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I was hoping that when I was last back in Del Mar we would get together – did you read this E-mail I sent you yesterday that had you replying with this nonsense telling me to go “shove it where the sun don’t shine”, your ending, “I feel like I am writing like you now ..” making you sound a whole like WW as well as those much further up the food chain who get caught with their pants down.


By now you have to be capable of at least looking yourself in the mirror and smiling just a wee bit knowing that the ranks of my supporters are growing thicker as I go about exposing the very thin skins of those who while having allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning haven’t quite figured out why the most successful business people in the world which includes the most rapacious SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] such as Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk call upon my unique and universal “risk assessment” services to assist them in responding to “fast balls thrown at or near head.


In other words, here is my offer.


While you can still keep your wits about u” [sic] take all the diamonds and toss them into a not all that hot burning fireplace and if you don’t have one come join me later this afternoon at our one of a kind rock home deep in the Cleveland National Forest.


Second, take all the gold to a local refinery and I will give you the name of one individual I trust implicitly who will take out all the “foreign elements” and then I will pay you in cash based on Friday’s London “Second Fix” the price of the gold bullion.


Again, this is a take it or leave it offer.


Furthermore, in the interests only of “good karma” I INSIST if this “Rodea Drive” [sic] dealer offers you a penny more than me which is very likely you give SERIOUS CONSIDERATION to splitting the commission between Windy Winn and myself.


Just as I expect Tony Johnston to compensate me “fairly” should someone with “money to burn” invest in his software technology given all the Public International Attention I bring to anyone communicating with me so I would expect you to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing.


Only respond with either a “Yes




No” to my offer and don’t bother me with the details of WW and you jerking each other off, just send me my commission check in the mail and for that address go to the homepage of


You would also know given how much attention you as well as WW pay to my insightful communiqués that in addition to being a COO I was also the “Financial Controller” of The Alan Austin Company for a couple of years, AA probably the most successful entrepreneur in the history of Beverly Hills “traders” which of course is why you would expect such a person who didn’t need me to hire me in the first place although quite frankly as my co-workers will all confirm including one who I later helped finance in competition to AA, I actually did very little pencil-pure carbon-paper pushing given how Alan Austin whose “birth name” was Alan Rappaport had already by the time I joined him in 1982 following a brief stint were I worked for an investment syndicate that had acquired a bio-technology from Science Applications International Corporation, Alan one of the investors, this very shrewd operator-investor who would have been extraordinarily successful in any business he cared about had surrounded himself with the most competent staff in each and every discipline of the highly competitive garment industry, mostly using me as a sounding board and lunch companion when his regular lunch buddies like O.J. Simpson were not in town.


Following a late breakfast I will be responding to Denga who “out the blue” emailed me this morning.


Go ahead and read by clicking on to this hyperlink our last “back and forth” which began by this South African working for an “audirting” [sic] telling me to “f… off”.


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When do you intend to get off the soap box and make offer for jewels as you buddy has a way for me to dump them on Rodeo Drive .





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