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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 7:15 PM PT
To: Valerie Coster
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Subject: RE: No news


Valerie – Let me begin by suggesting that although I am not certain how I will end this relatively long communiqué that you start out by reading it from the “bottom up”, bearing in mind that my extraordinarily beautiful and over the top sexy wife, MDG who as hard as it may be to believe is in significantly better both mental and physical shape than what you see in this hyperlink that was taken possibly as long as a decade ago, is within minutes of returning to our RENTED Cliff House from a facial with Tina at SkinVital looking no doubt at least 10 years younger to mention little of the awesome spring painting job Marie Dion Gevisser, the most private and over the top logical thinker I have ever known has done over the past couple of days at our Stone Home deep in the Cleveland National Forest to mention in passing of my extraordinarily little contribution despite spending most of today as well as yesterday over there, quite convinced that by having this incredibly skilled 18 year old kid as “my assistant” I would end up being rewarded beginning by watching her prance around in work out gear leaving just enough to the imagination that doesn’t require me spelling it all out in “black and white” bearing in mind that Dr. John K. Pollard says that only once I include pornographic material will he think of sharing my highly informative communiqués with his email list.


Suffice to say as MDG just arrived, giving me no more than a minute to finish off and enjoy what is going to be one incredible sunset, the cloud formation simply breathtaking, JoNathan just calling from a friend after spending the afternoon surfing that he is also watching this spectacular event unfolding, that the 3 of us had the most incredible time that included MDG preparing for us as I shared all the gobbledygook being spread over the airwaves by likes of Roger Hedgecock who to most radio listeners has been an ardent supporter of GWB, the most extraordinary solid food lunch as I mostly rocked back and forth in a rocking chair thinking but not daring to mouth the excuse that this would serve to break up my 3 millimeter kidney stone.


No doubt with all the other things on your plate I have done the most terrific job of confusing you while SIGNIFICANTly increasing the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day beginning with the debate going on right now in the United States Congress to “gift” every American citizen a $100.


Such a “regressive tax” that hits the hardworking poor “square between the eyes” is “aimed” at the inobservant to offset the incredibly low price of $3 per gallon we pay to fill up our motor vehicles given how our tyrants in the oil producing nations such as Saudi Arabia can no longer count on the Western Alliance spearheaded by the United States’ military mite to keep their masses at bay as increasing numbers of our Special Forces personnel including the best trained X Israeli Special Forces not exactly content to sit under a palm tree in the Bahamas protecting Hollywood elitists for $50 an hour despite being afforded the time to read the fascinating INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


The time you would spend traveling “back and forth” to a book store in search of the INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION would have you not only finished reading the INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION but understanding EXTRAORDINARILY well why in addition to my family being rather upset the very best of best Israeli Special Forces feel rather outraged for having been so “used and abused” to risk life and limb operating behind enemy lines to do nothing more than prop up all the world’s fictitious currencies are exacting their vengeance by joining whatever side is willing in exchange for their services to pay them in gold, the only means of exchange that can hold its value in a world awash in fictitious currency.


Why not take a 5 minute break in your hectic schedule beginning by turning off the radio, TV and your cell phone.


I don’t see that going to the toilet during this time should interfere with your ability to logically thought process and if it does please do not hesitate to let me know so that I can be more precise when next following up with our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush who is getting increasingly closer as he backs full amnesty for all our so-called illegal immigrants critical in preserving the value of our dollar that is essential in preserving  our over the top fictitious lifestyles bearing in mind once again that apart from military mite the only thing of relevance when determining the relative strength of the purchasing power of anyone or any nation is their “productivity” in producing goods and services, period.


As you know I have never been a part of any official or unofficial military organization bearing in mind that you have increasingly here in the United States the spread of vigilante groups such as the Minutemen who have taken it upon themselves to “secure our borders”, it inevitable that such an organization which has unknown leadership unaccountable to no one is in fact more dangerous than any of our corrupt governments who at least on occasion have to “report” to the people who can then figure out on their own what is truth versus fiction versus a band of hunters who have run out of animals given how we have "teared up" [sic] the landscape now wanting to shoot the labor that at least provides them with the cheaper means to purchase stuff like guns and ammunition.


From a rather young age, however, I have been “surrounded” by the very best of the best Israeli Special Forces whose commanders were “drawn” to me first by my family’s very good name plus the fact that my paternal grandfather owned very valuable property in Haifa, a rather important port in Israel that my Royal Mater concedes in her “biography” was a major “attraction” when deciding to marry my amazing father whose “good looks” and “performance” as a fighter-bomber-pilot during the continuation of World War I were not exactly “negatives”, not even close.


By the time I was 15 I  had gained the respect of my RM the most important person in my not exactly “small world”, Zena Gevisser who wrote the book, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN recognizing that I had both the “common sense”, the athleticism and most of all the ability to “check my ego at the door” which while key ingredients for a special forces commando could be put to much better use.


You must now begin that 5 minutes of total silence to reflect on the following facts missing from increasing edgy Edward Jay Epstein’s most fascinating INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION despite the fact that I have been suggesting 4 a while” [sic] such a fascinating book that you cannot find on bookshelves anywhere in the world or the fact that Hollywood wont touch it with a 100 ft pole:


First, while the word Canada is mentioned 3 times in this 78,161 odd word book that you should be able to read in well under a day bearing in mind that most people with just average intelligence find that once they start even if they have never heard the words DeBeers and Anglo American Corporation, there is no mention of Quebec, Canada or more specifically Camp Chaleur located in Quebec, Canada owned by the American Charles Engelhard who used such a very private location to meet with his underlings such as John F. Kennedy who soon after CE and his mafia partner Harry Oppenheimer orchestrated JFK winning the Presidency of the United States was forced to meet with HO in “broad daylight” at the Carlyle Hotel located on U.S. soil, such a meeting very well spelled in Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY of the INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


It is not so much what people say but what they fail to say.


