From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, March 03, 2006 11:37 PM PT
To: Steve Thorpe
Cc: rest;; Michael Grant; Cristina Lanata


You know why it is that I mostly respond to “negatives” which tends to invigorate the mostly positive people who are beginning to understand perfectly well why it is that you are so harsh toward me while failing hopelessly to address the SIGNIFICANT “value added” that I bring to the table.


Of course there are a few positive people who fortunately-unfortunately don’t have to compete in this drug crazed world and therefore get quite easily bored with such obvious selectiveness.


Memories are right this very instant being “jogged” like never before in the history of our species, and that you can take to the bank.


Go back genius and read carefully the email sent to me for commentary by Mr. Bellows not some “dumb fc*k” [sic] working as a senior risk management specialist for AIG, the largest financial institution in the world.


What exactly is it that you don’t fully understand about the extraordinary scam that the Federal Reserve responsible for executing the Monetary Policy of the United States aided and abetted by the United States Congress has pulled not only on the citizens of the United States but the citizens of the world?


We are not here talking about some bs theory, we are talking about life and death.


Without trust in those who have been printing money “like there was no tomorrow” you, me and every single other of the 6.4 billion humans on the planet canNOT be “certain” of anything beginning with whether the person who comes to fix your plumbing problem should a pipe burst overnight will accept anything you have as compensation for such important “survival” services.


Even if you have the greatest 64 inch plasma TV that is still unopened in the box, the plumber would have to figure out before agreeing to the “barter” what it will mean in terms of his “opportunity cost”.


The “cost of the next best alternative” might be to not even begin the job but to go to the next job where the person with a similar urgent need might be willing to trade a fresh loaf of bread.


You should read a ture story I first broadcasted on December 1st 2000 titled Knotty Jews in which I recount a very revealing incident that took place in the early 1930s in a town called Gunzenhausen in Germany, about 30 miles from Nuremberg when a well-to-go banker couldn’t find a single neighbor to join him in hunting down a gang of Hitler’s Brown Shirts who had walked into a crowded bar and murdered in cold blood all of his son’s friends, his son only surviving because he was late in joining his buddies.


Back then there were plenty of excuses to go around but today the only thing that hasn’t changed much is the rotation of the earth around the sun.


But you know that is not true, not even close.


Around the world you have now people like Cristina Lanata soon to be a doctor expressing herself rather well in terms of what I am contributing to giving peace a better chance but even Cristina given how immersed she is in her daily life battling to deal with all the mediocrity and the rampant corruption has not drawn the connecting dots between the deafening silence of the FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION and their pimps THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION founded by David Rockefeller, chairman of the board of Chase Manhattan Bank.


While United States and its allies’ Special Forces continue to hunt down Ben Laden and the such there are “assets” of mine watching each and every step and misstep taken by both “friend and foe”.


THE DIAMOND INVENTION is a conspiracy of epic proportion.


It was at one time a theory but that was over a hundred years ago.


Although I have not added names such as Dr. Fred Foldvary to my one of a kind “Deafeningly Silent” list both Dr. Foldary and every other person on my one of a kind email knows exactly why it is that people like Cristina Lanata will be celebrating very shortly assuming of course she is a “friend”.


A number of people following along very closely but not as closely as those I have trained over the years in the business of “due diligence” were appalled that my one American programmer Adam Tucker after reading the brilliant and very flattering communiqué of Ms. Lanata still felt it appropriate to question whether Ms. Lanata was really who she said she is.


Mr. Tucker has known me almost from when I first started broadcasting my “findings” of the systemic rot but he does not have either the skills or the knowledge to do what I do rather well but he does know a thing or “tTOo” [sic] about asking the right questions.


Ms. Lanata is now under a very bright spotlight knowing in many ways more about me and how I go about doing business-personal than Mr. Tucker who has seen while very good on my word I am also very slow to part with my hard earned monies for the simple reason I know from experience no one appreciates a handout, worse yet they first see graciousness as weakness, followed by resentment and finally the defensiveness becomes everlasting.


If you go back and read Ms. Lanata’s first communication she talks “positively” of her friends from Rupa Wasi who I helped purchase two houses to expand their hostel at the base of Machu Picchu, Peru and when she responded to the “sword” I unleashed while again brilliant and flattering she distances herself just enough for someone such as myself to now give her enough rope to hang herself or step up to the plate and wake up those morons who dared to mess with a “good thing.”


