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To: Adam Tucker
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I GOT YOUR “RELIGION” EMAIL – NOW THINKING ABOUT USING IT TO LAUNCH MY NEXT BROADCASTED COMMUNIQUE TO THE President, the issue of “money creation” within moments in the history of time of bypassing all other debates including the all important, “G-D does NOT exist”.


The fact that you chose to write me something about religion at this time in light of all the other rather important stuff I am “revealing in real time” is telling.


May I suggest that you come down to Del Mar in the next 24 hours in an effort to get you to see while watching possibly the most athletic people in the world parading in front of the Cliff House what is happening in real time all over the world as poor but highly skilled special forces commandos on all sides come to terms with the truth that all the religion stuff that has motivated each of them to risk life and limb is one extraordinary distraction game that has filtered through to even the most peaceful folks out there like you and me but one big difference between them and us is that they have been the ones pulling the triggers to support the puppeteers who have been pulling all of our strings.


Just like there are highly intelligent people falling victim to “less intelligent” diseases like Parkinsons there are of course exceptions to the healthy-athletic folks in the foreground to “G-d who art in heaven” brilliantly displayed in the form of Greedy “Land me a hand” Beckham and Windy Winn whose lack of self-control provide terrific contrast.


Now when thinking of a better excuse to avoid spending this important time with me, clearly not willing to join me in my mostly liquid diet, hell bent am I on beating this 3 millimeter kidney stone, give thought to the fact that although I am not G-d I understand rather well the awesome power of the “Hand of G-d” who has afforded me gifts that I am fixated on using for purposes of spelling out the truth bearing in mind that this is all one big game but with dire consequences for the losers.


Consequently, there is every reason to believe that those who have been doing the “dirty work” and angrier than you and me will possibly not wait for someone so corrupt and misguided like Ben Laden to give them the “green light” to use both their skills and weaponry to exact their vengeance on mankind, not by going after all our puppet clerics but by simply demanding that our despots scattered throughout the world stop accepting the Almighty U.S. buck while offering them protection increasingly less inferior to what we have afforded our despots using our totally fictitious dollars.


Ps – Interesting to note that apart from you, everyone else on my email list including Dr. JKP has gone deafeningly silent although Dr. John K. Pollard “saw fit” to send me, following my heart stopping email to Roy Essakow that has any logical thinker questioning who else besides us controls Hamas, a bogus communiqué that then had him following up with the following not necessarily all that sincere:


Please excuse me for the mix-up in addressees in this response to another e-mail.  Lord knows, you have enough confusing transmissions to analyze.  You don't need this kind of interruption.


Although it is possible that Dr. JKP did not make the same “type of error” to The Sperm Donor who sent me this “ErRor” email 3 days after he filed a baseless and insidious criminal complaint against me all geared to do a whole lot more than distract me “sumwhat” [sic] from continuing to expose his criminal activity, the timing of Dr. JKP’s nonsense when compounded with his so wordy response that came on the heals of my extraordinarily lucid communiqués to mention little of the strokes caused by my posting all over the Internet “WHEN DO YOU THINK BEN LADEN WILL, following his call for a boycott of U.S. goods, call for the inevitable boycott of the U.S. Dollar to mention little of why you think he and folks like Hamas have waited this long? that I know for a fact is understandable to the overwhelming majority of the masses, should have you feeling rather empowered to the point that you would forward this communiqué as well as the one I sent Roy Essakow and David Gaffen that has the “shy loop” to everyone on your email list in an effort to determine what if any time you have remaining on this awesome planet on this “go around” you would want to spend with them other than to use such “revealing” interactions to empower others who may not even need your help at this time to figure out how quickly they can be back in command and control of the world’s precious resources.


Why bother discussing religion when you can be focusing your energy on the oil trading secrets Bill Clinton chose to remain hidden in an effort to perpetuate his bs legacy that includes the myth that he is “sumhow” [sic] intelligent while affording Roy Essakow’s benefactor, Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich a Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute placing quite the “block” in the path of GWB to find out well before 911 what exactly was bothering oil producing nations “managed” by our increasingly edgy despots awash in worthless dollars.