The reader of this INTERNET ONLY  book is left with the impression that such a “strange meeting” between the future head of the “Free World” who also carries the title, Commander In Chief of all United States Armed Forces and the Anglo head of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC] has simply “conspiracy written all over it” but without the reader being aware of JFK having been a “guest” at CE’s Camp Chaleur it is rather difficult to connect up all the dots that would provide the reader with a much clearer picture of the awesome power of CE who was at the time not only the mineral richest human being on the planet but someone who had the most extraordinary access to the highest American government officials at the time including FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover who like the United States Justice Department who were “tasked” with recording only the meeting at the Carlyle Hotel UNDERSTOOD PERFECTLY WELL that they along with the future President of the United States were all now working for the DAAC.


Second, while you will read in this very fascinating INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION that HO was a strong supporter of the opposition party to the Nationalist government of South Africa better known as the Apartheid Regime that were like each and every government at the time and since under the command and control of the DAAC, increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein makes no mention of CE being an “open supporter” of the AR.


Third, the vagueness in Chapter 18 of when CE who named my uncle David Gevisser as executor of his estate, succumbed to poisoning back in March 1971 is telling of many things about increasingly edgy EJE, the most damaging to this blockbuster author’s credibility given his extraordinary attention to detail in particular dates that has the reader so “impressed”, is why in G-d’s name did he fail to mention who exactly amongst United States Government officials were forced to attend at St. Mary’s Church in Morristown, New Jersey, the heavily watched funeral services of CE who again died at the rather young age of 54.


Fourth, to the best of my knowledge not a single member of the Bush family was present when Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, former Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and Democratic Vice President Humphrey were forced to eat the most extraordinary crow, no different to what CE and HO forced down the throats of not only President elect JFK, the awesomely powerful Director of the FBI, each and every member of the United States Congress but also each and every member of the United States Secret Service who are tasked with in addition to protecting the United States President from assassination responsible for protecting the Almighty United States Dollar that each and every person mentioned so far in this paragraph KNOWS versus BELIEVES to be totally bogus given how each and every government official whether elected or unelected UNDERSTANDS PERFECTLY well that the DAAC have now had for more than 100 years a “free pass” to engineer-manufacture-distribute their own unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never once inventoried diamond currency to purchase everything under the sun including worthless currencies.


It shouldn’t have taken you 4 minutes if you were reading very slowly what I have written above that should explain to you without you asking a single question why it makes no sense that a “terrorist” group like Hamas or Al Qaeda would “see fit” to accept any western currency for their “services” especially the United States Dollar, the most fictitious of all currencies were it not for the extraordinary killing capabilities of my Israeli brothers and sisters who are now counting on me to spread the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help each of us, G-d.


I happen to know, again a big difference than “believe” that X as well as current Israeli Special Forces commandos doing our “dirty work” are while waking up to the truth increasingly “numbed”, it not taking them long, however, to “Head for the hills” teaming up with “rag tag” gangs – does the name Hitler ring a bell?


Up until now Israeli Special Forces commandos who don’t make it their business to walk the main streets spelling out their awesome killing machine credentials are in fact most expert at creating all sorts of distracting firefights in ever expanding hostile territories with a “single view” to negating the focus of “our tyrants” in places like Saudi Arabia who “zero in” on pushing all Israelis, the most fiercely “independent thinking” peoples on the planet, in to the Mediterranean Sea, in an effort to distract their masses from the truth of those of us “demanding” cheap oil by forcing “at gun point” such tyrants to accept United States “counterfeit” currency that has absolutely no backing apart from the “good judgment” of our corrupt government officials.






Ps - Wouldn’t you agree that Hoyle has played around enough but why not push things just a little further by trying one more time repeating to him what I wrote you yesterday.


Yes, this MUST BE your last communication with him unless youre thinking of dating in which case you need to let him know that you are no longer involved, period.


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From: Valerie Coster
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 3:17 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: No news


Heard nothing from Hoyle, wonder if he will actually phone or email you, did call him back after your call & laid on the how interested you were to hear from him, off to bed now, work 2mr, didnt gwt email address for sue walker at risdons today will call them tomorrow, didnt go bookshop either so no diamond invention will search out at weekend.

Email you tomorrow

Love Valerie



From: Valerie Coster
Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 3:46 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: Hoyle, my mistake


Hi Gary

Good to speak to you 2day, thanks for phoning, I did go back & call hoyle said you were interested etc, but i just checked email now, got back couple hours ago & i see that you say in last mail what exactly to say to him, I called him right after our conversation so said you had decided not to rent for a month, sory if this is wrong, just bad timing, dont know if he has called you but will cheque mail 2mr am, hope all is well & i havnt fkd up again!

will get sue walkers email in am & check if she has a particular extention no, main no is 01643 700XXXX. Mail you in morning, have to go with mother for hosp aptoinment in morning if dont get chance check messages before will be 1st thing i do when back

Love Valerie


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 6:59 AM PT
To: Valerie Coster
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Subject: RE: Hoyle, my mistake


Call Hoyle back and let him know that I am “willing to bend over backwards”…---...