There is of course also a “language barrier” that I have fully factored into the “equation”.


Again, I have since 1980 when I was being groomed to take over from my uncle David Gevisser as the “male heir” of the American Charles Engelhard whose primary role in THE DIAMOND INVENTION was to corrupt all 3 branches of the United States Government which he did successfully before being murdered, been “biding my time” ever so patiently relying almost exclusively up until very recent times on “word of mouth” leaving absolutely no paper trail knowing as I did the extent of the systemic rot.


My approach to staying “on top of my game” is pretty close to textbook in terms of the way Israel’s most elite Special Forces commandos go into action each commando just knowing their piece of the mission so that in the event of capture they can rely on their interrogation training that is nothing short of “slim and none” to see them through until in comes Rambo and grabs them just before they are about to spill the beans.


The repetitiveness of what I have said previously but not in so many words shouldn’t really bother you much especially if you are paying careful attention to those connecting up the dots between the deafening silence of the radical militaristic FRSO and The Trilateral Commission members, neither organization even willing to comment on the very fascinating Internet only book THE DIAMOND INVENTION let alone support a hyperlink on any one of the FRSO’s websites.


The trading of gold on the major markets around the world are closed for the weekend but that isn’t stopping the world from turning or our young and not so young brave service people from doing the most important job of protecting the United States Dollar because once they demand to paid in say gold which former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan argued correctly in 1966 was the only way to protect all our economic freedom then it would be a question of time before they will be seen by some as “Freedom Fighters” and others as “Terrorists”.


One man’s system is another mans’ corruption.


Each and every one of us on this planet can in fact stop this utter madness by broadcasting my writings of not only peace but very carefully thought through pragmatism which is why people like Ron Bellows who has had a gutful of my “intellectual honesty” and then “sum” [sic] still seeks my “commentary” because he knows first of all I always speak the truth and second I make perfect sense.


Just take a look at what I have already accomplished without feeling the need to fire a single bullet in the direction of my good number of very dangerous adversaries who wouldn’t hesitate to take out my lights if they didn’t see but a glimpse of the darkness that would prevail, not in the least bit threatened of ever been brought to justice in what they all know is an unjust system, their consciences not causing them to blink an eyelid given the extent of their denial, the overwhelming majority fully immersed in the resignation stage of grabbing as much as they can having convinced themselves that even if there is a G-d they will use their command of language to justify their selfishness by pointing to others who they have collectively concluded are much worse.


Just look at the news which is all about the bad stuff going on, all catered to the older co-opted-corrupted generation not to the young, the teenagers all so tuned off to the blood and guts and increasingly tuned in to the extraordinary amount of positive stuff going on around the world as Knowledge-Information-Light travels at Light-G-d-speed that shines the brightest spotlight on this need of those so corrupted to keep being reassured that there are people that much more corrupt than them and best of all what makes them feel real good is to hear time and again that the most evil such as The Sperm Donor are out there not only on the street, driving around in a daze but given enough time he will provide them with his own engineered distraction that doesn’t require much of an imagination.


The entire judicial system throughout the world not just in Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the such but in each of our backyards is being seen in “real time” for what it is.


Why be so dumb as to let history keep repeating itself when the solutions are right before our eyes.


The money we use we can all agree is fictitious and therefore who cares how we pay for things in the short term which is really what we are all concerned about given how we all know for certain the violence is not going to end before a big bomb goes off, forget Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Sidney, Johannesburg, Beijing but in our backyard of Jerusalem, Israel.


I could provide you with all the math that I have painstakingly used to arrive at this very immediate threat but I know even an imbecile such as yourself can figure out this no-brainer.


What you may not know is the fact that there is in fact right now this very minute for everyone of us 6.4 billion human beings to get whatever we want, all it taking to administer is for the current leadership of the world to agree to begin implementing such a handout that is really no different to what has been going on for a 100+ years and that those who oppose each one of us getting exactly what we want which may in fact go well beyond what each one of us 6.4 billion need then those who “talk down” such reasonableness to be placed under the same bright spotlight as Cristina Lanata that I or my nominee would be, G-D willing, more than happy to administer.