You may have missed the significance of my rather prescient timing in calling on December 31st 2002 with these heavily broadcasted communiqués the extraordinary rise in the price of gold bearing in mind how going back to 1833[1], when records first started to be kept on the price of gold, there has never been such a precipitous as well as “sustained” increase in the price of such a “noble” and non-reproducible commodity that not only reflects the common person’s trust-distrust of elected and non-elected officials but is the only means to preserve “economic freedom” so well spelled out in Alan Greenspan’s 1966 essay GOLD AND ECONOMIC FREEDOM that like THE DIAMOND INVENTION written by blockbuster author increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein, not a single corrupt individual on the planet wants to touch with a 100 ft pole to mention little of the financial markets YET to reflect the common man waking up to the truth that us “masters of the universe” who have used our military mite to force our despots to accept dollars while offering them increasingly less protection have provided the DAAC one free pass over the next to engineer-manufacture-distribute their own unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency used to corrupt our despots, diamonds untraceable features ensuring they keep their big mouths shut tight. 


May the Good and extraordinarily SMART G-D continue to bless our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush with the necessary intelligence to keep our young and brave service people accepting “counterfeit” United States Dollars while sparing no effort to reintroduce the Gold Standard.




From: Adam Tucker
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Did you get my email about religion?

From: Gary S. Gevisser [mailto:gevisser@sbcglobal.net]
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To: Adam Tucker




[1] 100 years before the “poorly” advised President Franklin D. Roosevelt made it illegal for U.S. citizens to “hoard” gold while allowing the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the price fixers of price fixers whose existence is dependant upon being able to play all sides of every conflict, to be in “command and control” of not only the entire world’s diamond industry but of the world’s governments and military who have without exception turned a blind eye to the enslavement of their masses hooked on “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”.


And when armed with the “intelligence” i.e. Knowledge-Information-Light to sell these worthless stones on the “open market” in exchange for a very unique material such as gold that cannot be produced like worthless currency and diamonds in manmade machines find themselves “spread thin” between the price-fixed wholesale and retail price and in the end losing all hope to change the system.


A rather important milestone was the year 1933 that set the world on the path to “endless” real estate inflationary bidding wars as worthless monies began to be dished out to those “favorites” at the top of the pyramid who “saw fit” to then begin buying up using both fictitious paper currencies and the DAAC’s exclusive diamond currency, the world’s precious and limited resources leading to the inevitable widening in the gap between the rich and the overpopulated and “legally enslaved” poor who manage to survive manmade conflicts emanating from pyramid schemes.


One man’s system another man’s corruption.


So interesting the insights offered by Officers of the Law such as this one California Highway Patrol Officers I “ran into” Saterday evening while riding my crotch rocket Ducati ST4S back from our Stone Home deep in the Cleveland National Forest, the young, left-handed but very well “put to-get-her” [sic] officer who had clearly heard more than his fair share of excuses from offenders but probably not riding at the speed I was traveling, not even close, when hearing the truth “saw fit” while giving me a ticket that said I was simply doing 110 miles per hour, did not mention on the ticket that I was only carrying my American passport and this 1982 drivers license that didn’t include the right to ride a motorcycle to mention little of no vehicle registration, no insurance to mention in passing that even at 110 MPH which is the speed I was doing when the officer drove up alongside me I could have had my motorcycle impounded, the conversation between the two of us ending with the officer writing down the name of my forthcoming book, Manager Minute One and pretty much beginning along the following lines:


Officer, I can tell you that my extraordinarily beautiful and out of this world sexy French Canadian athlete of athlete wife is waiting for me totally naked at our RENTED Cliff House with a dozen or so outfits to try on before beginning our 3rd wedding anniversary celebrations and if that doesn’t fly although it is truthful but not the whole truth how about this 3 millimeter kidney stone that I was moments away from breaking lose just when you caught me doing that last incredible S section when I in fact reach speeds in excess of 70 meters per second which as you know is off the radar screen of your radar gun but still a whole lot slower than the speed of light which in the most balanced equation known to man “2 c ME” in “reverse” is squared making such a speed of 90 billion meters second beyond most people’s comprehension other than of course Einstein the visionary who had Marc Grossman the mathematician translate Special-General Relativity into mathematics, the most precise of all languages bearing in mind that English while ripped by crooked lawyers-liars-politicians out of the Latin one of the spiritual languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and Greek still contains vestiges of spirituality, the neatest you would agree is EmanANDdog.com which in compliance with Quantum Mechanics is MOC.godDNAname that at a minimum should have you and I questioning why us the “masters” brownnose one another much like dogs and breed like rabbits while willing to die quickly like flies - human population explosion we can all agree the biggest problem facing the world which when solved would free up all the congestion on the highways but until such time as we get rid of our corrupt lawmakers that have folks like you forced to beat up on poor folks like me and you who make it our business to stay in shape – healthy-mind-healthy body in order to support their over the top corrupt lifestyles people like me and you when you are off duty should of course be mindful and slow down were it not for the fact that I was honestly having one of the greatest if not the greatest rides of my life.


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