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From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 7:23 AM PT
To: Valerie Coster
Cc: rest; Larry Winokur - Baker Winokur Ryder; Devin Standard; President@whitehouse.gov; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State ; Mossad; FBI; United States Justice Department; Guy Friedman; Dr. John Ben Stewart MD - aka The Sperm Donor; George Hurst Esq. - Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; SupremeInternetCourt@yahoogroups.com
Subject: RE: GOLD LAST TRADING AT $700.00....Crest, Danielle & Hoyle


Valerie hello,


While Marie rests peacefully with Pypeetoe fully cushioned in the pillow right up against hers, breathtaking and so well formed waves crashing right in front of our most magnificent RENTED Cliff House, can’t help noticing a not all that athletic woman walking briskly north alongside the train tracks, I am typing away at a relatively slow pace on a very quiet wireless keyboard not wanting to disturb either Marie or my Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound.


Adding immeasurably to this heavenly atmosphere, a possible train can be heard in the far distance, the sound of metal on metal resonating along the tracks now muffled by the waves, a couple of dolphins frolicking amongst the less than a handful of surfers, I am surrounded by priceless oil paintings.


So very fortunate are we to have recently purchased Sebastian Capella’s “silver” still life masterpiece that he painted in 1987 possibly the best he has ever produced that defies appropriate verbiage given how extraordinarily close it is to “G-d who art in heaven” to mention little of an almost identical subject matter that hangs from the ceiling separating the kitchen area from the living space that was painted in 1997, Sebastian now thinking of not only doing one in 2007 but the day before yesterday commented to Marie that he also plans to be around in 2017 to mention little of Sebastian and his wife Margarita who was also schooled in the same Spanish art institution as Picasso are leaving today for their summer home in Valencia, Spain where Sebastian has his work “cut out for him” completing a series of portraits for all the more recent past Presidents of the port of Valencia considered by many as the most important port in the Mediterranean which as you know serves as Europe’s toilet.


And of course we are not taking any chances which is why we plan to visit with Sebastian in Valencia next month before heading north to his birth home of Sagunto where he used to play as kid in the ruins of this Roman Coliseum built 200 BC to mention little once again of Sebastian being quite the revolutionary when he painted the ruins in protest against the socialist government of Spain who had encased this incredible relic in marble to serve mostly the communist bastard elitist bosses; such a courageous act resulting a few years later in the Supreme Court of Spain denouncing the outrageous act that did great damage to the original stone work, forcing the government at the time to remove the marble and restore this most incredible ruin to mention in passing once again Marie’s response to my statement the other day, “I have known very good people”:


When was that? Before Christ? Because after Christ we were assured of heaven – all your sins were forgiven – lying part of the game, it was no longer an issue.


As you know I cover a number of subject matters in my heavily broadcasted and READ communiqués such as this that for “sum” [sic] good reason find their way to the top of the Internet search engines.


So very important that we do not lose sight for no more than a minute while “laughing all the way to the bank” the extraordinary precarious state of the financial and capital markets to mention little of the price of gold just yesterday breaking through the $700 mark that along with my household chores had me SIGNIFICANTLY preoccupied to mention little of such “history in the makingYET to reflect not only THE DIAMOND INVENTION but more importantly my unique and universal perspective of why this most fascinating INTERNET ONLY book, written by a blockbuster author WAS ALLOWED to be written in the first place; moreover why the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel thought by allowing it to be placed on The Internet NOT A SINGLE politician, clergy member or the media including Hollywood would DARE to question their motivation.


It rather important to understand how such systemic rot has filtered through in to each one of our lives and why I pay so much importance to the “small sh*t” [sic] bearing in mind that once one has worked out that there is no such thing as a coincidence when applying the highest levels of math and science, i.e. logic, that therefore “design is everywhere” i.e. there exists a master designer watching and recording each and every one of our moves, both good and bad, Number is the essence of all things, so NOW, THIS INSTANT, forcing each and every one of our corrupt elected and unelected government officials WHICH OF COURSE INCLUDES EACH AND EVERY MEMEMBER OF THE MEDIA ON BOTH THE LEFT AND RIGHT WHO FEED OFF THE HARD WORKING FOLKS IN THE MIDDLE to address the CRITICAL IMPORTANCE of the INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION written by increasingly edgy blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein.


Such a fascinating expose of my-our DAAC family, the mafia of mafia who given their exclusive worldwide right BY EACH AND EVERY GOVERNMENT ON THE PLANET to engineer-manufacture-produce their own unlimited supply of UNTRACEABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT and NEVER INVENTORIED DIAMOND CURRENCY used to buy off each and every government on the planet, our despots in the 3rd world THE LEAST CORRUPT, these PRICE FIXERS OF PRICE FIXERS end up establishing the price of everything under the sun including our prostitutes and of course our maids which in turn leads back to why we and our children get taught absolute garbage by our so corrupt parents, teachers, clergy and professors.


Without a thorough understanding of the “money creation” business which begins with a solid grasp of Economic-Political History one cannot even begin the journey to becoming an independent thinker which brings me back to the all important 213 odd word email I sent Ms. Dawn “Kilicut” [sic] on Monday which should at a minimum serve to empower not just Marie’s “tTOo” [sic] children but all the children of the world to stand up for their rights to be told the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth that starts with each kid in the world “armed” with the tools to question exactly where within the extraordinarily dark DAAC pyramid do their deafeningly silent parents sit.