With that said and it is getting late let me now share some other thoughts with you.


First, thank you for continuing to increase the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day, gold bullion closing at the almost unbelievable price in New York of $565.80 a troy ounce.


Second, don’t be so hard on yourself you opinion counts with more than Valerie Schulte and her primarily pimps, the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel.


Let me continue working you over from the bottom up but first starting at the top just to make things a little more interesting.


As an introduction to this ending let me just clue you in to a 7 minute and 38 second conversation I had with Michael Grant that started approximately 5 hours ago at 5:38 PM PST, Michael at age 33 is still up there with the best of the heavyweight fighters, 44 wins 4 loses one against the World Champion, calling me from his cell phone 610-58X-XXXX.


Ordinarily I would give out the entire phone number but Michael remains with his exquisite bride Nicole in Michael’s words, “a loving couple growing every day” which is quite a lot to say when you have 3 young kids carrying some awesome DNA and then “sum” [sic].


I have mentioned in the past the difficulty Michael encounters especially amongst white married women feeling trapped with little to lose and a wHOLe lot to gain, my wife not feeling it necessary to comment more than saying, “Michael is very sweet” after he allowed her to feel his pectorals soon after he had finished complaining about the kids’ rubber ducks she had left for him to play with in the bath as he, at 6 feet 7 inches and an 87 inch reach, the longest in the history of boxing, decided it was more practical to take a shower in this bathtub.


It is possible that when I visit with Michael this Sunday in Los Angeles before the Oscars on Monday where he is accompanying a friend of his whose name I don’t recall but I do recall Michael saying something about his friend having a beautiful wife, “Don’t get me wrong Gary, I didn’t say she was as beautiful or sexy as Marie” [sic] who gets raped in a movie called Crash nor had I heard of the movie Hustle and Flow which I think is the movie his friend either produced or is the main star.


Being a pimp shouldn’t be frowned upon especially if they are honest and genuinely care about their prostitutes and if they need to cut anyone in on the action, then I think you would agree their prostitutes should have a voice in all the negotiations.


I had just parked in the parking lot of the video rental store in Pine Valley when Michael called and the line was not very good.


I now remember Michael’s friend’s name is Terrance Howard who for all I know could have got his Hollywood “kick start” because he is Ron Howard’s son although given how Michael mentioned that Terrance and he are about the same age, Terrance I think he said is a year older it is more likely Terrance would be the director Ron Howard’s grandson.


Sammy “Mud Hut” Haim who lived in the Tree House on Parish Lane in Del Mar when I was renting The Cave beneath primarily as my office subsequent to when I rented this amazing 1 bedroom beach bungalow just up the street from where MDG and I now rent this one of a kind studio house on the Cliffs of Del Mar, never got to meet Michael Grant when he last visited with us probably 4 years ago when Marie owned and lived in a house on Barbados Way in the poorer section of Del Mar where teardowns can still be purchased for under a million dollars although most seem to be on their 3rd remodeling which reminds me that this tub was possibly just large enough for Michael to wash his shalong when not erect but I don’t know for sure although we shared a room together once at in Atlanta when he beat the odds on favorite heavyweight Golota in the most incredible come-from-behind victory that had me the only person in his entourage screaming at the top of my lungs while Marie kept her cool and stepped in between me and Golota’s big brother who I thought spoke Polish and would therefore understand my Yiddish however limited but when intermixed with Afrikaans, Latin and Hebrew was clearly understood by both Marie and Golata’s brother.


The deafening silences around the world right now were comparable to what Marie and I experienced coming from the mouths of Michael’s rather large and very loving family who had in the preliminary fight seen a boxer killed less than 5 meters from where we were all seated having taken a punch not close to the whipping Michael received in the very first round.


It is no coincidence that my good friend of some 13 odd years would call me at this time.


Everything in boxing about timing your opponent’s mistakes, such timely wisdom coming most often at deadly price, not much different to being intellectually dishonest which very possibly hastens brain cell degeneration.


Michael could have made it in any sport or profession of his choosing to mention little of his awesome piano playing and ability to critique art, most of all his incredible sense of humor rather well illustrated when he asked me “point blank” one day after he saw statues made of clay representing black musicians that I had brought back from a trip to South Africa, “Are you trying to make fun of me?” without the slightest smile coming across his face.


