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If you listen to this intellectual midget on the radio this evening count how many times he uses the word “truth” and then go back, assuming you have kept tapings and count how many more times on average he uses that exact same word and then examine going forward how exponentially less he uses this so very abused word to mention little of how people like Augusto and the rest of his 800 or so highly educated Peruvian guides must surely now far better understand how very fortunate they are that we have someone such as George W. Bush in the White House doing his level best to tell it exactly the way it is without causing OURhouse of cards” to collapse while the John Ziegler talking heads who come across as being supportive of our great President are in fact doing far more harm than those even bigger idiots like the two yoyos from the John and Ken Show that come before the John Ziegler show that suggests to the audience that there is “sumhow” [sic] balance to mention in passing one doesn’t have to look much further than their dIRECtor of News to know the extent of the systemic rot at KFI 640 AM “More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio” [sic].


What goes around comes around with a vengeance!


Ps – Need I remind you that carbon copied is a statistically valid sampling of the world’s increasingly literate population.


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PLEASE do NOT e-mail me anymore!






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How do you think I should respond to Cristina?


Interesting the name Dr. Peter Terry considering the importance KFI’s dIRECtor of News paid to the name of my sister-in-law?


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Dear Gary

First of all, trust me, I will not fill myself with excuses, but maybe tell you some other things.  I didnt read that mail you sent me, sometimes you send so many emails I really do not have much time, I didnt realize that mail was directed to me.  This is the first time I see it.  I really feel awfull because I know perfectly that I could have helped in many ways. Not even 8 months ago I was at Hopkins doing a clinical clerkship with Dr Peter Terry, one of the worlds experts on the Osler Webber Rendu disease.

I am in the little medical staff room in the pedriatrics service in the hospital of La

Merced, a hospital which you can imagine gary, works with very little human and economic resources, seeing patients in extreme poverty. 

I read the entire 6000 word mail, I really enjoyed it, It has been a while since I gave myself some time to rethink in all those things you say. People work in different ways gary, right now my mind is my patients my country and the apauling conditions our health system works, you have no idea the experiences I am having here, the impotence of seeing cases a lot more worse than the one the girl Erika has, and not being able to do give a human being the things you know exists for them to live, to have a good life. Working with doctors which have liceses to kill rather than to heal, trying to learn and be a good doctor while sparing some emotional energy for myself.  It may have looked as though I was too selfish to answer, really I honestly tell you I do not follow with every mail you send, sometimes  I have a hard time getting back with my mother.

With the Rupas... I havent heard from them in such a long time, trust me I speak for myself alone, but that is another subject. The reason I remembered them is because I am living with this beauiful family, and as you said it in your mail, as long as there is faith and inocence and good will, everything is worth while. That is why one afternoon siiting back in my terrace looking at those amazing green hills, I remembered machu piccu I remembered how the rupas grew, and i remembered how you helped out, and only said to myself they would love this, and honestly I felt really excited.

Yes its true, it was kind of naive, by no means I have thought of you as a clown or born yesterday or trying to get advantage of your money, which by the way, I really have absolutely nothing what so ever to do wiht the rupa wasi team. 

I respect you, think of you as an amazingly intelligent person, it is hard to keep up with your speed of light thought. I find it so great you are so in love with your amazingly beautiful wife and enjoying life.

Take care gary




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Dear Crist…---…