From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Sunday, May 14, 2006 7:50 PM PT
To: Adam Tucker
Cc: rest;; Terry Semel - CEO Yahoo; Andre Eggelletion; Conrad Wolff;;; Oprah; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State ; FBI; United States Justice Department; Mossad;
Subject: block...GOLD LAST TRADING AT $714.40...---...




Those getting more than their fair share of the graft like it when they can just understand what I write and are convinced that those who they seek to gain competitive advantage over will have their eyes “gloss over” and move on to other less “money creation” material, better yet to zero in on my hyperlinks showing one most exotic woman possibly in the entire world thinking I am good enough to have as her “sex slave” and bang in the next instant they’re clicking all over the place inevitably back to this most current and rather articulate insight and analysis of the most important events of the day.


But what scares the living daylights out of such corrupt individuals is when they realize even their brainwashed children can understand perfectly what I write and may have decided while clicking on to my hyperlinks like there is no tomorrow to act dumb, no different to their scoundrel parents.


It is my understanding that President George W. Bush is planning on speaking to the nation tomorrow on the all important subject of Immigration Reform?


GWB’s 30% and dropping approval ratings while possibly lower than any U.S. President in recorded history shouldn’t negatively impact the number of people all around the world who will tune in to what may in fact be the most important speech of our times.


It is my humble but seasoned opinion that by the time the history books are written about this great leader of the “free world” he will have the support of at least 95% of the literate world, not in the least bit astonishing, at least not to me, if in fact all those living will be singing this most honorable and very smart man’s praises.


While the Jewish-Muslim Bedouins are the most fiercely independent thinkers as well as trackers to mention little of us being the biggest pains in the butt the world has every known given how we question so smartly, the so very few of us able to logically thought process, everyone tracing their lineage of sorts back to the very first hippie and greatest trend setter of all time, Jesus Christ, FOR VERY GOOD REASON most of the world is Christian which should have you not thinking about whether or not you “believe in G-d” but how much more chaotic would the world be if there were more folks than they are thinking the world is all about them gaining competitive advantage over their fellow man without a care in the world apart from given how “spot on” I am about how the “real DOG EAT GOD” [sic] world works that I am also 100% “certain” about the “Hand of G-d” intertwined in everything including those both “good” and “bad”.


Again, just go back and place yourself in G-d’s shoes for just a moment or “tTOo” [sic].


What exactly would you do if you simply wanted to guide everyone using “numbers”, the Science, the Math both translating in to the chemistry, going “back and forth” like on a rowing boat while avoiding all mysticism and superstition to do good while giving no one “competitive advantage” over the next person, only suggesting using the laws of G-D-NAture how best to maintain the system in perfect balance so well illustrated in Einstein’s “Mind of G-d” most balanced and most important equation “To see Mother Earth” [2 c mE] in “reverse” bearing in mind constantly the fact that E=mc² is the most important balanced equation known to mankind that in my humble but seasoned opinion is both Einstein’s “Mind of G-d” as well as “Hand of G-D” equation that proves out both “Creation” as in “Let there be light” as well as Evolution-Energy to mention little of the anti-clockwise rotation of the earth hurtling through Deep Space where no sound as we know it can be heard at an accelerating rate, such proof provided by the Doppler Effect which is the “mirror image” of the Red Shift Effect, DE measuring sound waves and RSE measuring light waves, the past and the future all coming “to-get-her” [sic] in the present.


The earthworms you would agree the frontrunners along with the ants in the race not so much for “survival of the fittest” but to maintain the perfect balance, neither group necessarily aware of the SMART G-D nor for that matter really bothered by so many of us returning to join either group for doing our part in what has become a race for “survival of the richest”.


More than what goes around comes around with a vengeance is the truth we all know that if you let people treat you like an ant you become an ant.


The fact is that “sum” [sic] greedy sought to warp, misuse and abuse the genius of G-d and we allowed such abuse thinking that to confront evil and place oneself in “harms way” making ourselves “prime targets” suggests once again that “sumhow” [sic] those who think that such suicidal action defies the teachings of G-d, making suicide an “actionable wrong”, defies all logical thought processing assuming you have worked out by now that G-D exists without even being able to employ as I can the highest levels of mathematics and science.


And G-d would therefore be perfectly okay with those who undermine the priesthood who think themselves godly while devoid of all logic, given how easy it would have been for G-d to have afforded each one of us infinite armored protection rather than the very soft skin we share in common with all human beings who also have, given our larger brains, the KNOWLEDGE advantage over the rest of the animal kingdom of our “certain” mortality.


