From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 1:48 PM PT
To: il
Cc: rest;




Please do not call me or Marie.


You made a very big mistake when using the words, “very important” to describe the designer of the jacket which Marie and I as well as you felt could have made a mistake when sewing on the one jacket pocket.


What is “very important” to us both is the truth, that which doesn’t change.


When Marie brought to your attention, back I believe sometime in January, that there was a distinct possibility that an “error” had been made you told her that first you would check with other customers who you had sold the identical jacket as well as with the designer and that you would get back to Marie.


Now you tell me that you would never have told Marie that you would check with another customer for fear of “disturbing” such a “very important” customer before going on to tell me that this “snobbish” designer “doesn’t care” and “sometimes takes months to respond to emails”.


Our more than an hour conversation concluded right after your pregnant pause followed my pointing out that despite 2 subsequent phone conversations with Marie and leaving at least 3 messages on our voice answering machine WITH NO MENTION of the jacket pocket issue, with you saying to me, “If you were so upset with me why didn’t you email me?”


For me to even begin to think about doing any more business with you let alone put additional effort in to helping you “keep your head above water” in the light of the rather poor prevailing economic winds, I not only want a full refund of the purchase price for such a jacket but a SIGNIFICANT contribution to our “social cause”.


Gold last trading at $700.10.


The collapse of the over-the-top fictitious dollar would have undoubtedly already been a “fκte un compli” were it not for the extraordinary great leadership of President George W. Bush.


Talk is not only very cheap it is increasingly being understood by independent thinkers as the tool of “fork tongued” individuals to mess with their heads.


Prior to me raising your “tardiness” in getting back to us you were so very eloquent in describing what it is that I do, “You teach people how to stay honest and be wealthy all at the same time.”


The Digital Age, A G-D-Send with Knowledge-Light-Information traveling at Light-G-D-Speed has the past and the future all coming “to-get-her” [sic] in the present.


Only liars need good memories.


Again, do not bother responding unless it is simply tell me that you agree with my “terms of settlement”.


Anything else will also be broadcast over The Internet.


Gary S. Gevisser


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