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Dear il,


Perhaps I should have provided more detail on the conversation that took place before I asked you what you had done to follow up on Marie’s “complaint”, how you went on and on just like in your phone messages about how much you “missed” us and how much you “wanted to get together again” talking at 100 miles an hour, every so often throwing in how much we are going to just love your latest “collections” as I patiently extended you all the rope you needed to commit financial suicide, my patience no doubt helped immeasurably by the extraordinary “Hand of G-d” viewed from the most perfect surroundings of our amazing RENTED Cliff House, G-d in “perfect control of not only the environment that serves to guide us but maintaining the state of “perfect balance” by “matching up” constantly the forces of “good” and “evil”, all resulting in me writing you this communiqué that had your lawyer friend Max writing me just another distraction.


Unlike most gentiles I know most of the EXTRAORDINARILY few truly Jewish people I know, my wife who was raised Roman Catholic the best example of what it means to really be Jewish which is to constantly question the “status quo”, are raised to pay attention to all the “small sh*t” [sic] that allows them to explore the genius of the system that has everything in a constant state of “balance”.


Turning a single blind eye to evil no matter how small the “infraction” is the first step in “blowing the mind” which is the first glimpse we get of the power of the “supernatural”, a point I apparently made rather well in this communiqué to Michael A. that caused a number of independent thinkers all over the world to begin paying more attention to what it is that I have to say.


You are by no stretch of the imagination the most evil human being I have met, no where close to The Sperm Donor or someone such as Windy Winn who can barely afford a pot to pee in but who is, however, extraordinarily dangerous to the youth who are all our futures to mention little of how much those who usurp their limited authority have to say and write and when inevitably caught up in their lies from day one retaliate first with threats, “If you don’t stop emailing me I am going to once again usurp my limited authority and report you to the authorities” [sic], worse yet attempt to get others such as Ms. Dawn “Kilicut” [sic] to do their “dirty work” while making certain such stooges get “blackened hands” in the process.


Winndy Winn types provide teenagers, the most dangerous to the “status quo”, with a false sense that there are people such as Windy Winn “fighting the right fight” when in fact nothing can be further from the truth.


Everything boils down to “money” since without a TRUSTWORTHYmeans of exchange” those of us who don’t have the skills that others seek would find ourselves very much “out of luK” [sic] without so much as a pot to pee in.


There really isn’t anything funny about seeing a marauding mob without food in their stomachs running fast through a neighborhood which is why you should right this minute read what I wrote attorney Andy Kean yesterday soon after sending out this heavily broadcast and read communiqué to Ms. Valerie Coster the former owner of our Ccrest Bed & Breakfast Café located in Minehead, Somerset, England.


Few would argue that sum 70% of the American population which includes “illegal immigrants” not just from Mexico but from all over the world including Italy, China, France, England and the such not to forget Israel who is today the front line of defense in support of the over-the-top fictitious dollar, are hell bent in “lending support” to the current banking system that is currently propped up by nothing more than the PERCEIVED strength of the United States military and its increasingly few allies, YET this same percentage are the ones most distrusting of our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush and his stellar administration.


You have made more than one comment about how “extraordinarily stupid” and “none caring” is GWB who is simply telling the truth when he says that we need hard working Mexicans to do the jobs that the 70% of Americans hooked on big government entitlement programs don’t care to do, the United States Congress beyond a shadow of a doubt the most hooked and most corrupt institution on the face of the planet.


The fact that you know that the overwhelming majority of people who shop in your exclusive fashion retail shop are over-the-top lazy but to say anything negative about our great President not only defies all the Knowledge-Information-Light that you have at your and Max’s “fingertips” BUT MOST OF ALL to tell the truth interferes with your “rap”.


You are not the only hustler whose repertoire mostly compromises of saying things that “filthy rich” customers want to hear.


It is time for you as well as Max as well as each and every one of your customers as well as your vendors hooked on big government entitlement programs grow up and realizes that were it not for our great leader who tells it the way it is, certainly more so than any other leader since biblical times, you wouldn’t have today a single pot to pee in for he and he alone has OUR despots in the 3rd world, very specifically the oil producing nations STILL WILLING to accept totally worthless dollars.