In other words why apart from it weakening the power of the corrupt clergy wouldn’t priests who cannot give life think it mighty fine to make laws that make it against G-D-NAture’s laws to when lost in this so corrupt world make a final determination to take but only their own life which we can all agree is gifted by the “supernatural” and in the process at least make a dent in the human population explosion which is the greatest manmade plague the world has every known?


Have you read the Z question MDG and I put to Einstein back on the 29th anniversary of the death of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s most enlightened leader some 30 days before I decided the time was right with gold trading at around $347 a troy ounce to begin letting the world know it was time to once again pay very close attention to the trading of gold which is the best and oldest measurement of distrust in our elected and unelected government officials by having them first focus on the “infantile” email I wrote for MDG on December 31st 2002 at 10:21 AM that began, “It seems that Mr. Gevisser might in fact be on to something…followed by the next email to the folks from MONEX that contained the following:


Gentlemen, I hope to get this email out to you before you quit for the day. It is fast approaching 5pm PST and the fireworks have already begun in many other parts around the world. Soon we shall all be celebrating despite the steep road ahead and of course I look at things from the bottom up.


Once the worldwide depression takes hold as the “fast and loose” hit the road the steps to recovery will be both swift and sweet for those well-equipped, small cars and motorcycles one way to avoid the stampede although if you remain a bull be prepared to lose it all including the china.


The Chinese though will help the blending process as long as we all follow the scriptures without becoming once again blinded by riches. All that glitters is not as golden as fresh running water and has history has shown doesn’t all reflect with God.


Those who keep things simple such as, trust but verify and are prepared to kick butt if necessary will make out okay. It is the meek with teeth who shall inherit the earth, smiling all the way to the bank, depositing their savings and withdrawing only for those in need, and willing the rest to those with a track record of never lying, stealing or cheating.


The email below from Mds indicated I would be calling Mr. Freeman to follow up with the "fools gold" in my attempts to set the standard for the way in which business should be conducted if we are in fact to begin making headway in solving the problems of the world and avoid as much as possible going the lawsuit route.


My Bottoms Up Schooling [BUS] approach to getting folks back on track may not resonate all that well in some circles but when you realize that this world has been going around and around in circles[2] for some time moving progressively forward while some sit around contemplating their navels worse yet spending their time figuring out how to go to combat with those least able to defend themselves then it is not all that difficult to understand why we have not as yet come up with a unified theory that might yet save us all. By the way my BUS is a WIP as in Work In Progress.


Just before I placed a call to Mr. Freeman I took the liberty of opening up a MONEX Confirmation receipt addressed to Mds. It clearly spells out that transaction #526113 was a "margin transaction" which goes against the grain of what Md…


Again, with each tick of the clock you are distracting me from my other business which incidentally dovetails well with when middlemen screw up the trade routes. Root canal treatment can always be avoided by taking care of one's teeth, eating less candy, but never be so greedy as to kick a gift horse in the mouth. I made it perfectly clear at the outset that I always telegraph my punches and the benefits to first checking out my website besides for what it means to my “hit ratio[3].”


Good day and lets start out the New Year on a Happy note along with a check that bares interest and of course we should all remain bullish on gold.


Gary S. Gevisser


And remember if us Jews say JC is not the Messiah since he didn’t bring everlasting peace then what if he didn’t appear on the scene to be so very Jewish and challenge the “status quo” how much worse would it be today given how we know everything including time at least from our perspective is relative?


And G-d forbid I were to remind you to guess which group of people, thank G-D, are the most abundant not connected in any way shape or form to our heavily corrupt Jewish brothers who operate freely on 47th Street in New York City under the “command and control” of the DAAC, an anything but Jewish institution.


Everything in the end connects up so long as one can in fact logically thought process and if not then of course who cares other than those able to logically thought process.


I could in fact care less whether not a single soul on this planet “gets it” given what I “know” versus “believe” and who do you know is willing at this time to say out aloud as I do, “Living the good life is the best form of revenge”, apart from my most extraordinarily smart and over the top beautiful partner-wife, dressed or undressed.


Again, you will find yourself increasingly less distracted by my multi-colored emails and so many hyperlinks instead focusing mostly on the value of the little amount of gold you personally own increasingly like all the hard working peoples of the world looking forward to the suspension in the trading of shares in corrupt public corporations and the revocation of the mineral rights granted to such criminal enterprises by totally corrupt governments intimidated by our bigger guns that include first and foremost our military who have been indoctrinated into believing that because we have so many lawyers and laws that therefore we must have the higher “moral ground” as we grab whatever we want.


So very important you don’t do find any distraction to avoid asking me any question about the most fascinating INTERNET ONLY book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION that details not only the fraud of frauds but why it is that while we make such a big deal about our sacrosanct Anti-Trust laws THERE IS NOT A SINGLE ranking member of the clergy, academia, the new corrupt church, or any political party anywhere in the world who has ever screamed “bloody murder” at the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, the special interest of special interest groups responsible for the greatest enslavement, torture and mass murder of all time that continues to this day.


