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I am on the telephone with
by: goldbug4224 04/28/06 01:37 pm ET
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Subject: I am on the telephone with…



Richard Cunnigham, Blockbuster employee # 6860.


6860 is "insistant" [sic] that he is not a number while confirming that he is neither an "independent thinker".


6860 now informs me that he does have the authority to cancel my subscription service to Blockbuster online but the only way for me to get credit for all the months I was signed up while never once able to use the service after trying several times is to write a "sumwhat" [sic] comprehendible letter to Blockbuster's corporate headquarters.


It doesn’t seem to bother 6860 that I didn’t find Blockbuster Online as "user friendly" as other similar services that are beating the "cr*p" [sic] out of Blockbuster who appear increasingly desperate, no surprise considering their SIGNIFICANT investment in brick and mortar realizing that with each tick of the almighty powerful clock every new customer they sign up for their inferior online service they place yet another death nail in their coffin.


Desperate people act desperately but when you make it your business to only hire numbers that cannot think on their own two feet, dependant on a script to get them through the day, so it is increasingly easier given the Digital Age with Knowledge-Information-Light traveling at Light-G-D-Speed to expose their employers’ Achilles Heal.


Bringing Public International Attention to those who usurp their limited authority is not only my pleasure but a right each and every one of us should pursue "at all cost".


Number is the essence of all things, good or evil - Pythagoras.


6860 now reminds me after checking his records that I called Blockbuster back in January in an effort to cancel their again, inferior service.


According to  6860 who again keeps insisting that he is not a number I was informed by another Blockbuster number how I could go about canceling my service but that for “sum” [sic] reason I "failed to follow through", 6860 refusing to let me know what it was precisely that I "failed to do" while repeating for me ad-infinitum that it would be his "pleasure" to now terminate my subscription while again repeating ad-infinitum that "unless there is sumthing else" [sic] that he can help me with I "mite as well go to hell" [sic].


By the time I finished informing 6860 that not only do I know a thing or “tTOo” [sic] about how the whole system works, one man’s system another man’s corruption all I heard was cackling which had me repeating the following:


“What goes around comes around but with a vengeance, hell is only here on planet Mother Earth for those who usurp their limited authority, so important to look at things both ‘backwards and forwards’ such as ‘2 c mE’ which in compliance with Quantum Mechanics reads ‘E=mc˛’ -nothing quite stimulates the minds of independent thinkers like MOC.godDNAname.www which in reverse which reads www.EmanANDdog.com"


6860 also failing to see the attraction “sum” [sic] of us get from the 4 digits 1421 which when added or multiplied result in the same awesome number 8 that with a right angle rotate looks a lot like the infinity sign or how cool it is that for each series of number combinations there is only one such combination for example the 3 digits 123 which result in the number 6 a Perfect Number.


It quite conceivable, in my humble but seasoned opinion, that 6860 is simply preparing for his next go around for life as a chicken inevitably running around with its head chopped off.


Wouldn’t you agree Blockbuster make it real easy to get your card number but then it is impossible to get movies and impossible to cancel?


I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork.


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Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


Ps – Gold last trading at $652.30 a troy ounce.


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