From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 5:10 PM PT
To: Cristina Lanata
Cc: rest; United States Justice Department; FBI;;; George G - FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION; Larry Winokur - Baker Winokur Ryder; Michael Grant;; Chris Little - KFI 640 AM - dIRECtor of News; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Bruce Bigelow - San Diego Union-Tribune; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission;


Dear Cristina,


You obviously haven’t reached Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY  of the fascinating Internet only book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION and have yet to figure out first, who within your inner circle is more co-opted-corrupted than the next person that includes your parents and second, what exactly was my uncle David Gevisser and his son author-journalist Mark Gevisser’s major benefactor, American Charles Engelhard doing shipping gold in the form of statues out of South Africa, destination Hong Kong rather than to his Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals out of Newark, New Jersey which in the next instant would, if you were able to logically thought process all the Knowledge-Information-Light I have been delivering free of charge, have you without me telling you what to do and how to do it, emailing Senator Ted Kennedy and asking this very corrupt United States Democratic Senator so quick to point a finger at President George W. Bush who is running out options to prevent a run on the United States Dollar through no fault of his own, what exactly did he feel when forced to attend the funeral of murdered Charles Engelhard back in March 1971 at St. Mary’s Church in Morris Town, NJ just 5 odd months before the United States officially went off the Gold Standard and the world began to wake up to the catastrophe of the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944 that now given all the fictitious currency including diamond currency circulating the world has us at the doorstep of Armageddon.


Don’t wait for me to arrive in Peru, at least not until you wake up which requires you being, first and foremost, objective about your parents that can only begin once you distance yourself from them and to align yourself with those working diligently to revoke the mineral rights of both domestic and foreign corporations who have defrauded the Peruvian people.


You know, of course, that Peru is one of the largest gold producers in the world and along with China now produces more of this “WEALTH-ECONOMIC FREEDOM-PRESERVER” than South Africa to mention little of the United States Federal Reserve and its corrupt counterparts STILL not able to collapse the gold price, not even close.


Losing your “identity” will then allow you to look very objectively at the names followed by the faces of those carbon copied and realize that they are human beings “sum” [sic] very possibly more in tune with the heartbeat of the universe than you or anyone in your inner circle.


Take a 5 minute break and give thought to my recent back and forth with Devin Standard, the executor of my estate and begin to appreciate his “testimonial” of my unique and universal “risk assessment” skills that has senior risk management specialists like Ron Bellows Senior of AIG now more than ever asking my opinion on the all important topics that the mainstream media are battling to hide such as “fraud at the ‘gemalogic’ [sic] society” bearing in mind the extraordinary overstatement of assets on the balance sheets of those individuals-corporations-trusts listing their diamond holdings as being more than a postage stamp.


The deafening silence of each member of both my immediate and extended family should at this precise moment in time cause whatever hair you have on the back of your neck to rise since you know as well as them the power vested in your fingertips that no longer necessitates you and your friends which by now might very well include Tefo and his 30 odd black South African “interesting read” colleagues all under age 33, going out of your way before coming to celebrate with us in just over 2 weeks and stopping over in Washington DC and before walking over to the Capital buildings housing the United States Congress feel the need to pay the Peruvian Embassy a visit.


Devin, in the words of my rather brilliant wife, “is a shining light in the shadow of his mother and father’s spotlight”, a point I will be expanding on when following up with my other enlightened friend, heavyweight fighter, Michael Grant.


Bear in mind MDG only realized how beautiful she was when first dating guys mostly older given how she jumped two classes at school the result of her superior command of mathematics in an environment that didn’t applaud mediocrity but having to quickly subdue her intellect upon realizing how extraordinarily dumb are the weaker problem-solving sex.


Behind every great worldly woman “sumtimes” sits a group of men pondering stuff like, “The world would be far better off if women were on permanent PMS then they wouldn’t put up with any of the bullsh*t[sic] - MDG.