Michael also made a point of letting me know that he reads all my emails and as you would expect he happens to one of the individuals-groups on my one of a kind email list that represents a statistically valid sampling of the world’s increasingly literate population who receives a copy of every broadcasted communiqué.


I have been waiting to hear back from a number of Lilly White Wheaty Eaters who have indicated that they might be able to get me the email list of the Screen Actors Guild but I think you would agree if I behaved myself with Ron Howard’s grandson and focused on the fact that I mentioned in my previous communiqué when talking about the inferiority of the White Race that there are in fact exceptions such as my Royal Mater, I seem to recall, however, using the word “few” before the word, “exception”.


Between you and me and the lamppost containing my dial up internet connection I thought Ron Howard’s movie Cinderella Man was a great movie but maybe this rape scene involving his grandson’s wife may make the Crash a winner calling for me to update that heavily broadcasted communiqué by adding in the words “quite a” before “few”.


Sucking up to White people I have always found rather tough and perhaps that has everything to do with not only the fact that our black slaves helped wean me but how extraordinarily well I was raised by two very enlightened LWWE parents who never in the 21 odd years I lived under their roof ever once exhibited an ounce of racism; on the contrary the overwhelming majority of my immediate family’s closest friends fell in to the category of “non-white” to mention little, however, of my RM never talked about her extraordinary powerful Chinese friends some of which you can see in this hyperlink.


I have in fact been a little “under the weather” ever since this past Wednesday morning when I was about to get into my Mini Cooper S which my wife mostly drives and head up to Los Angeles for a couple of rather important meetings including stopping by my accountants to sign two rather old tax returns.


This Sunday morning when I agreed to call Michael back to confirm us getting together later in the day I will mention this orange suede jacket along with matching pants which MDG purchased for quite a bargain in anticipation of our night out on the town on Wednesday night probably stopping off for desert at Spagos assuming Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant hasn’t collapsed with the rest of the fictitious economy.


There is every reason to believe that Michael could “sweet talkMDG to join us at the Oscars assuming again I can find a way to “brownnose” Ron Howard’s grandson and if not then maybe I could work something out with MDG to share some of her sex acting skills with his great daughter-in-law.


I am willing to pull out all stops to at least get this Terrance Howard’s email address even possibly willing to con him into believing that I am like most in Hollywood a racist.


Probably best to ease into the Prologue of THE DIAMOND INVENTION and if he starts to shake and we get confirmation there has not been an earthquake to then ease into using the N-word so long as Michael is not around and when Terrance Howard inevitably finds out that I am on the “side of light” possibly helped by letting him know that I thought his grandfather’s movie was great and would have won all the bs Oscars if only there would more gay fighters, he would forgive me.


But forgetting the fact that Michael’s has a very tight schedule that includes leaving soon for Germany where I assume he will beat the “cr*p” [sic] out of Hitler’s clones using exclusively his great mind that has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, he and I first meeting at Evander Holyfield’s over the top 55,000 sq/ft estate in Atlanta when Michael was barely 20, he might have a real hard time convincing Marie Dion Gevisser since it would mean very likely she would have to give up her Monday art class with Sebastian Capella unless we could entice her with this condom dress Dr. John K. Pollard suggests would be perfect for MDG, certainly Dr. JKP didn’t have either Michael or me in mind?


It is still possible that although Michael is scheduled to leave Los Angeles early Tuesday morning he might make it down to LWEE real estate dominated corrupt Del Mar and so I am just giving the California National Guard a “heads up” to be suited up in riot gear.


Whenever Michael Grant enters a WASP enclave like Bretton Woods, no strike that, Brentwood, a western suburb of LA, there are certain types of people like Vicky “Sticky” Schiff of the Wetherly Capital Group who to her credit get attracted to incredible specimens like MG without him even needing to hear all the bs.


Cutting right to the chase.


First, look very carefully at who is carbon copied.


