earlier today to my very trusted friend causing the super wealthy elitists who have been paying a whole lot more attention than my nincompoop sidekick Tony Unruh to listen up even more so than ever be4 knowing perfectly well that altho my English is not exactly superb it is good enough to translate the rather good logic that has allowed me to sit amongst those handful of folks who while playing havoc with the masses have perfected the art of larceny by getting nincompoops like Mr. JRK, Bill Lerach Esq. and Melvyn Weiss Esq. to “shoot their poison tipped arrows”, not a single human being on this planet who has played it “fast and loose” feeling in the least bit secure at this time knowing that all it takes is just one individual with a conscience who is intimately familiar with their wrongdoing to be at this very moment cooperating with the likes of u.


Good day,


Gary S. Gevisser


The Rattlesnake