Marie Dion Gevisser is now back in Del Mar less than an hour due west of our rock home deep in the Cleveland National Forest where we woke up after a night of mostly mental gymnastics followed much later by wild laughter rather late this morning to the very pleasant sound of the birds wanting to be fed, MDG not in the least excited by the reaction around the world to a number of interesting things taking place none more important than the deafening silences of those copied on my heavily broadcasted missives who like mental midget Chris Little, dIRECtor of News for KFI 640 AM “More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio” [sic] are increasingly losing their minds to mention little of my forthcoming 49th birthday celebration invitation that went out last night as part of informing Ms. Tire that neither Marie nor I “would want to see inferior opera this being our first”.


Assuming you don’t have the funds to make it to this celebration at the Brasserie Wine and Cellar in San Diego given how it should be quite obvious that your work to save lives and improve the standard of living for the poor and downtrodden of Peru can at least wait until you get back as you reflect on how misled you have been by organizations such as the FRSO, to therefore go to your parents, not opening your mouth but having them read word for word this heavily broadcasted communiqué remembering to click on to each and every hyperlink that will have this communiqué moving to the top of the Internet search engines in no time, and if they so much as hesitate to pay for the trip I will gladly send you a ticket plus travel money while leveraging their lack of foresight until Kingdom Come.


You surely appreciate given how I have now spelled out in simple English the extent of the systemic rot that all members of the literate masses not just elitists like Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk can get their arms around that begins and ends with the “pivotal stake” I placed in the ground when flushing out the FRSO who are as militaristic as they get while making all the excellent arguments about what is so rotten with the world beginning with bankers like David Rockefeller who do the bidding of the DAAC but when simply asked to agree to my terms of total unconditional surrender cannot even bring themselves to first place a link on their numerous websites to THE DIAMOND INVENTION that in that very instant connects until Kingdom Come the most evil institutions into something each and every member of the literate masses can perfectly understand.


I now DARE Mr. Little who has this habit of following in the footsteps of The Sperm Donor and Co. by being ever so selective when “cutting and pasting” to have a shot at messing with the essence of what I have written above and as G-d is my witness I will from that moment forth derive great satisfaction as I go about bankrupting Mr. Little and each and every human being as well as organization that doesn’t distance themselves from this very evil mental midget.


Take another 5 minute break and give thought to what exactly has the smartest and most powerful people in the world captivated by my and MDG’s writings bearing in mind the only journalist who has sat down with either one of us is running a whole lot more scared than anyone of my friends and that of obviously includes you.


Every member of the United States Congress, United States Justice Department, the FBI as well as each and every international intelligence service is right now heavily focused on just “tTOo” [sic] things not in the least distracted by talk of sex, drugs, rock and roll, to mention little of it not taking quite as good a “risk assessment” specialist as myself, not even close, to figure out what folks like the Arab Emirates, awash in fictitious United States Dollars, will do with such extraordinarily worthless monies if in fact the extraordinarily corrupt United States Congress blocks what little United States assets such corrupt regimes have yet to purchase.


The first thing those such as our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld, our Minister of Defense who does an even better job than increasingly “handcuffedGWB in telling it exactly the way it is, will increasingly focus on the ATTENTION: ALL NEXTRATERRESTRIAL SHOPPERS ad that will inevitably do more than result in people, in Devin Standard’s words, “start sending you checks!”


Despite MDG’s ad not yet “crystal clear” it is beyond a shadow of a doubt, in the words of black South African Tefo Mohapi, nothing short of “Brilliant” to mention little of my one American programmer, Lilly White Wheaty Eater Adam Tucker yet to place the “hook” in a “red tag sale”.


Secretary Rumsfeld is rather articulate for a government official spitting out in no uncertain words how our so bought and paid for media which includes communist run media groups like Clear Channel Communications that owns KFI are hell bent on convincing most of all the American public that civil war is inevitable in places like Iraq in an effort to keep the focus off the truth about us Americans more so than possibly any other peoples having been raised-conditioned to accept mediocrity stemming from the disastrous decisions taken at Bretton Woods in 1944 and therefore for those “hooked” on government entitlement programs to rise above it would require them taking responsibility their actions.


