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Okay I will let u off the hook, but at least assist me in the meantime by editing that eRaider piece that will give more direction to those properly nurtured like your daughter D.


And of course there is nothing to stop D. Bell from making the post of all posts attractive to the next generation as we toss out the Bell Shaped Curve in favor of simply being SMART, which is not to suggest that we encourage painting by numbers but rather count our blessings as in 1421 the next voyage to IN-FINITY which spelled out in words equates to, my still looking to finding a sponsor for Pypeetoe




One of these tT, u wouldn’t happen to have the email address for Theresa Heinz?


I am going to be inviting one




tT folks like Dr. John Pollard to join us on August 23 when in addition to partaking in the crowd watching scene, I assume we will meet at the Del Mar Plaza followed by say a barbeque in the Garden of Eden, we will find the time to discuss the “Coke Change” that is already taking effect at the equator, agree?


Just this morning after mentioning to Marie about the price of soybeans increasing 4 fold, [reflect carefully over the previous 3 hyperlinks], our JoNathan doubled the price of “capochinese” [sic] to 50 cents a cup my pointing out be4 allowing him to “stick his heels in” possibly suggesting 50 cents is still a bargain that although it is well less than what Starbucks charges for their crap he does not have to pay for the water, coffee beans imported from Canada, organic milk, soon I was beginning to feel bad when throwing in the depreciation of the Starbuck “Copernicus” [sic] machine, the piece of garbage that it is, to mention in passing Will Compass Point South still on the front page of the New York Times’ Internet edition.


And then there is still the editing of “my peace” to Oprah on the subject of Economic Aids to assist with the crippling effects of the South African Lilly White Wheaty eating Oppenheimer family continuing to mess with the minds of the Black leadership, agree?


Not to forget I remain optimistic that my uncle David Gevisser will in time c fit to cut his ties with the past, prepare well for the future by joining me in the present, gifting me, not his gay son Mark Gevisser, but digging deep knowing that I have most of all “credibility” going in my favor, MG while very possibly better informed in terms of the “favorites” referenced in Plato’s Symposium is surely rethinking the finishing touches to the autobiography of South Africa’s prime minister, Thabo Mbeki no doubt fully up to speed on my take of his utter incompetency




Do u think he is simply culpable?


My picking apart piece by piece those who choose war over peace could all be part of part 8 of the 8 part mini series I began sending out to prostitute Diana Henriques of the communist mouthpiece The New York Times back on September 1st of last year, such a script leading undoubtedly to “us” owning the world insurance market in 7 days






Those on the far left and far “wright” [sic], so joined at the hip as they dance about in their private lounges agreeing to “carve up the world” by placing the disgruntled poor beginning to question more in “harms way”, agree?


Now if u want to invite Hank Greenberg and his sons who I assume still run Ace Insurance and Marsh McLennan “respectably” [sic] to join us where I could fill them in on a number of things including why a boycott of the Del Mar Race Track ending once and for all the breeding grounds of universal entitlement would be a good thing, agree?


The Del Mar Fair with all its “pot-luk-gaming” enticing young kids to later in life service the “cake crowd”, agree?




Should I simply forward this email on to Hank’s wonderful assistant who made that very wise choice back on I believe it was December 10th 1996 to place my call to the Top Dog who made in my opinion the best decision of his professional career by putting me in touch with u, not that AIG’s President, Thomas Tizzio, should be dismissed altogether given how he ultimately got things moving in a matter of tT∞tT∞s, our first dinner together over Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, an evening to remember, agree?


All “gaming” u must surely agree is the most regressive form of taxation, Marie reminding our JoNathan in not so many words that if he adds in California sales tax on top of the 50 cents and fails to hand such monies over to the California Franchise Tax Board, she and I could possibly retire without me having to sell a single book, then again I could go to jail for failing to deliver more than a handful of books already “bought and paid 4” [sic] agree?


Just a matter of moments in the history of time be4 the likes of rather intelligent folk like Howard Stern begin to smell a “rat”, coming to their senses that our great President George W. Bush is nothing short of a “G-D-Send”, agree?




Ps – Just quickly checking words of wisdom coming in from folks all over the planet and thought u might be interested in what your daughter presented,


Am I correct in saying that basically, you think informing the public and getting on the case of the Fortune 10,000 companies is enough to make a difference in the ability to elect a decent representative of the people? Or, maybe the answer is simply to make the people informed enough so they can make good decisions?


Ps I – Do we have enough time be4 getting together to arrange a live video feed streamed over The Internet of our next meeting




Do u think we simply have another beach party inviting all the folks tuned in as well as all the new folks we will run into between now and August 23rd




Both, I seem to recall my Dad mentioning in our last conversation that he would be in California about that time?


Ps II – I must now give serious thought to the well scripted email I received from Joanne Berzack Levy some 3 days ago, any suggestions?


Ps III – Should anyone at AIG get wind of this communiqué, remember Dr. John Pollard was interviewed by the FBI and the forerunner to the CIA regarding his English suppliers of supposedly antiquated books such as I assume THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN in either April




May of 1960 that may contain references to what exactly was told to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy about the ingenious way the South African Oppenheimer family had used the South African Nationalist Nazi Party to further enslave the Blacks and in collaboration with Nicholas Oppenheimer decide to “stir the pot” within the bowls of the American International Group by hanging u loose from the high rise above Wall Street, now think diarrhea and vomit occurring simultaneously, ingenious how G-D-Nature arranged the plumbing, please do me the incredible favor of letting me handle their consternation and by the time I am done rinsing out their colons letting Pypeetoe of course get in his licks then we will see the extent of their intestinal fortitude; Marie also letting me know this morning that if she ever comes across me making reference to Pypeetoe,


at the crack of dawn after jumping into the bed first makes a point of kissing PW MD smack on her lips and only after licking her from head to foot does he every so often come by and say hello before finally plonking himself right between her legs”,


she wont bother even asking JoNathan to make toast to go along with the “cappucchina” [sic].


