From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, April 21, 2006 8:46 AM PT
To: David Gaffen - Dow Jones
Cc: rest;; Roy Essakow; Conrad Wolff; United States Justice Department;; FBI; Mossad;
Subject: GOLD LAST TRADING AT $626.50




Earlier I sent the following to New York Times journalist David E. Sanger.


While your excellent article in today’s New York Times, "...China proves tough to influence" addresses the substance of what most Americans already know, it is "superficial" once getting one's arm's around Edward Jay Epstein's, THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


Such a fascinating Internet only book does, however, have SIGNIFICANT gaps and it is highly probable I am the only person who can not only fill them in but willing to explain with precision why such gaps exist in the first place.


Once combining such Knowledge-Information-Light of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel's "price fixing" strategies that have been going on for more than a century inevitably leading to "unsustainable" levels of distrust one can begin to make a whole lot of sense why Mr. Hu only got "lunch" versus a full state dinner.


Let me know your level of interest in knowing more.


Gary S. Gevisser


This 142 word communiqué is currently being uploaded on to the Internet along your deafening silences which is not to suggest you have run out of options or time to “fix” your problem bearing in mind that not only does time move on but you have increasingly less trust in those around you who in turn, for good reason, have little trust in anything you have to say, enough for you to now want to vomit made difficult by your “vowel movements”.


In due course while never, at least not until such time as you next meet up with our maker, will you be able to “live down” your “foul play”, you will be able, assuming you haven’t begun to feel the premature onset of a degenerative disease like Parkinsons, to click on to this hyperlink to see my follow up with Roy Essakow, a school hood buddy from the Jewish day school Carmel College, Durban, South Africa, Roy now having 94 days to stew over my response, “DOES ROY ESSAKOW DIG YOU "MIDDLING" [SIC] IN HIS DIGGINGS? to his advocate Conrad Wolff emailing me back on January 17th and in suggesting strongly that I write a letter of apology to Mr. Essakow who has made it his business to flaunt his ill-gotten gains while working in Zug, Switzerland for Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich, also “saw fit” to instruct me to copy him when next communicating with Roy.


You have to be feeling, at least in your gut, the quietness that has come from pretty much each and every one on my one of a kind email list, no one even daring to send me a joke at this time knowing full well that while I have my sense of humor very much intact I wouldn’t be so foolish to get caught up in any distractions while not necessarily responding in the kindest manner as each and everyone receiving copies of my heavily broadcasted communiqués understands “perfectly” how extraordinarily tenuous the situation is not just in the Middle East as my Israeli brothers and sisters prepare for Armageddon which could begin even if they don’t retake Gaza.


A much more likely event given how if Armageddon were to take place not only may so very few of us survive but what remains wont mean very much at least in terms of each of our legacies which would defy the ingenious design of the entire system and therefore I think you would agree we should rather focus on the Chinese people making the inevitable decision sooner rather than later that they have already acquired sufficient technological expertise from the west to begin focusing on their much larger and “richer” market at home and to tell us here in the west to keep as a “thank you note” all their worthless United States Treasury bills they have been purchasing in propping up what we all know is the most fictitious currency on the planet even without having understood THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


Good day,


Gary S. Gevisser

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