So much easier to blame someone else, like GWB, all the time, for their misery.


That is why we have government getting bigger and bigger making decisions for us.


Such a “State of Denial” is in fact pandemic.


Second, such logical thought processing individuals having no difficulty seeing time and again the nexus which I have drawn between the FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION and their “arch enemy” the Trilateral Commission, very specifically David Rockefeller, the chairman of the board of the Chase Manhattan Bank and founder of the Trilateral Commission which the FRSO repeatedly refer to as the epitome of the “capitalist pigs” to mention little time and again of the need for repetition given how extraordinarily childish we have become in our increasingly so transparent, “State of Denial.”


The “flow of money” between bankers all paying homage to the DAAC, again not a word out of Hollywood or a major publishing group such as Simon & Schuster and Hearst Corporation, and their prostitutes while having you surely eager to see Terrance Howard in Hustle and Flow should also have you perfectly understanding why such “money creation” matters are of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE to each and every human being on the planet which each and every name and face behind each of the email addresses you see in the carbon copy section understands perfectly well.


What you have failed to mention in your “reeaaaallly scary” communiqué is that “ex president Alberto Fujimori’” who like most on this planet getting more than their fair share of the graft leads a “double life” accusing their opponents of less crimes than they themselves have committed in the hope that if they have not succeeded in building enough into their “cost of sales” the “cost of getting caught” they will get their “pardon”, no different Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich getting his Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute of the Clinton Presidency.


Yet for all the logical reasons under the sun most of you Peruvians especially those of you thinking yourselves so godly, so smart, so educated on “worldly matters”, consider George W. Bush the “evil incarnate”, it no longer a secret why the gap between the rich and the poor is much greater in the so-called “3rd World” than in the First World given how our mostly communist bosses are responsible for your stooge dictators, a point folks like the FRSO have been making ad-nausea, the difference of course between them and me is that I cannot be bought, period and nor do I easily scare.


Following this communiqué I will be slowly reaching out to “Captains of Industry” to give them all a “heads up” of what it is exactly they can do to prevent Armageddon that I am quite certain will take place only once the truth about the inevitable collapse of our corporate “house of cards” reaches the masses, again it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out the extraordinary weak business model of public corporations beginning with insurance carriers who dependant on an exploding population base are selling exclusively trust in the future which would mean that KIL such as this is failing to reach people such as you and Augusto Benito Vargis and his 800 highly educated Peruvian guides to mention little of the names of friends of mine in China as well as in India who I have never mentioned to mention in passing time and again the ad, Gary S. Gevisser, A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There that attracted mostly South African Indians who for very good reason were and remain EXTRAORDINARILY[1] trusting of the Gevisser very good name.


Now, this instant, without reading another word of this communiqué read carefully the information contained in this hyperlink that takes you to a website operated by Mr. Roy Davies titled, The Rise and Fall of Alberto Fujimori and for all I know Mr. Davies could be on the payroll of the Mr. Fujimori, the CIA, the FBI even possibly Mossad, but of course by this time you, like me, shouldn’t care less as the truth inevitably “traces back” all the corruption in the world today to the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who have, thanks to the United States Congress in cahoots with the British Parliament, for more than 100 years granted this special interest of special interest, terrorist of terrorist financing organization, an exclusive worldwide right to engineer-manufacture-distribute unlimited supplies of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency.


The fact that you even ask me at this time what it is that you can do to help should have bells going off in your head giving you all the answers.


So, cutting to the chase, the first thing you can do is forward this email to everyone on your email list and have them after reading it then provide me or/and you a critique of the ATTENTION: ALL NEXTRATERRESTRIAL SHOPPERS $1.99/mth ad but first may I suggest you provide a forward that begins with a “mea culpa” explaining who aside from your parents, teachers and professors are most responsible for your poor conditioning-education while bearing in mind you are in much better shape in my humble but seasoned opinion than most children of elitists who counted on the educational system to corrupt the youth by failing to teach them the truth, limiting their power by limiting their knowledge.


