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Cc: rest;; Conrad Wolff; Roy Essakow; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; FBI; United States Justice Department;;; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Professor Joe Grundfest - Sanford University - former Chairman of the SEC; South China Morning Post; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Trevor Manuel - South Africa's Minister of Finance; Whitman Knapp Esq. - Office of Attorney General
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US Congress...insist... DAAC....---....BUCKING THE SYSTEM...---...


I was quite certain you were certain you already responded to my perfectly clear E-mail spelling out my interest in your jewels, for you to provide a simple “Yes” or “No” to my very clear offer, your “twisted” response-acceptance [see below] sent 14 minutes later:


Picked up my children yesterday and havum for the week so no way to go to del mar


Ed, just in case you are NOT focused exclusively in increasing the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day let me repeat my serious offer of willing to buy from you only the amount of gold in your possession that has been assayed by someone I trust to be 99.99% pure gold at this past Friday’s London “Second Fix” and possibly raising my bid on all your diamonds to no more than 37 United States cents, the cost of a postage stamp, i.e. I will dig into my pocket for the cost of the envelope attempting to offload the diamonds with Codiam Inc., a very SIGNIFICANT fronting organization for the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia, i.e. the money launderers of money launderers who make all the drug cartels that have ever existed look like saints.


You will of course also recall how I had suggested you pay Girlie, my one private banker a visit and have her share with you the flowchart I painstakingly and methodically drew for her that would have allowed you to cut out all middlemen in getting the “fairest” price from folks specifically dealing in diamonds and therefore not “blackening your hands” versus taking advantage of the general public having bought into “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”, i.e. not even G-d would accuse you of taking advantage of a DAAC fronting organization which assumes of course you are not all about money, i.e. that there remains an iota of a conscience in the space between your ears.


Try as best you can to sit tight as I bring the rest of the world up to speed much quicker than you would ever have believed when completing the very few remaining heavily broadcasted missives which includes me commenting on this E-mail I got from your buddy Windy Winn informing me that he is already “on assignment” out the country visiting London and Beijing, his elitist benefactors while yet to thank me are undoubtedly very stupid or extraordinarily desperate.


But of course I don’t doubt for a picosecond that you have already figured out the rest of the “case study” I presented to Girlie’s colleague in their La Jolla operation.


Ps – I met briefly this evening at our over the top spectacular RENTED Cliff House in Del Mar, California just up the street from you, with a gentleman who while not telling me the exact name of the “eavesdropping” organization he works for in Bethesda, Maryland, I am quite certain while “mostly retired” still has the highest “top secret clearances”.


But of course I could be totally wrong and misheard every word because neither one  of us was really paying all that much attention to our conversation given how my wife whenever she is around “steals the show” even when not opening her most beautiful mouth, making every word including “sh*t” [sic] sound exotic and besides I was still in a state of recovery following nearly 24 hours of what my out of this world, beautiful, sexy, in the most unbelievable physical and mental shape wife referred to later as simply, “It was a lot of fun” as she sent me packing back to our rock home deep in the Cleveland National Forest.


I did, however, do a fairly decent job of explaining the business of the DAAC knowing that even if I was dealing with a total con this gentleman, who shall remain anonymous, was despite being like me a Lilly White Wheaty Eater well “above average” in intelligence to mention little of those so carefully designed studies that start with the premise that people of color are less intelligent and end up showing exactly that when one of the best tests of intelligence which we all know that puts aside stuff such as language barriers is “hand-eye” coordination and you would have noticed that there are no racist studies that I am aware designed to show that LWWEs “on average” cant compete with the likes of Tiger Woods, Malcolm X, Michael Jordon, Reggie Mr. October Jackson, and Steve Biko to name but 4 smart people who wouldn’t have much difficulty understanding why the Bell Shaped Curve was designed to suppress even the relatively few LWWEs capable of “bucking the system” from DARING to speak out.


Once the extent of the DAAC’s money laundering business is understood so in the same instant making a whole lot of sense about a number of things including why Bill Clinton at the 11th hour and 59th Minute of his presidency granted Marc “Trading with the Enemy” Rich a presidential pardon.


Please, I beg of you, hold back on sharing with me your thoughts why very probably China whose priority right now is to make certain her energy needs are met “at all cost” is not in the least bit concerned, again relatively speaking, about the certified nutcases calling the shots in Iran developing within the next 12 months at least one nuclear bomb even if it happens to be a very big dirty bomb given how the masses of very hard working Chinese who are not exactly working blind while catching glimpses of their products on American TV not likely to put up with any excuses of their increasingly more democrat government given a number of things inclining their nuclear and conventional war capabilities.


May I further implore you to do your very best to hold back on responding to this email at least until I have replied to this E-mail from Mr. Conrad Wolff who feels I have should not only apologize to Roy Essakow, a stooge of Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich but also remember to copy Mr. Wolff on such a heavily broadcasted communiqué.


In fact do yourself an even bigger favor by not doing another thing other than to feed, clothe and shelter your children, forget about having sex at least for the next 24 hours since I think your mind will be on other things and I would want you to also have fun besides for getting rid of your rocks until I have responded to Winndy Winn who do you think would have reacted with such “racist overtones” to my request to Tefo Mohapi, a black South African, to assist me take WW on an “educational light journey” versus me calling in “the cavalry” requesting help from Dr. John K. Pollard to do the “honors” bearing in mind that first Dr. JKP is a LWWE and second WW wrote an article last year where he made reference to South Africans “feeling at home” in North county San Diego because of its “Apartheid Look”.


Don’t forget for a moment that the problems of the world have never, not once, been about race, color, sex or religion only poor parental religious teaching and a statistically insignificant number of rapacious individuals at the very top of the pyramid who absolutely believe they are doing “G-d’s work” and that the masses so long as they remain ignorant will be none the wiser.


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Hey twisted r u buyin my jewels Yea MEANS yes and Nay Means NO.



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Subject: ...US Congress...insist... DAAC....GET RID OF...DEBT AT ZERO COST...---....




I could be compliant…---…