Second, imagine what the Secret Service are thinking at this time other than what John from the John and Ken show was doing taking the day off leaving the idiot accountant Ken digging for himself the most incredible hole that I will be taking up with this Howard Terrance character if he gives me a hard time about me being so down on dumb white people who cannot understand how much they contribute to the dummying down of Americans of all races who are on average, yes very overweight, but very hard working, and extraordinarily generous and very good anything but racist human beings, just battling to make ends meet, happy to have 1 week paid vacation prior to the collapse of our over the top fictitious communist economy the result of the most extraordinary scam perpetrated by our communist infested United States Congress doing the bidding of their DAAC pimps who have hooked the masses on big government entitlement programs that now has as logic dictates resulted in the mass exodus of good paying jobs to our slave laborers and the fact that our dollar is worth more than the paper it is written on must surely have most if not all the credit going to our Great LWWE President, the most honorable George W. Bush, not to forget our extraordinarily SMART G-D.


Third, I assume you wouldn’t leave out anyone whose email address I have shared with you beginning with Ms. Vicky Sticky Schiff who I dare say despite being quite the public figure these days will have been advised by her lawyer-liar Mr. William H. Jackson, a Stanford Law School graduate to keep both her big mouth as well as her legs to herself than share with me via you coded messages, bearing in mind Ms. Schiff is one of those clients I sought out long after making it on my own.


Fourth, perhaps you were for very good reason disinherited which is not to say you can read or write despite what you say is a good education to let us know whether you think I am waiting on any inheritance from both my parents who are alive, just waiting for them to acknowledge the assets they hold of mine which I allowed them to use as they saw fit.


Fifth, who am I to complain that they see fit as I leverage their childishness to high heaven to withhold such assets that I wish to use to promote everyone getting exactly what they want without bothering with filthy dirty fictitious money despite more than sufficient assets of their own to live out their lives in the grandest of lifestyles given how strongly they disagree with me helping out the genuinely hardworking poor who for reasons I am explaining in simple English which you would prefer not to understand which again I fully understand although I-we know nothing about you other than the fact that you can put letters together into mostly incomprehensible English.


Sixth, if you are so confident of your backers being so superior in every category under the sun including intelligence then why not bring them into full public view and let everyone be the judge of both me, you and them.


Now allow me to come back right this instant to Ms. Valerie Schulte Esq. a senior attorney for the National Association of Broadcasters, Ms. Schulte Esq. the only name you chose carefully to highlight in the carbon copy section.


Ms. Schulte is someone if you don’t know as well as me then you should especially since I consider her one of the most dangerous and intellectually dishonest human beings on this planet whose claim to fame before being acquainted with me was opening her legs wide for Ted Turner for a period of some 15 years as she fed him highly confidential information on what was going on with the other broadcasters just as she did for me when I "engaged" her to assist me in getting the lowdown on Al Sikes, a former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission who had been hired by the Hearst Corporation to head up their New Media Division back in the early 1990s.


Let me know how much more you want to know about Ms. Schulte a left of left wing United States Democratic Communist just like her closest friend in the world Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq., my former attorney of well over a decade whose closest buddy in the world is right of right wing cowardly bastard Republican Roger W. Robinson who did the most extraordinary job of “fc*king” [sic] up the American economy beginning the instant he became a very senior member of the National Security Council back in March 1982 soon after I became intimately familiar with Mr. Golden Esq. who was at the time General Counsel for the SIGNIFICANT defense contractor Science Applications International Corporation.


When responding don’t hesitate to include each and every FBI agent you know including the Director of the FBI as well as other law enforcement agencies around the world including Mossad.




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Sent: Friday, March 03, 2006 1:23 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
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I am the working poor.  Unlike you -- disinherited, no doubt because of your

obviously pathological lack of empathy and courtesy -- I left my roots,

which were only middle class but far enough up the ladder I recieved a good

education, on purpose.  I have an excellent bullshit detector; and your

ravings set off all its alarm bells.  I don't need the condescension of your

breed of yuppie scum.


You are a bloody, egotistical boor.  From the response I received when I

last sent my protest to you "reply to all," I gather I'm not the only one

with that opinion.





From: John K. Pollard Jr.
Sent: Friday, March 03, 2006 5:17 PM
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Subject: The Safe Sex Dress, a Miami fashion item, here memorialized in the accompanying limerick.


There was young Girl from St. Paul

Who went to a Birth Control Ball.

She bought all devices

At fabulous prices,

But nobody asked her at all!