Take a look at the communiqué I began sending Danielle, Marie’s 16+ year old daughter back on February 18th that talks to why it is that kids are not taught about the “money creation” business that in turn spells out why it is that each one of the professions beginning with the medical profession which is focused on the “Preservation of Long life and Limb” principally for the rich, most of all expert at trickling down the costs of staying rich and living a little longer on this planet this time around on to the backs of the poor without a single rich or poor physician getting on their bully pulpit and talking to human overpopulation being the biggest problem the world faces for fear that it will interfere with their gravy train.


Each person getting more than their fair share of the graft looking to the next person to get a comfort level that they are doing whatever they can to help improve things taking, however, thanks to me and my friends willing to tell it exactly the way it is, increasingly less comfort in convincing themselves that there are “less” [sic] crooked.


Such a childish “State of Denial” all beginning to fall on deaf ears as the past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, the Digital Age, a G-D-Send, the spotlight getting brighter on each and every one of us.


Again go back to the beginning of this missive and read it as many times as necessary and then only respond if you “get it” with “Got it!” and that would mean you will also be joining us to celebrate both my 49th birthday as well as the spectacular work-in-progress portrait of MDG by master painter Sebastian Capella.






Ps - Why not be the first to sign up yourself and your parents for this $1.99/mth ONE TIME SPECIAL and please don’t ask for a family discount that I will only consider once we become one, as in One Tribe of Achievers.


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From: cristina lanata
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 7:38 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE:


Hi Gary,

Just wondering how do you what me to help you when you come to Peru. I try to think of powerful friends in the current government, i don´t really know if they will work. Another important thing is that we are having our presidential elections this July. The political scene is very scary, there are three candidates: A rebel from the military with a social militatistic point of view that is reeaaaallly scary and he is getting more support every day, an ex president who stole all the money he could when he was president and left the country in complete misery, and a woman, who is from the intelectual intelligent society of Lima, butttt still with a few things against her.

take care



From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2006 1:14 PM
To: 'cristina lanata'
Subject: RE:


Let me know when you are next online.


By The Way, you are doing great!


From: cristina lanata []
Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2006 12:15 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser



Ok, Gary, I would never have dreamt such responses by writing to you. Friend or foe? I hope it is still friends gary, really.  Maybe next time you are in Lima, we could get in touch. I feel speaking to you on person might be a better idea, in what concerns me being a foe or friend, anyway. About what I proposed to you, I confess I do not know anything about doing buisnes, it was more something of introducing people for a future buisness if it came to that.  I understand now that with your dissapointments with the rupa team it may have been a stupid mail to write, but forget all that now. I am leaving for residency on internal medicine next year. I believe I will be in the United States for about 5 years before returning to Peru, I have no idea which program will accept me, so I do not know in which state I will be.  So if not in Lima, maybe we could meet somewhere sometime in USA. I´ll try to follow up with your mails Gary

take care





From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, March 03, 2006 11:37 PM PT
To: Steve Thorpe
Cc: rest;; Michael Grant; Cristina Lanata



[1] The previous hyperlink takes you to an article about my Royal Mater that contains a photo of my RM, my father and Pundit Nehru whose Indian friends in South Africa would have made certain Prime Minister Nehru got the “lowdown” on the Gevisser very good name before extending the invitation for my parents to be his quests for 2 weeks.


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-id:ftn1' href="#_ftnref1" name="_ftn1" title="">[1] The previous hyperlink takes you to an article about my Royal Mater that contains a photo of my RM, my father and Pundit Nehru whose Indian friends in South Africa would have made certain Prime Minister Nehru got the “lowdown” on the Gevisser very good name before extending the invitation for my parents to be his quests for 2 weeks.


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