Remember Partner-Wife Marie Dion has yet, to the best of my knowledge, ever read one of my missives from start to finish.



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 why not earlier ?? - cause my next jaunt to the left coast is schedueld for that week


just got back form UT NV CO AZ - trip - vert very nice


one of your best emails indeed -


take care



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Why not earlier?


Would u agree with Adam Tucker my one programmer that my last broadcasted email was, "Quite possibly one of your best emails ever".


I think tho, the last couple to a reporter for the San Diego Union Tribune, this and this may in fact add more weight in holding down the rapacious although what I began spelling out in the email to Adam about the "Coke-water" solution will, not may, set the world "alight".


Remember it is the folks on the far left and far right who meet up constantly feeding off the middle class while hooking the poor on entitlement programs and in their private dining rooms the small talk, "Let them eat cake" simply adds to the festivities.


Even rather bright people like Howard Stern have yet to figure out in fact he is "missing the boat", i.e. the "writing is on the wall."


It seems only when one's pocket book is fully depleted does one come to grips with the basics, religion and sex going "hand in hand", the unholy alliance of politicians and religious leaders slowly but surely being exposed on the website, but let me know how much more explicit I can be in terms of Roman Catholic Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy nailing the coffin shut of the South African Black slave laborers when visiting South Africa back in 1966 which was then and remains to this day under the "control" of the Evangelical South African Oppenheimer family, their tentacles extending all the way to 47th Street in your fricken backyard! .


George W. Bush is no where close to being the evil incarnate on the contrary I wake up each day waiting for someone to show me one solid piece of evidence which demonstrates that he does not have an excellent handle on the "big picture".


The fact that the price of soybeans has risen 4 fold in recent times so few people seem to be aware of the multiplier affect especially us Lilly White Wheaty eating Americans is nothing short of dumbfounding, agree?


Then again if everyone understood the incredible mess George W inherited when he took possession of the White House how many folks would continue doing stuff like paying their insurance premiums knowing as those of us in the SCAL business know perfectly well, the gravy train is fast approaching empty, forget a train smash, a melt-down of epic proportions is simply moments away unless we all get with the program quickly.


Please take a look at the 2967 odd word draft I have slowly begun to post up on each and every message board of every single publicly traded company. Your edits will be appreciated.


Be advised that on June 27th 2004, shut down all of its message boards, their tag line still reading,


"If they won't take care of business, we will."


I am the person responsible for hijacking this rogue website, co-founder Professor Aaron Brown of the Yeshiva University in New York City in serving his pimp, Melvyn "Mweissman" Weiss Esq. of Milberg Weiss, the most prolific and rapacious law firm in the history of our species now empowers each and every one of us to do the right thing.


4 the record, 2 Grand Juries are convening investigating criminal misconduct by Messrs Weiss and Lerach the 2 former co-chairmen of the 2,000 pound gorilla law firm of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach [see Forbes Magazine February 2004 feature article].


Despite my intimate knowledge of the business practices of MWBHL, my having "blown up" one their SCAL [Shareholder Class Action Lawsuits] for essentially the same reason that a jury of their peers several years ago handed these crooks a $50 million bill which they paid promptly rather than possibly suffer treble damages during the punitive damages stages of the trial, the prosecutors responsible for getting an indictment have "sumhow" [sic] failed to contact me bearing in mind how I have painstakingly gone about spreading the evidence of wrongdoing by not simply MWBHL but by a host of folks involved in illegal business practices aimed at sucking the lifeblood out of not only momwOrker63 types.


Moreover, even those folks not invested in the stock markets pay a very high price for cheery consensus.


In the end one simply has to understand a little about the business of insurance, i.e. insurance companies are "for profit" i.e. when they settle a claim their underwriters are required to spread the "costs" around the globe essentially each and every one of us builds in to our "cost of goods" the "cost of others getting caught" much like if u find your partner playing "hanky panky" it is not only your libido that suffers, the deafening silence, the shame, the guilt that u feel eventually trickles down to those dependant on u to do the right thing.


What goes around comes around but with a vengeance, agree?


Even if u r a globe trotter should u develop a repetitive stress injury




Simply accidentally slip and fall in say a K-Mart




WAL*MART how much u get settled will to a large extent depend on how well heeled those responsible for taking care of u, i.e. family and friends not invested in the stock and/




Real estate markets can be counted on, i.e. the insurance industry which is at the top of the pyramid is essentially bust, the worst fears of Warren "BO" Buffet is that he will wake up in the middle of night dreaming about his investment officers having bought shares in Microsoft bearing in mind how much Mr. Buffet has protested he "doesn't understand the business of computing" the death nail in his out of control business, finding so much time, however, to play bridge with his on-off again fiend Bill Gates Jr., agree?


And why the authorities, folks like Mr. Joe Grundfest a professor at Stanford University and a former chairman of the SEC to mention in passing the FBI remain deafening silent not all that difficult to fathom, not everything coming out in the wash.





More than a handful of folks spread throughout the planet catching on rather "quickly" to the  games played in this "Dog eat God" [sic] world in touch with the heartbeat of the universe having tuned in longer than most to yours truly,


[word count 2967]



C u soon.




Ps - Do u c like I do the "Right to privacy" and the "Right to bear arms" both mute, teaching human beings about their private parts beginning with their soft skins leads to making the right choice in partner be4 having children, resulting in peace and harmony everywhere assuming of course the human being is in fact smart, smart enough to insist on clean drinking water?



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hope to see you at the plaza on august 23rd


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Lærke hello to u...