It appears that Yahoo have once again placed a block on my postings on their finance-public corporations’ message boards such as this one coming from my desktop computer.


Is there a SMART way around this “banning order” that seems to go into effect as soon as I write stuff in simple English?


No doubt my previous heavily broadcasted and READ email to you that contained the relatively simple English “common sense” “introduction” to the “MONEY CREATION” fraud of fraud that the filthy rich and their succulents don’t want taught to the next generation of independent thinkers is beginning to play SIGNIFICANT havoc with those at the top of the very dark DAAC pyramid who have a good enough grasp of basic physics to figure out it isn’t going to take much for the masses of increasingly enlightened with just one “inside out move” to turn things on their heads.


Do you think it is necessary that I provide “confirmation” that former Special Forces operatives who cannot get decent paying jobs doing “security detail” work for the Hollywood crowd like my good friend Guy Friedman who at age 44 is very possibly in better both physical and mental shape than when he was considered by fellow commandos in Flotilla 13, Israel’s most elite and deadliest special forces commando unit as the best of the very best, instead have taken to protecting ocean going vessels on the high sea having the time when not “manning battle stations” to not only read the very fascinating INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION but have already figured out; one, gold is the best available means to “preserve economic freedom”; second, that Alan Greenspan and the such including each and every member of the United States Congress is corrupt, bought and paid for by the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel; and third, the tears shed for fallen and severely wounded comrades haven’t left a scar to deep that they wouldn’t think twice about joining the “other side” who now have the gold.


Golden Rule: Whoever owns the gold makes the rules!


BTW I have confirmation that very in shape Lily White Wheaty Eating high school kids coming from “blue collar” neighborhoods here in the United States are now reading increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein’s INTERNET ONLY book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION and more than a handful of more up to speed youngsters raised in households further up the economic increasingly dark DAAC pyramid beginning to shed more light on the truth when questioning EXACTLY HOW members of their family just like yours got a “kick start” in the road to “fame and fortune” courtesy of “under the table” deals that don’t always have to include diamonds unlimited in supply, untraceable and never inventoried BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY since such youngsters realize that with Knowledge-Information-Light traveling at Light-G-D-Speed they cannot count on their corrupt parents’ inheritance being worth the paper it is written, NOW, THIS INSTANT wanting to find out WHY no one else in the family dared to speak out apart from every member of the family co-opted-corrupted.


Pretty sic to think how very few options remain for the United States Congress to do anything other than “fall on the sword” for their failure to ever once question in public the money laundering business of the DAAC and now fully aware that to do anything short of each one of them resigning in disgrace will give all the despots in the rest of the world even higher “moral ground” than they currently have to mention little of the truth about each and every oil producing nation responsible for contributing toward our daily 4 million barrels of oil shortfall are not only increasingly “feeling their oatsBUT MORE IMPORTANTLY they no longer feel anywhere near as corrupt as our western politicians as “our” despots find themselves increasingly awash in our worthless dollars” that has their masses not only increasingly questionING such stupidity but “armed to the teeth” not so much with weapons of mass destruction which they all know means pretty much the end of the world the first one that goes off in any major city BUT WITH THEIR COFFERS FULL OF GOLD to mention in passing yet again all the gold buried deep under ground affording them the most highly trained and rather vengeful of our best “killing machines” who feel rather betrayed from having been indoctrinated with stuff like “honor-country” while spreading mostly bs communism rather than democracy.


Pretty tough you would think for say any Democratic President let alone President Hilary Clinton to rally the troops to take out the lifeblood of their equally poor brothers and sisters while propping up the extraordinarily fictitious U.S. Dollar, benefiting not the masses of hard working Americans but our 5% odd filthy rich communist bosses who continue to pull out all stops from teaching the youth who are all our futures the important subject of “Money Creation”.


Currently I am planning on one more heavily broadcasted communiqué before sharing with out great and fearless leader the most honorable GWB prior to tomorrow’s “wake up call” what may very well be my last heavily broadcast and read communiqué before giving the green light to Ms. Annie George and the printers to begin producing my DAAC Treason Complaint book that may not have to be handed out to each and every member of the very corrupt United States Congress in order for the hard working masses who support our President to reach “critical mass”.


Take care,




Ps – Let me know if you are having trouble accessing any of the hyperlinks on this communiqué and of course come back with very specific questions that will ensure my next message to President Bush is “cristil clear” [sic].


Ps I – I assume you are aware I leave next month on an around the world trip that given the very quickly unfolding events is being broken up into two separate trips.


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