The so very “black and white” out of control communiqués from the yet to be married girlfriend of no longer practicing pathologist Dr. John Ben Stewart MD aka The Sperm Donor using The Sperm Donor’s email account demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt what was really behind The Sperm Donor and his “on-off” again girlfriend concocting the most insidious criminal complaint filed against me back on 911 2002.


It is nothing short of “check mate” when examining their fixation that I along with Marie and the kids were all “sumhow” [sic] living off The Sperm Donor’s pitiful child support checks in stark contrast to a second declaration signed under oath under penalty of perjury by The Sperm Donor and presented in court back on October 24th 2002 that I had in fact “bought off” Marie who was “brainwashed”.


To repeat once again Ms. Dawn “Kilicut” [sic] revealing her and her boyfriend’s very “blackened hands”:


You have been sucking life off of everybody you latch onto you POS (piece of shit).  Each day I pray Marie will get a voice from God to dump your stupid ass because she could do a lot better.  What?   The alimony and child support petering out you pathetic loser. ..”


And of course this girlfriend who wishes she could use the excuse of being exiled as a reason why she is not married to The Sperm Donor first communicated with Marie who was to the best of our knowledge the 2nd X wife of The Sperm Donor, back on Saturday, April 17, 2004, is only waking up to the fact that she too has been “used and abused”, The Sperm Donor quite obviously keeping her in the dark about what really took place not only in court back on October 24th 2002 when the judge did nothing short of hand Marie and me his disgusting head on a platter but more importantly that in allowing her to use his email account to vent her frustrations he has seen to it that she will remain to the end of their days his accomplice in one most extraordinary criminal plot that has rather far reaching consequences.


Later today I will be sending a letter to the San Diego Police Department requesting the report filed by Dr. John Ben Stewart that resulted in both Detective Jeffrey Steele of the SDPD as well as an FBI agent visiting with me at my one former residence immediately after the first hearing before Judge Hendrix sometime between September 14th and October 24th 2002when he issued his ruling TOTALLY IN MY FAVOR.


Yesterday I had a rather lengthy phone conversation with Detective Steele who has fairly recently been assigned to the “data services” division of the SDPD.


This was the first time we have spoken since we met for the first time back in the fall of 2002.


Suffice to say that Detective Steele in providing me with a “track to run on” made it patently clear that it was “rare” for someone with his “stature” as well as a member of the FBI to visit with anyone let alone someone such as myself who has no criminal record, and not to the best of my knowledge even an arrest record but I do happen to have the goods on a number of EXTRAORDINARILY MONEY POWER folks all around the world who might have thought they could get away with usurping their limited authority.


It looks like it is going to start off much like yesterday, a “June gloom” day that allows one to open one’s eyes wide and enjoy the “values” the various contrasts of gray without having to squint the eyes.


After sending out this email I will go for a relatively quick run before joining the surfers in the water and by the time I get back in all likelihood Marie will be awake and if not then I will follow in the “footsteps of Marie” when she left yesterday for art class with Sebastian and turn on the CD The best of Bach which is a gift I received on my last birthday from Raye Ann Marks and her husband Larry.


Bottom line, we will be in England in a month.


Tell Mike I said the following:


I love you but grow up!


Why would I expect you, a very savvy banker to find me a perfect buyer without you receiving a very healthy commission bearing in mind that you were apparently indirectly responsible for me purchasing Ccrest in the first place and now feel this is “payback” time?


BTW I ran into this friend of Mike’s whose last name is Stewart right next to the “Hands” metal sculpture depicting the 614 mile walk along the south western coastline of England that begins at Minehead, late at night in late December 2001, this Mr. Stewart thinking that I might be better off buying your place which had been taken off the market on that very day rather than attempt cutting across the countryside in order to complete the walk in the week that I had remaining since I planned on being back in the States before “Xmess” [sic] to mention little of when I returned waiting for me was a gift from Annie George, Stephen Hawkings’, The Universe in a Nutshell that I read rather quickly on Christmas Day before falling asleep, being awoken by a call to let me know that my most very dear friend Anne Miller had passed away at the very moment I fell into the deepest sleep.


Yesterday I received an email from attorney Andy Kean Esq. like many finally “getting with the program” wanting to know how to access the most fascinating INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


Andy who once met Anne Miller when she was thinking of leaving her land valuable estate to the Salvation Army before I talked her out of making such a “bad move”, made an extraordinarily good impression on Anne Miller who was very slow to warm up to anyone to mention little of when Marie and I visited her last in a nursing home a couple of days before I left for England “out of the blue” she asked me “how is that so very nice tall lawyer doing?


Try clicking on to the following hyperlinks and when replying tell me if you had trouble accessing any of them.


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From: Valerie Coster
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 1:35 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: GOLD LAST TRADING AT $679.50....Crest, Danielle & Hoyle


Hi Gary,

Istly, I want to read internet only book the diamond invention but I cannot get it on internet, have tried, also clicking on title in your mails & nothing, so help me to find it to read! Sure its my stupidity, be patient.

Its not Mike renting, he is neighbour of couple who are, he just put them in touch as their place is being done up.Rent being paid half by their landlord & half by council.

Will call Hoyle again later & pass on your words

Email you later today with proper response.

Mike has mentioned that he might know someone interested in buying crest but that he would want a hefty commision if he put them in touch I can follow that up if you want?

I think that if crest doesnt sell you could quite easily rent it out 6months at a time as a home for about 6 to 700 pounds a month.

Love Valerie


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2006 12:59 PM PT
To: Ms. Valerie Coster
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Subject: FW: GOLD LAST TRADING AT $679.50....Crest, Danielle & Hoyle

 Dear Valerie,

 The first thing you should be noticing…---…