Such lack of intellectual honesty while again nowhere near as egregious as the sins of the likes of Windy Winn who have print media outlets to spew forth their so harmful rhetoric and when that isn’t enough to rely on equally deprived individuals such as Nitza who in turn rely on the Winndy Winn types, i.e. beer pocket elitists to keep this vicious circle on the move results in untold “short circuits” beginning with you also not able to keep track of your lies from day one to mention little of you failing to take care of a very good customer like Marie Dion Gevisser who really doesn’t need me as her “bulldog” but what’s so wrong if I stand up for her rights given how extraordinarily good care she takes of me?


Again we see no need to do business or socialize with you until such time as you come to your senses and realize it is time you stopped hustling, changed your repertoire and got smart by looking to the future as the past and the future all come together in the present, the Digital Age, a G-D-Send, to see which of your customers are going to have more than a pot to pee in when instead of the 70% lazy and increasingly dumb filthy rich grumbling about the Chinese not “revaluing” their currency in order to make our exports cheaper and their exports to us so expensive to the point that we will CHOOSE to begin the excruciatingly long trek towards being so extraordinarily productive as the Chinese who only sleep when having sex, the United States of America as well as all the other welfare recipient countries who have hooked their masses on big government entitlement programs simply DEVALUE their currencies to realistic levels, then you will not only see how few people other than bums will be shopping but dirtying the clothes with their paws to the point that you might be sufficiently distracted to begin a petition allowing unleashed dogs rights of access along our deserted freeways and highways but possibly a little more importantly it may be too late to begin giving thanks to our ingeniously inspired President, the most honorable George W. Bush.


May I suggest when starting to work on a new “rap” you give thought to opening up a “dialogue” by mentioning how generous us Americans are in dumping worthless dollars on those 3rd world countries whose per capita production of actual goods and services that we desire is EXTRAORDINARILY higher than ours in the United States and were it not for either our “illegal immigrants” or those “legally enslaved” such as Rosa Parks the United States would be already a banana republic without the farmland to produce the bananas given our out of control real estate development.


Then before your “audience” can dig their heels in by suggesting we still have the “strongest military” remind them a little about the rise and fall of the Holy Roman Empire.


An army needs to be fed and there is nothing worse than your own military turning against you when feeling “deceived” and right now there are approximately, in my humble but seasoned opinion, no more than 50 million people, LESS THAN 1% on the human population who have read THE INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION but such a number is increasingly rapidly.


No one likes to feel stupid, worse yet being led to believe by their slave masters that there is nothing they can do about it.


While you might not be interested to revisit recent history that talks to Ho Chi Minh and Osama Ben Laden being former allies of ours perhaps what will get your immediate attention is to spend a few minutes with current and former members of very elite Special Forces such as Israel’s Flotilla 13, the most elite of the world’s Special Forces who make it their business-personal to stay “one step ahead” of their comparable U.S. Navy SEALs for Israel once again is the front line of defense in the spread of democracy and there is nothing democratic about the United States Democratic Communist Party.


Those who have usurped their limited authority not only have to worry about our young and brave returning from war to find their dollar increasingly worthless especially if they are missing all limbs along with their heads but those who ARE NOT in the least bit physically or mentally handicapped by the ravages of war waking up to the fact that the enemy is “within”, NOW, THIS INSTANT, “coming to terms” that in order to feed themselves and their families they have to turn to places like the “high seas” in order to make a living, protecting vessels from pirate attacks which again the mainstream media fail to report given how reluctant they are to investigate those rather well paying jobs that are in fact only available for the very best of the best Special Forces who are more than happy to be paid in gold bullion.


Moreover, when relaxing under say a palm tree in the BaHAMAS happy as a lark on their days off to be earning $50 an hour to provide protection to a bunch of Hollywood elitists who wont DARE to suggest to stooges like Steven Spielberg that he produce a movie about THE DIAMOND INVENTION such extraordinarily well trained killing machines have their “eyes set on places like the Orient who understand the merit system a whole lot better than us in the west raised in the belief that we have the high “moral ground” when all we have had up until now for the past 100+ years since the start of THE DIAMOND INVENTION is marginally bigger guns.


Espresso machines tend to bring everyone in to the real world but coffee does little for the soul when soul searching how very fortunate we are to have this extraordinary relative peace in this very brief movement in the history of time that cannot last indefinitely.


It is nothing more than the lull before the storms of storms and G-d only help those who CHOOSE given all the KIL we have about the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, the money launderers of launderers whose only option apart from acceding to my demand for their total unconditional surrender is to embroil the world in war.


Thank G-d again for our great incorruptible leader, the most honorable George W. Bush who has all the evil people in the world beginning with the United States Congress guessing.


Take care,


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


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