From: Gary S. Gevisser  
Friday, November 19, 2004 1:01 PM
Cc: rest;
Devin Standard; Rod Smith; Dad;
Subject: What happens when you give rights to blacks?


D – Surprise, Surprise, I’ve lost my cell phone unlikely to replace it in the immediate future given all that I have on my plate, making certain, however, that I don’t only get plenty of sleep alongside my partner who has given up on my dog, Pypeetoe sleeping in his own bed, I am also stepping up my exercise routine wanting to make sure that besides for dying the richest person in the grave I meet our maker once again in the very best of physical and mental health, a sense of humor critical as I beg u to get your uncle, followed by every single member of the Durban Jewish community who profited so handsomely in shutting up the likes of Rabbi Abner Weiss to come forward this instant - the possiblity exists that u r in fact paying very careful attention not just to the “back and forth” between Ron Bellows, me and Glenn Shapiro, that has given nothing but false hope to those who think I could be for a picosecond distracted my having known since May 18th of this year how seriously ill my very good friend Bellows was, so very, very, very slow am I to invest my emotions in human beings knowing as much as I do, especially today, about our incredibly polluted DNA, moreover, that u have been empowered most of all by the deafening silence of Stephen Cohen and please, I beg of u, don’t suggest that in response to his son’s email I follow up just to give Stephen the “benefit of the doubt.”, that “free pass” card given to lawyer Alan Magid by the black defendants in a South African “terrorist” trial that had your relation visiting with Nelson Mandela in jail taking these notes, may very well fall on deaf ears to the next generation of blacks who thanks to the likes of yours truly r waking up to how much they have in fact been had by so many of us so-called “liberal” Lilly White Wheaty Eaters, enough vomiting, time for action, cash the name of the game.


I have never maintained I am any smarter than the next person but I know what I know and I am also intellectually honest enough to make the most of my G-D given weaknesses which is why I am expecting u to deliver the initial seed capital, such monies, $5 million, a drop in the bucket compared to what ill-gotten gains have been made by those disgusting Lilly White Wheaty Eaters who fricken DAREd to make hay while the sun shines while pointing fingers at the corrupt ANC government, corrupted not by the Tefo Mohapis or the L. Justice Thalbanes, or the Augusto Benito Vargis’ but by the same fricken leaders of the communities who got the prized seats in the synagogues, churches and mosques during the height of the Apartheid Regime, and if anyone wants to know exactly how I am going to spend those piddly $5 million tell them from me, “Go Fcuk yourself”, and of course I expect u to provide me with their email address.


I am not going to allow one single person to play the “Stahl” [sic] game – I’ve been around a little “tTOo” [sic] long to get caught up in an endless debate – name me one person while providing me with their email address who has more credibility than me, and lets leave our great, great, great President, the most honorable George W. Bush out of this for the time being – not so dumb am I to reveal another soul who I have been in touch with me over the years, remember the ad A NAME FROM HERE YOU CAN TRUST OVER THERE which while only running once in the South African Sunday Times in late 1989 attracted in addition to the likes of Solly people a whole lot more colorful than my good friend,,, still sickened by how my self-righteous uncle David Gevisser derived such satisfaction in poking fun at Solly Krok who was simply player in a smaller league to the Diamond Invention, so quick was David to call me “naïve” having in his mind “blown it” by not being “seduced” by those who never carry cash – again u were never to the best of my knowledge ever visited by South Africa’s Secret Police commonly known as BOSS, [Bureau Of State Security] their visit at my offices at 100 Wilshire Blvd suite 2001 just to let me know that while they would never mess with me there were still members of my family living in South Africa, so why “rock the boat” now u may ask when u and I could so easily take over Robbin Island and wait for Table Mountain to move, desperate people have been known to act desperately.


Again, I will do with those initial monies as I see fit, my willing even to provide Investec with the collateral of my 2 remaining real estate properties, the Ccrest Bed & Breakfast Café and the Santa Monica property if in fact it would help “grease the wheels” altho I would much prefer to tell my many friends I got Sam Hackner and Co to see the light without having to use the same strong arm tactics that my step-father Alan Zulman used when raising the necessary monies for Israel to wage war against the Arabs in 1967, Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem a commemoration for such “acts of bravery” enough to make a good number of people of color want to vomit if only they had food in their stomach, agree?


I am going to grab a bite to eat and then I will be taking a long walk starting out alongside these railroad tracks here in Del Mar, nothing to stop others copied from not wasting any more time in doing the right thing for the general good.


When I return I will be sending a communiqué to the Director of the FBI as well as making a suggestion or “tTOo” [sic] to Mr. Mohapi.






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